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Jaguar X-Type



  • alpinemanalpineman Posts: 5
    The prices I posted were from for the 91709 zip code that I got yesterday. They do not have 2002 X-Type models. So you think I can get better deals than If so, I'll try...
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    From J.D. Power 2003 Initial Quality Study: Awardees

    Platinum Plant Quality Award, Worldwide
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.--Tahara, Japan (Car)

    Gold Plant Quality Award, Europe
    BMW of North America-Munich, Germany

    Silver Plant Quality Award, Europe
    DaimlerChrysler - Bremen, Germany

    Bronze Plant Quality Award, Europe
    Ford Motor Company--Torslanda, Sweden (Car)

    So, I'd like more information on the Halewood plant being "the best in the industry", please.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Um, my actual quote was "of the best in the industry," which is quite different from "THE best in the industry." Stop misreading things, please. The fact stands that since Halewood got its act together, it has been rated the number one facility in the FoMoCo, and that more models are being moved to Halewood primarily because of its current quality and adapted production policies versus other PAG products's factories only underscores that Halewood is OF - as in among - the best. I did not ever say it was the very best facility in the world; a niche maker's factory has much more hands-on production (as is proper for a Jaguar) than the huge Toyota cookie-stamping facilities, which gives the niche cars a bit more character v. appliance characteristics.

    Check out what's being said in the media of Halewood's current production quality, etc. Here are two quotes I just took out of articles that popped up out of quick google searches:

    +"Well done to the Halewood workforce. It shows they can compete with the best and their hard work has secured the long-term future of the plant."

    +"Assembly of Britain's best selling 4x4, the Land Rover Freelander, will transfer
    mid-decade to Halewood on Merseyside with the next generation model. The
    Halewood plant, one of the highest performing plants in the Ford Motor Company,
    will build the Freelander alongside Jaguar's highest volume premium product -
    the award-winning X-Type."

    The new management at Halewood told them to shape up and get quality and production right, threatening that if that did not occur quickly, the plant would not be recommended for future vehicles or possibly even continued production of X-type, which would have been moved elsewhere in England. X-type quality skyrocketed with newly adopted rules at Halewood; Jaguar jumped up the J.D. Powers dependability and quality surveys, and is the highest ranked European luxury car maker on the list.

    timbesq & alpineman:

    Jaguar is trying to move all of its 2003 cars off the lots to make room for the 2004's to arrive. Diesel introductions and the high modifications to cars such as the 2004 S-type (new rear end, new hood/bonnet, other upgrades) and 2004 X-type (new trunk/boot plinth design, new trims, more interior materials and colors available, new aluminum use and bolt-together frame technology, lighter weight, etc.) are occuring in Europe now, and the new cars will come over quite soon. It's the best time of year to get a car from Jag. It's also been profitable for Jaguar; Mark Fields, head of PAG, has been bringing up that while Ford Europe has been losing money, PAG has actually been a profit maker. With everything shaping out, PAG, for in stance in the last quarter, generated $166,000,000. That, combined with other profits, has already pulled them out of "the red." Seems win/win for both sides, especially with the quality being way up, too.
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11

    Were I you, I would print the online quotes you have and get a list of dealers within whatever distance is acceptable to you. This can be done at Call them, let them know what you have by way of a quote, and see if they will beat it. You probably will find at least one who will. You may even be able to play them against each other to some extent. Just be polite about it. It's good to have a positive relationship with the dealer for the future.

    If no one is able to beat the quote, then you're probably about as low as you can get right now. In any event, it sounds like you can get a really good deal now. My deal was quite good a month ago. I probably jumped the gun a bit, and I knew it at the time, but Timmy always was an impatient boy...

    On the subject of the 2004 models, I found some pictures of the 2.0D on the following site:

    Looks like cloth is the entry level fabric. Also, looking at the center stack, it appears that the thing can be had without automatic climate control. Jaguar's UK website indicates that this model, in the UK, is priced about the same as a 2.5 with automatic, leather and automatic climate control is here. I guess it doesn't pay to drive in Britain with their whopping VAT.

