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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • My Path WAS too making the squeaking noise. Turns out my hood needed to be re-adjusted. It just came out of the shop again. I have had my 05 in the shop too many times. I finally seeked an attorney. My brakes (front and back) have been replaced due to grinding sounds...well never mind all of my issues. :lemon:

    I hope the sounds go away...but ask the service techs to look at the hood. You never know. ;)
  • rs4rs4 Posts: 25
    Some how it dot get less on its own. Make sure you click all the unsused seatbelts in the rear that helps
  • I have a '94 Pathy XE 4X4 that sputter, stall, & quit at idle when I stop or slow down. It scared my son so much he does not want to drive it anymore. The problem is intermittent and does not last for more than a day or two and then it runs fine again. My engine is in top shape for it's age with 132K miles. This is how I fixed mine. I have an OBD II so I can pull the trouble code on my ECU. It gave me code 42, EGR function. The Haynes manual I have have a good info on it and comparing the EGR, EGR BPT, EGR Solenoid, & the vacuums hoses in the diaghram underneath the hood I was able to locate them. Here's how you test your EGR valve: Feel underneath it and push the diaphram up, if it move up and spring back down, its good, so far. Next, start the engine, repeat the same procedure in. The engine should hesitate or even quit. If it did the EGR valve is good. Now to test EGR BPT: disconnect the top screws, unplug the vacuum hoses, and take it out. Connect a vacuum hose on the top and suck on it. If you are able to get some air, it's good. Now connect a hand pump at the bottom and suck the top vacuum hose again. If you are able to suck air, it's definitely good. Now the EGR solenoid: Well, this is very complicated, so do not blame it yet. Check all your vacuum hoses using the diaghram under your hood. If you haven't replace any since you bought it, replace it. They are very inexpensive. Now leave the EGR solenoid alone for now. Once you checked and corrected all of the above, clear the trouble code (this is about code 42) in the ECU if you haven't done so. Start the engine, drive around the block and check if the trouble code reappear. If the Red blink 5 times and the Green blink 5 times (Code 55), you fixed it. Good luck, hope this help.
  • Thanks for the tip...I will tell the tech to take a look at the hood & the front bumper (the cause of someone else's rattle). The really irritating thing (other than having the truck in the shop every few weeks and having to rent a car every time) is that the rattles and squeaks are intermittent and sometimes difficult to reproduce on demand; but when they are there they are loud, annoying, and embarassing. I am curious to know what your attorney suggested. I was considering looking into the lemon law (unfixed problem after three attempts or possibly reduction in value due to defect - I know I would not buy my truck at book value after test driving it) but other people have told me it would not cover rattles. I would really like to seek some recourse for the aggravation of having a brand new truck rattling and squeaking that has to be brought to the shop repeatedy because nissan seems unable to fix it. Thanks again for the tip. Will post results of the next attempt.
  • I have a 1997 nissan pathfinder it was missing on one cylinder I checked everything I could think of and found a bad injector, in the mean time I was driving down the road and it blew a 10 amp fuse could smell the smoke.. I put the new injector in and still missing, put it in another hole missing on a different cylinder so its not the injector.. now its missing on 2 cylinders I called a nissan dealer he said it might be the brain anyone else have any suggestions?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    How did you know which cylinder was missing? Did you have a DTC (check engine light)? What prompted you to diagnose this as an injector problem?

    Which 10A fuse blew?

    If you replaced the fuel injector, but the cylinder still misfired, then it must be lack of spark. The Nissan dealer's diagnosis was inaccurate. The ECM should be one of the last things to check.

