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Chrysler 300M Care and Maintenance



  • cklockwocklockwo Posts: 2
    Hi, I have recently had the same problem with my 99 300M. The situation with the ac is whenever i turn it off it will then just go into blower or maybe defrost mode at full speed, just blowing all the air down near your feet. Ac still blows cold and everything works fine but it just wont turn off or adjust any air speed at all, just full blast at all times. Is this the exact issue that you had? If so youve saved me a fair amount of money!
  • shilkomshilkom Posts: 6

    I had to finally take it to a mechanic since my attempts at fixing it were futile. He replaced what he called a "Fan Control Module," those were his words for it since I could not verfy that name anywhere. The FCM apparently has a "resistor" in it that burned out (open). When that happens, one can not turn the fan off or control the fan speed, although every thing else works. In any case, that fixed the problem. That module took six months to get because Chrysler's supplier for that FCM no longer made them so I had to wait on Chrysler to get a new supplier. The cost for the module itself was about $190.
  • cklockwocklockwo Posts: 2
    Thanks again I really appreciate the info! Do you mind me askin how much it cost him to install it and labor?
  • shilkomshilkom Posts: 6
    $190 for the module and about $40 for installation, I believe.
  • I found a vacuum port on the right (pass.) side of the engine , no plug, no hose running from it. Look on the side of the intake manifold...
  • I have a '99 300M. It produces warm air and cold air, but the blower won't work to move the air out into the car. I've had the blower motor, the blower resistor and the head unit replaced, and it still won't blow the air out. My mechanic spent the last 1 1/2 days trying to diagnose it, but he can't come up with anything. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any ideas on what may be causing the problem?
  • agbaagba Posts: 1
    I have a 99 chrysler 300m which as 371,000 miles on it I do notice my engine got too hot each time I drive and always had steam in my rear light after packing and sometimes water do gush out from the coolant jar and my battery do run down after I packed the car for hours pls I need help who knows what maybe the problem bcos I love this car.
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