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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • krcarr30krcarr30 Posts: 6
    What kind of upgrade deal/offer where they giving you?
  • 1sg31b1sg31b Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if you can access the fuel pump on an 06 Pathfinder from the passenger compartment?
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    my 05 did that in reverse if the car was in automatic mode for 4wd or if it was in 4 wd
  • jcottonjcotton Posts: 1
    Thought the problem was the fuel pump. replaced the fuel pump and still won't start. We put a different relay switch in the fuel pump relay and still would not start. any suggestions on the issue. May it be the fuel pressure regulator? is so where is that located
  • ckmwbcckmwbc Posts: 1
    I first started noticing the whine when it started to get cold. Sometimes I will hear it when I start the car, and it will last from a second to 10 seconds. The only other time I hear it is when I accelerate. It doesn't happen very often, and it isn't very consistent conditions when it does happen. I've been in low and high gears and heard it. But as soon as I lay off the accelerator, the sound goes away till I push on the accelerator again.

    Any ideas on what is causing this problem? Or a solution?
  • nissanednissaned Posts: 1
    I wanted to post my experience with my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder (Bought new in June 2007) that has the AC drain problem. I took it to a local Nissan dealer who initially told me that the drain problem was only with Titans and he had not heard of a problem with Pathfinders. They kept the car for a day and supposedly repaired the leak. They did not replace the front carpet, however, and after I complained, they offered to replace the carpet, which they did. Note that the pad under the carpet is micro-cellulose composition - there is NO WAY to get the water out of it. In our case the carpet smelled of mold/mildew. If you have this prooblem be sure and have the carper REPLACED.

    Anyway, 2 months later and the same problem came back. I am planning on calling the dealer tommorrow to see what their response will be. My last NISSAN was the best car I ever had in 30 years of driving. I bought this one expecting even better quality. But after only 8,000 miles I have this. So far, its disappointing. I can get over it and like this vehicle again if the drain problem can be fixed.
  • budmantombudmantom Posts: 33
    My 2001 Pathfinder has been "pinging" on and off and the shifting has been very "sloppy" for over a year but no codes then a month ago the SES light came on and it was a lean condition on the left side, as it turns out it was the mass air flow sensor, I replaced it and it had to be re-programmed ($80) now it runs great.

    I bought my mass air flow sensor off of ebay for $160 shipped and that's less than 1/2 of the lowest price I could find online.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    So, we both have the same problem about the same speeds. That 35 to 40 mph is very rough.

    I have also noticed that my fuel economy is much worse than my 05. We recently took a 6 hour trip on major highways, no traffic, driving cruise control and the best we could get was 17.1 mpg.

    So, the other day, I had a 1 hour highway drive, minimal traffic. Reset my fuel economy log, turned on cruise control, flipped to manual mode. The indicator showed 4th gear at 75mph. I shifted to 5th gear and drove for 45 miles. Fuel economy 21.9.

    On the way home, drove same speed in cruise control in automatic mode 17.6 mpg.

    There is definitely something up with this transmission.
  • krcarr30krcarr30 Posts: 6
    That is very interesting.....I am going to try that approach and report back. I am also going to drive in maual mode and see if I get the same thump/shutter at or around 40mph as opposed being in automatic drive mode. I would try this yourself as well and see.

