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Jaguar X-Type



  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I had an 03 2.5, and, now an 06 3.0 X Type. They're great in heavy rain because of the AWD. Have never put 100K on one yet, but, may try it with the 06. I've got it covered by Jag's 84 month - 100K extended warranty. If you worried about expensive repairs in the future, you might go shopping for a warranty package, since your car has low miles.

  • Hi, Im currently looking for a luxury sedan ...Ive always been a fan of the BMW 740 Sport but have heard and read some bad things about those cars as far as reliability and cost of repair. Ive recently been looking at Jaguars (specifically the X Type) because I love the classic lines and styling of these smaller versions. Im just not sure how reliable these cars are ....I assume quality has improved since Ford took over and these cars were mass produced but I have questions . If any one could recommend on the following choices or answer the following questions I would be hugely appreciative.

    1. 2.5 litre vs. 3.0 litre - does either have more problems.

    2. Transmission - Automatic vs. Standard... is either more reliable? Ive heard of some drivetrain issues with these... does this happen alot or does the XType have about the same reliability of other cars. Are tranny issues do largely to clutches or much more indepth issues.

    3. High mileage ok? - Im looking for something with 50-80K miles on it. BMWs are usually pretty solid for high mileage... do xtypes compare? are there any 200K mile jags out there?

    4. Years - any years I should stay away from? I heard 02 and 03 were not very good years with those cars having problems that were worked out in years 2004-2007 models.

    5. Cold weather reliability - I live in Canada so this is essential. I have a 98 Ford Escort that always starts in subzero temps... can I expect this from an Xtype or is it made for Mild weather. I love the fact it is AWD so this is a big plus over a RWD 740i.

    6. Alternatives - If you cant recommend the Xtype, can anyone recommend an alternative mid size luxury car. Ive heard alot of horror stories about BMWs as of late and Audis... can anyone recommend anything else? Are any other Jag models better?
  • I have had my 03 X-type since it was brand new, I have never had any problems with her at all :) I have the 3.0 auto. She will hit 130 mph and gets about 27 MPG on the open road... Just my 2 cents
  • Thanks for that. Im feeling a bit better about potentially buying an X Type... I was just over in the BMW 740 postings... What a disaster!

    Is yours a sport package 3.0?
  • Nope its not a Sport. But this is one of the best cars I have ever owned, Just got thru putting on a Cold Air Intake and A new Borla Exhaust, It will get up and go now even more ! And the way it drives it feels like a go cart the way it sticks to the road. Good luck on your pick there mate :)
  • Hey ya'll! I'm trying to find a picture of a 1967 boss jaguar convertible. There are only a few out there in the world and no one can even direct me in the right direction to find a picture of it on the internet. If any of you know where I can find this could you please let me know. Thank you,
  • Hey everyone I am trying to find out what is the best way to put a after-market stereo touch screen in my 03 Jaguar X-Type. I cant find anyone that is willing to do it because they say something about a face plate or bracket that hasn't been structured for it. Can someone please help me????????? As you can tell I dont know much about cars but would appreciate it if someone could lead me into the right direction. Thanks!
  • :lemon: Lemon yellow that is

    My Xtype is 2003 with 21k mi (i call mysel pampering it) I keeps it garaged at nights but anyway I...
    Replace the battery, myself I changed it while the car was on running so I wouldn't throw off the computer but anyway a day or two later one of the HID headlamp turned pink and dim for a week, then a dim blue then only a flicker when I turn on the lamps then out.
    I puts only 92 octane gas in it and use full synthetic oil. ...93 is unavailable in this area.
    on below freezing days the washer solution don't work at all, the blades will wipe, but not even the pump motor makes a sound.
    Lastly the engine light came on yesterday night, and hasn't went off. remember this is a 5 yr old car with only 21,000 miles.
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    Re: Windshield washer fluid : Are you using Winter washer fluid, and did you put it in in time?
  • I just bought a 2003 X-Type 3.0 Saturday, and absolutely love it. I've always wanted a Jag since I was old enough to get interested in cars. Every car except one I've ever had up to this point have been V-8, rear wheel drive Fords/Mercurys, and this little 3-liter Jag will outrun all of them. Absolutely gorgeous car. Now, I have to put new tires on them, as the front and rears are mismatched, and Iv'e heard this is bad for the AWD system. Oh, well. Goes with the territory I guess.
  • Hey All,

    I've got an '03 X-type, 2.5l V6 non-sport edition and I've been looking to do a suspension drop 1-1.4" using the Eibach Pro-Kit springs, but I can't seem to locate any information regarding the proper shocks/struts I should replace my existing stock ones with in order to acommodate the Eibach springs. Info on this topic seems to be awfully scarce. Bilstein tells me to call Eibach and Eibach tells me to call Bilstein, etc. I just need to know if anyone in this forum has done this to their X-Type and what your recommendations are. Thanks.
  • you might want to try asking over on or

    I know a few have installed the lowering springs and discussed it on those pages.
  • harstarsharstars Posts: 2
    2003 x manual 90k miles.... do i wanna keep this car? Anybody know the pros and cons?
  • Were do you plug cd changer to connect it to the factory radio in my Jaguar x type a cd changer
  • just the guy i'm looking for, loan me 2 mins of your time please, ive got a 2.5 v6 indianapolis jag 03 AWD, getting [non-permissible content removed] mpg from it ie 15mpg, looked into re-mapping the ecu to acheive better mpg, but have been advised that this model is not catered for! after all my enquires ive suddenly got a new found need for performance upgrades, i've looked into induction kits and exausts, what would u suggest? re-mapping is a no go!

