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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • i have a 97 nissan pathfinder le... it does the same thing i alway tell my boyfriend it sounds like birds are in my hood... but ya like when i give it gas i hardly hear it and when im at stop lights and whatever its loud and obnoxious quite embarassing... i would like to know the easiest way to fix this problem
  • does anyone know how to fix the loud chirping noise that is under the hood of my truck... it only chirps when im at stop lights, signs, parked, or how much it would cost because i dont have alot of money :mad:
  • I have a 2001 LE Pathfinder with the Auto bush button style heater and AC control cluster. All of the lights appear to be "out" except for the manual and mode buttons on the far right side. Are these easy to get to and replace? Kind of a pain not to be able to see the controls at night!
  • Is it common for the man computer in a Nissan Pathfinder to go out?

    My '87 suddenly quit running this morning while on the freeway, and at first I thought it was the fuel pump, because there is no smell of fuel and nothing is entering the throttle body.

    But then I checked for spark, and there isn't spark either.

    It simply keeps turning over, totally dead.

  • 05se05se Posts: 4
    During a routine oil change at the dealer, the service manager tells me that the rear brake pads need replacement and rotors "resurfaced". Gives me a price of around $230 with labor. Okay............

    Went out and purchased new rear brake pads, around $30.00. The next day I went to the mechanic down the street to have them do the work. Explained my situation and what needed to be done. When I mentioned about resurfacing the rotors, he asked me if the rotors were steel or composite. Not knowing the answer, I called the service department at two Nissan dealers to confirm, and both told me that they were steel. Good, since I never budgeted for new rotors......I can have them resurfaced.

    Truck goes on the lift, rear tires and wheels removed. "We have a problem" says the manager. "These are not steel, they're composite. Resurfacing ain't gonna work." He takes the rear left rotor off, shows it to me. Yup, the thing is warped as a you know what........Bit the bullet and had steel rotors installed, about $70 each.

    Anyone with an 05 or later had a similar experience like this? I think it's just BS that Nissan uses inferior rotors that warp too easily. I know they (and other manufacturers do this), but why cut corners?

    Just had to vent for a bit.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    The seepage was detected more than a year ago. I thought it steemed from the firewall/windshield area. A "real" honest local mechainic told me that there was probably a clog in the weep hole area in the door jamb. Looking into the door well when U open the door revealed that leaaves and maple tree 'poly noses" have gathered into the door well. Cleaned that out, dried the carpeting and seemed OK. Now it really leaked, cleaned the same area again [my son at college uses the Pathy], but this time, the entire passenger front side carpet and padding is soaked and smells. Is there a service that can clean and deordorize the carpetting or does it require to be replaced which is expensive....

    Anyone. Advise is much appreciated.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,018
    So last week, the PF got stuck due to the corroded battery cable. The pos cable splits and goes to a fuse box under the hood and I suppose down to the starter. There is a remote start in there someplace too and it has a factory immobilizer alarm. I don't really know how that works. The guy put a new battery in and replaced the end of the positive cable with a generic one. So the two plugs that went into the old connector were cut and the wires were sandwiched into the generic new one.

    So now, the problem persists. my wife went to the mall and had trouble starting it. The car has plenty of juice but the key is unresponsive as is the remote start. There is not a click or anything but it otherwise has plenty of juice for the windows, radio, etc.

    It was towed to city tire and it started right up. We took it to Garden City and back with no problems. I then took it to Stop N Shop and it wouldn't start but fired up on the 3rd or 4th try. When I got home, it wouldn't start and I tried it a few times over a few hours without luck but the next morning, it fired right up. So I left it at City Tire and they want to replace the negative cable. What do you think? Does that sound like the right move?

    PS - the chirping problem sounds like the serpentine belt
  • rf396rf396 Posts: 5
    I have 2004 Pathfinder V6 3500. I hate this POS. Been nothing but trouble. 4 years old and has been running hot till it boiled over today. Doing the ol puke out the radiator bit. Plenty of AF in it so I figured it would be a stat issue. I removed the stat with not too much aggravation. Here is what I found. Stat LOOKS cooked. white hot markings on it. The probe on top looks somewhat done in as well. Problem I had was going to my local Idiot palace, I.E. AutoZoned out and found that they list an upper and and a lower thermostat? I cannot find ANYWHERE on this monstosity where an UPPER would be. The one I removed is routed to the lower radiator hose and the upper hose routes way behind the engine. I figure a trip to Nissan in the morning is mandatory, but could this PIG actually ANOTHER stat? And please dont tell me it's BY THE FIREWALL. I may just burn this thing to the ground. Thanks
  • munnymunny Posts: 10
    the upper thermostat is called a water control valve. it is pain to get to and a dealer part (only about $20). I had overheating issues on my 2001. changed out radiator and lower thermostat (don't forget the gasket for the thermostat - it was not included in my NAPA kit.) has been running ok since.

