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Lexus CT 200h Lease Questions



  • eric1032eric1032 Posts: 5
    I am in LA and got offered $270 before tax, 999 down, 27 month, 10k lease. This is for the base mode at 33750.

    haven't been told the drive off yet because I wasn't committing. but if I can get them to waive the acquisition fee and other crazy fee, only paying tax & license + 999 down. I think it's a good deal.

    I am really curious on the other poster's deal, 37000 msrp and got a 259 that for real?
  • eric1032eric1032 Posts: 5
    hi Car-Man,

    what's the MF and residual currently for CT200 on 27 month lease with 10K per year.

    thanks in advance.
  • eric1032eric1032 Posts: 5
    I am in southern California.
  • jayhawk93jayhawk93 Posts: 7
    CarMan, what are the july money factor and residual for a 27mo and 36mo lease for the Lexus CT200 in Cincinnati, OH?
  • bayoyongbayoyong Posts: 5
    Best deal I got on a Lexus CT 200h was 3500 down and 250/mo. Went to multiple dealers. Some wouldn't touch that. Others said they could only match it. Knew that was the best they could do. Ended up getting a loaded Civic for 1500 down and 230/mo. Kinda wish I had a hybrid, though. Civic is ok on gas mileage. But nowhere near 40-45.
  • What are the money factors and residuals in Ohio for. 27 and 36 month lease respectively? Thanks!
  • gusflogusflo Posts: 2
    Carman, would you please tell me the August money factor and residual for CA on a 36 mo. lease with 12k miles per year?
  • Hi CarMan,

    What are the Lease Money Factors and Residual Values for a 2013 Lexus CT200h in California for 12,000 miles per year and 36 months and 39 months? This is for some one who has 800+ credit.

  • just put a $500 deposit for a 2013 CT200 Base model, waiting for delivery mid-week.

    $999 out of the door (includes tax), $299 per month (includes tax) , 27 month (with option to extend 6 more month), 10k per year.

    Hope this helps.
  • I have not leased in the past until recently a Lexus dealer salesman mentioned it to me due to "special rebates" with leasing only ($1500 rebate on the new 2013 RX450h and $1750 PLUS first month lease payment "FREE" on the new 2013 CT200h).

    The "MANAGER" said I can get the additional REBATES ONLY if I LEASE. Then he said I can call up the Lexus Financial something like 6 months down the road and ask for a PAY OFF and I can then either pay off these two leases with cash or just refinance these two on my own. This way I will get the rebates noted above. I think there is a "CATCH" somewhere and I just don't know it yet. Anyone can enlighten me on this will be greatly appreciated !!!

    Here is what I have negotiated so far on the new 2013 RX450h (brand new and not a demonstrator or a loaner vehicle):

    2013 RX450h 4X2 with --------------------------------------------------- MRSP of $46310.00
    1. Sport Appearance Package with 19 inch F Sport Wheels ------- MRSP of $1100.00
    2. Comfort Package -------------------------------------------------------MRSP of $825.00
    3. 12 speaker Premium Audio Package (grouped in with other options)
    ------------------MRSP of $0.00
    4. Xenon High Intensity Discharge Headlamps -------------------------MRSP of $515.00
    5. Navg. System w/Voice Command, Backup Camera, Lexus Enform
    and etc...... ---------------------------------------------------------MRSP of $2775.00
    6. Intuitive Parking Assist --------------------------------------------------MRSP of $500.00
    7. Premium Package w/Blind Spot Monitor System, Leather, Moon Roof
    and etc............ ----------------------------------------------------MRSP of $2570.00
    8. Wood & Leather Trimmed Steering Wheel & Shift Knob ------------MRSP of 330.00
    9. Cargo Net, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks and Key Gloves --------------MRSP of $255.00
    10. Delivery Processing and Handling -----------------------------------MRSP of $910.00
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
    TOTAL MSRP OF $56090.00

    The BEST PRICE I could negotiate thus far is $49200.00 (This is "cash price". Meaning if I just pay cash or get my own financing or Lexus Financing it is $49200.00 PLUS Tax/Tag/governmental fees).

