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Nissan Pathfinder Owners Care & Maintenance



  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    On my 2001 PF the low pressure AC refrigerant hose that runs from the compressor to the cooling unit is leaking where it attaches to the metal piping. Does anyone know what type of clamp (for lack of a better term) this uses? I can't figure out how to tighten it or what to replace. Thanks...
  • jpetrojpetro Posts: 2
    My wife and I recently purchased a 2001 Pathfinder LE w/41,000 miles. I am getting conflicting information about which grade of fuel (premium or regular) it requires. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    91 is recommended by Nissan. I use 89 for my 01LE. Good balance between power and fuel economy. Any lower octane and your engine with retard ignition(reduce power) to prevent engine knocking and IMHO use more gas. Great SUV!
  • jpetrojpetro Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. We'll start running the 89 octane and see. We're very pleased with the LE Pathfinder so far.
  • cochecoche Posts: 2
    i don't see an answering post to your question. i'm having the same problem--did you ever find out where the fuse is???
  • cochecoche Posts: 2
    nevermind--got it. it's the same fuse as the tail lights (marked "TAIL") under the hood on the passenger side of my '97.
  • caleb2caleb2 Posts: 3
    theres a product called goo-gone! its just for sticker removal. lowes or home depot it works perfect and wont hurt the surface.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    2001 LE

    I measured 3.75 quarts drained from the ATF pan using the drain plug. I ended up refilling with 4.0 quarts. I use mobil 1 Synthetic. Note that this is not a complete system flush but a simple drain and fill. The whole transmission has a 9.75 quart capacity.

    Just an FYI.
  • nik2001lenik2001le Posts: 1
    Yes, I have the same problem with my 2001 LE Pathfinder. It means that there are CD's stuck in the changer. I tried everything to get it out. The warranty does not cover this. The cost is $190 just to send it out from the dealer to see if it can be fixed. I've decided to just live without Cd's
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    If you want to keep the OEM stereo and not have the dealer fix it. Try the link below. It is a less expensive alternative.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Yuck! I always dread having to change the diff oil. This time I "set up" with tools to make it a little easier. I purchased the type of pump that fits on a 5gal can of oil. I had an empty plastic can, so I popped the lid off and cleaned it out, then poured in 8 quarts of Royal Purple 75w90 synthetic gear lub (Maxgear). That made refilling much easier and cleaner. I also jacked the vehicle up and put it on four jackstands so I had some room under it to move around.

    DO remove the filler plug BEFORE you remove the drain plug. Just in case you can't get the filler plug out after you drain it. ;) I had to use a 1/2" flex bar to get the plugs out, and even with that, it was all I could do to break them free! Nissan didn't want them to "seep" oil! Even so, the rear fill plug seeped some.

    The rear diff. (limited slip) may have had moly in it, or perhaps it was just very dirty oil. The front diff. oil was pretty clean. The filler plug is in an entertaining position, but a 1/2" drive ratchet worked fine on my vehicle to remove it. Good thing I didn't need the flex bar - which I needed on all three of the other plugs.

    Be sure to clean the iron filings off the drain plug magnets.

    The limited slip requires the special limited slip oil additive, or just use the Royal Purple, which isn't supposed to need the additive.

    An altogether unpleasant job, done, thankyou, for another 50,000 km!
  • maiyamaiya Posts: 5
    Hi all ,
    I am pretty new to this forum. I am planning to buy 01 pathfinder, which is having 90K miles on it. Interior looks pretty clean and leather seats. Its an SE model. So my question is, is it a good deal to buy 01 pathfinder with 90K miles on it ? If yes what is the price range I can bargain for. [I checked in TMV, its about $9K]. Its a private party. what all the problems I may hit down the line ?, I brought a 96 Accord in 2001 with 90K miles on it, it still runs like a champ, I almost put 150K miles on it.
    Can I expect the same thing from Nissan pathfinder ?

