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1999 Chevrolet Silverado



  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Davydd, good point. For me that would be $1120 if I take the deal at this point. ...... Heard something today from I think a reliable source, but I'm having trouble believing. On the 99 chevy truck engines, they are set up so if you loose coolant, they run on one sides bank of pistons until it starts to get hot and then switches to the other bank. I am having trouble believing the side thats not firing would cool as fast as the side thats firing is heating up. Don't see anything on this in the brocheres. .... By the way, saw the Ford Superduty today, and it does have some fine features, but the Chevy is still winning for the features I prefer. To bad we cann't each build our own truck stealing parts from each of the major trucks! What a cluge. Rich
  • bdon:

    I have the bench seats (not power), and there is a lever on the drivers side that tilts the seat forward and slides it all the way up - called "jump". The seat returns to its original position when pushed back. The same lever on the passenger side only tilts the seat forward. To be honest, it's less hassle using this feature than walking around the truck to open the third door unless I'm loading adult rear-seat passengers. My kids don't have a preference which side they enter/exit, but they do love the rear seat. Chevy paid alot of attention to the rear seat passengers. By the way, the bench seats are identical to the buckets absent the center console. I believe the armrest with the bench beats the console with the buckets.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    This is how the coolant loss system works. The computer cuts off alternating pistons. The pistons not firing act as airpumps, cooling the other pistons that are firing. The computer doesn't let the same pistons do the firing at all times. It switches whichever pistons were firing with the ones that weren't firing. with fuel injection for each cylinder controlled by a computer, it is rather easy to implement this system.

    There is NO WAY an engine could last more than a minute or two if one bank was firing and the other one wasn't. There is no way that one bank could cool off the other bank. The air pumping pistons have to be side by side with a firing piston. Other wise, the engine would burn up. plus the engine would be so off balanced by running on one bank, i doubt it could run at all, much less have any power to get anywhere. it would take some alternating combination of the firing order for the engine to even have a chance to run. Your source is wrong. don't worry, chevy did they homework.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    The Superduty has a feature on their new cooling system that sounds very similar to what you are talking about. The intent of the feature is to hopefully get you that extra mile or two up the road to the next exit, rather than having to pull over immediately for fear that you will destroy your engine. The truck will supposedly shut off after the cooling system has done everything it can to keep the engine in a safe operating zone. If you have a busted radiator, you're not going far. This feature is only intended to get you a little farther without damaging your engine.
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Hows that new VORTEC 5.3 compare to the old 5.7 ?
    Like to hear some comments from new 1999 owners !
    how obout them new brakes any good?
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    SIERRA is back in
    production again! The
    latest stoppage,see
    DECEMBER 7th issue THE AUTO
    NEWS, Stated that SIERRA
    production halted due to
    flaws in the sheet metal
    stamps that produced hoods
    and bumpers for the SIERRA.
    There was no flaw in the
    design of the CHEVY so they
    built more CHEVYS instead.
    CALIFORNIA residents hit
    with another delay due to
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Struck a deal today. Got within a few hundred of where I wanted to be and surendered. No allocation available. Salesman did not want a deposite. He said he would call when he has an allocation and I can make a deposite then. Also I could make any changes I want as long as its a 3/4 ton. I guess what they do is get an allocation for a 3/4 ton and then he can change its configuration to match mine. Start counting the days! Ordered a 3/4 ton LT (saw an LT at another dealer Tuesday) 4x4 , 4.10 rearend , towing package, firm ride , skid plates, automatic , bucket seats , solid paint , camper/fifth wheel wiring, all-season tires. sunset gold exterior and light oak leather interior. Rich
  • To Dave40:

    Where do I find a copy of "The Auto News". I looked for it on the WEB but didn't find it. I'm highly interested in the CA emission problem.

  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    On the tax savings from trading in your vehicle.
    Every dealer I have ever discussed this with will do what is called a (courtesy trade), if you sell the vehicle yourself. What it amounts to is they do the paperwork and they do this at usually no cost and give you credit for the sale like it was a trade. You get the best of both worlds this way!
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Not sure where you can find AUTO NEWS somebody sent me e-mail message.I would like to find it to.
  • shoozshooz Posts: 27
    To: RichinKs Congrats! Good choice! Sounds like you got the right vehicle at the right price. The Gold with the 'Medium Oak' leather is a good choice. Now it's just a matter of patience, but, heck might as well enjoy the anticipation!
    Now without a deposit how does a handshake obligate the Dealer? I think I'd be worried that no contract is in place. Do you place that much faith on their word? If you do maybe I ought to be doing business with them too. Perhaps nice folks like that are still doing business in the U.S.A. Let me know if they make good on their word.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Shooz, we all I think are a little sceptical of dealerships. This is my fifth vehicle from this dealer. The third in a row. I have been very pleased so far both with sales and service. The sales guy I deal with is low keyed and no pressure. Still, they are out to make a buck, but so far I've had no problem with their word. I have no price protection, but even with a deposite they would not have garunteed a price. It can change until the order is placed with Chevy and then the plant will give them price protection. An then they will give me price protection. He did not seem very optimistic about a quick allocation. I have never had to take a vehicle back twice for the same problem, and only once have I had to go back because they had to order a part. But I have not had too many problems with my Chevy's. Another dealer I visited gave me the 8-10 weeks delivery routine. I did not trust that. I've heard that story before and then "well it will be another 2 weeks because......" Price protection would have been nice, but I think I got a good enough deal they couldn't have afforded the risk. But I am betting there will be no price changes. I am more concerned about my truck. They are basing the tradein on a April 1 delivery. God is that a long time! Rich
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    My 1/2 ton Silverado, Regular Cab, long bed, base trim, 4.8L, 5speed, 4:10 G80, got allocated on Tuesday of this week. Any guesses as to when I will get a build date?

