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07 Soft Brake

abaton6abaton6 Member Posts: 4
My 07 has a soft brake pedal. At a red light, with pressure on the brake, it slowly goes down almost to the floor. I've been driving, and working on cars for over 40 years, and this just does not seem right to me. I thought for sure that the master cylinder was leaking by. That's the classic symptom. So, having bought the extended warranty, I brought it to my local dealer and told them the problem. They checked it out, and told me this is normal. I insisted on checking other units on the lot, and they did the same thing. The service mgr told me that they went through this many times, and the central office said "we were chasing our tail with this. It's normal". I have never had a brake pedal go down so low without something being wrong.



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    xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,827
    I haven't had that on any of my four Subaru vehicles, so I don't think it is normal. I would start with replacing the fluid and bleeding the brakes (should be an all-in-one process).

    Is there any fluid loss at all? If not, there may well be failing diaphragm in the master cylinder. I made a trip from Oregon to Alaska once in a vehicle that had that problem. About a thousand miles into the trip (1,300 to go), it went from annoying to almost useless. I tell you seriously that it is no fun at all to drive a vehicle even one mile (let alone 1,300 miles) with (almost) no brakes! :surprise:
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    abaton6abaton6 Member Posts: 4
    Thanx for the reply.

    There is no fluid loo at all. That's what made me think the M C was bad. I'll pick up a quart of brake fluid, and get busy with my mity vac.
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