    I too get about 17.3 mpg with a combo of city and highway travel. Geez we should have went with the V8 engine....
  • My 99 Pathfinder has the 4wd light on dash, wont select 4wd- any ideas why ?
  • caracalcaracal Posts: 4
    I need to change the struts on my pathfinder, can anyone lend me some advice as to what tools I will need, what to expect, and anything I need to look for?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Just curious, how do you know when you need new struts in this truck? I have an '01 with 120k miles, and the struts have never been replaced.
  • caracalcaracal Posts: 4
    I was looking at the front brakes, and noticed that one of the struts was covered in oil. I think it may have a blown seal. That it the reason I am thinking they need to be changed. I know that you cant change just one, and I have a basic knowledge of how the repair is done, I just needed some input specific to the Pathfinder to make certain that I have all the information I need to do this right the first time.
  • caracalcaracal Posts: 4
    Anyone have input on replacing front struts on a 2001 pathfinder? I have never done this, and would love to hear from you guys about your experiences doing this.
  • Nissan has a bulitin out on your trans for a softwhair upgrade pritty shore. Like one of the posters on this foram said in a preavious posting. and I looked it up the ful aconomy for a 2008 pathfinder v6 is 16 city 21 Hiway. that is using the epa's new fule aconomy numbers for 2008. anymor questians Pleas ask and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. The pathfinder is a real grate truck all years up till the current one. It is on a truck frame it is a suv dont expect to get grate ful aconomy sorry guys that is the way it is. Thankyou for reading my posting Marco.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    All I can say is "wow"
  • munnymunny Posts: 10
    reading your post actually made my hair (hare?) hurt
  • boulder5boulder5 Posts: 1
    Any other 08 pathfinders owners having problems with pop,clunk sound coming from the front end,sound may be heard when vehicle begins moving.Taken my vehicle personally to the dealer 4 times and am told is a "normal sound",even had a advocate for nissan tell me this sound is normal.Dealer has said all 08 pathfinders will make this noise because" this is just they way nissan built this vehicle"and i would have to deal with it,both dealer and nissan USA are standing behind this pop,clunk problem and said the will do nothing about it.I personally called 8 dealships from new mexico,arizona,colorado,and no other service managers are reporting this problem.Please 08 pathfinder owners pay close attention to this noise by having your stereo off and soon as you get going listen carefully!!
  • whitepathwhitepath Posts: 2
    I lost the front right corner piece to my wife's roof rack at the car wash. Any ideas on where I might find one? For those of you having roof rack wind noise, make sure that the cross bars are installed with the correct edge forward. It makes a huge difference.
    Does anyone else hear high pitched tones in their Pathfinder? Seriously, they are high freq tones that are just audible.

    Thanks for the info.

  • cjones7cjones7 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 pf and the alarm will go off and it wont be cut on or the doors wont be locked or anything!!!!!!! What the heck is wrong with it ? Any ideas how to disconect it! Thanks
  • Hey THe Fix for your Problem is real simpal. the drane tube - avaperrater is cloged with junk from the Road. Might have to Put a little screan at the bottam of the bumper that is your problem dirt gets in there Grate Truck. I Hope the dealer cleaned it should be ok for now. any mor questians pleas ask Just trying to help out I no quite a bit. Thankyou Marco.
  • Hey Do you still want to keep this Alarm or do you want to get rid of it. If you want to keep it the cause of your problem might be cause the alarm sensor is to sensitive and may nead sum ajusting. if You dont want it anymore you can just cut the wirer and wont work anymore Hope I can help you out it is a grate truck How menny miles do you have on your Truck Marco. thankyou for reading my posting sorry about the spelling Marco
  • Hey I hope I can help you Out. Whell that might just be the abs systim testing it selfe. does it do it every time you start off from a stop.. Or just when you Put it in drive. Or it also could be one of your diferanchials for the 4wd system I would not worry about inless it gets alot worse. bring it to a nother dealer if you can to see what they have to say about this sound. I Hope I helped you out The Pathfinder is a grate truck no car is problem free you no. Thankyou for reading My posting have a real grate day Marco sorry about my spelling.
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    Oh, now it makes sense! I was missing both of mine on the 05. I thought someone stole them! LOL
    I ordered my new ones from dealer.
  • whitepathwhitepath Posts: 2
    Do you recall how much they cost?
  • krcarr30krcarr30 Posts: 6
    Where can this bulletin be found?
  • you should be able to find it on this websight Nissan I have not bin able to look yet for you I have had not mujtch time to look but I no there is a bulitin out on this problem. Call a few dealers as whell if you would like. Hope I was able to Help you thankyou Marco. SOrry about sum of my spelling.
  • notorious2notorious2 Posts: 4
    I just noticed a day or so ago whenever I start my '02 6cyl. 85600 path. there's thick white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. This only happens when I start but never during driving. During short trips you hardly notice anything but after a good run on the highway and the engine cools off once you start up again there's the smoke. Any idea what could be the problem and is there a solution? :confuse:
  • notorious2notorious2 Posts: 4
    Over the past winter my A/C only functions on high. The other levels don't seems to function at all. When I'm driving the vehicle, whatever the setting, is you feel it coming thru the vents even when the A/C is off. Could it be a compressor not working, a failed sensor or something I really don't know about? Any solutions to this problem. "02 6cyl. SE PATH.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Is there a lot to smoke, or a relatively minor amount? How long does the smoke last after starting a completely cold engine? How many miles does it take your engine to use a quart of oil? Are you the original owner? How odten have you changed the engine oil since you have had the truck?
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