    please reply asap

    thanks for your time

    Rory west mids 07779635040
  • Not sure bud what is going on with your cat Mine is a 03 3.0 and it has been nothing but a great car for me 25 to 27 mpg on the open road . Only thing i have done to her is added a Borla CAT Back Exhaust. 75k on her right now
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I had a 2.5 X automatic and, now, have a 06 3.0 automatic. Some thoughts on your fuel economy problem/;
    1. Run good premium gas - not the blended stuff.
    2. Run your tire air pressure at the high speed levels - 38 psi fronts and 35 for the rears.
    3. Make sure the engine is not overfilled with oil - They don't hold 7 quarts, but, several times the dealer overfilled my car.

    The 2.5 I had would deliver low 20's MPG in town and 26 - 28 MPG on interstate runs.

    Hope this helps:
  • markviimarkvii Posts: 10
    3 Times under heavy acceleration my 3.0 manual has a catastropfic power failure, very rough idle, no repsonse to the pedal. I pull over shut it off wait starts right up like nothing ever happened. no lights or codes.. Ideas?
    ..(2002 by the way)
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Its possible that you've got some water in the fuel tank. Run a can of drygas through it to see if that eliminates the problem. These cars also have a fuel tank shaped like a saddle and use 2 fuel pumps. One is a low pressure transfer pump that pumps gas from one side to the other, and, the other one is the pump that delivers fuel under high pressure to the fuel injectors. If your problem is occuring primarily at low fuel levels, then your transfer pump may be malfunctioning. My X developed a bad hiccup at idle and was down on power - a dose of drygas fixed it.

  • markviimarkvii Posts: 10

    I'll try thr dry gas fix.. It's a rare occurance, 3x in my three years with it. great car, as you probably already appreciate.

  • egel1egel1 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 X-Type with 9000 miles. I bought it from a dealer with 7000 miles on it and had it shipped 1700 miles on an open carrier. After awhile, I noticed handling problems, as well as suspension and tire noises. Having the car checked by my local Jag dealer, they found damage to the sub-frame hub carrier, which I had replaced but now it won't go into alignment, needing suspension parts that are damaged. Parts that need replacement are front lower wishbones, and hub assembly and vertical links, both sides for each. I didn't incur the damage. Any ideas how this degree of damage could have occured?
  • markviimarkvii Posts: 10
    I have an 02 X Type manual shift. I have has the shifting boot replaced 2x (@ $140) . It is now cracked again across the front. I used Armoral liberally and it still cracked.
    I'm thinking of removing it and get it made of leather at a local amish shop. Anyone know how to remove it?
  • Thanks for your replys, more questions for you tho, only had this jag for a few months and is my 1st jag, thinking of chopping it in already tho. u mention 25-27 MPG from yours!? mine is a constant four wheel drive 60% back 40% front, I guess this must have a really negitive effect on fuel (MPG). the car i'm looking at buying I cant afford at the mo so am odopting the idea of performance upgradings (any suggestions? without making it look modified/a max power wanna be?) and forgetting MPG what you think?
  • trini6trini6 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where i can get a wind deflector for a 2004 jaguar x type? Thanks
  • Just bought one this week as well. '03 2.5 car with auto trans. During the test drive I noted a bit of driveline noise, but after getting it out on the highway between 50 and 70 mph it seemed much more prominent. I just took back my '05 Infiniti G35 at end of lease having driven Nissan and Infiniti's for years - and was looking for something with more charisma. Only drive 6 miles to the office each day but in NE Ohio AWD is a good idea.. Should I be concerned about this hum? It sounds like my Pathfinder with manual transfer case if you drove it on a dry road...
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    Sad to say, but, if you read the previous 2525 postings, you shouldn't be too surprised; grief seems to come as standard equipment with a Jag.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    My 06 hummed from the day I bought it. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong with it. Two months ago, I replaced the OE Continental tires with Yokohamas and had it aligned. Now it's dead quiet. Check your tires for signs of mis-alignment. Mine cupped on the inner tread, and, were really noisy at interstate speeds. I disagree with the other fellow - this is my second X Type, the first being an 03 2.5. Yeah, the 03 had a few problems, but it was the best foul weather and long trip car I ever owned. Then the local dealer offerer me a hot deal and I swapped it for a better equipped 3.0 Liter model.

  • rfhtrfht Posts: 1
    Try to be aware of whether or not you are in sport mode. I have a 2002 2.5 and have found a significant difference in gas milage between continuously driving in sport mode as opposed to driving in OD. Use sport mode as needed! RH
  • Anyone on here done this before ? Front ones are a pice of cake back 3 intake needs to come off simple enough 7 to 8 bolts , new intake gasket kit $11 bucks


    03 X-Type 3.0
  • I am looking at a 03 Jaguar X type 2.5. I drive 60-miles per day, 14-miles on gravel roads. I have 2-children and a tall husband 6'2"... I'm so excited that Jag now has all wheel drive....I currently drive a Subaru Outback. Am I crazy to switch over? I need some truthfull pro's and con's. I've owned an older Jag before... but I had to sell when we moved to Montana...
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