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Chrysler 300M: Accessories & Modifications



  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    It takes a little more looking, but the prices are usually much better.
  • Got a great recommendation for the exhaust! First, have your mechanic remove the second muffler and extend a pipe to a 1997-2001 C-5 Corvette flowmaster with a single oval tip (arg arg arg). The sound is throaty and the vibe,incredible. This also gives you up to an addition 3 horsepower! I get the looks before they see me!
  • Hello
    I am looking for a Brochure for the 300M for the year 2000. I recently purchased this car
    and love it. I am willing to pay for this if
    anyone has one that they would like to spare.
    Thank You
    Judy G.
  • I have a gunmetal grey 99300M with dark grey interior. I purchased a metal ribbed leather cover and absolutely love it! Grip is great, color/material matches perfectly and it protects.I'm not sure of the assortment of colors but it's worth a look. You can find them at any pep boys, target, or Kragen auto supplies.
  • How loud is the sound of your C-5 mod inside the car? What was the cost? What shop did it?
  • I'm one who chooses the more "sporty" look and sound to the 300M so I got it done in Hayward California by a shop called the "Downtown Muffler Service". The owner (Mr. Nealand?) has been altering cars for most of his life and has a great reputation. He customized my husbands 1500 Dodge Ram truck also. He let me listen to different variations and although, by simply replacing one of the three mufflers only made it sound a little bit deeper. I personally liked the "slightly" louder sound of removing one of the mufflers altogether, then replacing one of the two with the corvette, flowmaster. Did you know by removing one of those mufflers gives up to 3 extra horsepower? This gives the car a real nice hummmmm and is actually very relaxing on the inside and sounds way cool from the outside. From the inside,the sound kinda reminds me of when you watch star trek lol. You kinda here the spacecraft engine in the background, know what I mean? It's great to hear the shifing as well. There is a slight vib to the car too, but being a women "Nothing wrong with that!" It cost me only $208.00 and I LOVE it.
  • Anyone? Why is it that the only really cool accessories are for the sebring? If anyone ever finds these for the 300M PLEASE post!
  • I currently have a 2000 Slate PHP 300 M and love it. I have a 2003 Special sitting behind my dealers building as they seek out a way to find a chrome version of the 18" rim that comes with the UltraPerformance package. I don't care for the "painted" rim.

    My best friend purchased a 1999 Corvette brand new and the Vettes didn't have chrome rims but his dealer knew of a place in California that would ship the chrome rims upon receiving the aluminum rims from the dealer. We can't access that dealer and I am wondering if anyone knows of such a California place that does this same thing?
  • Gotta name? There are SOooooooooo many rim places around here that it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. I'm in the California, San Francisco Bay area and I can check into it for you.
  • topcuttopcut Posts: 54
    Anyone know the name of the Nav system that Chrysler uses as an accessory.....
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    The company that makes the Chrysler Navigation system is Visteon. The unit is called the NavMate Navigation System. It is a CD (3) based system and goes to secondary street level (that I have seen). The system costs about $1600 If you live in a Major city you might consider such a system. But first chect to see if your city is listed. If you live near an over lap section of the country you may need to purchase an additional CD ($100-200).
    I have the Alpine DVD system in my 300M.
    Visteon info.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    My old homestead site is no longer in service, the new one is
  • topcuttopcut Posts: 54
    Thanks for the info on the Nav system...They look pretty neat!....I also saw where the new Pacifica will have a nav system integrated right in the instrument panel....Since my 300 is a 02, I will probably be ready to trade about the time the LX series is released and I would bet by then they will offer a similiar nav system in them....So think I will take a wait and see ..:)
  • mdantemdante Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced larger tires? I want to install taller and wider tires. My stock tires are 225 55 17 on my 300M. Does anyone know what size to move up to?
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Keeping the stock rims you can't go any higher than 55. You can, however, go a little wider. The max would be 245, but you need to check the specs for the specific tire to make sure it will fit the 7" (width) rims. There aren't a lot of tires that have the stock height with a wider tire. I had 245/45's on my M previously, and now have 235/55's which were pretty pricey.
  • I recently went to Pep Boys and had Futura 255 45's Z rated radials put on the car (original wheels) and I absolutely love the results. The ride is quieter and the handling is noticeably better. The looks are appealing as well from the rear or front. The height however is not quite as high as the original so from the side there is more space showing. No regrets though because of the results. Its a great tire and not too expensive.
  • I'm thinking of getting Firestone Firehawk SZ50 EP 255/45ZR17 for my 300M.

