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Jaguar X-Type



  • They could call them MY 2016's if they wanted to, but Jaguar doesn't - or at least has not thus far - labeled its cars with model years much more than half a year ahead, as opposed to a full year ahead as some other manufacturers do, which I for one feel is a rediculous practice anyway (if you didn't catch the hyperbole at the beginning of this far-too-long sentence) :-) The magazines note that the new front end styling on the Chrysler Sebring convertibles is a 2004 change, despite it having been out since the early months of 2003 - I guess Chrysler uses the leap-ahead model year designations, but I count those as mid-year 2003 changes. All of the mentioned changes and additions to the X-type are for the 2004 model year, however, according to Jaguar's slightly more reality-accurate year-labeling system.


    The 2.5 liter is not being phased out entirely. Jaguar, however, wishes to divide X-type sales with 75% or so being 3.0 liters, as that engine is the more spectacular of the two in terms of the driving experience (currenly 75% of X-types are sold with the 2.5 liter engine). In whatever the future holds, Jaguar is to start utilizing the engine blocks from Volvo when the current blocks (both V8 and V6) are no longer applicable for upgrades through the years. A 3.5 liter version of the current AJ-V6 is speculated, but may not come about before the switch to Volvo-based engines in the future. The reviews have just started noting how good the current engines really are, with much praise being showered upon the V6's of late (mostly the 3.0). That Jaguar can get 250 horsepower out of its 3.0 liter engine is quite a feat, as Mercedes gets only 215 out of its 3.2 liter V6, Audi 225 from its 3.0 liter, BMW 225 from its 3.0 liter (235 with the new performance package), Lexus 215 from its 3.0 liter and 225 from its new 3.3 liter, Infiniti and Acura 260 - just 10 more horsepower from engines with half a liter more displacement each than the Jaguar engine, and Cadillac 220 from its 3.2 liter 6. More horsepower is always a benefit, and it should be able to boost the X-type's already top-end of its class quickness even higher. The 227 hosepower 3.0 liter in my car allows it to act like a rocket, especially compared to the other normally-aspirated Jags, and the magazines have all been commenting on how the X-type 3.0 has "great legs" (C&D 10/03) and an engine that gets "universal praise," (R&T 03) so 23 more horsepower will be felt in their nano-second measuring tests. 6.3 seconds to 60 is the time for the 250 horsepower engine to beat. Plus, the 250 horsepower X-types have new sport suspensions and will have the 6-speeds, which will make them more fuel efficient, smoother, and probably add to their quickness. Jaguar is just doing what it takes to keep every generation Born to Perform.
  • Jagboyxtype,
       If the figures that have been bouncing around are correct, a 2.5 with Automatic, Premium Pkg. and moonroof would cost as much or MORE than the 3.0 which has all of these features as standard. I don't believe that 2.5 sales will even reach 25%, maybe 10% for those who want a good lease deal on a 2.5 manual with no options.
        I know we're both just speculating. Hit me back if you feel my conclusions are off.

  • bft4x4 Aug 23, 2003 6:16pm
    I know it's kind of late on replying to this subject. But, I just found this discussion board today. Anyway, here is the lease deal I got from Crown Jaguar at St. Pete, FL on August 28, 2003:
    2003 X-Type 2.5 Automatic w/Platinum metallic paint
    $301 + $22 tax per month for 48 months
    12,000 miles per year, $0.12 per extra mile
    $2,300 down including first month payment.
  • mmm17mmm17 Posts: 31
    Does anyone know if the 2004 X-Type will have 2 front seat cup holders and voice activated controls for the navigation? I currently own a 2000 Acura TL and I've been waiting to replace this car with the new 2004 TL. The feed back I've been getting from 2 dealerships is that the car will be selling for full sticker price and cars with navigation might not be available until December or later. I've decided to look for an alternate car, I need front wheel drive and navigation and duel front seat cup holders (both my wife and I are coffee drinkers). The X-type sounds like it could fit my needs IF the 2 cup holders are out. The Jaguar website does show or say anything about the cup holders or voice controls, any of you jag owners can shed some light?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I just bought a 2003 X-Type 2.5 and it has the dual front cupholders. I don't have the NAV system so cannot say about that.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    in short, yes. the 2004 x-type meets both your requirements (though it has awd not fwd).
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    First of all, I love my X-Type and the service associated with ownership. Owning the problem child Infinity G35 is a chore. Infinity is also royal pain when it comes to service (if you can call it that). Infinity will go to great lengths to NOT fix issues. Jaguar, on the other hand, bends over backwards to retain customers. Jaguar now has me, and I am sure others, hooked for life. The entry level X-Type is doing a good job.