    Assuming your ignition components are relatively new (i.e. plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor) the next possible culprit is the ignition coil, which unfortunately is embedded inside the distributor. So, you might have to replace the distributor (~approx $280 at Pinnacle Nissan. Also check your favorite OEM parts sources.)
  • where are the best junkyards with pathfinder parts? thanks.
  • I knew what cylinder was missing by pulling the plug wire of the distributor.. the fuse that said electronic fuel injection was the ten amp fuse that blew... there is plenty of spark in the plug wires they are new....all six cylinders has spark the I did a continuity test on the injector all showed good but one so it was replaced.. I have power to all injectors but it doesnt seem to have ground on the last 2... we will probably take it to a dealer tomarrow but any suggestions are great......
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Not sure about your vehicle, but usually the ECU grounds the injector it wants to fire - that is, all injectors are connected to +12 V, and the ECU grounds the other side. If an injector fails, it's possible it could send too much current into the ECU (injector short for example). You could check the ECU by connecting a 12 V bulb between injector lead (no injector) and the ECU. When the engine is running the bulb should flash or be on (but dimmer than normal as it would be pulsed). Use a lower current bulb, such as an interior lamp. If the bulb doesn't light it's probably the ECU damaged by too much current. Sometimes even that is easy to fix, but only for an electronics tech.
  • montymmontym Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Pathfinder XE with 4WD and Automatic trans. that I love except for 1 problem. To shift from 2H to 4H is no problem - however to shift from 4H back into 2H I have to stop, shift into reverse, and gently push on the 4WD shifter while backing up about 3-6 feet and it clicks in. My question is "Is this Normal?" I have never owned a Nissan before- I don't know. If it is,fine. If it is not, does anybody have any idea of what is wrong and what it would take to fix.
    Thank You
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    It's normal. You don't actually have to shift into reverse to release it, but it is the easiest way.

    Because the transfer case locks the front and rear axles together you can and usually do get "binding". Think of the two drive shafts - front and rear. The front wheels go further around a corner than the rear (when moving forward), so the difference is made up by "skidding" the tires, but there is torque built up before they skid. When you shift into reverse you are releasing that torque (and if you go too far you will build up torque in the other direction). That torque binds the gears and prevents the transfer case from shifting. You can also release it by driving forward and turning right and then left (one of the turns will release the torque allowing the transfer case to shift).

    Something to know if there is no way to back up.

    All 4WD vehicles that don't have a centre diff. or some other slip limiting device (such as a viscous coupling) do this. Those that put in a centre diff. have to use one with "limited slip" if they want to approach the capabilites of the locked systems such as we have. For example, the Toyota 4Runner uses a Torsen centre diff.
  • I went to the nissan dealership today paid 100 dollers for them to tell me the injectors were stuck open the in jectors are not stuck open what a waist...
    Went home got your message tried it out. (good idea by the way). the light worked on the first cylinder dim and pulsated nothing on the other 2, where is the ECU the guy tried to tell me but you seem to know more then he did any other suggestions but be greatly appreciated....
  • I have a 1997 nissan pathfinder this is normal on most 4 wheel vehicles because your tying to wheels together steerable wheels and non steerable wheels...
    when your turn your wheels in four wheel low range it puts the gears in a bind and to release that you need to back up so that it puts slack in the gears so they will come out ....
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I forgot what year your Pathy is... On mine (a 97) the ECM is located under the dashboard above the steering column. If you would like detailed info about the engine control module from the Nissan factory service manual, shoot me an e-mail: dean at
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    came on three weeks ago while returning from the coast. Came on 5 min. down the highway from filling up with gas. I drove the 300 km home ignoring it. Checked the fuel cap when I got home, it was tight. Week later filled up with gas (same brand, different station - I use the 10% ethanol premium fuel and have had very good luck with it). Last night I drove to the airport (30 km down the highway). When I started the vehicle at the airport the SES light stayed off! Woopee! I guess it was a bad tank of fuel.

    This is just nuts. We had a code reader but couldn't find it when the light was on. Working on finding it or getting another one for -when- not if, the light comes on again. It may not tell me the truth, but I just have to know what the ECU thinks is the problem. One possible solution is replacing the light with a resistor, because a false reading is worse than no reading at all!

