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Jaguar X-Type



  • I now have over 11K miles on my 2.5 X-Type and I noticed considerable improvement in acceleration, especially in the mid-range. Have any of you noticed the same? Perhaps the car is finally broken-in.
  • I misplaced the manual and need to change my FM station presets. This is the only pet peeve I have with our 03 X-Type is that the radio is not very intuitive like Japanese cars.
  • I have a 2004 X type with 22,000 miles and the starter has already that odd? Thanks
  • Just press the appropriate number on the radio pad and hold it for a few seconds. The station will be saved on that number.
  • My 03 2.5 did the same thing at about 20K, just after one of my service visits to the dealer. It was so noticeable that I called them and asked them if they had re-programmed the car's computer or something to cause it. They indicated that all they did was an oil change. I don't know what caused it - but -I sure enjoy the extra power.

    Oldengineer :)
  • Looking for any and all owners whom have had clutch failure problems in 2004 X-Type Jags.
  • What do you mean by clutch failure? Mine gets stiff at times and especially when it is cold out, but it works fine otherwise. Give us more background to your problem.
  • The winter has finally arrived in Chicago. It was 7 F this morning (-5 F wind chill). I had to park my car outside last night and it started fine this morning, but my clutch was so stiff that it would get stuck to the bottom the first few times I depressed it. There was also a whine noise coming from the engine compartment, which would go away when the clutch was depressed. The car would also make squealing noises moving forward for the first 0.5 mile. The gear stick was very difficult to move. Anybody else having similar cold-weather issues?
  • Inside of 20 months from delivery of a new 2004 X-Type, the clucth has failed/burned out/worn out, etc. twice. After stopping it has not let me engage 1st gear and has to be towed back to dealer.
  • Did the dealer cover the cost of a new clutch under warranty? Did you try to burn the tires, but instead burned the clutch? I know I burned by clutch slightly on a couple of occassions - I could smell the characteristic "burned clutch smell" , but it continues to engage properly, although I still don't like the way it operates.
  • I would recommend sticking with a Volkswagen. I recently bought an X-Type and it's awful. I'm thinking of selling it and taking the loss. One thing that nobody mentions is that the X-Type (and I can't speak for any other jag) has an additional blind spot. The seats are situated very high and the rear-view mirro is very low so I find that I'm constantly bobbing my head around to see around the mirror. It's dangerous and I almost hit somebody the other day because he was walking in my new blind spot. What a treat.
  • I know what you are saying about the big rear view mirror. This really bothers me, too, but the X is not the only car with this issue.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    You should be able to adjust the mirror up higher - most mirrors have two adjustable joints.
  • I have been beating my head against a wall for a few weeks trying to decided between a BMW 325i with Sport, Premium and Nav or X-Type with VDP, Nav and Bluetooth. I have a dealer locked in to order the X-Type with all my options for $36,300...but the BMW is an awesome car too, but about 2K more expensive. What do you all think?
  • I faced this exact situation in 2003. My thoughts:
    1. The Jag has AWD standard, the BMW doesn't.
    2. The Jag is a bit larger inside, a bit classier, and has a much larger trunk.
    3. The Jag has the BMW outgunned on HP, but, is heavier. The Jag felt more athletic to me.
    4. The Jags of late have been doing better than BMW in consumer reliability ratings.
    5. Handling wise, I couldn't really tell any difference between the 2 cars.
    6. The Jag depreciates worse than the BMW will. When I got down to brass tacks in negotiating with the two dealers, the Jag ended up $6K cheaper than a comparably equipped 325i w/o AWD. This negated the depreciation factor for me. I would try negotiating for a bigger discount on the Jag - perhaps by contacting one of the larger dealers. I went to Jaguar - Lexington,Ky to get the deal I wanted.

    Just my 2cents worth:
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Well, you could do a whole comparison topic on this:

    Quick answer is the BMW's a performance car, and the jag's more of a lux car, particularly as you have them configured, the bmw's way ahead with perf and handling. Have you driven them both back to back?
  • I did drive both of them back to back. I have decided that I want/need a client/traveling car more than a performance car. I have a very nice Bullitt for performance, so I decided to go with the Jag. I feel the BMW, while probably a better car, is simply too ordinary. It seems like every attorney I know has one and I like a bit of variety in my life. The wife however, really likes the BMW so I will likely get her one next year and keep the Jag for myself.