    jxyoung - courtesy trade? Sounds unethical, if not illegal. Lets not slip to Clinton's level of morals..... If you can afford a new vehicle, you ought to pay the taxes on it.

    Drove a 5.3L auto autotrack (spelling?) reg cab last weekend in 6 inches of snow and ice. Set up a little autocross course in an abandoned parking lot.
    BEST ice and snow performance of any vehicle I have ever driven. I was very impressed with the autotrack. Was almost seemless. Under hard acceleration, the rear end would pitch out and then the front end would engage and I'd go rallying around the turn. In 4x4 mode, seemed to maybe push a little more but this could just be in my mind. Antilock brakes are wonderfull on glare ice, going downhill.........pedal feels like a sewing machine pulsation at around 5 to 10 hertz frequency.
  • Dave40
    California Emission Problems

    The emission problem was fixed on Sierras to be send to california. The vehicles were making a noised related to the emission system that the engineers found unacceptable. No problems with the emission control themselves. As far as the Auto News goes, it is a trade publication that mose of the dealers subscribe to. I also looked for it on the internet and could not find it. My dealer read me the article over the telephone. Personally, my lastest build week is 12/14. The dealer stated that GM is working overtime to get these trucks shipped before the Christmas shut-dowm. I'll update you when I know the truck is in transit.
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30

    Thanks for the info. I went to a dealer last night to see for myself and you are exactly right. Both the non-power buckets and the 40/20/40 bench offer ample access to the back seat from the driver's side. It's enough of a difference for me that I'll skip the 6-way power seats and go with the manual. Thanks again!
  • Its funny I posted a message last night but I don't see it hear. Excuse me if it shows up twice.

    I went to my CA dealer and he informed that he is not aware of any emissions hold for CA Silverados. However, I think dealers are the last to know. I hope it isn't true.

    Also, I asked the dealer about the tax break associated with trading in a vehicel. He stated that the vehicle is taxed on its selling price, not the difference. A while back they would only tax you on the difference between trade in and selling price but he told me the IRS cracked down on them. They no longer do it. This is in CA., maybe its different in other states. I would be curios to hear if anyone if CA. was able to work this deal.
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156

    A courtesy trade is no more illegal than you trading in the vehicle and the dealer selling the vehicle. In this case you have a buyer for the dealer and he doesn't have to find one. You already paid tax on that vehicle why should you pay tax on that money again?? Some states have changed the laws so that they can tax you twice on the same money. I pay enough taxes already and will save my tax $ when I legally can!
  • jmathews: I too have a build date for a GMC the week of 12/14. The salesman is going to check on Fri (12/11) to see if there has been any slipage due to the Sierra production problems.

    In our conversation, my salesman told me that they were first told GMC production would be stopped for 3 months due to the bad stamps. Fortunately, GM got there act together and fixed the problem right away. Who knows, maybe it was an omen to wait until the 2000 model appears and hope for the 4 door. I'll let you know my revised(?) build status when I hear something.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I asked my saleman as I don't trust my memory. But in Kansas you are only taxed on the difference. So at 5.9% I will save $1150 . That makes me feel even better about trading it in as I think it would be difficult selling it for more than $1150 more than the dealer is giving me plus I don't have any worries. ...... Rich
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
    1999 Black Silverado LS ordered 9-26-98.....

    Build date Nov. 30th............


    Build date???????????????????

    This stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    ;ordered black SIERRA 2500 august 1st 4 build dates NOV 9th NOV 26th DEC 7th JAN 4th waited this long what the PUCK !!
  • ruzruz Posts: 59
    This topic is getting too long, so I'm going to freeze it and start a new one.

    The new topic is topic #461, Chevrolet Silverado.
  • cookie1cookie1 Posts: 68
    Dear Brutus, I have owned several 3.42 rear axle ratio Chevy Silverados with the 350 Automatic.
    I put mostly 400 highway miles a week on my truck.
    I constantly checked my mpg and it averaged everytime 15-16 mpg. I currently own a 3.73 exact
    same truck and probably will not go back to a 3.42 because I actually get better gas mileage around 16-17 mpg but rarely under 16 mpg. I find that the 3.73 rear axle ratio does not make the engine kick in to a higher rpm range as often even on slight up hill climbs in overdrive. This actually helps the engine save gas and wear and tear. It also has a little bit more pick up when pulling or off the line from a stop sign. I say get the 3.73 over the 3.42 since with the heavy duty trailering equipment package, it does not cost anything to upgrade.
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