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Ford Focus Care & Maintenance



  • mylespangmylespang Posts: 1
    Thanks for this!. I found the fuse (63 for the door locks) and sure enough it was blown. At first I thought this was a prank posting to be honest. I couldn't believe it. Even though there are spare fuse spots on the front of the fuse box they (Ford) chose to place a lone fuse on the back hidden underneath the wiring harness. There is absolutely no technical or logical reason for this. I can only assume it is to rip off the customer... Not impressed. I really have nothing against Ford and have been generally happy with the car but this is not cool.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    maybe it was an afterthought. those things happen.
  • pigloverpiglover Posts: 25
    Re: post 226,trunk unlocks when brake pedal depressed. Well, the dealer said it was a short in a wire in the rear quarter panel. It took several hours of labor to find it. The dealer's bill said that fuse 63 blew a few times, so there was a short. Well it cost me $430. I still can't believe the location of fuse 63.
  • p0werp0wer Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 ZX3 ford focus that is leaking some fluid on my clutch pedal. It seems to be some kind of oil or grease? What is it and how do I make it stop. Thanks :)
  • randomnessrandomness Posts: 10
    I ran over a curb trying to avoid an accident. As I was going over and the back went down my seatbelt tightened, left a nice mark in my neck and then the car smelled like rubber and the back tire was smoking. It stopped and I was able to drive it home. On the way home I noticed the airbag light on..the one that shows a stickfigure with an airbag in his face.

    I called the Ford Service place where I got it to get their opinion and they said it should be looked at. They said it should only come out on "Impact" and I asked if running over a curb was considered an "impact" and the guy was like.."uhhh guess not but still should be looked at". The "uhhh" makes me wonder if he just wanted money or he was serious. lol

    What's the real deal with the airbag light? Is the only concern that if I get in an accident it won't come out? Or will it randomally pop out as I'm driving?

    Airbag issues common with fords or something? My mother smashed into a small car with her Explorer and her airbag didn't even come out. We got the cars from different places too. :confuse:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You may have tripped the seat belt auto tentioner, get it looked at.

    The tech you spoke to was technically incorrect, it is not impact that sets off the air bags, its rate of deceleration.

    Your mom may have hit something, but the rate of deceleration was not enough to trip the air bag. This makes sense if you are correct that your mom hit a smaller car and you remember from high school physics that the vehicle with lower mass absorbs more of the energy of the crash.
  • vtbobvtbob Posts: 3
    The 2.0L dual overhead cam Zetec-E engine DOES have a timing BELT!
  • dj2bigdj2big Posts: 9
    i traded my suv and i can say im not looking back.
    since i was going into a smaller more inexpensive to drive car i opted for a loaded ses version minus the leather and yes its true 30mpg!!!
  • sue31sue31 Posts: 2
    Thanks, Piglover, for your help (message #65 under Electrical Problems, see also #226-229 here). The neighborhood mechanic was able to fix the power locks/trunk quickly and it cost half of what the dealer wanted just to diagnose the problem. My trunk hasn't popped open when the headlights are turned on since I took the trunk light out (it wouldn't turn off) but I will put it back in and try now. Thanks again!
  • mrsdonimrsdoni Posts: 4
    Hello all. This forum seems very informative and I am hoping it will suggest a fix to my problem.
    I bought my adorable 2005 Ford Focus SES brand new. It now has about 45,000 miles on it. It is a super fun car to drive and gets great gas mileage!
    However, it is eating tires very quickly. I replaced the first set of tires at 22k and now I need new tires again. The problem is that the car will NOT stay aligned. I have had it 4-wheel aligned 3 times in the past two years (each time all four tires were out of alignment, ESPECIALLY the back tires). I take it to the dealership for all work. They only suggested that I get it realligned every 6 months. GAAAD!! They must be joking!
    Is there a recall or a replacement kit I can get to fix this problem? I can not continue to buy a set of tires every year. :(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    I'd suggest getting an alignment elsewhere and doing 5,000 mile tire rotations. Also, tire mileage depends on how you drive and the quality of the tires you are buying. For most drivers, a set of OEM tires on a lower priced car are usually done about 30,000 miles, so you aren't too far off the mark. Mine are shot at 30K, and I think it's only because of the quality of the OEM tire. What are you running on there now? Did you replace with the exact OEM tire?

    also if bad alignment were the problem, your tires would show conspicuously suspicious wear patterns.

