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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • dmurr3dmurr3 Posts: 11
    The windows were caused by some sort of short with a switch. As for the lights, it was just a freak coincidence that not only did both bulbs blow on the same day (I'm positive about that) but that happened to take place at the same time as the window problem. I've decided that it's best not to think about it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I've decided that it's best not to think about it.

    That's probably wise. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • So, I was told by a local repair shop that my rear Wheel Cylinders are bad and need to be replaced. I figured I'd save the $150 in labor costs and do it myself.

    I got the drum on one side off without much trouble. The problem is, the other side I can't get to budge. In the repair manual, it talks about removing the access plug, inserting a screwdriver to lift the adjuster lever off the adjusting wheel and using another screwdriver to turn the wheel.

    For the life of me, I couldn't get the adjuster wheel to turn in the direction that contracts the shoes. Any suggestions? I tried it for about 2 hours today and didn't get anywhere. I just can't seem to get the right leverage to move the adjuster lever.
  • Experenced a problem today while driving when I came to a stop or let off the gas the engine would die but would fire right back up. At times it would studder and act like it wasn't getting fuel when pushing the pedal but then take off. It was pretty aggrivating when it did this in an intersection while turning also. This is a 1995 Pathfinder. Thanks for any help.
  • too4too4 Posts: 3
    i would start with checking the fuel filter or even a vacumn hose
  • I have an 05 Pathfinder with 63000 miles that is constantly either stalling outright or sputtering so bad that I have to turn the key off and try to re-start. While it's sputtering it will not respond to stepping on the gas pedal. Sometimes it starts right up, other times it just sputters and I have to try to re-start again. It has always fired up after 2 or 3 tries. This most often happens when I'm stopped at a street light but it has also occured when I'm driving down the road but not at highway speeds. It has occured with a full tank of gas as well as a 1/4 tank of gas. Has done it in cold weather and warm. Has been acting like this for about 3 weeks but seems to be getting worse. Took it into the dealership but no codes were registered and they had no idea what was causing it after having the truck for a day. They could not duplicate the problem. Check engine light will come on while the truck is sputtering but does not remain on once it re-starts. This is causing me some serious grief and the dealership doesn't seem to have a clue where to start.
  • I had this same issue with my 96 is not the AC drain (usually).

    Open passenger side door and check the space below the hinges (behind front mudflaps). There is a drain there that drains water from the windshield (water flows from base of windshield to the space inbetween the door and qtr panel. Mine was clogged with leaves and other junk. Take an air hose or vacuum and get as much of the junk out as possible. Pour some water on windshield to check that you cleared the drain.
  • I also have an 05 Pathfinder LE with 85000kms and exactly the same problem. In fact, it started acting up around the same time you posted this message. The first time it happened (stalled 7 times in 3 days), I brought it in and the dealership found codes that pointed towards the battery (it was no longer holding a charge). They replaced it, gave it back to me, and by the next morning it was stalling on my driveway. I brought back, and the computer no longer registered any codes. They could not get it to fault, but decided to replace the fuel pump anyway. 1-1/2 days went by with the car operating great, and then the car started to stall again (4 times in about 20 minutes). After the last sputter (no stall, just no power for about 10 seconds and a flashing/flickering dashboard and gauges) I drove for 40min with no issues right to the dealership. With the car still running from the last issue, they hooked it up to the computer and no codes were found. The dealership had it for next 5 days, put 250kms on the car, but could not pull codes, or get it to duplicate the problem again. I've just got it back and am pretty choked that the problem is not truely resolved.
    Please let me know if you've found a solution!
  • The first dealership I took it to did the same thing. Couldn't find any codes and couldn't duplicate the problem. I took it to another dealership who found codes in the memory and that my truck was in "fail safe mode". According to them, all indications pointed to a faulty IPDM (Intelligent Power Distribution Module). They replaced the part a few days ago and everything seems to be working fine but the issue was so sporadic that I'm not sure if anything is actually fixed. The part is $200.00 US plus another $160.00 for labor so it isn't cheap by any means but hopefully that was the issue. Also, Nissan ended up paying for the part. The dealership had some issues getting one in. They had one in stock but it turned out to be faulty. Apparently there were only 2 others in the entire US (according to the service manager). This all seems a little strange to me. I'm guessing that there's an issue with the IPDM's. It's not like a car company to pay for parts unless there's a pretty good reason. Especially in this economy. Hope this helps, both of us.
  • ctomctom Posts: 11
    I have a new '08 Pathfinder S. Almost instantly, the spare tire was stolen along with the hardware to hold it in place. When I went to the dealer to get a new spare and hardware, the dealer said they are not aware of special way of securing the tire so it can't be stolen, which seems nuts to me.

    Anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks.
  • The climate control on my 2002 recently developed the problem where the fan blows on high constantly and will not turn off. Took it to the dealer today and was told I need a new "blower motor kit" which will cost $415. Ouch. Anyone else had this problem or heard of this? Any advice or suggestions?
  • My well maintained 02 pathfinder with 77,000 recently started consuming oil, about a quart every 1000 miles. I discovered that the right valve cover plugs up and the pcv valve starts sucking oil into the intake. The apparent fix is replacing the right valve cover with a newly desinged one. I assume it is newly designed because the part number has changed from the original.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Suddenly both my ABS and Brake warning lights came on at the same time. Im trying to figure out why this is and repair it. The Brake fluid is level but not sure when it has been changed. The brake pads are pretty low front and back. Im not hearing the scratching sound of a low brake pad but they are low. I figured if I replaced the pads....rear first to see if it gets the warning lights off I might solve the problem. I was going to replace the rear pads only to discover some additional bolt with a rubber housing keeping the caliper on. Should I continue with this barke pad solution or is this something else? THANKS
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    One of the belts (I beleive there are 2 of them) makes that slipping noise, but only occassionally. Aside from replacing it, is there other measure I can follow?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    The tension can be adjusted, but assuming it's the original belt from 8 years ago you should just replace it as it doesn't cost that much. Belts deteriorate from heat and the passage of time, and slipping doesn't help either. When you consider the results of the belt breaking while you are on the road, replacing the belt would be smart preventative maintenance.
  • Hi,
    I just received a 93 Pathy XE with 75,000 miles on it.
    How much should i pay (in US) for timing belt replacement and do I need to do this right away or do I have a little leeway on this ?

    Also, is this a DIY job ?

  • I have a 2000 Pathfinder LE that I bought used. About 18 months after I bought it, I began to hear a clunking/clicking sound that seems to be coming from under the front of the car. It usually only happpens after I have driven it for a few minutes and only when I tap lightly on the brakes. I can even feel it a little in the brake pedal. I took it to my mechanic to check the brakes, but he said they're all good, and even even he is stumped. Otherwise, the perfomance and braking power is fine.
  • is have a 95 pathfinder with a head light prob both fues are good it is the driver side light that dont work olny when you turne it on for night driving
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Shark: i did replace all belts (not the Timing Chain) and filters, and some hoses at 75k. Now have 113k on the clock. I think you're right though, should replace the belt and other hoses, flush and replace antifreeze, 4WD complete servie too. I also have some of the power window motors "slowing down considerably. I will need a tune-up as well. here's the question : Do I start poring $$$ into a 8 year old Pathy - no loan[free & clear] or opt for a new or lo-mileaage Certified PO replacement. I am really considering a Hyundai Santa Fe. I don't go Off-Road.
  • Just a timing belt replacement no more than $300.00 parts & labor. You have no leeway because it should have been replaced 2x by now. On your particluar year it is recommended to be replaced every 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes first. Keep in mind the belt material degrades. Also, once the timing belts cover is taken off the waterpump and cam seals need to be inspected so be prepared to have them possibly be replaced too. This not a DIY job get a certified tech. to do the replacement. If you pay someone to do the timing belt, timing tensioner, waterpump, drive belts and cam seals don't pay more than $1000.00 parts and labor.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    So long as your truck is reasonably trouble free (and '01 Pathfinders generally are if properly maintained) it will be FAR less expensive to spend the money to maintain your truck versus buying something new. Just calculate the numbers. With your current truck most months you will have no expenses other than fuel, and if you buy a new truck, soon you will be spending $ to maintain that too. Your analysis should also include the difference in fuel expense, but if your PF is not habitually troublesome you will still find it's cheaper to keep the PF.
  • My 95 Pathfinder is also doing this....right headlamp stays on. I pulled the fuses and it didn't correct the problem...fuse in, light goes back on. Is there an answer anyone?
  • Howdy! I'm new to this site, but have lurked for a bit and gotten some great help/tips/advice. Thanks!

    Here is my experience getting some helper springs for my 2000 SE:

    I asked at my local tune up place if they could help stabalize the rear end with airshocks or something. They told me airshocks are not available, but I could go with air bags, I remembered reading about them on here a while ago, so did some more searching, and found good reviews about the Airlift1000 setup.

    I bought a kit online for 79$, as I was having difficulty getting them localy (even through my shop). I scheduled an apointment at my shop for some maintenence (belt change etc & install the helper springs). My shop unfortunately couldn't give me a definite install price for the airbags. They were really concerned that once they started they might get tied up replacing worn out bushings stuck parts etc etc. Perfectly understandable since my Pathy is an east coast truck, and likely has all kinds of salt seized bits underneath.

    I asked around at work, and folks recomended Les Schwab (a pretty decent North West tire store company). I went to Schwabs, but they will not install carry in parts. They quoted a price around 500$ to order and install. They also were nice enough to recomend a few local shops which would install carry in parts, and even called over to them while I was on my way. Schwabs is a pretty good chain to deal with.

    The shop I went to said that they couldn't do it for less than Schwab's quote, again more concerned about getting tied up with the "unknown" once they started the job. They were going to charge minimum 4hrs labor. They also recomended another local chain "All American Truck & SUV". All american quoted a flat install rate of 175$, and offered to install same day.