    A picture I found on another site (sorry, forgot to note the address) showed the stern. It did not look significantly different. The front end appears the same. There may be minor changes to sidelights. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to conjure up anything that shows the new alcantara, carbon fibre or other interior surfaces. Not being a real racing, carbon-fibre kind of guy, I'm happy with my Connelly and wood, but I am curious. If anyone conjures anything up, please post the address.
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11
    I don't believe it! They put in two front cupholders. It's a shame, though, that they removed the green from the instrument display.

    For these and other tidbits, see: t_9_15_06_03.asp

    This is actually the last of several pages, but there are links to carry you back.
  • alpinemanalpineman Posts: 5
    Anyone know if this model will be available in the US?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I think it is horrible at least on my 2002. Any sunlight at all and you can't read a thing. It is one of the big complaints I hear. Anything would be an improvement. And I do know about the brightness control.
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11
    Curious. I haven't had any visibility problems with mine. For me, the British Racing Green portions of the dials provide contrast and improve visibility. Well, maybe not quite all that, but it looks nice. When you have visibility problems, is is due to glare on the plastic window in front of the display? Polarized glasses would probably filter that out if that is the problem.

    I know that I saw a picture of a 2.0D with a left-side steering wheel and I believe that it's coming here, but I'm not entirely certain. If you do a web search for info, I have found that "jaguar x-type 2004" yields next to nothing helpful but "jaguar x-type diesel" gets results.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Oops! I just surmised that we are talking about two different things here. I agree with you on the BRG background for the dials. I was referring to the odometer/message center lighting which is a dim green on my car. :-)
  • timbesqtimbesq Posts: 11
    I suspected that might be the case, desertguy. With respect to the message center, as well as the climate and radio displays, I'm just glad that my polarized sunglasses don't render them invisible. That happens with some displays.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Desertguy - they changed the message center readout from the version in our cars to one like our climate control and radio displays late in 2002 so it shouldn't be so much of an issue in the newer cars. On another note, the new gauges I've heard are supposed to be quite classy looking.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    As for the cloth and manual controls in some of the Jag pictures, Jaguar has always offered such features since at least the time of the XJ40 in the most basic versions of each of its cars. The wood is always there though. The standard leather and all-automatic controls in our U.S. cars came because in Europe, our cars would be "SE" models, which are a step up from the base models. It's not a new base trim level because of diesels or anything like that.

    On the diesels, I doubt that they will be coming to the U.S. The left-hand-drive diesel was probably meant for export into another European nation where cars are not right-hand-drive (France, Germany, Italy - Jaguar's 3rd largest market). A 2.0 liter engine is too small for the American market, but in Europe, that size is coveted for its economic/performance balance.

    The diesels and new X-type have been getting some good reviews. The author of the following article praised the 2.0 D's refinement and quietness compared to its competition:

    "If Jaguars are meant to be quiet, this really is the Jaguar of diesels. Sure, it only has four cylinders and we're used to Jags being both petrol-fuelled and better endowed with cylinders. So this is by far the roughest and noisiest Jaguar in living memory. But alongside the direct competition — which means the Germans — it just hums along..." /07/18/emfjag19.xml

    It aparently has some turbo lag, but not more so than any other turbo-diesels. Impressive that the engine is so refined even compared to the German diesels - it must really be a great engine if it is so much smoother and quieter as the author says it is. The real advancement though will be when the Peugeot/Jaguar 6-cylinder diesel appears.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    "I know many people in Hollywood with Jaguars and I really like the X-type."
                                    - Partrick Steward from "Cat's Tales" in the latest edition of "Jaguar" Magazine. He owns an XJS convertible. As a Star Trek fan (not a Trekkie so much, I just watch it sometimes) and someone who liked the X-Men movies, it's nice to know that Mr. Steward also has very good taste in cars. Who would have thought that a big Hollywood celebrity's favorite new Jaguar would be an X-type?
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    There are some phenominal opportunities for 2003 3.0 sports with manual, and I am considering trading my 02 since it has had less than stellar reliability The question is are the changes for 04 significant over 03 regarding engine, transmission etc. I know that there are interior and stereo upgrades. the exterior changes are in the Jag style indistinguishable to the casual observer. Also I currently have a manual what is everyones's opinion of the auto when driven hard and sporting? Does anyone yet know if the High Output 3.0 liter(Autoweek) is a definate for 04, I know the type R isn't until 05-06
  • toofragustoofragus Posts: 20
    I have premium sound on my '02 X-Type 3.0 Manual. I understand that the premium sound on the '04 will be upgraded substantially. Does anyone have a guess on whether it will be possible to have the old one switched out for the new one? Just speculating.