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  • mrsdonimrsdoni Posts: 4
    Keep in mind my problem is NOISE the tires make due to the car not staying aligned.

    The rear tires DO have very bad irregular wear. So much so that when rotated to the front, they sound like tractor tires :( The tread depth is still very good but the noise they create is horrible. I replaced the orignial Pirelli tires (because of the same noise issue) with BF Goodrich (recommended to me) of the exact same size that came on the car.

    I have taken the car to two different dealerships for alignment. The car will simply not stay aligned. I drive the same roads I have driven for the past 12 years (all paved). My last vehicle was an Explorer that would get 65K + to a set of tires and was rarely out of alignment for the 185,000k miles I drove it.

    Does anyone else have to get their Focus 4-wheel aligned every 3-6 months??

    I guess I was hoping there was a recall on it that would fix the problem.

    The gas savings seems to be going towards tires & alignment instead of my pocketbook. I am looking at the explorers again and thinking of trading up.
  • randomnessrandomness Posts: 10
    I have an 05 Focus Zx4 and jumped a curb hard enough that it triggered the air bag(but didn't come out) and made that loud backfiring noise when I went over it.

    Brought it to the dealership and they fixed the alignment and supposedly test drove it and said it was fine. They said the car considered that jump an "accident" and something was bent but it was nothing that needed to be fixed or would cause problems other than if I get into an accident, the air bag won't deploy. So I waited and saved $1500 that I don't have.

    - Alignment still seems slightly off.
    - Newest issue I am noticing on the highway, I'll be doing like 50 and won't really push on the gas to stay there or because I want to slow down. When I do this, the car now jumps a few times until I push on the gas or brake.
    - Also seems like I have to push harder on the gas when I want to go faster.
    - Sometimes the car seems ..shaky. Either it's stopped or I've gotten used to it; I'm not sure.

    Something just I don't know. Before it always had that new car feel to it and since that incident it doesn't. Any ideas?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    I still think that whoever is doing the alignment doesn't know what they're doing. The only other explanation would be a bent frame, but then the car would not align in the first place. Have you ever been hit? Do you know the car's history from Day One?

    I don't think 65K on tires is the norm anyway, so you were very lucky on the Explorer. If you are in the San Francisco area I can recommend an alignment shop that knows their business and would be able to get to the bottom of this very annoying problem.

    it would be helpful to see a photo of the tire wear patterns. Some types of wear are not actually alignment issues, such as "cupping" (suspension) or center-wear only or two-sided edgewear (inflation issues).

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  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i agree, it seems to me the tires may be cupping.

    this may help
  • Are 2003 Focus models considered "past the hump" of many of the problems that plagued early Focuses? I really want a wagon with the 2.3 engine (I'm in NY so they are available here).
  • Thanks for your reply Mr_Shiftright :)

    Since my last post, I have taken my Focus to another tire shop in town and purchased 4 new tires.... they are soooo quiet compared to the old set!!

    They said that the "cupping" issue is probably due to the suspension and that another customer with a Mazda Protege (same suspension as my SES Focus) had the same problem. They recommended a 'harder tire' instead of the high performance tires which are 'softer'.

    Every 5k miles, I will get them rotated (it's free! Yay!) and will get the alignment checked at the same time. Hopefully, these will wear out evenly...
  • Brought my car back and went on a test drive with the guy. He felt something off too and said it was shakey but the alignment was fine. Turned out to be the balance because of a bent wheel. So for some reason they took my front wheel off and put it in the back so of course it's still bumpy and messed up. (Also, already had tires rotated so now I'd have one old front in the back and an old back tire..) It still sucks on bumpy or unpaved roads and I feel every bump I hit. I'm surprised I haven't been pulled over yet for drunk driving because of all the swerving I do now to avoid potholes and bumps. I had to stay around 60 on the highway the other day because it was so irritating.

