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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • eddie97eddie97 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE , all 4 of my windows go up and down very slow , took it to the dealer and they said is was the cold , so low and behold it's summer now 90' degree plus and i'm still having the same problem . So before i spend a couple hundred to get this fixed , is their anyone that can tell me if they had this problem & how did they get it fixed. PLEASE HELP !!!
  • sdnissan1sdnissan1 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, my Pathfinder is 2002, with 135k miles. The dealer has had the Nissan Technician looking at it, but they cannot find a solution. They have told me the timing is not advancing to 22degrees btdc, instead it is only at 10degrees. Have you had any luck with a repair?
  • chefcschefcs Posts: 1
    Hi, my name is Chris, I have 2001 nissan pathfinder. I have problems with my temperture gauge rising to hot zone. I took it a mechanic, he told me it was my clutch fan. Had it replace, but still having the same problems. I hosed out the radiator from the back for any debris, but still nothing. Also my dashboard lights go out from time to time, anyone having the same problems, any advice? Please help. Thanks,
  • keeferbkeeferb Posts: 81
    I had this problem with my '01 - but only the front drivers side. Probably because that was the only that I really used with any frequency. It was much worse in the winter when it got the point where the window wouldn't go down all the way. The dealer told me that the guides got gummed up easily. They cleaned them on two different occasions and it did make a difference. Luckily they didn't charge me for it, even though the warranty had expired.
  • coreydcoreyd Posts: 9
    I'm new here and have a rather serious problem. I wrecked the front end of my 01 SE 3.5 and now am trying to fix it all. The problem spawns from the need for a new front cross-member. It runs across the front of the frame, and is welded on (at least on mine.) So far I have yet to be able to find ANYTHING pertaining to this part. If you have any ideas, sources, or information, then I would be appreciative. Thanks.
  • coreydcoreyd Posts: 9
    in response to the window problem... i've had the same one on just one window. however i did have the door taken apart and a new motor installed. then we cleaned the guides out. it was all under warranty.
  • Neither of my cigarette lighters in my 2000 Pathfinder LE work. I got the vehicle used, and the lighters have never worked. I tried looking for a blown or missing fuse, but cannot make heads or tails of the diagrams beside the steering wheel or under the hood. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • The CD player in my 2000 Pathfinder LE won't accept CD's. It doesn't seem to skip, but rather holds the CD's inside for a few seconds, then spits them back out. I got the vehicle used, and the CD player has always done this. Any ideas?
  • ken_dken_d Posts: 4
    My boat trailer lights worked fine at first, then, after trailering 300 miles, only the running lights worked - no turn signals or brake lights. After setting out at 6:00 PM, I turned on the lights when it got dark and nothing on the trailer worked. I've never seen trailer light function go out piecemeal like this. When I stopped for gas, I checked the manual and the found the fuse box in the engine compartment. It has what appear to be flashers for left trailer turn, right trailer turn, trailer running lights, trailer brakes, etc. This would explain the sequential failure of the functions. There is also a 15 amp fuse that was blown, but it couldn't have been the sole cause because of the way the trailer lights failed. I have a friend with a 2005 Pathfinder and he has had no trailer light function the first 2 times he tried to hook up a trailer. Has anyone else experienced these problems? I haven't been to the dealer yet and can't check the fuse replacement until I hook up my boat again. This fusing/flasher set up looks overly complex - usually one fuse handles everything with the trailer. BTW, I really love the Pathfinder in all other respects. It's the best towing vehicle I've ever used.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    ken, does the pathy have a 4 pin or a five pin harness? if a four pin, how do you handle the brake lock out solenioid. thanks. rr70
  • nlongonlongo Posts: 1
    Thank you for posting this. I believe I'm having the same problem with my '03 PF. I had brake problems pretty much since the day I drove the PF off the lot. The dealer never resolved the issue but after awhile I noticed uneven ware on my front tires. This past Aug I put on 4 new tires (the same as you ironically). Since then I had the same vibration problem. The tires were balanced twice. No one could find a problem after that and the vibration, although much less that originally, still occurs, especially at speed. It's now been a while and I'm hearing what sounds like loose parts in the front suspension when ever the suspension is fully extended. I've been planning to take it into the dealer again but I've been trying to convince myself what it is. I'm going in assuming I too have a bad strut.

