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Nissan Pathfinder Owners Care & Maintenance



  • Check out page GI-47 in the manual, under Lift Points and Towing.

    It depicts two separate locations for the rear safety stand points, based on whether the vehicle is Type A or Type B.

    So there's some sort of difference there, but I'm not sure what it is.

  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    Not a clue? Might be the difference between SE & XE being narrower
    than the LE?? 2WD vs 4WD ??
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    jambazi on post 15 you asked if anyone blead the brakes. I did before I adjusted them the first time. Did not find any air but the fluid seemed milky like it had water it. I used valvoline syn brake fluid dot 3-4. They did work better and I did it like the manual. Make sure the master cylinder is full all the time and bleed one wheel at a time.Steve
  • Still looking for an answer to that Type A/Type B thing. Looks like it makes a difference at least for the lift points!

    Also, has anybody found where it shows how to change the in-cabin microfilter? That ought to be SOMEWHERE, right? I haven't found that either!

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    This isn't in the service manual, but based on posts from other Nissan BBS's I've read, replacement of the microfilter requires removal of the glovebox assembly.

    The microfilter inserts into a slot near the heater plenum, which is behind the glovebox.
  • The Nissan OEM part number that the Service Manual calls for is 15208-31U00. However, when I went to get this, the dealer gave me part number 15208-9E000, which I know is for the VG33E engine. Since I have the VQ35DE engine, should I be trying to obtain part number 31U00? The dealer said that the parts are equivalent, because they're that way in his computer, and a second dealer I called also said that they're equivalent. Anybody have any experience with this?
  • aspenwhite,

    Thanks for the reply. I went to two dealers today, who verified that the part numbers are in fact equivalent. One of them showed me the catalog which indicated this. The other dealer said that 9E000 replaces 31U00.

    Confident I had the right part, I went to change my oil and filter. Lo and behold, the filter that was on the car from the factory was part number
    15208-65F01. It was printed right on the filter.

    Where did THAT come from? The filter was shorter by about 1/3, but it also had a relief valve.

    So now the question becomes, has anyone else seen this alternate (smaller) filter from the factory?

  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    There is a problem with part numbers the dealer has. I came up with:
    Nissan p/n 15208-65F00 from 00/01 PF witch is L14622 must be the larger
    filter some use. The 15208-31U00 is L14612 is what I use after I call Purolater
    and it has a releif spring in it and is very small.. What the ???? Steve
  • to add to this oil filter mess, read post #1368 in the main comment area about Purolator oil filters. :o)
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    aspenwhite: I will call a freind at the Nissan parts department on monday
    again and will get to the bottom of this. He told me last week that the parts
    book had a mistake on the filter p/ns ??? Steve
  • My dealer's parts dept. gave me the 15208-65F00 filter also. And that was after I refused to take the filters he tried to give me because he looked up the "00 model. I haven't changed the filter on my '01 yet so I don't know what is on it.

    The box on the 65F00 list the applications for this filter as being for the SR20DE engine which is the 4 cylinder in the G20, Sentra SE-R, etc.
  • I'm thinking abt replacing the trans & transfer oil w/synthetic oil on my 01'PF at 3000 miles and I have a some Q's. Should I replace the trans filter? (or just draining and refilling will do) Do I have to remove the oilpan to drain the trans? I've never done any transfer oil changes before, is this a simple thing to do? (or I better take it to the dealer) Thanks in advance for you help! -CM
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    mdq_ntv: I change the oil and filter in trans and transfer case. There is a drain plug on the trans. I did take the pan off and change the filter. I would not do it again. It's a screen and not a paper filter. Perfectly clean not a speck of anything. I used Valvoline Durablend trans fluid. I did notice a little smoother shifting. There is a allen plug on the transfer case for drain and fill. Just fill till it runs out of the fill plug. I also flushed out the trans when I changed the fluid. Cheers.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I contacted Purolator this AM and found out that L14610 is the proper
    filter for the '01 PF with 3.5 L. engine. The filter L14612 was discontinued because Purolator's engineers decided it was to small. L14622 has the wrong base plate and will leak oil!!! Nissan PN 15208-65F01 was superseded from(or to??)15208-65F00 this filter is for the 3.5 L '01 PF. PN 15208-31U00 is for a '00 PF 3.3L engine. PN15208-9E000 was superseded to (or from)PN 15208-31U00. TODAY ONLY!?
  • Now I'm totally confused...I don't have the service manual but as per jambazi's #37 The Nissan OEM part number that the Service Manual calls for is 15208-31U00 which was replaced by PN 15208-9E000 (meca2 #45). If the OEM filter for the 01 is the 15208-65F00 (#42 & #45) is the svc manual showing the incorrect part number?.