  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I don't know about the '04 model, but I like the premium sound in my '02 and would not waste $$ upgrading it.
  • toofragustoofragus Posts: 20
    I'm talking about 320 watts vs. 180 and a second sub-woofer. This is premium premium sound. Then again, I can see your point. The original premium sound is more than adequate in a car this size. Unless you plan on opening a disco on wheels, it's probably not necessary. I'll have to hear it first and then decide.

  • nferrnferr Posts: 32
    There are great deals on manual tranny cars. Forget the sport package deal on CarsDirect. I had them try to find me a 2.5 manual sport and after two weeks they called and said they couldn't locate any. I do have a deal on a base 2.5 manual with CD. The dealer has offered a price of $22,220 and will offer the 2.9% for 60 months Jaguar financing. If anyone is thinking about an X-type now is the time to move. You're getting an AWD Jaguar for the price of a FWD Altima or Accord. No comparison IMO.

    I think I'll lock up the car today.
  • alpinemanalpineman Posts: 5
    Which dealership made you this offer? Bauer Jaguar in Anaheim Hills, CA said they can go with the discounted price or 2.9% financing...but not both.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Some idiot in a BMW 740 IL (in front of my 2.5 X-Type) "jammed" on their brakes at a "green" traffic light. We were travelling at over 45 mph and I could not change lanes due to other cars being present.

    The idiot came to a complete stop. I had to push the Jag's brakes to their limit and they responded well. The car remained straight as an arrow and I missed the BMW by a hair. The ABS system acted with precision.

    The BMW then sped away through the now yellow light. Bad way to test any braking system, but at least we can all feel safer knowing Jaguar did a great job with the system.

    I am very happy with this car and the wonderful service, despite the lackluster 2.5 engine. Anyone in the "looking zone" can be assured there are many happy X-Type owners.

    There will always be a Jag in my family. After owning many Japanese cars, there simply is NO comparison IMHO. I do not care what the Edmund's review panel says. This is one fine automobile.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    I've had similar situations, but I usually end up speeding away and cutting in front of people with just a hair's distance between us, instead of slamming on the brakes - I don't think other drivers like me for this, but they're always staring and admiring the car, so it's not like they don't see me; and I always signal. But I know the brakes are excellent from experience too - everything you said was right on. It's really confidence-inspiring how well the brakes work.

    One of my favorite parts of the X is how it handles curves, and with the 3.0, the effortless acceleration. I don't know how many other people drive their car with the, uh, "passion" that I do, but the X-type has been able to take everything I've thrown at it, which means a lot of high-speed maneuvering where I shouldn't be going so fast. There is some body roll, but I don't have the sport suspension, and the roll is more communicative than anything else; it's different from the roll of other cars, which feel tippy at the limits - X is always planted firmly, and the little bit of roll lets you know the degree of the turn, etc. At the limit, the car actually stabilizes, feeling like the suspension decided to push back against the forces of gravity, so the slight roll is very good feedback. Anyway, there's this "S" curve in my area, and the speed limit recommends 35 mph; the X can take it at 70 while passing cars and the curve is not balanced meaning that if it continued in its arc, it would form a spiral getting smaller as you go along, instead of a circle, so it gets narrower as you go, making for a more difficult situation. It simply amazes me with how well the steering and suspension and chassis work together; the Vanden Plas is just too mushy all over to take spirited driving that far, and the S-type's steering imprecision compared to the X-type keeps it from staying in its lane as well as the X-type can carve away on a path at such speed (and my S has the sport suspension with CATS, and the standard X-type surpasses it in terms of chassis and suspension performance).

