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Jaguar X-Type



  • I'm planning an X-type purchase in the next one to three months. I’m in no rush but wouldn’t mind it being sooner rather than later. I know the $3000 dealer support just expired. I would think something else is coming soon in the way of incentives. The local dealer doesn’t appear to move X-types very quickly and all of a sudden he has gone from 10 to 12 in stock to 28.
    Anyone have a comment on the incentives?
  • Do not pay more than invoice price. There are hidden dealer benefits from Ford and if you stick long enough there is no reason why you cannot get an X-type at or below invoice.
  • I'm going for a second test drive Wednesday. I last drove one in October. The dealer is next door to BMW so I will try a 325xi also. I expect the X to be superior in most ways important to me.
    I agree that invoice is probably a good baseline or lower if the incentives come back. If the other dealers are as loaded with x-types as mine, it should be only a matter of time.
  • The dealer incentive is $3250. Can I realistically expect to get this off the invoice price?
  • You may not be able to get 3250 $ below invoice, but knowing this kind of dealer incentive, you can start 1000$ below invoice and then go up to invoice while negotiating. Good Luck!
  • I though it was way to low....But it should make below invoice easy.
    I also posted on Jagtalk and will see if others have an opinion.
    Thanks again
  • Took delivery of 2004 X-type 3.0 (automatic trans, premium package, heated seats, reverse park assistance) on December 13 and so far have been very pleased with purchase.

    Have driven car 1800 miles including trip from Chicago to Cleveland over Christmas. Car handles very well in snow and is fun to drive.

    My previous car was 2000 Lexus GS400. My wife's current car is 2003 Lexus ES300. We have had a Lexus in our household for last ten years. I didn't go Lexus this time because they did not offer AWD sedan.

    My wife and I both like the Jaguar. In my opinion, the X-type compares favorably to my former GS. I like the way the X handles and I am getting more comfortable with the tight European ride. For a 230hp V-6 it has nice acceleration compared to my 280hp GS V-8 and much better than wife's 230hp V-6 ES300. I don't intend to push the X until it has at least 3000 miles, but, the few times I have "hit the peddle", it responds very well.

    The dealership, Patrick Jaguar, is located in a two year old modern building with well equipped service department (including body shop) and they are a class act gaining a great reputation in Chicago area. Already they have sent me a sales followup letter, dealer satisfaction survey, service department welcome, thank you letter from dealership, thank you letter from Jaguar, survey from Jaguar, and a dealer gift packet that included a Jaguar coffee mug (for home or office) and a Jaguar travel coffee mug for car use.

    The treatment we have received thus far from Jaguar is much like the experience we have expected with Lexus.

    As to quality, I have found nothing to complain about. To date, I'm a happy owner.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    bigguyjer... What was the MSRP? Did you buy or lease? If you bought, what did you pay? Get any special financing deal?
  • My purchase was for an X-Type 3.0 with automatic trans, premium package, heated seats, and reverse park control using Ford Motor Company X-Plan PIN
    program which enables purchase of most Ford family products at a fixed price formula over dealer cost.

    My boss is a former Ford Motor Company executive and receives several of these X-Plan programs annually that he allocates to members of our firm.

    Purchase price,(no negotiations involved) set by Ford Motor Company, was $31,154.64 plus tax, title and license. MSRP on car was $36,290.00.

    I shopped price at two other Jaguar dealers, without using X-Plan to see what I could do on my own, and the best I could come up with for identical car, was $32,847.00 plus tax, etc.