    I am glad to see Jaguar slowly phasing-out the 2.5L. It is simply weak and under powered. I cannot wait to get rid of my lease for a quicker Jaguar. When Dodge Neons beat the 2.5L at a stoplight, it is time for a new car.

    The 2.5L is the only thing I would change. Why would anyone want the 2.5L now if the 3.0L is more economical?

    Do you think Jaguar marketing thought of this before offering the deap discounts?
  • I would agree on your comments for the most part. The reason for the large number of sales for the 2.5 is the ridiculous difference in price between it and the 3.0. Jaguar is snagging many first time buyers with the ad campaign for the low lease rates. When they get to the dealer they find it is for the 2.5. I had a '03 2.5 loaner with 1500 miles on it and drove it about 250 miles. Not that underpowered but I was glad to get back into my 3.0. And BTW, the Dodge Neon will beat a lot of cars 0-60. They are a fast econo car. The new Neon SRT-4 will beat the 3.0 handily with a 0-60 time of 6.2 seconds.
  • I read the complimentary service being offered is once every 10k miles or 12 months between oil/filter changes.

    Is that right/recommended?
    I thought oil changes should be every 3k miles or 3 months or at least every 6k miles.
    I dont anticpate 10k miles in 1 year.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    The Dodge Neon SRT-4 is fast. It is just embarrassing when it can beat a Jaguar hands-down. Jaguars are known for performance, right? My Infinity G35 blows away (performance only) the S-Type 4.0 which I find sad given the ENORMOUS price differential. Granted, it is the same Front-Midship (FM) racing engine used in five other Nissan/Infinity vehicles (Altima 3.5, Maxima 3.5, 350Z, I35 and the FX). Disclaimer: In the future, I will gladly pay for this differential due to Jaguar service and the Jaguars' aesthetic qualities.

    Jaguar offers the 10K service for free. If you let the oil go that long, your engine WILL build sludge. Lexus used to recommend this service interval and now has to take back many leased "sludge" cars. "Sludge Car" is the technical term the Lexus dealers now use. What about the people who own? Well, they are stuck with expensive engine repairs. How do I know this? Well, an acquaintance is a chief mechanic for Lexus and tells horror stories. Lexus did their customers a disservice and now Jaguar is doing the same.

    Even if you do not drive 10K miles in one year, change the oil every six months to be safe.

    I had the Jag oil changed at 4K miles to be safe even if the car is leased. The cost was an appalling $49.00 at the dealer. However, the dealer performed a lot of free maintenance, replaced a defective tire and performed a mini-detail, so the price is palatable. Love this service!

    Question: Are both the 2.5L and the 3.0L made is Cleveland, Ohio? Does Ford make the S-Type engines in the states or in England?
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    just my preference... I've always changed my oil every 3-4K which comes out to be 1 every 3-5 months depends on what I'm doin.... my dad just blew up the engin in his malibue cause he hasn't had the oil changed once and it a 99... AHAHAHAHAHAHAH and he blames me for it... well anyways... to answer the next question yes I do believe both engine types of the X type are made 40 mins from my house in clevland... as to the S type I thought that was still made overseas but I believe it will be switching plants to here with the comming of the 04 X types so I'm gonna take a stab at half way through 2004 the S types engines will start being made in cleveland... have fun... and by the way I'm considering a used S type now instead of a new X type... any suggestions or words of warning on them...? thankx
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Do you really want a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) vehicle living in Cleveland? You may want to rethink that one as the S Type is RWD or did Ford change to All Wheel Drive (AWD) in '04?

    I test drove both, got the X-Type and am very happy with the AWD performance on wet pavement. Got me through the Washington, DC Blizzard last year. Also test drove the S Type against the G35 and made the mistake of a buying the Japanese RWD G35. Already looking to trade this for the S Type-R.

    I much prefer the 4.0 S Type to the 3.0. The 3.0 reminds me too much of the Lincoln. They share the same engine and platform and the Lincoln is far less expensive.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    Go x-type go!!! It was just awsome this past winter in cleveland. Strongly reccommend the DSC which is now a separate option with almost all packages. Only real contender now is the new G-35 AWD, on sale in Dec. Service at Infiniti is not up to Jag standard, but it may not have as many gremlins as my 02
  • mmm17mmm17 Posts: 31
    OK, so now that I know the X-Type has 2 front cup holders and voice activated navigation, I'm ready to cross shop it against the 2004 Acura TL. I find it interesting that no one on the Jag web site mentions the Acura TL as an X-Type competitor. What are your thoughts on an Acura TL vs. the Jaguar X-Type? Also, I'll be leasing a fully optioned 3.0 X-Type, can any one share what their lease payment are?
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    My friend has the new Acura and it is very nice. However, can you say front-end torque? Recent year TLs are plagued with transmission problems and Acura does little to fix these. You are taking a big chance. Read the Acura boards. There are a lot of unhappy Acura owners. As this board seems to attract unhappy people, take this with a grain of salt.