    The install took them an hour, and they did the install the recomended way (drop the rear end, remove the springs, drill etc etc). Pretty nice job! Actual charge was 146$.

    All American Truck & SUV has a few shops in Oregon, so if your out this way and thinking of an upgrade definitely give them a call. They also could have ordered in the part pretty easily. They've also got all kinds of accessories (would be kinda scary to go in there with a fat wallet).

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, but I figured I'd chime in with my thanks again to you all for the great advice-and hopefully help someone else in the future.
  • jon73jon73 Posts: 1
    I have the SAME exact problem. My Pathy stalls while driving down the road, and sometimes when I try to start it - it cranks but won't turn over. In fact- I took it in today to the dealership, and they dianosed it as a bad IPDM. Same thing - it's going to take a couple of days to fix because they need to order the part. My question is this - how did you get Nissan to pay for the part? Is your Pathfinder still under warranty? Does anyone know how I could avoid paying for the part if Nissan has had issues with the IPDM?
  • My Pathfinder was not under warranty. The dealership "insisted" that Nissan pay for the part. Their logic was that this part never fails and therefore Nissan should pay for it. That's what I was told. I tend to believe that they were more concerned with the fact that this was the third time they said the part would be there. The two previous times it had not arrived as promised and no one had bothered to tell me until I called to ask if my truck was ready. In the end they saved me 300 bucks so I have no reason to complain at all.

    Good luck.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    What should I expect to pay for servcie on the 01 Pathy in the very near future (113k miles): 4WD service [change ALL of the oils and fluids]; 2 window motors are really slow - breaking down; not sure if I have been able to correct the water seepage I've reported on this site (Pass side at the floor); New Tires are needed [Looking at General Grabbers HTS - had Michelins, too much $$$$]; complete tune up; worn leather seat Driver side front. If you add it up, being in the NY area [EVERYTHING costs more $$$$ here], Do I spend upwards of $2,500 to $3,000 into a 7n year old vehicle without a warranty or take the plunge, say, for a new Hyundai SF AWD Limited with a 10 year warranty ??? with this Pathy as a Trade-in. If I keep it for 3 years or so, with the investment for the repairs and maintenance - what will it be worth in 2012???
  • dmurr3dmurr3 Posts: 11
    I have a 2001 SE with similar problems regarding window slowness. However, I don't believe it's a motor problem. It's been happening ever since I bought the car when it had 8,000 miles on it, and the problem tends to be worse in extremely cold weather. I believe (as does the dealership I took it to while under warranty) the problem has to do with the window gaskets and how they expand and contract in response to temperature changes. My suggestion is to not worry about it if you can, and in very cold weather, try to avoid rolling the window(s) down completely. That's worked for me for about 7 years. Replacing the gaskets did not fix the problem, so I'm not sure there's even a solution.

    Normally, General makes low quality tires. But the Grabber HTS are a Best Buy according to Consumer Reports. That's good enough for me. You could probably get a set, assuming they make the tire in the right size for the 2001 Pathfinder, for about $550 - $600, is my guess, which should include alignment.

    I'll leave it to the experts in this forum to take guesses regarding the cost of all the repairs you mentioned (I am not a mechanic, just an owner), but (not including the water leak problem) I'd be pretty shocked if it cost between $2,500 - $3,000 to do all that work. But I live in RI, so what do I know about NY prices.

    It's almost always cheaper to keep your old car on the road rather than buy a new one that would include monthly payments and interest. I've actually done the math and figured out that over the life of my Pathfinder, I've paid $48 per month in maintenance costs. That includes everything from tires, to bulbs, oil changes, name it. There's no clear answer to your question because there are so many variables (how long you would keep the Pathfinder, how well the engine has been treated so far, cost of current repairs vs. value of truck, maybe you have kids and are concerned about crash safety, etc.), but generally speaking it's best to keep your old car on the road.

    I hope this helps. Dave
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    First of all, read the fine print on the Hyundai warranty. Lots of things are not covered. And where are you getting $2500-$3000 from? The tires will be your largest expense, about $500. Changing all the fluids, perhaps $300. The water seepage is likely just a matter of unclogging the roof drain (BTW, I doubt that Hyundai would cover this type of repair under warranty). What do you mean by a complete tune up? All you need to do is change the spark plugs and air filter (should be $150 or so with labor). Does the seat really need to be repaired? Get a price from an auto upholstory shop? Perhaps $100 for that? Your analysis should not be concerned with what the Pathy will be worth in 3 years...your focus should be on how much it will depreciate over that period...perhaps $2500?...your new Hyundai will have appreciated by that much before you even get home from the dealer, even much more so the next 3 years! Don't forget to figure in the financing cost on the new vehicle and the increased insurance cost. Sounds like you really want a new vehicle and are trying to justify it to yourself :)
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Also I agree with demurr on the windows. Mine have also been slow for years, but they have never failed to close.
  • I assume that your Pathfinder is paid off, pretend it's not.... spend $400 per month on it and in 3 months you will have the new tires, clean fluids & a tune-up.
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