    As far as the ECU location on earlier models (mine is a 2001), xplorx4 is your best bet. I have the service manual for the 2001.
  • I have a '94 Pathy XE 4WD & I took care of the engine by keeping up with the required maintenance,e.g. full sunthetic oil, timing belts etc. My truck runs well and gets 16+ mpg combined (city/freeway) but I can't figure why during fall (I live in San Diego, Calif.) my AT & brake lights on the instrument panel light up at first start in the morning and stays lit until the engine is reved up and warmed up? I bought a connector spray cleaner and will clean every connectors I have inside the engine and the ignition switch this weekend. Can anyone narrow down the source of my instrument light problem? Thanks in advance.
  • After a heavy rain storm I found a puddle on the driver's side floor (car was parked during rain). I assume that some sort of drain is clogged that is causing water to get into my Pathfinder. Does anyone know where such a drain could be so I could unclog it? Thanks
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Your alternator is likely failing. I'm not sure why Nissan configured the AT and brake lights to glow when the alternator fails, but I do know that when the fan belt (which also drives the alternator) breaks, the AT Temp, Brake, and Batt lights all glow. And then the vehicle quickly overheats. :)

    Since the alternator is driven by the fan belt, the alternator output can be monitored to detect whether the alternator is turning. Now, if the alternator is failing then the output is probably enough to make the vehicle think the fan belt is broken.

    My guess as to why the AT temp and Batt lights glow is that if the fan belt breaks, most drivers probably won't be astute enough to notice that the temperature gauge is hot before it's too late. However, most people usually will immediately pay attention to the instrument panel if it lights up suddenly.

    In your case, I'm not sure why the Batt light isn't also glowing, but I would have your alternator tested nonetheless. Most auto parts stores like Kragen or Autozone will test the alternator for you for free (removed from vehicle, of course).
  • I got a '91 Pathfinder SE recently. In the fuse-box I found a fuse marked "Seat Heat." Does this vehicle have heated seats? If so, how do I control them?

  • wer1wer1 Posts: 1
    I recently replaced my starter because my car was slow to start. Afterwards my car would intermittently would not start at times. The mechanics thought it could be the alarm deactivating the car so they suggested to deactivate the alarm which I have not done yet. I have had some problems with the alarm system, but could this be the case? Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't in that I don't even hear the starter turning. Anyways, thanks
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I had the same problem with my '01 PF, and after several months the problem went away as mysteriously as it started. One thing to definitely check would be the sunroof drain, assuming your truck has a sunroof.
  • HI, I have a 87 pathy V6 manual, and i have been having way too many problems with the secondary injection system, it idles fine, but when you drive it, it feels like it is being held back. I have replaced all of the rubber tubes because they have blown, and I have changed the filter. What am i missing? Is there a typical problem with this system? Can I cut off the system and change the cat? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 05path05path Posts: 2
    Ok, I have the rattling noise solution!!
    There are clips in the door panels that get loose
    Solution: Have a tech silicone all the clips to stop the noise.
    Let me know when your rattle is gone :)
  • My 1995 Pathfinder, NH resident, will not pass inspection because of its rusted frame. We asked several mechanics about possible solutions and no one wants to go near it! So, how can we get the most out of this situation, money-wise: donate it (we have the title) and hope to get a fair market value for tax time or sell it for parts? The PF looks great on the inside and out, we were shocked when we were told that it is uninspectable. Please advise!
  • I am unable to open the lift gate on my 01' Pathfinder. The window is operating properly but he lift gate is reacting as if the lock mechanism is not unlocking. I do not hear the door unlocking. Is there any way to manually unlock or open the door?
  • replace the pcv valve.
  • I would love to have these instructions on the re-wiring of fog lights, been wanting to do for a while, but had some earlier problems w/ fog light relay and was afraid to mess w/ b/c they're working now. But send instructions if you don't mind, Thanks!
  • mx5manmx5man Posts: 4
    On a 98 pathfinder the check engine light checked out with the scanner P1444 (purge volume control valve). What would be my best bet to fix the problem?
  • I ran into the same problem with my 94 pathfinder XE, I brought it into my mechanic and he said it was a ignition wiring problem. Didn't have any relationship with the alarm or deactivating the alarm. So check that out it might be the solution.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The purge volume control valve is shown in the photo below. It's the device attached to the end of the hose that's circled.


    The first thing you should do is remove the purge volume control valve and disassemble it to see if it's clogged. If it's not, then it's very likely that the electrical parts of the valve have failed, and it should be replaced. If it is clogged, then that means that your EVAP canister has disintegrated and its contents have been sucked through the EVAP lines. This is not a good situation, and unless you're handy with tools and have an air compressor, it can be a very costly to fix. Post back with your findings if you want more info about how to repair the EVAP system.
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