    If I "LEASE" this vehicle I will get ADDITIONAL $1500.00 OFF to bring it to $47700.00

    Here is the LEASE DEAL I was quoted thus far (they checked my credit and I do have excellent credit and is tier ONE):

    No money down (except for the $1500 REBATE), Advanced Payments $684.09, Upfront Charges $545.21, Total Cap Reduction $250.70, Due on Delivery is $0.00 (ZERO). Monthly payment is $684.09 for 24 months (Base monthly of $633.42 + Tax of $50.67 = Monthly Payment of $684.09). Residual Amount is $37019.40 with "MONEY FACTOR/RATE" of 0.00085. Annual Mileage of 10,000.


    On the NEW 2013 CT 200h ..................

    MRSP of $31850.00

    1. Premium Package with Navg ......... --------------------------------- MRSP $890.00
    2. Leather Package...... -------------------------------------------------- MRSP $1930.00
    3. HDD Navigation System Backup Monitor, Lexus Enform ....... --- MRSP $2735.00
    4. Intuitive Parking Assist ----------------------------------------------- MRSP $500.00
    5. Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks & Key Gloves -------------- MRSP $263.00
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

    TOTAL MRSP $39063.00

    I was able to negotiate thus far a CASH PRICE of $36200.00

    If I "LEASE" then I will get additional $1750.00 OFF and LEXUS FINANCIAL will pay the first month's lease payment.

    Here is the LEASE I was quoted:

    NO MONEY DOWN, Total Cash and Rebates of $1750.00, Advanced payment of $430.08, Upfront Charges of $1253.84, Total Cap Reduction of $496.16, Due on Delivery is $0.00 (ZERO), Monthly payment is $430.08 for 24 months (Base Monthly Payment of $389.22 + Tax of $31.86 = $430.08), Money Factor/Rate is 0.00085, Annual Miles is 10,000.


    Should I just get a loan at 1.9% (with Lexus Financial on the RX450h) and 0.9% (with Lexus Financial on the CT200h) VERSUS lease on these two deals?

    I have excellent credit (TOP TIER ONE) and already approved for these two loans at my credit union anyway, but at 1.98% which is slightly higher than Lexus Financial.

    Anyone can enlighten me on the above two deals?

    What am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    Just get a loan...

    What they don't tell you is that the purchase price is not necessarily all of your cost on a lease.. Each lease will have an acquisition fee. So, add another $1500 back on to your cost..

    Some banks also levy additional fees when ending a lease early....

    Seems like a dicey game to play with your money, when all you really want is to purchase the vehicles... In some states, the sales tax laws on leased vehicles would penalize this approach as well..



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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply and advice.

    We decided to just "buy" instead of lease. The leasing route is good only if I want to keep the car for less than 24 months. Besides, I usually put on more than 10K miles a year.

    Not to mention all that "fussy math" the dealer does initially, throughout, and then at the end of the "lease".

    Thanks again.
  • lurkernomorelurkernomore Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    After years of lurking behind the scenes and utilizing this site for my past 3 leases, I've decided to pay my dues and post what I just got yesterday.

    I'm in So Cal and I was looking for a 36 month lease, 12k miles, $1000 down payment deal on a CT200h with the premium package and navigation in fire agate pearl with caramel interior. I got a deal from one dealership for $350 a month with taxes for the aforementioned lease but it was for a black on black CT. After approaching another dealership that had the car in the color I wanted with the $350 deal on the table, they offered the car for $358 with taxes for their car. Ultimately, this is the deal I went with. The other dealer tried to counter with $340 with taxes but the color sold me.

    I was told that it was the last day for their Golden Opportunity event and that with me signing at the 11th hour that I got the "best deal." I didn't do this intentionally, just happenstance, but I was told that they were desperate to sell this car before they had to report their numbers at 10pm (I signed the deal at 8:30pm). They said I did everything right by waiting but normally by doing this, the color selection is slim pickings but not for me. =) Not sure if people can still get the deals I mentioned but if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll post more information.

