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2012 Mazda3



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Don't have any details on that, but I would presume it would be where the current audio interface is perhaps? That is the only logical place, IMO
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    edited June 2012
    It's bigger than an Android cellphone. :shades:

    Besides, many people don't have smart phones with Navi and 5" is about the size of larger portable units. I have a 4.3 portable that does a pretty good job.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited June 2012
    Just Velcro it to the dash somewhere.

    OEM Navi should be 7-8" or bigger. Any smaller and you may as well use a smart phone.

    Cooley from CNET did just that:
  • Is there any word on when the 2013 Mazda 3 will hit dealer lots?
  • kmh3kmh3 Posts: 35
    edited July 2012
    Thought I would post some details about the tranny in case some one is curious:

    General stuff:
    - you can switch from manual to auto mode while moving by pushing the
    lever left or right. You can also jump in and out of neutral while moving.
    - when in manual mode the "D" LED on the dash changes to a number (1-6).
    - shifting is smooth, and quiet, barely noticable in most cases, the tranny stays
    out of the way and doesn't call attention to itself.

    For manual mode:
    - if you are at zero throttle (decellerating or coasting) it will downshift one gear
    immediately on entering manual mode, assuming you are entering manual mode to get
    some engine weight. If you are cruising or accellerating it will remain in the gear you are in.
    FYI, one gear doesn't get much weight, you generally need to go down one more.
    - The manual mode is really a suggestion, and not a hard thing:
    - if you try to upshift while not going fast enough for the gear, it will refuse.
    - if you are in say 6th and slow down, it will still downshift for you, all the way to 1st.
    Put another way, it won't let you "lug" the engine.
    - if you are in say 6th and mash on the gas real hard, it will still downshift for you,
    but you have to press the pedal harder than in automatic mode.
    - It is pretty good about letting you get to redline however, both for up and downshifting
    so it does what you want as far as I am concerned, while protecting you from bad shifts.
    - the engine and the tranny together are so low friction that there is not much engine
    "weight" to be had from downshifting, but it was enough for the mountainous roads
    I tried in tahoe.

    For auto mode:
    - it does what you would expect, which is try to keep the engine
    in the tallest gear possible for max mpg.
    - It doesn't gear hunt at all, I find it selects the right gear very well.
    It is especially good at maintaining a gear you are in if you have the gas pedal
    down a bit, like for long hill climbs and such. I have seen it hold a gear two gears below
    where it ended up after the hill climb was finished with no hunting whatsoever.
    - If you like spirited driving you may find it upshifts a bit agressively,
    if you press on the gas pedal though it downshifts as needed to provide power.

    Having drivng it on some twisty mountanous backroads where I was the only car,
    I found I used manual mode primarily for downshifting to get some engine weight.
    When I wanted immediate power, the auto mode could find the right gear to get it
    near redline faster than I could.

    Basically the tranny earned my trust, it does the right thing, and I can use manual
    mode for a bit of fun, but you pretty much have to use manual for long downhills.
  • ksrpksrp Posts: 11
    Would the host of this forum be able to provide MF and Residual Values for 10k/year, 36 month lease of a Mazda3 sedan as well as a hatchback, Touring model in both cases?

  • bonzjrbonzjr Posts: 44
    "For those who wanted a 6-speed manual, you would be pleased to hear that you can get one in the i GT trim now."

    aviboy97 -- thanks for this nugget! I'm glad I held out. Much more likely I'll pony up for a 2013 model now. I was disappointed at being restricted to an optionless Touring for 2012 when I sought one out to replace my '02 Protégé (and Mazda was very guarded every time I contacted them re: future stick shift availability).

    One quick question: do you know if one will be able to also pop for the "Tech Pack" if the manual is chosen? I'd like it for the Xenons and alarm. Or will Mazda just figure "look, we're at least now giving you a sunroof, Bose and heated leather seats so take it or leave it." A fair point they'd be making, but it wouldn't hurt to have the remaining few goodies. Thanks for all of your info.
  • I don't know if you still check this account, but have you figured out the low washer fluid issue? I have the same car (and also live in TX), and my wiper issues started popping up. First, the indicating light didn't come on for low fluid. Then, after refilling it barely trickles out rather than spraying out. I had to get a windshield replaced, so I'm wondering if they messed something up.

    But, I saw your post so I figured I'd ask if you resolved your issues. Please let me know.
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