    Thanks again. I just fell better reading your note. It sounds all to familiar.

  • I am having the same problem with my 03 PF. I felt this coming on a few months back. Could even be 12 months. My PF is fully serviced but in 1st and 2nd all the power is there. Shift to 3rd gear and at about 3.4rpm it dies, 4th gear is a waste of time. 5th no problem I seem to have all the power I should in that gear. I asked dealer to look when it was serviced 1 week ago. Oil/air/fuel filter and oil changed. But still loosing the power in those gears. I have just started looking into this now, as dealer hooked it up to computer and nothing showed. He said I would need to leave it with him for a day or more, so they can strip down as part of troubleshoot. But I am reluctant to do that, one is cost the other is they may use the PF themselves. I am going to follow up with other dealers, but if any one there knows about this issue please post. Thanks in Advance.
  • ken_dken_d Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply, rr70. My Pathfinder has a factory installed 4 pin harness. I've made no modifications. In answer to your question, I don't handle the brake lockout solenoid. I wasn't aware that there was anything I needed to do. I traded in a Ford F-150 that was similarly equipped and never had a problem.
  • beyerwbeyerw Posts: 1
    The transmission on my 96 PF auto (130K) has recently started slipping. Check engine light came on with P1760, which reads "Overrun clutch solenoid or circuit fault" in the Haynes manual. However I can't find any other explanation in the manual as to what they are talking about. Please HELP.
  • mjd877mjd877 Posts: 1
    I am having the same exact issue with my 2005 SE. I'm at 22K miles. I had it looked at two days ago. I was supposed to get an alignment, but they said I needed new tires too. They said the tires were "feathered". I got 4 new tires (22K miles!!!!) and an alignment, they claim it sorted the problem I took it on the highway yesterday morning, and the issue is worse, much worse. The vibration is stronger and I now feel it at 50mph and up. (before it was 60 and up) Now I have a new problem, when I break it pulls to the right and vibrates. I brought it back this morning, lets see what they say.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    The car was fine in West Virginia for a year. Came back to Houston and within a week the SES light came on. Might be the heat and humidity. Couldn't pass Texas inspections with my SES light on.

    Rear Bank 1 O2 sensor DTC (Drivers Side). Read the Nissan TSB and replaced the rear O2 sensor myself. Bought the part from Nissan dealer for $145. Saved $200 in labor and diagnosis fees. TSB also stated to reprogram the ECM after replacement. I postponed that part thinking just a replacement would cure the SES light. I then reset the SES light at Autozone. It came back on a week later.

    Finally, I took it to Nissan dealer with my O2 sensor part receipt from them and explained the TSB and asked for a ECM reprogram according to the TSB. The were resistant but they eventually reprogrammed it for free. It is covered under the 8yr 80K mile ECM and emissions warranty. SES light has been off since then.

    2001 LE 2WD w/68K miles.
  • smpech95smpech95 Posts: 1
    HELP! My passenger seat forward/backward switch doesn't work, the driver's seat switch will move the right side but not the left (this is new), battery is dying all of the sudden. This is a 2003 I got new from the dealer. Now they are saying it's out of warranty and I have to pay.

    Also, I'm reading about front vibration. Had that problem since driving the car. They say I drive with both feet and that's the cause. I don't drive like that...can't! I'm fed up with this car and will never have another one. Any suggestions on the above problems?
  • coreydcoreyd Posts: 9
    as far as the vibration... i had the same in my 01 pathfinder. i have only a few suggestions though. check the alignment. if they are new tires or different size/type than the OE tires then that can be the problem. Somtimes the dealer or whoever installs the tires can install them and then not align then right for the tires. other than that, have the steering linkage checked for tightness and such.
  • 01pf_se01pf_se Posts: 10
    the tires ae difficult to balance .You need to use a Hunter machine to balance them correctly.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382

    1) regarding the passenger seat, the first thing I would check is the fuse. Also, is it possible there is something jammed under the seat interfering with its movement? It's certainly possible the seat motor or a relay needs to be replaced, but that's unusual for any car as the driver's seat motor typically sees far more use than the passenger side power seat.