    Edit: MSRP for my car was $37,593
  • You could of done way much better on the lease. They are practically giving the ct200's away. I got my deal with same msrp for 287 a month 27 months/15k per year plus $1404 OTD at pickup. I also recently got a check back from my dealer for 1 months overpayment on the lease. So now my deal ended up being $1117 OTD pickup instead of $1404.
  • wow, ct200howner, could you share the details of your deal and possibly who you dealt with? I would snatch up a lease like that in a minute. Thanks!
  • I leased a 2013 CT base in SoCal with $0 at signing for $279 a month (tax inclusive) for 27 months, 10k miles a year. The dealership made the first payment and threw in lighted door sills, wheel locks and cargo net. I'm pretty happy with the deal.
  • Hi superceleb, could you share with me or private message me the dealership and agent you worked with on this lease? I'm supposed to close tomorrow but this would be a deal breaker if I could speak with the person you secured the deal with- much appreciated!
  • Hey new2leasing5...I worked with the 'internet manager' (as well as the 'internet sales director') at Santa Monica Lexus. I had a few quotes from other area dealerships and they matched the best quote I had. They were really great to work with and kept to their word. All of my contact with them was via email and I just signed the docs when I arrived at the dealership for pickup. It was a really seamless process.
  • Thanks - this is super helpful! If you don't mind me asking, the dealer was asking if you had a grad or military discount, or some other discount that they applied for you? He's trying to look for a similar deal to get me the same numbers, but doesn't have your first/last initials to look up the info.
  • Not a problem. No grad or military discount but there was some type of Lexus dealer cash/incentive that was included.
  • Thanks superceleb! Unfortunately the money factor increased and the deal changed slightly, but I was able to get the same for $299 tax inclusive. I can't complain here either - they got me in and out within 1hr. I really appreciate your help - saved me $2000 in the long run!
  • Sure! Glad you were able to work out a deal. The internet team at SaMo Lexus really seems to have it together. It definitely simplifies the process when you can work out the numbers beforehand.
  • CarMan, what is the October money factor and residual for 15K miles/year 27mo and 36mo lease for the Lexus CT200 in Kansas City, MO? Further, are there any lease incentives for October? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    2013 CT200h 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00080 MF and 57% residual... $1750 lease cash.. 27 mo. residual is 65%



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  • I was not able to get such good deals yet, santa monica lexus offered 319$ + tax, zero down.

    Looking for 299 tax included then I ll join the ct200 family.

    Does it differ every month for lease or the dealer is just bs-ing about next month being different deals ?
  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoPosts: 65,512
    The programs can vary from month to month - that is the prerogative of the manufacturer.

    Almost all of the lease offers are exclusive of tax, even the $299/mo offer on the CT200h from Lexus. That's because every state (county, city, etc.) has a different tax rate around the country. And, some states tax (Illinois comes to mind) the entire transaction price of the vehicle, rather than just the depreciated amount.


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  • For the first time in years I am looking at leasing. Reading this thread and going to the dealership today I am quickly reminded why I stopped leasing. It feels a lot like a shell game.

    I am in Northern VA and the deal on the table is:

    Premium w Nav
    Seat comfort

    List $37,258
    Discount $1,300
    Processing Fee $399
    Subtotal $35,958
    Taxes $2,617
    Tag Fee $65.50
    Total $29,040.20

    Due on Delivery $1,798
    27 mos @ $370

    Thanks in advance for any help
  • Just noticed total is wrong

    $39,040.20 not $29,040.

    Sorry for confusion
  • Looking to pull the trigger this week or next
    What do you guys think
    Best offer so far
    Msrp $38,5xx
    Residual $26,1xx
    Lease term 27 months @ $299 (tax included)
    Drive off $1300
  • Can someone kindly provide 36 months/10k numbers for a CT200h F Sport? I was given numbers by one dealer and another is telling me they're all wrong...

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