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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • mtp7xmtp7x Posts: 3
    Hi, i have a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE has 4wd and my right headlight stays on sometimes too, if you look under the hood and see the fuses for headlamp, remove them and replace them, i had to do that, could be a bad connection or fuse. Or just take the fuses out for headlamp only and put them back in about 15 mins later. ive had to do that too. hope this helps.
  • I just purchased a Nissan Pathfinder 2001 LE yesterday, and my bose 6 disc cd changer isn't working. It seems that I am having the same problem that you are having. Has anyone figured out a way to fix it?
  • Hi all. I'm currently attempting to access and replace the timing belt in my 98 PF. However, to do so you must remove the fan/pulley from the water pump. I've removed the cooling fan (the plastic part)from the shaft and removed the 4 nuts that feed forward from the water pump, but I cannot see how to remove the pulley/fan shaft. I cannot use a pulley puller because the fan shaft is in the way. Has anyone done this before?
  • hd9691hd9691 Posts: 18
    This happen to my 2001 LE also, first time is under warranty, but second time costs me $285 bucks to get it fix. I found the unit on Ebay also selling around $250 bucks if you can install it. I had the technician installed pretty esay.
  • stefanmstefanm Posts: 1
    Hi everybody ! I have a 2001 Pathfinder and some while ago the car started to loose power sometimes at any speed. Then in the mornings when I start the car the engine sputters and sometimes dies - then I start it again and try to keep 2-3k but cannot keep it constant. As soon as the car warms up it works almost fine - except sometimes it looses power (at any speeds) - not very often though - well, I guesss more and more lately. I took the car to my mechanic - he checked it out but he wasn't sure - he was suspecting though the mass air flow sensor - so he sent me to somebody else who had a better OBD reader (although my check engine light is not on) so he confirmed that the mass air flow sensor needs to be replaced. Because the part supposedly is pretty expensive I would try to buy it online but I had a hard time finding a place that has them so any ideas would be welcomed.
  • Well after the dealer ripped me off for for $113, I saw the the noise was caused by loose heat shield. Parts of it had rusted and all the dealer did was put two $1 clamps on them to tighten them and problem solved.
    But, of course did not check if all the heat shields were tight, so got a 4 clamps from home depot, cleaned up the rust and put the clamps on the other parts of the heat shields to prevent future issues.
  • After having 5 people in the car for the first time, realized this issue. Big, scrapping, thud noise from bottom over bumps.
    Never happens when just two people, at least three people.
    The tsb calls for ground bumper and bumper seat.
    Have red the psi to 30 cold, so 33 hot. This greatly reduces the bumping.
    Did the parts solve the issue
  • Yes, that TSB fixes the problem. I had it done to my 01 years ago under warranty.
  • Hello, Thanks for the input

    Did you have it resolved under original warranty or extended warranty.

    I have the security plus extended warranty. And they said they do not cover this part.
  • pdf