    schematic: rts/exhaust-cooling/210-water-pump-cooling-fan-thermostat/-c-4700_4701_4724_4727- .html
  • rf396rf396 Posts: 5
    Munny thanks for the reply. Was YOUR radiator pretty clogged? or rotted. This one seems ok and the flow looks good. no buildup as far as I can see. Also were you able to get a thermostat from a local source? The morons around here are useless so I'll be forced into going to nissan tomorrow. Also, where is the WCV located and have you ever heard of this being part of the issue as well? When I took this stat out, it LOOKS cooked. lots of white hot discoloration and the probe on top looks bad too. Thanks
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    To All Owners of This model Pathfinder: Found the source of water seepage. There are weep holes in the windshield wiper area. They divert the water from that area down along the inner door hinge area into the door well. There are weep holes in that well area. That allows the water to drain out to the ground. They were Clogged with leaf debris [those freakin polynoses from maple trees mostly] and the water backed up into the door well and into the flooring. My son and I picked up the carpet and the entire floor was soaked, the padding is ruined. The carpet is salvagable. It's been cleaned and dried out (with a shop vac and hair blower). Now the padding will be replaced and the carpets fully shampooed. Hopefully - good as new.
  • I moved into the North Carolina area last September. Had the timing belt replaced and new tires, plus tune up. Engine light came on a week later. Adjustments were made and the engine light came on and off until recently when it stayed on. Same diagnostic code...throttle position switch was replaced. A week later engine light was back they tell me it is a leak somewhere and needs a smoke test. My concern is that everytime they do work on the car, I leave only to return with the engine light on and another problem. How likely is it that work is performed and a week later another pops up. You hear stories of mechanics doing things to your car so that they can generate more business. Is it possible this was done or perhaps a tool was dropped causing a hole somewhere? It is a 98 Nissan Pathfinder with 117,500 miles - new transmission back in 2002. Help!
  • rf396rf396 Posts: 5
    Munny, thanks for answering my overheating question . You mentioned the water control valve and that it was a pain to get to. I cant even see it. Looking at the scematic you gave me the link to, it looks like it's mounted between the firewall and the back of the heads, but I cant see it. Is it possible that the throttle body/intake needs to be removed to get access? Also I did the lower stat. No Go, temp is ok at idle but rises the minute you race the engine. Bad Flow. Im going to repl the radiator AND the water pump. Nissan and another local clown are trying sell me on a head gasket. I twisted wrenches years ago and I've NEVER seen a HG blow and NOT have a crank full of milk, or the white smoke parade. I have neither, so I think they're trying to ace me. anyway, anything you can add about the WCV and it's access would be appreciated. Thanks
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,018
    When the positive battery cable is unhooked, the light will stay off for a hundred miles or so while the computer resets itself. It sounds like they're throwing parts at it rather than analyzing the problem.

    The codes should tell them all they need to know to get to the bottom of it with a little legwork
  • Thank you...have been researching the code which said it was a small evaporation leak. Information about it led to something called a bypass valve?? located under the right rear tire?? Anyway, checked the coolant level in the car and found it to be at the minimum level. Called the repair shop and asked them if they had noticed this when they were servicing the car. Hello....was told that it should have been checked and topped off. Long story short - found out it would be cheaper for me to keep the coolant at maximum level than having to search for a small leak. It's a great car...transmission 5 years old, new tires, body of the car in great shape...I just want to keep it as long as possible. You don't seem to get the service you used to get - everything boils down to having to check in behind people. Frustrating.
  • I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with 55,000 miles. Two weeks ago the check engine light came on so I took it to the local dealership. They told me the computer read an error with a timing cylinoid. Then they asked me if I knew that the engine was blown. I was a total shocked! They told me there was only 1 quart of oil in the engine, and no oil was registering on the dipstick. They then ran a claim through Nissan Corp to cover it under warranty. This was denied because it was 3 months out of warranty, even though it was under the 60,000 mile threshold. My first problem with all this is there was no warning, no low oil or oil pressure light. I then called Nissan Corp myself to file a claim. They asked if I had the service records, and emphatically insisted that they would need them before action could be taken. I was able to come up with adequate service records, but after insisting I provide the service records they came back and said the service records do not matter. The vehicle is 3 months out of warranty and they would do nothing. Has anyone ever been treated like this from Nissan, or do you have any advice on how I can proceed from here? I am irate at their attitude and lack of willingness to help!