    If I didn't have to get out of there fast, I would've just asked for a wheel replacement. So I'll be doing that next.
  • Hello Mrs Doni, I have a similar story. I bought my daughter her first car, she makes the payments. A 2006 Ford Focus. This will be the THIRD SET of NEW TIRES !!! And its only 48K miles. I didnt realize it happen so fast thjat the REAR TIRES were wearing out. A Firestone dealer told me that he had a customer with only 8K miles and the REAR TIRES wore out too. Theres a problem with the REAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT on the Ford Focus. And by the way I had the best GOOD YEAR TIRES that money could buy!!! The Attorney General of Florida (MR. BILL) doesnt seem to be pressing the LEMON LAW ISSUE. The dealer BEV SMITH FORD, of WEST PALM BEACH, wants to push it off as a MAINTENANCE PROBLEM, as so does the FORD MOTOR CUSTOMER CARE...and that was established before I have even taken the car in to have it inspected!!! THIS PROBLEM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TIRE ROTATION !!! It's the cambers, and a new kit would probably solve the problem, and unfortunately the dealers dont want to "annie up" to cost!!!
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i think a few posts back, i provided a link to someone's experience posted on another site where hardware replacement at the rear locations was required.
  • Hi Comanchero1.

    Yep. I've had two places tell me the rear suspension is faulty. I wish Ford Motor Co would offer to replace it.

    The best of luck with yours!
    Doni Marie~
  • Since I want a ZX5 SES I will be scouring the certified used listings for a 2007 when I get ready to buy late next summer. Thank you Ford (NOT) for dropping the hatchback from the line so that I have no choice but to buy used. I would much prefer to buy at end of year clearance prices with a fat factory rebate piled on. Anyway, I'd like to ask buyers rather than sellers what wre the costs for extended warranties actually purchased on these, and how much extended warranty they got for their money. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    It now appears that Ford will bring the Fiesta to these shores in 09 as a 3 and/or 5 door hatch. This makes a Focus Hatch unneeded redundancy.

    I had a Pro5 and the Mazda3 is a great alternative to Focus.

  • I don't think the Fiesta hatch will replace the Focus hatch. It's addressing the sub-compact more than the compact market space, answering the Honda Fit. The Fiesta is a little lighter, at 2336 lb for AT, but incredibly anemic for the small 1.6L engine. I don't know what power plant the American release will come with, but I saw 74KW at the site below, which converts to 99 HP. 99? I think some lawnmowers can muster up that much power. I think they should have kept the ZX5/ZXW at least through the transition, to give Fiesta a change to grow some power options. From what I saw it will be more than a year before America gets a shot at buying a Fiesta. I will have bought a used ZX5 by then, and better off for it I think. - YPage
  • Did you ever get the problem resolved? i have the same problem. Thanks for any help that you can give.

  • you seem knowledgeable... I just bought a 2001 focus for my daughter and it is coming up on 90K. They recommended the timing belt be replaced at 90K. Is this correct? I checked the site but wasn't sure about the recommended interval.

  • I think Ford's recommended interval for replacing the timing belt has not changed since at least the '97 Escort wagon 2.0 I had mine replaced at 125k miles but I knew I had pushed the window. You do not want that part to fail on the road so it's better in my opinion to schedule the job. Unfortunately it's one of the few expensive repairs you can be sure of running into with this series. Generally water pump and timing belt are replaced as a pair because the R&R labor to get there is the same, so you are only paying parts plus a tiny bit of labor for the water pump. I had it done at an independent shop and it cost about $650, but I'm guessing Ford probably charges $800 or more.
  • lwenlwen Posts: 1
    The fuel tank cap on my 2001 Ford Focus is stuck. I thought it might be frozen, but now I'm not so sure. Has this every happened to anyone before? Any ideas on how to fix it, or what it would cost to have someone do it for me?
  • Can anyone tell me where I find the block heater cord. I have a 2005 ZX4 S.
  • I've got an 03 ZTW and had the dealer install the block heater. Was not a simple job; they couldn't get a good seal at the freeze plug and had to re-order until they found one that worked. I think they went through 3 of them. I did get a loaner (more like a moaner...) car, so wasn't THAT horribly inconvenient, but a great investment for the two winters in North Dakota.

    Bottom line, unless you are very mechanically adept, I'd leave it to a shop--glad I did.
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