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Audi Q5 Wind Noise From Roof Rack

novice27novice27 Member Posts: 4
After installing the factory provided cross bars to the roof rack, I know have loud wind noise coming in through the moonroof. Annoying loud. According the Burlington Audi, it is normal; "All Audi's with roof racks (crossbars) and moonroofs have loud wind noise." I have never seen this before --- anyone else?


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    ac9122ac9122 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I just purchased my Audi Q5 and installed the roof rack this weekend. It's a loud almost whistling noise when I go over 40 mph. I plan to call my dealership and ask them. But I also sent an email to Audi USA online to see if they can help. I expect my dealership to say something along the lines of what you heard (i.e. They probably have no idea). Please let me know if you get an answer.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Are the bars adjustable forward or back?

    And are they symmetrical? Some cross bars have a front profile and a back side.

    A fairing from Thule or Yakima may help, if one will fit.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,185
    I see a lot of Q5s with both crossbars all the way back, when not in use.. You'll often see that on Touaregs, as well.....

    I'm guessing that is to lessen the noise....

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    roofingexpertroofingexpert Member Posts: 1
    Well the loud wind noise from roof rack is really annoying.
    I would really like to know what will be the best solution for this.

    Miami Roofer
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    audiq5caaudiq5ca Member Posts: 4
    You can remove the rack/bars, they are easy to unscrew.
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    andlane11andlane11 Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2012 Q5 2.0 and debating buying a ski rack or putting the ski's in the cargo area with a seat folded down. Will be driving about 3 hours back and forth to the mountain.

    Do you know if the ski rack slows down the car, makes it noisy or uses more fuel? I cannot seem to find a picture of a Q5 with one on so I'm not sure how it looks or how much it sticks up.

    Just want to see if it's worth it or not...
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The ski bases will like it better being inside. :)

    A rack will affect your mpg, but it might be marginal. If you put a rocket box up top to protect the skis, then the mpg hit will be a little bigger.

    Save Gas with Smart Driving and Slick Aerodynamics
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    core1core1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a wind noise too, but i don't have the sky rack installed. I went to the Audi dealer and they told me the wind deflectors on each side of the windshield are the root case if the noise. They say is caused by the design and it is supposed to be normal, although it quite annoying when driving on the highway above 70 mph. Anyone has heard this noise?
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    rbuzzellrbuzzell Member Posts: 2
    I bought my Q5 in 2010 when they first came out with the 2.0T thinking it would be better gas millage but didn't seem to be the case. Always change the oil well before due; Anyone ever had the car run dry? I called Audi roadside and they said it was normal. For real? this is my third Audi and it has happened to all three. I want to stay with Audi but I could drive American and not run into this. Did I answer my own question?
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    jdadamsjrjdadamsjr Member Posts: 16
    over here a forum member found a fix for the wind noise from the roof rack, it's not the rack itself !!
    http://forums.audiworld.com/showthread.php?t=2828463&highlight=wind+noise+roof+r- ack
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