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I have an '01 PF, and when it had 90k miles the Check Engine Light came on inidcating a problem with one of the cataiytic converters. There was a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) published by Nissan describing a software upgrade to the engine computer because the computer would prematurely think the converters were worn out. The dealer upgraded the software at a cost of several hundred dollars, and that solved the problem. I sent Nissan a letter demanding a refund as the software problem clearly existed the day the car left the factory, so the upgrade should have been covered under the warranty irrespective of the age of the car. Nissan didn't even bother to give me the courtesy of a response. Matt, your truck is clearly out of warranty, so Nissan is not obligated to make the repair. All you can do is never buy a Nissan product again, and warn your friends how you were treated. 30 years ago I had a Honda Accord's engine blow within a few thousand miles after the warranty expired, and Honda would do nothing about it despite that I had changed the oil every 3000 miles. I never bought a Honda product again. One other thought. Is it possible that you caused or contributed to the problem by not checking the oil level? You mentioned that you didn't get a warning light. How often were you checking your oil level? You really need to check your oil every time you stop for fuel as the manual says. The reason you didn't get a "low oil level" warning light if because your truck doesn't have one...few vehicles do. There is no subsitute for checking your oil regularly. Your truck takes 5 quarts of oil. For example, if your engine was burning and/or leaking a quart of oil every 1000 miles (not that unusual), and it's been 4000 miles since your last oil change, that would explain why there was only 1 quart of oil left. Driving your truck with only one quart of oil in the engine could certainly be the reason your engine blew. And the oil pressure warning light is merely an indication of a problem with the engine's oil pump. It had nothing to do with the engine oil level. Unless there was a problem with the oil pump (or the light itself), that won't light until your engine is pretty much out of oil, and when that happen's it's too late...the damage has already been done.
  • A friend of mine owns a 2005 PF and started having issues with the transmission not engaging right away from reverse to drive (automatic)...they took it in and dealer said it was fine and told them to change the fluid with some synthetic stuff which was done for maybe $180 (not sure)........problem gradually got worse and 3 months later it is really bad....took it to the dealer and they said it needs a new transmission for (i think they said) $3000. Thing is now 3 months past warranty but it wasnt the first time they took it in....Nissan dealership is doing nothing and now my friend is trying to contact corporate to get some resolve.....does any one have any advise or past experiences with this...the PF was used a most suvs...take the kids to school and run to the mall...
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I can't imagine that they will have any problem at all so long as they have the service order showing why they brought it to the dealer just before the warranty expired, and that they can document that the trans fluid was changed per Nissan's maintenance schedule. If they do have the above documentation and Nissan refuses (and there's no other pertinent facts that perhaps you are not aware of), it's time to sue them. On the other hand, if they did not change the trans fluid as they were suppossed to, the problem will most likely be judged to be the owner's fault.
  • munnymunny Posts: 10
    Valve water control - it looked like hell to get to so i did not bother.

    as for the radiator - the radiator could have good flow in and out but still be clogged. i used an infrared temp monitor and profiled the radiator. the sides were very hot but the middle was relatively cold - had little to no flow

    i would replace the water pump at the same time as the thermostat since already down there.

    I sold the pathfinder last week. i was spending a few hundred bucks every other month lately so had enough.
  • Hi - I have an 05 PF, I'm getting a hissing sound from the passenger side of the engine back by the firewall, I've cut a re-sealed the main hose coming in but I'm still getting this sound and the engine with flutter every few minutes.
    Do I need to remove the intake to find this leak?
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Mel
  • rf396rf396 Posts: 5
    Hey munny, thanks for the reply. You're right.It looks like hell so I did not bother either. But I DID flip the radiator as well as The radiator CAP, which believe it or not, can cause the problem on it's own when the rubber gasket swells slightly. So far no problems or overheats, seems to be back to "normal". Or as normal as a Pathfinder will ever be. I still have a years worth of payments on this pig, then it's by by and NEVER ANOTHER NISSAN AGAIN. Man what a dissapointment.
  • My SES light has been on about 2 weeks. All maintenance is performed including recent 60k service. Took to dealer. Told me not to worry. Checked the gas cap, it was on tight. Now that gas has come down I'm filling up with premium (Costco) again. SES light still on. Anyone else with this problem? Also at 60k (almost like clockwork) the center console 'flip top' clip broke off.. as did the double cup holders on the back of the console!
    What about the possibility that the gas cap needs to be replaced... does that happen? :confuse:
  • too4too4 Posts: 3
    i would like to know what size the lines are for the e-brake for 96 nissan pathfinder se
  • Hi, I have a 95 pathy 4x4,when backing up there is a loud squeaking noise in the front end. It seems to come equally from both sides and does it backing up OR rolling backwards when not running. What could this be? thanks in advance.
  • too4too4 Posts: 3
    i am really not sure but it sounds like a differential problem i would start by looking into the differential
  • Hi I have a 2005 pathfinder i just purchased and check engine light is on I scanned it and it came up with p1122 and p1126 which is throttle position motor relay and the throttle position actuator well the relay is ok how do I check the actuator. when I push the gas pedal down when it is idling there is no response, no change in the idle
  • dmurr3dmurr3 Posts: 11
    Hi. For my 2001 SE, All at once my front left headlight, front left fog light, and 3 out of the 4 power windows (not including driver side) have lost power. I can't seem to find a blown fuse. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to fix this problem. Thanks!
  • dmurr3dmurr3 Posts: 11
    Please disregard my fuse question. It has been fixed. thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    What was the fix?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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