    2) When you say "the drivers seat switch will move the right side but not the left", it's not clear what you are speaking of (the right side of what?)

    3) Your post doesn't mention why you think the battery is dying. It's certainly possible, if you have an early '03, the battery is now 4 years old or more. Automobile batteries generally have a lifespan of 4-7 years depending on how the vehicle has been used and if the battery has been properly maintained.

    4) Your post also mentioned a vibration. It's hard to say without being there, but I would guess that the fact that the dealer accused you of "driving with both feet" might mean that the vibration has to do with the brakes. Do you feel the vibration only when you are braking? If yes, it's likely that your rotors are warped from being overheating. This is not an usual problem with '01 to '04 Pathfinders, especially if you use your brakes hard a lot. The rotors in these trucks don't seem to stand up well to heavy, frequent braking. Take a look at Nissan service bulletin #00033 at under "bulletins" to learn more.

    It's too bad you are fed up with your truck. If these are the only problems you've had in 3 or 4 years (how many miles on on your truck?), that's really not all that bad. I have an '01 with 105K miles, and while it has not been perfect, overall my ownership experience has been reasonably good.
  • I took mine in for a few minor fixes, and mentioned this twang (thinking it was a minor problem that could evolve into a major one...right about the time the warranty runs out). They told me the same thing, that it is the ABS self-check. Makes sense that it is ABS related. The only time the sound disappeared for a short time was after the ABS engaged during an icy stop last winter. My next few start-ups, I didn't hear the sound, So I thought it must have fixed itself. But sure enough, it came back. It's a little annoying... I have been listening for it after every startup for 15 months now...Now I can stop worrying about it, so maybe now I will stop listening for it...
  • I have EXACTLY the same problem on my 95 PF, but do not have a fix yet. I will reply as soon as I get one. Also, the truck will not turn over if the fuse is blown. Any help for us?
  • hkathrynhkathryn Posts: 1
    Over the weekend I left my Pathfinder parked while out of town, when I went to drive home yesterday the left turn signal has gone crazy (sped up, etc.) and the parking brake light comes on and off while I'm driving, although tapping the breaks turns it off sometimes. Any thoughts?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    If a turn signal flashes quickly, it means that one of your turn signal bulbs is burned out and needs replacing.

    The brake light has two functions:
    1) signals that the parking brake is engaged
    2) signals that the brake fluid reservoir is low.

    The fluid reservoir is low usually because the brake pads are wearing. Check the remaining thickness of the front brake pads. They may be due to be replaced soon.
  • The dash cig socket works in my 03 pathy; however, the center console and rear cargo cig sockets are out of action. Does anyone know if this is a fuse or wiring issue?