    I do really appreciate your comments.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I have never heard anyone else say an X-Type had more interior room than a 325i, nor perform better.
    I've heard the rear seat of an X-Type is more comparable to a Lexus IS and the perfomance and handling more like a Lexus ES.
  • What you have "heard" is wrong. Rather than passing on rumors and anecdotes why don't you compare the cars by looking at and driving them?
  • That's funny. My wife had her heart set on a BMW too. Right up until I had her drive the Jag half way through our test drive. I even took her back to BMW for another drive of the BMW, but, we both decided the Jag was the way to go. The car will fool you until you get used to it. You don't really get much "seat of the pants' feel when the car's accelerating with the AWD. However, you look down the speedo and suddenly discover you're doing 100 mph down the interstate. Of course, mine's got the 2.5 liter engine, and, your's has the 3 liter 227 hp. Enjoy.

  • Thanks for your help/suggestions on this matter. Do you know of any good forums or sites (other than this one) where Jag owners converse and discuss issues/problems?


    Stephen D.
  • I know a great Jaguar forum; however Edmunds does not allow postings about other forums here and I'm afraid it would be removed before you could read it. :(
  • It is an easy comparison based on Edmund's specs:

    2005 Jaguar X-Type vs. 2005 BMW 3-series
    Front head room: 37.2 vs. 37.0 in.
    Front shoulder: 54.5 vs. 54.4 in.
    Rear head room: 37.5 vs. 37.4 in.
    Rear shoulder: 53.7 vs. 54.2 in.
    Front Leg Room: 42.4 vs. 41.4 in.
    Rear Leg Room: 34.4 vs. 34.6 in
    Luggage Capacity: 16 vs. 10.7 cu. ft.

    Generally, both cars are rather small, especially in the back seat, but Jaguar comes in a bit larger than BMW, especially in the luggage and front leg room category. I drove my friend's 3-series and it drove fine, accelerated smoothly and shifted well, but it didn't particularly stand out or differ from the Jag. Objectively speaking, the Jaguar is a bit more pleasant to drive and the driver's seating position is better at least for me. The biggest difference was in turns! Since the bimmer is a RWD, I had to be really careful with throttle on turns or I would have the rear end come around, whereas in the Jag I can floor it without worrying about doing a 360 in the middle of a busy intersection. At the end it comes down to personal preference because they are both nice cars. As for me, as soon as I can find a brand new Bimmer with AWD and a trunk big enough to fit a 32-inch flat screen TV (it fit in my X-Type's trunk), which would cost me no more than mid $20s, I will be sold.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Was your friend's 3-series a modified one with a superchgarged v8?

    I can floor mine in first gear during tight turns and "the end doesn't come around".

    Also, characterizations such as "pleasant" are subjective, not objective.

  • kssod1kssod1 Posts: 50
    My 02 3.0 sport manual had many growing pains but the clutch was not one of them. After almost 60k miles no problems. As far as cold weather, I live in cleveland and if the car has been outside all da y the shifter is a little stiff but usually loosens up after a few throws, less than a minute.
  • No, it wasn't a V8, it was actually a V10, straight from a Viper (ha, ha). In all seriousness, if I faced a possibility of getting a new 3-series for the same or at least close price as I got my Jaguar, I would be strongly biased towards the bimmer for its sportiness, but until then, I will fully enjoy my Jaguar. I agree with you that "pleasant" is very subjective. It was just my own observation.
  • Hey guys,new to group.just picked up a beautiful 03'3.0 in pristine condition.LOVE IT...wondering if anyone has used lowering springs? how did it effect ride? I like that squaty stance,but don't want to sacrafice ride quality.any and all help greatly appreciated.Thanks Mike
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome! You should also have a look at our Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification board. Have fun!
  • nkhan1nkhan1 Posts: 8
    After reading edmunds forums, it seems Jaguar X-type 2002 till 2004 are worthless cars. Everyone who has bought the cars except only a few rare cases ,seem to have problem with this car. Yet Jag owners still love their cars. No doubt the beauty of the car is un matchable.
    Soemtime the way soem have written down clearly shows they had no idea about the car but just wrote down or maybe they are sales people themselves.

    I am intrested in buying a Jaguar X-type of 2002 (used) with around 48k miles on it. Please recommend if i should or not. Seeing so many problems wther genuine or not i am a little reluctant to buy this car. WIll appreciate you views. Thanks
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    If you have really been reading this forum, you would know that you should avoid a 2002 as it was the first year and had many problems, most of them minor. I would definitely try for a 2003 or later when most all the problems were addressed. That said, I bought an early 2002 and had almost no problems at all. But I am in the minority. If I were you, I would not buy the '02.
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