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2002 Grand Prix Blend Door

canadacandlecanadacandle Member Posts: 3
2002 Blend door actuator problems: Dual zone manual adjustment control head.
I have a problem similar to what has been posted and discussed here.
When having the heat blowing I sometimes get cold air out the drivers side while heat out of the passenger side. I can hear the actuator changing but it does not stay in one position, it seems to fluctuate and then mostly stay on the cold setting. Is there a way to test the actuator before replacing it? It is weird that it changes but will not stay in one position.
I am not sure if it is a problem with the actuator or the control unit.

Thank you in advance...


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    canadacandlecanadacandle Member Posts: 3
    I have solved the problem.
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    osseobobosseobob Member Posts: 1
    You posted that you solved the problem but you dont say how you did it.
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    canadacandlecanadacandle Member Posts: 3
    It was too much money to purchase a new blend door. The blend door kept going to the cool position even though the heat was on. I could get the blend door to full heat but it would not stay. I got the door over to the full heat position and unplugged it. It is now stuck in the heat position and when the winter is over I will plug it back in.
    Not a fix but solves my problem with no money.
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