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Appearance of exterior 2011 sport C300 and 2012 sport C250

Hello, guys,
i am new here. I really like the C300 Sport look of 2011. But when i went to dealer, i was told that C250 is replacing c300 now. And they are bascially the same.
I kind feel the C250 sport 2012 is little shorter than 2011 C300 in the front part . I do love the sleek view of sport 2011 C300 look. But not quite sure. Overall i like the look of C300 more.
i want to ask do they look the same or is just i am biased?
I am really stuck at the appearance right now.



  • The exterior appearance differences are subtle. The biggest change is in the headlights and front air dam, but also taillights and single vs dual exhaust.

    The interior upgrades are far more significant, and give the C class a look not unlike the E class. Both interiors are of extremely high quality, but the 2008~2011 interior is a bit more modern while the 2012 is more classy and rich.

    I like the new interior a lot, but I like the old one just about as much. Personally, I would go for the car with the engine characteristics you prefer. The turbo 4 is ultimately more powerful and more fuel efficient, while the V6 has more even response (turbo lag in the 4 is a bit troublesome at times).

    Both are fantastic cruising cars.
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