    I don't know about the 2.5, but the 3.0 and the transmission in my car have been refining over time. There used to be just a nano-second of delay with the transmission (much less so than with the VDP though), and then a sudden jolt of power would force its way through, and cause a slightly unpleasant bump before acceleration. Well, no more. It's truly smoother than my S-type now. Push the pedal and the power is right there with perfect precision and pedal feel. I think the tranny and the engine began to understand each other after being taken to the redline a few times. Nearly flooring the accelerator a few times (in a safe area) seems to clean out wherever the tranny's pause used to be, because the whole drivetrain is like silk. Perhaps just slamming the pedal once or twice is all that is needed to blast whatever hairball caused the hesitation on some of these kitties out of the system; it worked for me, but since acceleration is so smooth now, all I do is speed - and yes, that's bad, despite how good it feels in the X.

    I'm about to take a long trip down to SoCal now - a 10 hour drive in the other Jags, I'll see if the X-type can't do it any faster, I can guarantee that it will. Wish me luck, I'll see how well the car handles long, down California, and then up again trips. And with the huge trunk, I can take all of my stuff with me this time!

    I don't know how the 3.0 liter engine compares in all aspects with your G35, but I must say that its ponies have been growing into stallions and it's really shockingly powerful, and I should be used to the power the car has by now. The way the power comes on so effortlessly now that the tranny response is so silky smooth really enhances the car on every level. Try flooring your X a number of times (again, in a safe area) and see if that doesn't get the tranny to be more responsive; it really feels like the jag hacked up some terrible hairball that was blocking the refinement and power of the drivetrain - it's a whole new beast now, honestly. You'll know it worked when there is absolutely no transmission hesitation from a dead launch and the power just seems much more plentiful. It's definitely something to do with the computer's codes, as I read somewhere that the car has to be taken up to a certain speed in order for certain computer codes to become active. Maybe that 2.5 liter engine of yours will not be the sore spot of the car after blasting the car off a few times.
  • windyjagwindyjag Posts: 2
    I've had my 2.5 X for about 3 months now and I just love the car. Recently I noticed that it seems like I get better mileage when I use "plus" gas than when I use "super". Does that make any sense? Does it matter what degree of premium gas you use? According to the manual the car is not supposed to get regular gas, but why?

    BTW, I love how quickly the A\C cools the car off on hot days. I hope in the winter it heats just as quickly.

    I've only had one problem, which is that my driver door speaker has begun sounding a little tinny. Will soon see how well the service dept. responds.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I agree that the tranny and the engine improve with age! Cornering is almost perfect.

    The only thing I like about the G35 is that it is scary fast and it is fun to blow almost every BMW (3 and 5 series) off the road. With a few minor and inexpensive modifications, the G35 can be taken to over 300 rwhp. This is not bad for a vehicle in the low 30K range. Other than that, the current X-Type wins hands-down.

    Regarding the gas mileage, mine is getting better with age. The Super tends to run better than the plus imho. The engine is tuned to accept a certain octane. I once ran 87 octane and found a noticible performance degradation and a lot of engine pinging.
  • alefouralefour Posts: 6
    i have been reading this entire board on extended warranty and still confused. we just bought a new jaguar x-type and know jags have always been expensive to work on. i have been reading everything i could find on extended warranty for the car and can not get a clear breakdown on it all being a scam or good protection. i would like to know who has a jaguar with warranty and if i should protect myself or save my money. the prices i have gotten have ranged from 1800 to 6000 for 7yr 100k mile. the service managers at several dealers have told me it is not even needed for the first 4 yr 50k miles.