    Thanks as always for the reply. You're big help on this board!. Cheers, CM
  • My original post is accurate. The Service Manual does call for 31U00.

    I'd also like to know if the Service Manual is wrong! I know for a fact that my Service Manual is for the '01 Pathfinder, and in the beginning it clearly states that the VQ35DE engine is in my car!

    (But I also know that the filter I took OFF the car, from the factory, was 65F01.)


    P.S. I'll definitely update the FAQ with this info as soon as we iron it all out.
  • jambazi,
    I went to the dealer after work and they showed me on the computer that the filter for the VQ35DE engine is 65F00. It seems that your car had the correct filter (65F01 equivalent to 65F00) and that the svc manual is wrong (or maybe it's not a big deal and both can be used ?)..CM
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I called Tom at Purolator again this AM and he said that the L14610 is
    a new filter Purolator just engineered for the 3.5 L engine. He said that this filter should be on the shelves very soon. We might have to order it if we need it sooner. I talked to my friend that I've known for 18 years that works in the Nissan parts department where I purchased my PF and he told me that the 15208-65F00 is the correct PN for the 2001 with 3.5 L engine. The 15208-65F01 is the same as....65F00. The 150208-31U00 and 15208-9E00 is for the 3.3L 2000 PF. He also told me that the parts cataloge is in error over the filters from 2000 and 2001. Tom at Purolator seems to be a nice person to talk to and seems to know about the product the number is 1-800-526-4250 please call and verify. Steve
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    The ESM does say 15208-31U00 for the PF. Also it shows a cross sectional
    view of the filter on LC-8 it looks like the L14612 and describes the filter wrench
    as 2.531" and I measured the L14612 filter it is 2.5" across. I will call the parts
    department again and triple check the numbers. The ESM was July 2000 edition?
    More tomorrow......Steve
  • Yeah, my service manual is the July 2000 edition,
    for the Pathfinder Model R50 Series.

    Please let us know ASAP what you find out. I want to switch out my filter if it's the wrong one.

    I know that the 65F01 filter was about 1/3 shorter than the 9E000 that I installed, but the same diameter. Both of them had the relief valve inside.

    Maybe we should call Nissan directly to resolve this? Doesn't sound like the dealers are being too helpful. The two that I talked to swore that 9E000 was the correct one, and that it replaced 31U00, which is what the manual called for, which is why I put it on the car.

  • Dealer #1 states that the 65F01 filter is only installed at the factory, and is "for the break-in period only." They said that they are only put on the car by the factory, and only available in Japan.

    Dealer #2 actually had a 65F00 filter in stock, and there was Japanese writing all over the box. Oddly enough, the box stated that the filter was for a Sentra! This dealer's theory was that the 65F00 filter was put on by the factory "to save money." Anyway, he also believes that the correct one for the '01 PF is 9E000.

    So that's all I have. Anybody else hear anything different?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I called Purolator today and talked to an engineer and he said the new number is L14610 and should be on the shelves soon. I'm looking for one now. I also talked to a friend at the dealer and we triple verified that 15208-65F00 IS THE CORRECT ONE for the 3.5 L engine. It is smaller than the 15208-31U00 or 9E000. Some manufactures
    might be more enviromentally friendly and using smaller filters so the land fields don't fill up with oil filters. Nissan engines are so clean,don't make metal ect. I'm not concerned about the size.Steve
  • jambazijambazi Posts: 51
    Despite what Steve found out, I'm still not convinced that 65F00 is the right filter for the 3.5L engine. I've found more evidence that 65F00 is the filter for the Sentra engine! Of course, if anyone out there actually has a Sentra, we can confirm this.

    I did some Google searches on "65F00," "65F01," "31U00," and "9E000." There were a lot of sites in Japanese, but there were a couple interesting ones in English.

    One guy, Rick, put the service log for his 2000 Sentra online, and it's here:

    In it he talks about how he replaced the factory-supplied 65F01 filter with the 65F00.

    Another website I found is an Infiniti site, here:

    If you click on the "Maintenance" section, you can then click on your car and part that you want. It then takes you to the page where your proper part is displayed. If you click on QX4 and then 2001-2001, then oil filter, it takes you to 9E000. If you click on G20 (Sentra), and same model year, then it takes you to 65F00. (For your amusement, note that they are charging over TWICE what you'd pay for the exact same filters at a Nissan dealership!)

