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Jaguar X-Type



  • Hi kernick

    i just bought a zircon blue 2.5 x type ( 5 speed )
    for 25600.00 out the door. i paid 22661 + 1k for extra wood and lojack. with ny tax, i paid 25600 out the door

    i think the dealer has the color you are looking for

    let me know if you are still interested
  • I can reccomend both San Jose British Motors and Putnam Jaguar.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Thanks. It's been a few days so I had already made a decision. I'm getting a white 5-sp, which is currently on the dock (in customs?). I offered $22.5K and they accepted. I don't know whether to be happy, or a little bummed because they accepted the 1st offer - must still be some negotiating room.

    The only extra is $95 for the title fee. So $22.6K final price. I live in NH, so no sales tax, though there is a town tax which will be about $600.
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    Has anyone bought engine/electrical parts for a Ford Contour for use on the x-type, since the 2.5 engine was available in that car. Had to buy an Mass Air sensor for a mercedes once ($500), am looking at the 2.5 five speed, and wondered if there was a big difference between this engine now and when it was in the Contour. Drove a 5 speed 2.5 Contour and thought it was quite peppy.
  • I shopped several dealers in the Central/Northern NJ area before finding a great deal at Montclair Jaguar on a 2004 radiance red metallic 3.0 with heated seats, the X1 premium package, and reverse park control. MSRP (including the advertising fee) was $36,990 and I got the car for $28,345. The dealer gave me a price under invoice and also full credit for the $5,000 manufacturer to dealer incentive and a discount. My salesman was a gentleman and I would identify him by name if it were not against the rules. I am very excited about picking the car up in a few days.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    There seems to be good deals going back east but I'm having trouble finding anyone willing to sell a 3.0 X-Type for a reasonable price. Reasonable to me is invoice+$1000 - $5000 dealer cash. Anyone had any better luck in WA, OR or CA or am I just expecting too much?
  • I need some advice. I am looking at Leasing a 2004 X-Type. One question is: I have the "A" Plan (for Ford Employees) which allows me to buy/lease at Factory Invoice Price. When leasing using the "A" Plan could I also "negotiate" with the Dealer to also Discount further using the $5,000 manufacturer to dealer incentive? Or are these not Allowed on Leases? I do not think I have much negotiating power though because here in Las Vegas, Gaudin Jaguar is the only Jaguar Dealer for hundreds of miles and they figure that buyers are not going to go shop anywhere else. Any Advice? Thank You.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The $5000 dealer cash doesn't apply to financing or leasing.
  • Just bought a bone stock 2.5 with plat/charcoal for $534 over invoice yesterday. The dealer is having the car shipped here so I get a "free" loaner to drive until mine comes. Not the best deal in the world...but I am happy...:-)
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Did you qualify for the dealer cash or did you buy/lease through Jaguar finance? I'm about to give up and get a Volvo or Infiniti instead. I keep getting quoted "great deals" like $500 to $1000 over invoice. Because I'll be paying cash, accepting a $500 over invoice on a 3.0 is leaving $5500 on the table. That's the best part of double the usual dealer profit on these cars. I figured $1000 over invoice minus the dealer cash would be fair. On the East coast there doesn't seem to be a problem but here in the West no-one wants to play ball.
  • "Qualify" for the dealer cash? Why do you need a "qualification" for the dealer cash? I simply place calls to dealers within 200 miles radius, noted the best deal, then ask the nearest dealer to match it. Anyway, sorry if I was not being specific, I paid $534 over invoice, MINUS $5500 dealer cash, or a tad below $23K for a new Plat/charcoal X-type. It is not the best deal out there but I am a happy Jaguar owner!
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    ""Qualify" for the dealer cash? Why do you need a "qualification" for the dealer cash?"

    Because it doesn't apply to secial Jaguar finance and lease offers.
    Anyway, so far a total of 18 dealerships called and a whole 5 calls returned. I'll start moving east tomorrow. Any good dealerships in Utah or Colorado? :)
    Who did you get the car from and how much did they charge for the shipping?
  • The car was shipped from the east coast, MD maybe? The dealership is paying for the freight and the "Jaguar Advertising fee".
  • pugger1pugger1 Posts: 42
    I had my tires rotated today as the result of a tire company owing me a favor. They got it into the air, removed the nuts and none of the wheels would come off. The tech had to beat on the inside of the tires with a large rubber mallet in order to get them to come off. He was sharp enough to replace the wheels after putting on some anti-seize around the center of the hub. Is this a normal problem? I would really have hated to have a flat on the Highway as I do not carry a big rubber mallet in the trunk. The tires ands wheels would not have come off without the use of a hammer.
    The X-type has 18,000 and no problems at all. The car is great to drive and is very spirited. I have the manual and once you get adjusted to the clutch again, it is a great ride. The X is also a major head turner. Lets face it that is half of the fun for most of us, I would guess.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    That happens on both my vehicles (Hondas). Without some sort of anti-sieve application, the metals stick together.

