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Chrysler 300M: Accessories & Modifications



  • I have a 2000M with 51,000 on it and the driver's side interior door handle broke. I drove it for a wek or so and opened the door by lowering my window and using the external handle. This is NOT a viable solution in Colorado where it was 18 below in the mornings. My dealer wants $105.46 for the bezel and handle, which is made out of plastic and looks like a kid's toy. Checking TSB, there is a bulletin 2304702, NHTS 1007922, issued in May 2001 regarding this problem. Has anyone had success in getting a dealer fix? The panel actually comes off quite easily and I'd be happy to get this a price break on the part.

  • ryanh1ryanh1 Posts: 2
    I found a website where I could get a custom grille set for my 99 300m, but when my harddrive crashed I lost the info and cant find it again. Anyone know where to find the set?
  • ryanh1ryanh1 Posts: 2
    ill trade you my chrome 17's on my 300m for your 18's any day. My car rides great, but I want the bigger wheels.
  • glcook66glcook66 Posts: 2
    I am attempting to replace the CD changer on 2000 300M. No problem installing the replacement changer (same model as OE)... but now I get no power to the changer (radio still works). Any ideas?
  • Timbo3334,

    I recently crossed a similar situation with my 99' Chrysler 300m. The only difference is, I installed some cheaper form of the 7K HID bulbs for additional style, but because the car sits sooo low, nobody could really see them. I actually wanted to angle mine higher. I noticed as I was changing the bulbs (which was a pain in the a** completely), that there is a little screw, type thing in the middle of both headlights. In short, grab an alan wrench and turn that to the right. This will angle ur headlights down, as to not blind other drivers. Hope you get this and it helps!
  • Is there any thing that I can buy to replace my 4 disc CD changer? It doesn't work anymore because I installed a Pioneer head unit.
    Are there any empty boxes that you can replace the cd changer with? plastic tray fillers for example?
  • Hello, I was able to by a 2004 300M Special. When I purchased the car, up front the seller told me that she left the moon roof open and it rained, most likely soaking the whole console. When you drive it, you get about 2 miles and the dash goes blank, no instruments, no lights inside, no radio, no control on the moon roof. All the fuses look brand new, could this be a ECM problem?
  • im trying to replace my stock speakers but the holes dont match up at alll does anyone know where i can find some speaker adapters at any help is usefull thanks
  • I bought new lettering for my 2001 300M from my dealer ship parts department. $60.00. Can't help you on the sunroof wind deflector. I am looking for one myself and can't seem to get any good information on them. Not even from the dealer.
  • go to and search for 300m wind deflectrs. i got thesunroof and all four windows for $100.00
  • Hey, i just purchased a 2003 special edition when i first cranked it up for the test drive all the light kept flickering then stopped ive had the car for a week and it hasnt done it again, just wondering what came of your 300? was it the ecm?
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