    I realize that neither of these are official Nissan sources, but I did find it interesting considering that the dealer I talked to also stated that the 65F00 part was for the Sentra (I saw it on the box myself).

    Maybe Nissan intends for us to put the Sentra (4-cylyinder, 140 hp) oil filter on the 3.5 liter engine.

    The important thing about the filter is that it has a relief valve. The manual says, "The oil filter is a small, full-flow cartridge type and is provided with a relief valve." It also has a diagram of the filter, which looks like the longer 9E000 and not the smaller 65F00. Unfortunately, the manual doesn't list filter dimensions, but it shows the relief valve, which both 65F00 and 9E000 have.

    I just looked over this string of posts, and realize that other dealers have 65F00 listed in their computers for the '01 PF. The two that I went to had 9E000 listed. Maybe it's a regional thing based on supply/demand. Or maybe some dealer's computers aren't as up-to-date as they should be. At any rate, I'm sure that there are a lot of PF's out there with 65F01's and a lot with the 9E000. It probably doesn't matter.
    Since the 9E000 that I have is what the service manual calls for, and it looks like the diagram in the service manual, and it has a relief valve, and 2 dealers here told me it was the correct one, and it looks like the 65F00 is for the Sentra, I'm going to stick with the 9E000.


  • jambazijambazi Posts: 51
    I had some time before work today, and so I stopped by the Nissan dealer. This time I went straight to the mechanic. I said, "I hope you can help me clear something up."
    He seemed very friendly.
    "When I went to change the oil in my '01 PF for the first time, I found that the filter on my car was different than what you guys gave me."
    He knew exactly what I was talking about immediately. In fact, he knew the part numbers.
    "The 65F01 filter," he said, "is for the Sentra SE-R. It's essentially the same filter."
    "But it's smaller," I said.
    "That's right," he replied, "It otherwise wouldn't fit on the engine of the Sentra. Still, it works fine on the Pathfinder. Eventually, though, Nissan is going to go with one part for both, probably the 31U00, or 9E000." Again, he said these numbers right off the top of his head, without looking them up.
    "So why do other Nissan dealers around the country call for 65F01 to be used with the PF, but others around here call for 31U00?"
    "They often do that due to a surplus of parts in different regions. They're trying to get rid of the 65F01's, so where there's a surplus they'll put them on the PF's."

    So it turns out that everybody was right. Some dealers do show the 65F01 (or 00) as being the correct part, while others call for the 9E000 (31U00). Now I'm definitely keeping the 9E000 on my car, because it's bigger and has a larger filtering area. The Nissan mechanic agreed.

    Hope this clears everything up.

  • National Fleet Parts is listing the Luber-Finer oil filter PH2867 for the 01, Nissan/Datsun, Pathfinder, 3.5L engine. If you search by Competitor's Number 15208-9E000 you also get the PH2867 (they show a filter image and dimensions). I'm keeping the 9E000 just because of the larger filtering area. Thanks jambazi and meca2! AW

  • Hi all, I'm thinking about replacing the Rear & Front diff gear oil on my 2001 PF w/LSD with Mobil 1 synthetic 75w-90. According to Mobil 1's product data sheet 'this lubricant It is manufactured from synthesized hydrocarbon base oils and a specially designed extreme-pressure, limited-slip, sulfur-phosphorus additive package'
    and has 'Excellent limited-slip performance'
    Ok, here's the question of the month: Does this means that this is a LSD APPROVED gear oil that can safely be used on my PF and I don't need to add any LSD additive? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Daniel
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    240wildhorses: I used Amsoil diff lube. It is approved for LSD and works very well. Amsoil even meet the MIL-PRF-2105. I have a list of Mobil Oil lube specs and it looks like the syn. lube does not meet the spec. I'm going to start using Amsoil engine oil and filters the next change. It is 100% synthetic. Is the Mobil 1 MOBILUBE SHC 75W-90?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    240wildhorses: Please check out Amsoil web sight
    They have excellent air filters also. Steve
  • pathedpathed Posts: 4
    I'm looking to buy a service manual for my new 2001 4x4 Pathfinder LE. There has been some discussions on this topic on this forum but I've yet to find a pointer to where I can purchase it. Can someone help? Many Thanks. Ed
  • pathedpathed Posts: 4
    Sorry......I missed the obvious. When I purchased our new Pathfinder, I ask at the dealer and at the service center and they said that it didn't exist.

    I found it on the Nissan site at:

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