    Checked the part

    Not covered under extended warranty.
    Oh well, parts are online at nissan courtesy parts for 110 incld shipping, dealer was 160 approx
    Will go to my reg mechanic to install the new bound bumper and seat for me.
  • I have found nissancourtesparts from ricardson texas. Anyone know any place cheaper.
  • It was under the original warranty when it was maybe a year old.
  • Same problem on a recently purchased 97 Pathfinder. Replaced the thermostat and fan clutch and same results. Did you ever resolve yours??? Thx- Mark V
  • Hi Chris.. Same problem with my recently purchased 97 PF. I replaced the thermostat and fan clutch also. Did you ever resolve your problem?? Thx- Mark
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,961
    I need to change the license plate bulb on my Pathfinder. Can anyone tell me how to get to it?
  • My front passenger side keeps getting wet. The carpet and carpeted floor mat are all wet. The underside of the rubber floor mat is all wet too. The dealer looked at it last Friday 9/7. They said it was a kinked AC drain hose. They fixed the kink and dried it out. However, today when I checked, it was all wet again. I bought this car new last Feb07. It's still under warranty. Has anyone else had this problem. Is it leaking somewhere else besides the AC?
  • My '02 pf had the check engine light came on and the error codes were PO420 and PO430. We had the 2 rear catalytic converters welded to see if this would solve the problem. We drove 50 miles after the repair was done and the check engine light came back on again with the same error codes. The mechanic recommends replacing the front catalytic converters (approx $900 each). The dealer diagnosed this problem 2 years ago and suggested we replace the header pipes or do a patch (temporary fix). We did the patch and now the problem is back. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks.
  • newronewro Posts: 20
    I have a '06 pathfinder with app. 28k miles. This truck has been a bit of a disappointment so far. I had Isuzus for a dozen years previous, best quality ever, too bad they left the US marketplace.
    My pathfinder has developed an incredible vibration when braking from say highway speeed to 30 or so, evident there though not as pronounced. My guess is warped rotors. I called for service yesterday and found that rotors were only warranteed for 18k miles. Mine were ok then. Does anyone know if this is true? I had a 2000 Acura with warped rotors and they were replaced FREE at 44k miles. Is Nissan really this much of a mickey mouse car maker? I was at the dealership yesterday testing a new maxima, after this episode, went down the street and signed on for another acura tl. Thanks for the input
  • You mentioned you also warped the rotors on your Acura. Is Are you hard on your brakes? You can warp the rotors on any car or light truck by overheating the brakes, although clearly some models are more prone to this than others. Regarding the warranty, check your warranty book. I think you will find that your dealer is incorrect, and that the rotors are warranteed for 3 years/36K miles. As for Acura replacing the rotors free at 44K miles, ins't that because your Acura was warranteed for 4 year/50k miles?
  • I have been having a problem with my 2005 pathfinder. When I reverse the truck slows up and I have to go all the way down on the gas to get it to continue reversing. When I turn the wheel I hear clunking noises and the car seems like it is going to stall. I took it to the dealership and they said they fixed it. The next day it worked for a while then started doing the same thing again. The noise is so pronounced that people in the street are looking at me. I have to take the car back to the shop. Does anyone know what this problem is? I think the dealership is giving me the run around.
  • the thunking noise over bumps was due to the undercarriage spare wheel bracket which had moved over the differential.
  • My nissan pathfinder 2001 has 63,000.

    How necessary is it to change the differntial oil-I do not know if I have lsd, any way I can find out.
    Change the coolant, it looks clean
    change the auto transmission fluid.
    change the fuel filter.

    Have changed the air and micro cabin filter, got the visual inspection done.

    thanks for your help.
  • I have the same year Pathfinder. If your truck is equipped with an LSD, there should be an orange tag on your rear differential that says "Use only LSD oil". Also, when both rear wheels are off the ground if they spin in the same direction you have an LSD. If they spin in the opposite direction, you have an "open" rear differential. If you have an LSD, Nissan's maintenance schedule calls for the gear oil to be changed every 30k miles. If not, Nissan doesn't call for the gear oil to be changed, but given the minimal expense it would not be a bad idea after 6 years and 63K miles.
  • Hello
    Thanks for replying back so fast

    yes, found the orange sticker. It was dirty, could barely read it. Took if off, cleaned it and saw it says use lsd only.

    have you changed the coolant, fuel filter, auto transmission oil.

  • Yes, I've had my mechanic do all the maintenance per Nissan's recomendations. One additional item I would recommend is doing a complete transmission fluid replacement, rather than just a drain and refill. A drain and refill won't replace the trans fluid in your torque converter. Cost is $100-150 at garages and trans shops that have the equipment to do it. Especially given the cost of a trans rebuild, it seems silly to only change part of the fluid, and oxidized trans fluid is the #1 cause of transmission failures.
  • thanks very much
    will look into that
  • My 01 with 1008K miles is showing a P0171 (fuel system lean bank 1)code. I'm guessing it is an O2 sensor but it doesn't seem to be getting worse gas millage. It runs a little rough at startup but fine after 30 seconds. Any good ideas on how to fix this? If it is an 02 sensor, which one? Thanks.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,961
    I just got a 97 Pathfinder XE with the factory Bose stereo. Can anyone tell me how to set the clock?
  • Where is the PCV valve in my '01 PF located?
  • I had problems with my check engine light coming on. They found nothing wrong with it. It eventually went off and came on again then off. It has been off for almost a year now. I had an exhaust leak and went to the muffler shop. They told me the cat converter was bad and under warranty. So I took it to the dealer and paid them to run the tests on it and they found it was in the exhaust not in the converter. No warranty. They said that Nissan reported the same problem but not enough to make a recall so they(Nissan, not the dealer) made a repair kit that cost me $150 plus labor to install. (Even though it was a Nissan defect, I had to pay for it).

    Now my pf is at the dealer because the engine started making a very loud knocking sound. They don't know what it is but said that it is major. I bought it new 5 years ago and have faithfully kept up on the oil changes.
    Good luck with yours. I hope the info helps you.
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