    The AWD G35 will be nice as the engine is outstanding. Infinity is doing nothing to boost engine power to compensate for the AWD extra weight. Infinity receives praise for keeping the current RWD G35 weight low. Now they are changing this by adding inches to an already lean waist. It will be interesting to see what the astute reviewers say. After all, they did not give the X-Type a good review which baffles me.

    Why does Edmunds not solicit input from real-world drivers? Maybe their reviews would be more objective?

    The G35 interior is cheap and the car has front brake problems that Infinity will not fix. The paint chips, the CD changer eats CDs like Roseanne Barr eats donuts and the rear brakes fail to illuminate in many G35s (a recall Infinity was reluctant to issue until the government forced their hand). Once you deal with Infinity Service, you may buy Jaguars for life. You are merely a number. That is, they could care less about future business unlike Jaguar. All this from a "luxury" manufacturer?

    My vote is for the X-Type with the Infinity G35 blazing engine! One can dream, right?
  • msiseng:

    You continually trash Infinity service. Could it just be your particular dealer? After all, they were designed to compete with Lexus when the division was formed. Lexus of course is noted for their great service. Just curious. I have not heard such bad things about Infinity before but I have no experience with them. I recently rented a new Maxima with 3K on the odo and talk about torque steer. If you accelerated while turning a corner, you better have a firm grip on the wheel as it tries to rip it from your hands. You can't compare a fwd car with a rear or awd car.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Everything with Infinity is a fight. They do not fix anything until a recall or a technical service bulletin (TSB) is issued. Then, when they try to fix a problem, it is never right. You have to go back two to three times. Some people are on their fifth CD player or second set of brakes and rotors under 15K miles. Not to mention the driver's seat falls off the track and Infinity takes two months to order new parts.

    Oh, the a/c units fail within 5K miles and Infinity must order these parts. The paint chips on most G35s and Infinity blames the wind. These problems are COMMON. Read the Infinity Board posts. This was Motor Trend Car of the Year? What were they smoking? Maybe they will work out the issues in '04 much like the X-type differences between '02 and '03?

    There is one excellent Infinity dealer in my area: Passport Infinity in Alexandria, VA. Unfortunately, it is a long way from my home in MD. The two other dealers close to my home are terrible to hell-like.

    Infinity compete with Lexus..not a chance. I owned a Lexus and service was great across all dealers. A good deal can be soured with bad service. The savvy car buyer knows better.

    The FWD Maxima and the FWD Altima 3.5 share the same engines and they both have terrible torque steer. They both share the same engine with the RWD G35 and the RWD 350Z. While the engines are the exact same, Nissan/Infinity reports they have different horsepower ratings. One chief mechanic tells me differently, but who really knows? I just think it is good marketing. That is one thing the Japanese do well: market.

    I am so happy with Jaguar service compared to Infinity. My dealer, Manhattan Jaguar in Rockville, MD is wonderful. If my service advisor ever quits, I will sue the dealership for pain and suffering for making me switch advisors. When you have a good service advisor, make sure he/she stays put!

    Again, I must add the Infinity is fun to drive and it is scary fast. If Jaguar puts a comparable engine in a 33K car, watch out!
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Not trying to be pedantic, but the misspellings are driving me nuts...

    Just as brakes are not breaks, so too is Infiniti not Infinity.

    Infiniti G35. Infiniti I35. Infiniti Q45. Etc.
  • My new X-type is due soon.
    From other experiences with initial quality, things that go wrong early, does anyone have any suggestions for things to pay special attention to when having the walkaround with the salesman?
    e.g. any particular fittings typically loose or not flush?

  • Infinity = a big OK with my spell checker. :)) It also shows you how much attention I pay to that car I guess.
  • I have had 2 Infinitis, J30 & Q45. In MY area the Infiniti service beat Jag hands down. Where the two are different is sales. That's why I walked out after trying to buy a G35 and went straight to Jag and drove home in an X that day.