    You may want to consider buying a mallet and keeping it the trunk - that's what I do.
  • xtypextype Posts: 1
    Yes, our 2.5 2003 has the same humming.
    Dealers say it relates to a cooling fan for the computer. It should shut off once cooled but ours is still running every morning. I have a service appointment for 10/13/04. Will let you know more later.

    Did you go to a dealer for a review of the problem?

    How does the vehicle perform otherwise?

    We just purchased ours so only the humming problem currently
  • I have the same problem. Did you happen to get any information?
  • geo5geo5 Posts: 3
    bigcat-I am looking for the same thing only in quartz-would be willing to come over to NJ if I could find out who to talk to
  • I am looking for a good deal on a X-type, I was going to buy a used, but after knowing how much you could save with the $6,000 manufacture to dealer rebate, I am leaning toward getting a new X. So I am thinking about X 2.5, $25,500, with automatic and moonroof, do you guys think it's possible? I am located in Southern Cal by the way. When I went to SF in September dealers were selling X around $22,500, I am assuming they were manual and no moonroof.

    I prefer to have automatic since I already have a 2002 5 speed Mustang that I am planning to keep, but if I can get a good deal manual, I'll take it.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  • Current incentives on the X-Type are $5750 for the 3.0 and $6000 on the 2.5 and run until the end of the year. The 2.5 is no longer available with an automatic. You should be able to get a base 2.5 for about $22,000 and a base 3.0 for about $26,000.
  • I believe the 2.5 is still available with an automatic. However, it would be kind of silly to pay $2,000 for a 2.5 automatic when you could have a 3.0 auto for about $800 more. What would be the point?

  • No autos huh? I could live with manual, but I already have a stick Mustang that I am planning to keep, so I think I'll go for the 3.0, but if I want to add moonroof with Bi-Xenon HID that'll probably add another $2,000 huh?

    I am not sure if I want to buy by the end of the year, but from what I read, Ford is cutting its Jag production, so I don't think the incentive would be as good next year, what do you think? Or if the incentive is not as good next year, I am fine with a used too.
  • Just purchased a new 04 X-type about a month ago. Are any new x-type owners considering changing their oil around 2500 miles or so instead of waiting for 10,000 miles? My manufacturing date is March 2004 and I'm thinking that the oil is about seven months old. In other words, it's a brand new car with seven month old motor oil.

    A guy at work mentioned that I may have a "break in" oil containing special ingredients that I may be prematurely discarding if changed at 2500 miles. Any thoughts on this? The car has been great so far. It's a 2.5 manual. Thanks.
  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 1,969
    Not in market for new car, but after reading that an X type can be had for around 23k, I had to inquire. Went to local dealer. They had 2 base X types. Identical except color. One white, the other black. Both beautiful. Drove the black one. Brief drive, but I was impressed. Clutch a little abrupt, but I'm sure I would adjust to it. Seemed like a well balanced car with nice character. The dealer immediately offered it to me for 22500 plus tax/tag. If is was serious, I would think I could negotiate the price down even more. With the 4/50k warranty, free maintenance and all the other perks--What a buy! For what most are paying for a hum-drum sedan, this great car is begging to be purchased.

    2010 Pilot EXL-RES, 2013 Accord EX

  • If I was in the market for a sedan, a 2.5 stick would be in my driveway. They are asking $22,000 for one at a dealer in downtown Chicago.
  • Please Help. I just bought a 2004 X Type 3.0 with 8000 miles on it. Is it normal to feel some constant vibration in the steering. I assume this car does not FLOAT like other Jags. I took it in and they said it drives just like other xtypes. Before I get concerned, I want to know if anyone's xtype 3.0 is totally smooth or if some small vibrations is normal. Again it is constant and not any worse at different speeds.
    Thank you everyone,
  • My '02 XType 3.0 does not have a vibration in the steering wheel. I do not have the sport suspension either. I would guess a tire problem.
  • In the past, several automotive critics complained about the door pulls being "old style", of course the dreaded one cup holder and cheap interior materials. I have an '03 X with the 1 holer. At the Orlando Autoshow today, I noticed the hailed C class with 1 cup holder, (I didn't see a 2nd), the new Audi with the same style pull handles and a BMW with less than superior display of plastics.

    I still stand by my opinion that the X is as good if not better in style, fit and finish as its competition. This certainly makes the X Type a value for the money.
  • I concur, the X has great attributes. I have the '04 X with the two cup holders and the second cup holder is primarily used to hold the cell phone - were the Jag engineers envisioning the multi-tasking possibilities?

    On a different note, I just received the Winter 04 Jaguar magazine and the cover shows a great back seat!

    -- Snowjag
  • I just bought a fully loaded X-type 3.0, 2004, automatic, metallic, nav system, Alpine stereo upgrade with 6CD changer, dual power heated seats, etc. This dealer demo had under 5,000 miles and came direct from a Jaguar dealer. Total cost was $26,599. New is great, but I can't see spending the additional thousands to drive the first few miles. With full factory warranty and 10,000 miles services for free, I think the savings far outweighed any concerns.
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