    help please especially previous jag owners
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    alefour - I personally do not think these dealer sold warranties are worth the price. Of course you do not say how long you intend to keep the car. If you buy a 7 year warranty, I guess you realize that you are really only buying a three year warranty since the Jag is covered for 4 years or 50K by the mfg. The dealer makes at least 50% on the selling price so they are always eager to sell them. There are some requirements in small print about required service you must have performed and by whom so that you could make a claim under the policy. There are tales of some of these outfits refusing to pay for nebulous reasons or going out of business etc. To me it isn't worth the hassle. OTOH, you may feel the peace of mind is worth it.
  • I have a 2003 Type X with 8900 miles. I recently took it to the dealer for the annual inspection and 10,000 mile inspection. I advised that the car was fine, but was able to hear a sound from the wheel that sounds like a shifted belt on the tire. The dealer advised that two of my wheels were bent, said that I must have hit a pot hole. I am the only driver and never hit any potholes, he rotated my tires and put the worse of the two in the trunk, thus leaving me only one bent wheel on the left rear position. I still hear the tires, the road/tire noise is so loud that I can not hear the radio unless I put it on very loud.

    Has anyone else had a bent wheel problem that just happened without hitting anything?

    Can these wheels be straightened? Could the dealer be wrong and I have a slipped belt on a tire or two?

    Any input will be appreciated. The car will be one year old next week.
  • I have a 2002 Type X Jaguar, 3.0 Liter, Sport Package with 17" wheels. The car has 9000 miles and during my annual NYS inspection I advised that I heard what I thought was a slipped belt in the front right tire. Upon inspection the dealer advised that I had two bent wheels and that I probable hit a pot hole. I am the only driver of the car and know that I did not hit anything, there is no sign of damage. Does anyone else know of this type of problem?
    Can the wheel be straightened? Can the dealer be wrong and I do have a problem with the Continental Tires?
    Any input will be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I don't think everyone is ignoring you Larry; they probably just have never had nor heard of your particular problem. I know my 3.0 non sport with 14K on it does not have any wheel problems. The Conti tires are considered noisy (you can check Tire Rack) and I feel I have too much road noise (depending on the surface of course) You're tires are the 45s aren't they. They have much less sidewall than the non sport and are easier to damage. It doesn't take as much as you might think to dent a wheel. There are outfits advertised in mags like Autoweek that specialize in fixing bent alloy wheels. Good luck.
  • Sorry to hear of your bent rims if they are bent. I doubt that they can be straightened if they are bent to a noticeable degree, being aluminum wheels. However, if the dealer is wrong and they aren't bent, it is probably the Continentals. How frequently do you hear the sound? The Continentals can be pretty noisy - Pirellis are much better despite being higher performance tires.

    Did you hear the sound while cornering quickly? With AWD gripping all the time, any kind of traction loss, such as a turning wheel at high speeds, can create a sound. All wheel drive cars are more prone to this as they hold the road all around. But you wouldn't hear the sound unless you had a window open since the car's sound insulation is so good. That's the only time I ever hear anything and it is always very quiet if it does happen.

    If you do indeed find damage to the rims, Jaguar may help you free of charge, depending on your dealer. Look it up; I believe there is a 12000 mile warranty that covers most any damage that the owner of the car causes to the car. I hit a massive pothole/rock pile that chipped my rim, which in turn slashed my tire and caused my car to bottom out at about 50 mph - scary. My Jaguar dealer and Continental replaced everything completely free of charge, so they may help you as well. My rim wasn't bent though. It was only chipped with a jagged piece of metal shooting out of it. If they don't take care of the costs completely, they should at least help out a little bit. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the input desertguy and jagboyxtype.
    The noise slowly built up and sounds like a slipped belt in a tire, a whopping sound. The sound is quite loud especially around 50 mph. The noise is always there.

    Otherwise the car has been very good, the best feature is the steering, I can go onto a NYS Thruway on ramp at 60 mph with no sway or lean, the car has the best turning radius I have ever driven. I agree with most of the reviews on the car, the inside is too plane, I have never owned a car this basic in the interior.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I finally have attained a goal that started in 1969 when I had the opportunity of sitting in an E-type Jaguar as a teenager. I finally own a new Jaguar. I just took delivery of an Onyx White 2.5 Manual X-type. :)
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