    My parents, brother and 2 friends have Infinitis in different cities, and their service is inconsistent.

    I must say, recently I have noticed a distinct improvement in my Jag service. As the market becomes more competitive, perhaps dealers are realizing the one area the truly have control over when it comes to customer satisfaction is service.
  • mmm17mmm17 Posts: 31
    I find it interesting that you mentioned how nasty the posting are on the Acura board, do this car attract that kind of people? My 2000 TL has had its share of problems, the transmission broke but was replaced under warranty after a 4 week wait. Good thing my dealer included a loaner Acura Integra. Also, the car has had many rattle and I only get approx. 18k out of the brake pads. I am mostly concerned about the dealer greed for the new 2004 TL, my dealer has been very forthcoming on details about the car but is tight lipped about pricing. A sales person at the dealership said the car will sell for full sticker. Its interesting that you own an Infinity G35, I looked at that car but just felt the interior was cheap and plasticy inside. Everyone seems to rave about Jaguar service, does Jaguar provide a loaner for all service? Currently I have to practically beg to get a loaner from my Acura dealer.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    You'll find members in every discussion who are not satisfied with their vehicle and/or service, but you have to remember that complaints are often more common than praise. You just have to weed through posts and determine which problems are more likely to be isolated to the particular car or dealership, and which problems are mentioned enough to amount to a trend!

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  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I understand the whole situation with the cd units on the G35.. and frankly most of it is because people keep putting on the sticker lables onto the cds and use cheap cd rs for burning... if people read the packages for the cd lable making things you'd notice that it says it may cause some cd players to jam... ie DON'T PUT LABLE ON CDS even though its a pain to some it saves you from changing out the decks ... my neighbor uses CD Rs w/o lables and he hasn't had one problem... as for the brakes on the G... well I don't know... and frankly don't care... they work and they work darn well at that... I don't live in clevland I live in streetsboro... which is out by hudson ohio... and truthfully our roads are normally fine... you just have to make shir you don't drive like an idiot... I have a 96 explorer which is RWD and I've never had a problem. I like the X type and the S type... and I like the G... the S I'd only buy used cause I can't afford a new one... as for the X or the G I'd lease(new) them probably.. I appriciate everyones comments... I was just worried Id heard a lot of bad things about the X when it first came out(engin troubles, trans trouble ect) but apparently Jag has fixed these issues... or at least I hope they did... any other comments or suggestions are welcome... I have to decide and soon... :)
  • Hello all,

    In the X-Type in Europe, there is an 2.0 inline 4 cylinder engine available, with 130hp. Weird, in an Jaguar!!!

    What do you guys think of that?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    spectre96... Makes sense. Economics of buynig and owning a car in UK and EU. Doesn't petrol cost about $5-6 per gallon in England? Thought they had some of the highest petrol prices in EU. $3-5 per gallon throughout most of Europe? Thinking about 40 percent of all new European cars are diesel. They need them due to the very high automobile and fuel taxes. Diesel taxed lower in most European countries. USA will start getting more diesels in 2005 and later as we remove sulphur from our diesel fuel.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Putting a 4-cylinder in a Jag just seems evil. IIRC, this would be Jag's first 4-cylinder since the old SS cars wouldn't it?
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Some of your corrections are, in fact, incorrect. In Japan, "Infiniti" is spelled "Infinity" as in the "Infnity Skyline." Both are correct according to a company spokesperson I called today. The American magazines spell it one way and the Japanese spell it differently.

    Moreover, you make spelling mistakes. It is "buying" and not "buynig." Your grammar is horrible and you use words out-of-context.

    Those in glass houses should not throw stones, especially on a Jaguar message board where the population appears to be highly intelligent.

    I agree with everyone..a 2.0 4-cylinder in a Jag? And a smelly diesel like the old Mercedes? Instead of being compared to the Ford Taurus, people could compare this to the Mercury Mystique. Say it ain't so! I am silently screaming (oxymoron) as I thought Jag is adding more powerful engines to this already awesome vehicle?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    msiseng... fyi. You might check out their own web sites:



    Infiniti is a subsidiary of Nissan, like Lexus is of Toyota or Acura is of Honda. I'm not sure if Nissan even sells Infiniti outside North America. (Thought I read recently Toyota was finally going to market Lexus in Japan and elsewhere.)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If we had a requirement for correct spelling and proper grammar usage, we'd have a whole lotta trouble on our hands!

    Let's not worry too much about any of it as long as we understand the meaning of the message, okay folks? And if we don't understand the meaning, it's easy enough to ask.

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