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Jaguar X-Type



  • desertguy,

    That worked perfectly.

    Very many thanks, Much appreciated.
  • Hi axiomlover
    I have the same problem
    I havent done anything since I have always heard there is nothing to do. I heard there is a noise insulator somewhere to minimize the noise. Any advice?
  • Hope all of you are well, watching a Top Gear show on discovery channel the other night and saw a x type sportwagon and my husband and I are head over heels, beautiful, anyway I do not live anywhere near a dealership and was wondering if someone can answer this- Due to a track accident many moons ago, my left knee literally "locks up" when I am driving, I have to be able to extend my leg fully to unlock it. Is there enough room next to the brake pedal on the left side to be able to fully extend your leg? I am hoping this makes sense..... Thank You, Tina
  • Discussion on another website turned to this so I thought I would ask it here. There has been some suggestions that Jaguar will unviel and new X-type in 2007. Does anyone have any confirmation on this?
  • It has been strongly suggested that Jaguar will abandon the XType completely. How soon? I don't think even Bill Ford knows for sure.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    The X type will probably be discontinued when a new Mondeo is introduced.
  • I find that I have plenty of room to stretch my legs on long trips in the location you mention. The "psuedo" dead pedal helps as well. I have found this to be the most comfortable car I have driven. (Ex Porsche, Caddy and Audi owner)
  • Anyone considering buying an x-type...PLEASE READ on!!!!!

    I purchased my 2004 x-type brand new from the dealer in March of 2004.....since has been in for service 14 TIMES!!!!!! Not only have I been shuttled
    between rental cars....when I receive my "car" back (I use the word car loosley
    b/c my mountain bike is more reliable) it is infact not fixed, but continues
    with its issues and dies repeatedly or as Jag puts it...goes into safe mode.
    good thing the car is out to stay safe, b/c on several instances, my safety was
    compromised. For any person considering purchasing a $30k near luxury auto,
    there are many other offerings from BMW to Lexus that would provide better
    reliablity and service. I also own a BMW 3-series so I know from experience.
  • I hear you, it must be really frustrating. Honestly, my car has been pretty reliable, but I am still fighting for having my whinning drivetrain issue addressed. Many people have had their X-Type's propshaft replaced, but with mine, the dealer only applied some weights to it and called it a fix. I am pushing to have the propshaft replaced and I am meeting with the regional field tech.
  • ljp1ljp1 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2002 X-Type - big difference from my 86 Volvo with 280,000 miles. I am noticing a whistle noise coming from the climate control fan when the fan is on speed bars 2-5 or auto. While it's not loud, it's enough to be noticeable and annoying. The service technician listened to it and said it is working as designed. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks,
  • About a month ago, I purchased a new, 2005 leftover base X-type (MSRP $30,995). So far, I am really impressed with the car. I'm hoping for advice on a couple of issues:

    -I paid $23,700 for the car, price included $6000 cash back for dealer marketing support. After doing online research after the fact (not the smartest time to do research, I know), I think I could have done much better on the price. Any thoughts?

    -The clutch. Any of you driving the 5-speed know what I'm talking about. It is stiff, vague, a little unpredictable, not too smooth. Even though I am a highly experienced stick-shift driver, I've stalled, grinded, and rev-ved with this clutch. I've read some of you having the dealer adjust the clutch reporting good results. What should I say to the service department to get the maximum benefit from a clutch adjustment on this car?

    Thanks. I've enjoyed reading back through the pages of this forum. Learned a lot.
  • Welcome to the X-Type family!

    - $23,700 is a good price. Could you have done better? Maybe, but there are so many variables that you should just let it be and enjoy the car.
    - The clutch never really gets that much better. As you put some miles on the car, the starts will be smoother as the clutch plates break-in, but it will remain stiff and vague. When I asked the dealer to check it out, they said it was working as designed, but greased the linkage (I think) and it seemed smoother afterwards. Shifts into 2nd are still the most challenging when it comes to smoothness, but you do get better at it. It is best driven hard when the shifts become more predictable and natural. Driving in stop and go traffic - pain in the neck. I compared the clutch stiffness in other cars and X-Type's is similar to that in a Mustang, GTO and Porsche. Then you have a number of cars with really soft and extremely easy to operate clutches such as Acura TL, BMW 3, Honda Accord.

    Do you have any whinning from your drivetrain at highway speeds (70mph)? Is there whistling sound at 5th gear at exactly 50mph coming from engine (transmission) area? Those are my major issues for now.
  • Thanks for your feedback and warm welcome. I appreciate the advice to just enjoy the car at this point, which I am doing. I've read through much of these postings and respect you as a "regular" to this site.

    I had a feeling the clutch was "working as designed", but I'll still ask the dealer to check it out. It's not horrible, and yes, much like that of a Mustang. And the majority of my clutch experience is with Japanese and German cars, so I guess that's what I am used to.