    I see that the previous post had put on some store-brand tires of the same size. I'm wondering if the mechanics at Pep Boyz had any concerns over the clearance between the tire and upper control arm.

    My own measurements indicate that a 255 size tire (which is an inch wider than 225) will barely fit. I'm wondering if the guy with the Future tires is checking the inside wall of the tire for rubbing?

    Can anyone here give any experiences with 245 or 255 size tires on a 300M ???
  • Just got a '00 300M and am curious if I can add the module to get daytime running lights? The 300M's in Canada have them -- anyone know how big a deal it is to do it?
  • Can turbo chargers be installed on a 300m?
  • Does this module install easy? Anybody have any problems with it, like hesitation...
  • stsmanstsman Posts: 8
    Just had a 5*install 2pr. custom molded splashguards..Total $92.00!The guards were $26.00prx2=$52.00.Labor $35.00.Tax$5.00.Seems the people you deal with sound a wee bit high?P.S.make sure you get the molded type,the flat K-Mart type stick out and look funny.Hope this helps you...Mr.Mopar
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Chevydude, just go for it. It is plug and play and several in the US have added them. I also added the European side markers in the area where the 300M decals are on the front fenders and they look great and add to the safety factor. IMO.
  • frogmanfrogman Posts: 1
    I have a Dodge Magnum with the "top-of-the-line" AM/FM radio with CD/MP3 and navigation system. This very pricy system has an AM radio that gives very poor reception. We start to lose the local 50,000 watt, clear channel station about 20 miles out of town when we get a high-pitched whistle. It's completely gone about 30 miles out. Any similar experiences with Dodge/Chryslers? Any ideas?
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    The 300M radio works fairly well despite the "in the window" antenna, which I assume the newer Magnum design has too. I don't listen to AM very much but was looking for traffic reports out of WCCO Mpls this weekend, another hi power clear channel AM station on a Sunday morning (ground wave propagation only, no skip until after dark) and I was getting it fine 50 miles out. A nice FM jazz station that comes in 75% of the time on our Chrysler Jeep radio on the fringe 70 miles away is about 50% on the 300M: again I attribute it to similar radios but an external antenna on the Jeep vs in-window on 300M. Is your problem only AM? Could it be a bad ground, or bad radio front end?
  • I broke the plastic housing of the right side mirror on my 2000 300M. The mirror works fine but looks bad. I haven't been able to find a new after-market mirror with memory or one from a junkyard around Louisville, KY and $200 more or less from a dealer for a new one seems kinda steep.

    The used parts guys have quoted me $100 to $125, if they had one. Still kinda steep, but maybe that's as good as it gets.

    It seems like the shell is the same for 300M's, Intrepids, Concordes and the LHS. Does anyone know if I can take the innards out of my broken shell and put them in a shell from a less expensive ( non-memory) mirror?

    Any ideas or sources appreciated.
    Bill Carner

    farmerbill, Corydon, Indiana
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I don't think the Intrepid/Concorde mirrors are the same as the 300M. I could be wrong, though. You could use the LHS mirrors. And the memory feature isn't tied to the mirror itself. That is controlled by the Body Control Module and you could use any mirror that would connect and the memory fuction would still work.
  • gabrieltgabrielt Posts: 1

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