    Hope that this information helps.
  • I've had my 2003 Jag X-Type since August with no problems at all. The car is super tight, the fit and finish inside and out is flawless, and a lot of the guff you read on these boards are not from the masses. Most people don't want to get on a message board and talk about how great their new car is, they only log in when there is a problem. But when I see buyers of other marquees trolling and posting false information with no relevant source material, I have to speak out. These cars are solid and there isn't anything better out there in performance, quality, or style at this price point.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I also bought an X-Type in August, 2003 2.5 manual. Just turned 8500 miles and have not had one problem with the car other than a flat tire. This was caused by a nail in it. No squeeks, rattles, or any other problems. I continue to enjoy driving it daily and have no regrets in buying it. I agree the car is solid, handles great, works wonderful in the snow, is very comfortable, and has good power.
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    as has been pointed out, people usually come here with a problem.
    i read this board to see what others have to say, and will avoid reading much further once i see the markings of a Troll.
    our new X-type 3.0 has shown me what others are saying, in that it's flawless, plenty of power, and simply can't believe how it grabs the road.
    the ride is quiet, and for some reason, i just don't want to get out of it.
    now i'm one of the most detail conscious people on God's green earth, and if there is a problem, i'll find it. so far nothing, but wait, there was something, it's the little covers on the 17" wheels that are coming off on their own. actually one is already gone. called the dealer about it and they said that Jag doesn't warranty such pieces as they are usually stolen....... say what?
    "maybe they get stolen because people have lost theirs due to a defect, and steal them from other owners i said." at any rate, i took the car in and right in front of the service manager, using very slight fingernail pressure, the right front cap fell off as well. the only thing holding it was the thin layer of grease from the wheel. left front, same thing.......... all the plastic tabs that hold these caps in place are broken. only one wasn't loose.......... they were going to order just 3 caps, but i guess the manager sensed my disgust and decided to replace all four.
    so while this is not a negative post, it is one that i share for others who might have experienced this, but never realized that their missing caps may have been due to a defect............ dealer said this is the first time they've seen it.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    expect a new steering wheel design, memory seats and knee airbags soon as running changes
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    seats or knee airbags. the steering wheel is gorgeous though being wood and leather.
    which model are you referring to?
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    knee airbag for the driver. The steering wheel change will still be wood and leather but will have controls for the radio and cruise on the front of the wheel not on the side, also there will be a rotary wheel for volume and speed settings. i've seen a picture at the dealer and personally like the cleaner look of the current wheel. the memory seats and other changes are runnning model year changes that will shoe up soon, just like the 03 changes that added a second cup holder and the wood wheel.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    has anyone traded an 02 for an 04? What did you get and how would you compare the 04 to 02. Any quieter etc.
  • Does anyone have any word on possible X-Type changes for 2005? We're shopping, but don't have to buy right away, and are wondering if there is any reason to wait for 2005.

  • Lets say I’m exited and happy. I just purchased a 2004, 3.0 X-type. It’s Quartz with Charcoal Interior. No additional items were added to the base model. I was able to walk out the door at 34,087. In the whole one day I’ve had the car (It %$#^&!* rained) I have noticed; It has a firm, yet in controlled ride. The engine/tranny seem slightly over responsive up to 25 mph, then things are much more smoother.

    The comfort level is good. I am comparing it to my ’95 Bonneville, which was very big, and rode “soft” The controls seem well placed and I am enjoying myself. I will add/update as needed but so far I can say I am happy and could recommend this car.

    Shopping list included:

    04 Mercedes C-class – not bad, would have cost more for the same car options, has lingering doubts of reliability.

    04 BMW 3-Series – WAY to many of these on the road and it costs more than I wanted to spend for a small car.

    04 Volvo S60 – Nice car, good value, very comfortable. Had some doubts of reliability for whatever reason (maybe just wanted the Jag ; )

    Used 200, 2001 5 Series - Nice solid car. NLT 31,000 for 30,000 miles though. Notorious electrical problems.

    04 TL – Very nice, hard not to buy it, It is certainly much more contemporarily styled however and the rear end of the car is not at all to my liking. If this thing had a longer rear trunk and toned down the chrome in the interior I would have picked over the Jag.