    Thanks in advance
  • maiyamaiya Posts: 5
    Hi all ,
    I am pretty new to this forum. I am planning to buy 01 pathfinder, which is having 90K miles on it. Interior looks pretty clean and leather seats. Its an SE model. So my question is, is it a good deal to buy 01 pathfinder with 90K miles on it ? If yes what is the price range I can bargain for. [I checked in TMV, its about $9K]. Its a private party. what all the problems I may hit down the line ?, I brought a 96 Accord in 2001 with 90K miles on it, it still runs like a champ, I almost put 150K miles on it.
    Can I expect the same thing from Nissan pathfinder ?

    Thanks in advance
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Pathstar, it's been a while since I changed mine, but I do recall a couple of suggestions: 1) removing the spare tire makes refilling the rear diff easier, and 2) use thread sealer to stop the seeping (Permatex and others make it, available at Pep Boys and most other auto parts stores). One used 8 quarts of lube?...seems like a lot :-)
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The pump I purchased made refilling easy, spare tire or no. I put 8 quarts of lube in the 5 gal. pail, I didn't use all 8. I just didn't want the pump to "suck air", and I have other vehicles to do as well. Two fingers on the pump handle to work it, with my arm outstreched, and me laying on the creeper. Easiest diff. oil fill I've ever done! I can't imagine anyone doing the front diff. without a pump!

    The vehicle had thread sealer on it, new. I didn't bother to replace it. Seapage doen't bother me. So far it's dry.

    The Royal Purple does seem to work fine with the limited slip diff. No binding or noise of any kind.
  • Like many of you, about a year ago my indash 6-disc CD Changer stopped working and flashed a "Err 2" message. Well, instead of forking over $190 to get it fixed and send it out, and probably have the potential to break again. (I've heard many bad things about those Clarion-manufactured CD Players put in these cars) I just opted to buy a Panasonic WMA/MP3 player put in the Pathfinder. When I tried to install it myself, and put eveything up - I realized that the lights on my automatic Air Conditioner were not lighting up all the way. The bottom buttons for the front defrost and recirculate were not lighting up, as well as the 3 main buttons for "Auto/Econ/Off" - the bottom two buttons came back on (Defrost, and Recirculate) within a day after playing with the fuses. But the main 3 (Auto/Econ/Off) have yet to come back on - ever since I replaced the stereo these lights have not worked. And as it's not a real big problem it is a pain in the butt trying to find those buttons when I'm trying to turn on and off my Air Conditionor.

    Any one know if its a fuse problem or if there is a bulb that can be replaced in the AC control unit it self? The unit works fine- and it's certainly not worth buying a new AC unit from Nissan at their prices. Anyone else have the light up lights on their AC not work anymore? If in case I can't figure out what caused this, I think I may have found a replacement AC controller that I'll could purchase. Still, if I just got to remove a bulb and have it replaced that's much simpler and cheaper on the wallet.

    Thanks for your time. :)
  • schmeoschmeo Posts: 1
    I have a 96 SE w/ 191K and was curious about general suspension issues and maybe a few recommendations regarding replacement parts. as well as exhaust system issues... I have also noticed a knocking sound under the driver seat went I am on rough roads or turning a corner.
  • ninja1ninja1 Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    I just bought a 2000 pathfinder within the past year (and im so glad i did!!) but, I keep hearing clicking noises. I know I know, those silly CV joints right?? well thats what i thought, had it checked out by the dealership and they came away scratching their heads. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced random clicking noises or if im just hearing things.