  • mjd877 - replying to your message about the feathering of your tires. Actually "feathering" of the tires is the correct term for the problem that we are both experiencing. When you look and feel the outside of the tread, and go around the tire, one portion of the tread is higher, the next portion is lower, the next is higher, and so on, all the way around the entire outer tread of the tire. Now you tell us that you have gone ahead and changed your tires and you are still having the problem, in fact, it's getting worse. My inclination about this problem all along with Nissan is that it is much bigger than just an alignment problem. When I asked them to really look a little closer at the suspension system, even though I have a basic 3 year warranty, plus an extended 6 year warranty on this SUV, they refused. Your issue today tells me that I may have been right and that there may be a bigger problem here with this vehicle. Nissan has had a history of suspension problems in the past with several of their cars and trucks, so it is conceivable that it comes about again. Did Nissan pay to replace your tires? It doesn't sound like it. Keep track of your conversations, your invoices and the like. I would suggest you start to document everything you can about this problem with your Nissan, because based upon how Nissan refused to help me out, even in the slightest, you may end up in court over this one. I have since sold my Pathfinder, in fact I sold it two weeks ago. But I had to replace the tires for the buyer which knocked off $800 my already less than perfect selling price. Selling SUV's privately these days is a tough thing to do especially when dealers are almost giving them away. Let me know how things go, because depending on what happens with you, maybe I'll get my $800 back from Nissan in small claims, because the tire replacement shouldn't have been needed so soon on a SUV with 28K - and yours didn't need to be replaced due to "alignment" - it's much bigger than that - makitright
  • Following up on your message - I did follow up with the Nissan dealer to inquire as to the equipment they use for balancing. They were a little put off with me when I asked them what type of equipment they used however. Before I did so, I took the opportunity to have my wheels rebalanced at another specialty shop that does nothing but balance wheels. Their machines of choice were two Corghi EM 8540's recalibrated every morning. Tens days after Nissan balanced my wheels on their Hunter (they would not tell me the model number however) my wheels were off by 3.5 lbs all around which is significant according to this specialty shop and should never be especially after 10 days of normal , very calm normal driving, believe me when I say this, I am a very relaxed driver of this vehicle. Back to what I was saying, Nissan had two balancing machines. They had the Hunter and they had a Corghi. Anyway, the tires were rebalance, however the feathering was in place on the tire and so the vibration or rumbling from the front end that occurs at about 75 mph did not go away and will not go away because the tires are too far gone. You may have seen the posting from the fellow (dated June 20/06) who experiencing the exact same feathering problem as I am at exactly the same milage on the 2005 Pathfinder. I believe their is a bigger issue here that Nissan doesn't want to get into because it may cost them some bucks. I don't know, I just think that when a customer pays $30 or $40K for a company's product and in my case, shells out another $1200 for an extended warranty, they should at least pretent that they care - maybe just a little. In my case, Nissan is treating me like I just bought floor mats for my 1982 Datsun! I guess they never read a book on customer care and customer loyalty or how much damage a disgruntled customer can do when he shares his miserable experience about NISSAN with everyone he gets into a conversation about cars with for the next 40 years.
  • ken_dken_d Posts: 4
    You may be right about the alignment problems, but there's another possibility - crappy tires. My '06 Pathfinder came equipped with Bridgestone low-end tires. So far, so good. However, I had a '97 Ford F-150 that always pulled to one side. The dealer aligned it several times with no effect. The pull to one side only went away after tire rotation(front to back). After the next rotation, the problem returned. Ford also used lousy tires on their new vehicles and, like all manufacturers, tell you that the tire warranty is with the tire manufacturer. A bit of research made me not want any more of that brand of tire. After about 20,000 miles, I gave up and bought Goodyear Wrangler tires and the problem went away. Something to consider.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    Sounds like what you are describing is "cupping" or "scalloping" of the tires (high/low spots)unless I'm reading your post incorrectly. This is fairly common on 4X4s and somewhat unavoidable. Presuming tire balance is correct, I'd suggest more frequent tire rotations for sure, and checking your tire inflation regularly. How often have you rotated your tires? On a 4X4, I'd do it often.

    Tire balance, weak shocks or springs, or faulty wheel bearings all cause cupping, but so does normal driving to some extent.

    Some folks do use "cupping" & "feathering" interchangeably, but the way I learned it in school was that feathering is really a kind of "scuffing" of the tire caused by bad toe-in/toe-out (misalignment problems).

    Maybe new tires and frequent rotation will solve your problem..but of course get the wheel balance and alignment dead on before you install new tires, and check for strut leaks or failure.

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  • I have gone thru an oil consumption test and it has been found that the car lost over 3.5 quarts of oil in 3100 miles. The dealership contacted Nissan and within 2 days a new engine was delivered. It will be installed on Tuesday, though there is no guarantee that this will not happen again. I have found 2 others w/ similiar problems, (03 pathy & an 04) both now have new engines.
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