    I do notice the whistle at EXACTLY 50mph in 5th. I'll mention that to the dealer as well, but it sounds like a common, unresolved issue for some here. AWD issue?

    I've only had the car to 60mph so far but when I get it to 70, I will listen for any whining from the drivetrain and let you know.

    Something strange happened to me today. I think it may be a general ABS issue and not one specifically related to the car. I had to make a quick stop at a traffic light where the road has several buckles one right after another a few feet apart. My ABS kicked in, the brake pedal got soft and it felt like the car was not going to stop, although it did. My theory is that tires were off the ground ever so slightly going over these bumps while I was braking and the ABS sensed this. It was an uncommon braking situation and attributed it to that. After that I tested the brakes and drove cautiously just in case. I did not experience any further problems.

    I am loving the car more every day. I've always liked the design of the car and now that I own one, I realize there is so much more to it than just it's looks.
  • axiomloveraxiomlover Posts: 216
    You have nothing to worry about the breaking or ABS. I experienced the same situation while breaking on an even/bumpy road. The system gets confused because the wheel disconnects with the road in an unusual way.

    The whistle at 50 at 5th gear may be related to the manual transmission because I drove three different rental X-Types (autos) and none of them had the whistling. Besides, the whistle occurs in 5th gear only, which confirms my theory. If you bring it up to the dealer they will either not hear it or tell you that all manual X-Types do that.

    I am glad you are liking your new ride!
  • I have an '03 X-Type. I too have had clutch problems. If you plan to do any type of urban driving then you should not get this car. Once it's in 5th gear, no problem. I'm on my 3'rd clutch in 2 years. The dealer covered the first clutch replacement but balked on the second. I've noticed even after the recent clutch replacement there is still a tell tale smell of a slightly burnt clutch. I'm not sure if that is a residue from the prior clutch or not. If anyone has experienced the same thing, please comment.
  • azuberazuber Posts: 2
    Greetings - my jag 02 X-type has a clicking sound coming from the j-gate every time I press and release my brake. I'm guessing that its some kind of safety latch that is malfunctioning? Anyone know a fix? Also - do all Jag dealerships stink at customer service?
  • azuberazuber Posts: 2
    Sorry for the late reply - have you already recieved a response to your question about the front grill?

    If not, I just replaced mine last night. You can find the parts on You'll need some robust cutters to get through that from grate but it looks really good when finished.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I had the clicking on my '02 as well. I think they called it the shift interlock solenoid or some such. The technician knew what it was right away so it must be common. It was not that my service was bad but it was 90 miles to the closest dealer so I had to plan my visits. Anyway, they ordered the part but never notified me it was in so I went at least 18 months with the clicking until I traded it in on an '05 XType Sport. Didn't seem to affect anything but a little annoying.
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    I have a 2006 X-Type that came with the standard (6 speaker) sound system. Needless to say, it doesn't sound the best. I would like to upgrade to the Alpine system. Anyone know what that would all require? I presume all new speakers (replacing the existing 6) and adding 4 more, where they go is another question, and I presume there is an amplifier involved somewhere. OR, has anyone else done a different type of upgrade to their sound system that might be better??
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Just want to get some input from owners. This car has 25000 miles on it. What can I expect from this car?
  • jimmy jjimmy j Posts: 3
    To everyone!!!
    I put an octane booster and the humming noise at 30 and 60-70 mph was gone. I do not know if it will return but I will put 91 octane gas and see what happens. If there is any other info on cause of noise let me know.
  • Hey, I just purchased a 2002 X-Type Sport but unfortunately did not get a manual with it and would like to know if anybody knows how to program the garage door opener and also what the second pull out setting on the headlight switch is for, I get an orange fog light display on the dash but have noticed no difference when the switch is out.

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    The second pull on the headlight switch is for the rear fog lights.

  • thanks for the responce, you wouldn't happen to know how to program the garage door opener would you??
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Get an owners manual from the dealer, 1-800-JAGUAR. Also, Ebay has some: One is $19.00. The Home Link programing is 2 pages and depends on if your garage door opener is rolling code or not. Way too much to put on here. Wait til you want to set the clock! You need a manual.
  • yeah, thanks I just ordered the manual from ebay, I gotta wait till it comes in to understand all the features

    Thanks again
  • toohumantoohuman Posts: 10
    Rather than buying a manual, you can simply go to the Jaguar Owners' site that has the entire manual listing in pdf.

    Go here:
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    I haven't been keeping track of what are reasonable deals for an x-type and now may have to deal very quickly. Has anyone been keeping tabs on this?
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    We test drove an x-type and really liked it. But then I noticed you only get xenon lights (which I always want on any car I will be driving) with the sport package. My wife wouldn't enjoy the sport package so that eliminated the Jaguar. We wound up buying a Hyundai Azera. This doesn't have xenons either, but I won't be tempted to drive it, anyway. ;)
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