    Also, Im due up for my 60k mile check up. I live in denver and dont have tons of money so i was wondering if anyone in the denver CO, area might know of a good cheap place to take my car.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Can anyone send part of their service manual that tells how to change the coolant in a 2001 Pathfinder. I am having problems finding the two engine drain plugs and I am about to go on a trip. Thanks much for any help.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I don't think the service manual shows them, at least I was unable to find them.
    The left side drain plug is in a "hole" in the left front of the engine, down about 1'. The right side plug I have never found - it may be behind the engine mount bracketry. The only drawing that shows them (that I have found) is in the owners manual. It's pretty vague. Be aware that if you remove the left side plug, you will need a method of "sticking" it in the socket to get it back in, as the "hole" it's in is pretty deep and narrow. I used a small super powerful magnet when I last did mine. Some kind of putty may also work.
  • dre2142dre2142 Posts: 1
    I have a clickety sound coming from the front axles as gets faster the faster you go. Its annoying.
  • timing2timing2 Posts: 5
    Thanks for sharing the diff fluid change experience.
    Question: Did you find any performance/smoothness/noise inprovements with the synthetic?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Of course I found the vehicle ran better! It was quieter, more efficient, and ran cooler! In my mind! ;)

    Actually, I -think- it may be quieter, but it probably is the same. The important thing to me is the limited slip is happy with the Royal Purple oil. I suspect the Royal Purple is less expensive than the Nissan oil and additive the dealer would have used.

    Coincidentally, last week I ran into a service tech/manager who used to work at a Nissan dealership (he now instructs the techs for maintenance of BC ambulances). He noted that they (Nissan) did have some problems with bearings and wear in Pathfinder diffs. He thinks my use of Royal Purple can only do good! We got along well. ;)
  • boss4x4boss4x4 Posts: 1
    Hi ...I have a 2002 pathfinder se....just recently the airconditioning fan would'n't turn off and stucked on high...any idea what's wrong?...when i switch it off, the display went off but the fan stay on high...
  • My pathy is up for a ATF flush, I was wondering what is best brand that I can use ? Also is a synthetic fluid recommended ? I will have to take it to a car mechanic as i don't know how to do it. The mechanic uses Kendall. Does anyone know if it is any good ?
  • Hi all,

    I have a 2003 Pathfinder LE with close to 36,000 and the original warrantee is about to expire. I have found a bumper to bumper extended warrantee to 100,000 for $1950.

    Do I need this extended warrantee or should I pay off a credit card? :)

    Thanks for your help
  • Hey Ninja1,

    I had a very similar thing happen to me twice on my 2001 Pathfinder. It turned out to be the hub assembly and brakes. The first time I had to get the hub bearings lubed and brakes adjusted ($127.00). The second time I had to get the hub assembly replaced and breaks adjusted again. About $600.00 for this. Both were done at the dealership which was a rip-off. I suspect a good garage in your area could do it for much less. The parts were only about $200.00 with the rest being labour. By the way...prices are Canadian dollars - cheaper of course in the U.S.
  • Is the warranty backed by Nissan? If not, be careful, how financially solvent might the warrantor be down the road, and how do you get repairs approved and who repairs the car? I have an '01 PF with 97K miles, and over the life of the car I've spent about $1250 on repairs that would have been covered by a typical bumper to bumper warranty if I had one.
  • My girlfriend managed to severely cripple what once was a nice black Pathy recently. It now sits idle awaiting its outcome at a local garage that I'm not too fond of. My question is as follows based on these facts: At 165,000 miles the engine has seized due to her driving with an overheated radiator that eventually cracked due to her not pulling over until it died on her. According to her mechanic the engine's cylinders are not firing at 100 percent and the radiator is cracked. His estimated repair is USD3000.00 plus depending on incidentals.
    During this year the Pathy has acquired a rebuilt transmission (with less than 1000 miles I may add prior to death), four brand new tires and new windshield. So I ask of you the die-hard Pathy I invest USD3000.00 to USD4000.00 to recuscitate?
    Personally I love the damn thing and neither she nor I are in the best financial shape to buy a new/used vehicle with less mileage/years. HELP! Thanks for any/all insights and advice possible.
    Sincerely, Tortured in NJ :cry:
  • Got a quote of about $600 for new timing belts, alt & fan belts & idler pulley - Any Comments, experience, Hours involved info. etc.?????
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