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Chevrolet Sonic



  • I'd like to know how the Sonic hatchback performs in snow driving.

  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    edited January 2014

    You are right. Chevy is a car for the masses. Buick is for those who cannot afford Cadillacs. And I no longer have a wallet, I carry a man purse, it's European. Maybe I should buy a rebadged Opel Mokka.

  • 2015 Sonic 1.8l automatic - MPG

    Well , here it is winter . Not running the A/C .

    Our little Sonic has 24,000 + miles . Filled it up last Saturday . We have run several errands , 100% in town . The guess-o-meter on the dash is showing 29.5 + MPG .

    Only modification is a self installed after market cruse control .

    Last summer it got 23 - 24 MPG with the A/C being used much of the time .

    I am happy . :-)

    God bless
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    Longest road trip in 2016 sonic was 2600 miles roundtrip, boston to MN and back. on 4 snow tires. we hit zero snow but the snows made the car wander/track worse than with the factory tires. it was OK but i prefer larger car for long haul.
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