    04 G-35 – a bit to sporty for me, cool looking some what contemporary interior good exterior styling. Poor break wear and very low MPG.
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    you also got a little better deal than i did, but since owning our new 3.0 for the last 3 weeks, i can honestly say i'd have paid more and still been happy.
    just wait till your cat gets about 500 miles on it and then you'll see what all the fuss is about.......these X-types really are the cats M e o w!!!
  • It would be nice if they had a "performance" version of the cat.
    But honestly i hate Jag R series cars, they are CCPV's (cost cutting performance vehicles), just add blowers and thats it.
    Jaguar has an incredible reputation but i sence it is slowly fading in light of the resurgence of cadillac and the aggression of infinity and Acura.
    It would also help if, instead of offering $3250 in incentives, they just priced the cars that much lower, it would help resail value for sure.

    To you guys who own the X-type, how do you feel about the propaganda mags saying the interrior is sub-par with tis competition? I looked at the interrior face to face, and fully dressed it has more wood on it than any car in its class, how is that sub-par?
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    take it for what it's worth.......i really don't hang here much............more so at Jagtalk, and i can assure you that this "sub par" attitude is laughed at.
    who cares what Edmunds has to say's quite obvious that they are biased.........learned that over on the pickup board of which i no longer post.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    The Jaguar looks really nice, but for someone who had reliability concerns on so many other cars including a Volvo S60, it doesn't seem like the best choice.
    The X-Type is a car to buy for looks, style and other emotional reasons when you are ready to throw all caution to the wind.
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    >"The X-Type is a car to buy for looks, style and other emotional reasons when you are ready to throw all caution to the wind."<

    oh me the proof on this one.
  • "The X-Type is a car to buy for looks, style and other emotional reasons when you are ready to throw all caution to the wind."

    Not true. My X-Type has far surpassed my first 6 months as a Honda owner, and I consider that to be one of the most reliable manufacturers. Jaguar has made great strides in intitial quality and is quick to respond to any problems and makes running changes throughout the model year based on customer feedback. I don't throw caution to the wind for the sake of looks. If I did, I'd be driving a Volvo C70 ;^)
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    look at his profile..............i think he's just here to agitate.
    all other posts are completly negative, and it doesn't seem to matter what brand of car.
  • Profile notwithstanding, I would tend to agree with his statement that if reliability is your primary concern, Jaguar would not be a viable choice. And this is coming from an owner with an early build (10/01) XType with NO problems. I have been very fortunate and the '03s and '04s have been much improved. We are still dealing with a dealer network that is far inferior to most other brands. JNA is little help and the parts availability is horrible.

    Would I buy another Jaguar? In a heartbeat!
  • As a driver of an '02 X-Type 2.5, I have to say the car has been very reliable. A few minor issues with trim pieces and the remote fuel door opener, but overall it's very reliable. For someone who wants something different, with Jag style and modern reliability, this car may be the one.

    Having said that, I cannot WAIT to turn this car in at lease-end. I'm in it because I was able to assume someone's lease and needed a car, but the car is noisy, loose-feeling, has a harsh, stiff ride and seems unstable on wet roads. It's also a bit claustrophic-feeling. This is not a driver's car, imo. It's a boulevard cruiser, and not a sophisticated one at that imo.
  • seeligseelig Posts: 590
    i think you hit the nail on the head in regards to being in a car that isn't like all the or not, the Jag X type is a rare breed.......doesn't look like all the beemers runnin around, does share anything with the lexus, toyota (1 in the same?) nor does it give anything up to all the hondas, acuras (again 1 in the same) or any of the other Japenese cars that everyone seems to own these days.
    as for comfort and reliability is concerned, remember, the percentage of lemons by percentage of X's on the road versus all the others mentioned is about on par or less.
  • While at the dealer I noted a very visible amount of rust on the front rotors of a 2002 S-type. Is there any thing to prevent this. i know exposed metalks to the environment will rust but after 1 year??
  • Usually, when you see a car on a lot with rust on the rotors, that just means that it's been sitting outside in the rain without being driven much. Once the car is driven, the rust will wear off. I've seen many brand new cars on the lot with rust on the rotors. With my well-driven Jag, I see no rust. I do, however, see an excessive amount of brake dust on the front alloys. They are a pain to keep clean!
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