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Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Accessories & Modifications



  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    looks like an outfit called "gille-tech" has them for late model PF's ( ). Look pretty good and cost $69 USD. I've sent an email to them inquiring about installation method, etc. Anybody buy this or anything else from this outfit?
  • I checked the website (actually its "") and sure looks like it should fit my '02. Thanks for the tip. Keep me posted when you get an answer from grille-tech regarding the fit.

    BTW, transfer case skidplate I ordered bolted right on to my '02 SE. I ordered the bolts recommended by Xplorx and they fit perfectly. Thanks Xplorx/Dean!
  • Someone's has been asking about a Pathfinder with brush guard. Here's a brush guard off of a friend's friend. It wasn't cheap but it looks awsome. 2001 LE

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    It should arrive in around 2 weeks at which time I'll update everyone on fit and finish. FWIW, the install method is essentially high-end zip ties which attach to the fins in the lower part of the grille. I like that as there is no drilling holes or using adhesive tapes (which are not very reliable in cold weather). We'll see...
  • I like the one I see in the ads. Heres a link to the Nissan website showing it.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I have ordered grille inserts (not guards). They help keep rocks/debris etc. from damaging the radiator fins. Actually, I'd hate to see the grille guard that was attached with zip ties!! You can see it here:
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Let us know, as I may eventually want to buy the main insert as well (don't really need the side inserts?) for a 2003 LE someday. I saw the hole at the dealer. Such a large opening - I can't think it was an oversight, so maybe it has a purpose? Increase air flow? I called grille-tech and a Nissan dealer; they have no ideas if any problems from reduced air flow of grill insert.

    Also, where would one buy online a simple, no frills, chrome exhaust tip to cover up the ugly exposed tailpipe I saw at the dealer (I get them for all my vehicles)? Does anyone have a website that they have used and know fits? Does Infiniti have one for theirs?
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I only ordered the center insert. The opening is likely both for increased airflow and cosmetics. I highly doubt there will be an issue regarding adequate cooling. I have a chrome tip on my 2001 which I picked up from my Nissan parts dealer. You can see it here:

    If you do a search in the main forum, you can get the details.

  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Wow - that looks terrific! Nissan told me there is no part listed for a Chrome tip. Is your's an '01 - maybe they had a part back then. I like that and would put one on for sure. If you ever come across your invoice, post the part # here for folks to find . . .as I think a lot of people would do it as well. I will try to search the main forum, but never do well in my searches.

    On the insert and cooling, I agree but thought it was at least worth considering. Anyway, let us know how it works/looks and take a photo!
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Canadian Part #99998-259909; but according to later posts, you can only get the tip in Canada for about $50. Local Infiniti delaer has no listing for chrome tips on QX4s. Where are people buying these in Canada (phone number?) - Figuring out all my options now before I pick up an '03 Pathfinder.
  • Hello there,

    By the way I'm in Canada. As you know I'm on the verge of executing Plan B based on some early reports of deceiving Sports model (see main 4Runner thread) and also because they won't be available before sometime in November here in Canada.

    I will want the chrome tip too. So I could get you one at the same time and we would manage to get it shipped to you.

    If you are willing to wait a little bit we could do it that way.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    what's up! Over here now too!?!?! ;> Before I fully execute Plan B (so far just a deposit), I'm checking all these things out. So far from these boards, I have found out what would seem to be the best cargo area mat for my needs, this grill insert deal (yah, there's a big hole down there exposing that radiator), the tailpipe finisher question, and Thule rack compatibility and additional cost issues (around $200 more for fit kits, etc.) for all my Thule snowboard carriers, combi box, etc. Other than that, I am lookin' at possible floor mats (the Nissan ones are real cheap - maybe something like a more refined set of Huskys?) and a tow hitch question - Nissan said it would be $300 US for their aftermarket product (don't think it is worth it if I could do a Hidden Hitch or something similar myself). [Did you notice how close the spare is to the bumper?; not sure what hitch will be the most attractive and least obtrusive in the ankle-biting department.] Anyway, check out that chrome tip part # at your local Nissan/Infiniti dealer and then I'm on board if things work out here . . .

    P.S. Just gave a long and interesting interview to a major weekly news mag about the impact of the new Runner on Gen-Xers. I was very fair, but the reporter loved some of my descriptions of the new 4th Gen look! [which you are of course very familiar with by now!] Can't wait to see what makes it to press . . .!
  • mjohnr99,

    I'm real close to executing on my Plan B. It could happen tonight, I'm going to pick up the deposit I've put for a 03 Runner. There is a Nissan dealer just across the street.

    I've got some price confirmation here and the Sports will be 2k more than a LE (and the 03 Runner does not include leather and it has the plastic cladding issue). Interest rates will be around 7.9% for a new 4Runner and 5.8% for a Pathfinder LE. As my wife is saying: it's a no brainer. She thinks the 4Runner is horrible and she's really wondering why I'm hesitating.

    I think I will go for the savings (around 75$ a month). I'll probably use that money to buy an ATV and in that case I'll get the best of both worlds.

    The only issue is that the Pathfinder is due for a redesign. It's likely to happen next year and hopefully not as a 2003.5. But like for the 4Runner it could be a bad redesign and they could use the redesing to hike the prices. As well Nissan has nice design but both the Murano and Z cars are a bit to weird to my taste.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Yes, the Pathfinder seems to be the best bang for the buck, plus I can get the SuperBlack! Right now, an '03 with the Dynamic Control, Floor Mats, Molding and Microfilter is 31.1K (before T/T/T) with 3.9% financing over 5. My wife loves the interior and amenities compared to what we would have got with a supercharged '02 SR5 (also a bit wider than 3rd Gen Runner!) and the engine HP was where my lead foot needed it to be: also, less risky than supercharging the 3rd Gen. Numbers add up; plus I always have liked getting the last of a model run (explains good pricing and less risky aluminum engine than first year out V6 on new Runner). The only negative at this point is the lack of electric window; but as you say, I could just flip it up for the pooch. Now, back to the Runner board . . . then back here for more work on what the best hitch and floor mats are for the Pathfinder . . .
  • mjohnr99,

    I visited my dealer late last night and he was able to give me a definitive pricing on the 03 Runner. Here in Canada it is very expensive, to get a sport I would have to pay close to 200$ a month more than I'm paying today for a 99 SR5. Ouch. The Pathfinder will only be 70$ more after intense negotiations, at that is for a fully loaded LE truck. The price/feature is tough to beat but I admit that my 4Runner felt better a bit. I guess the Pathfinder is just different and I'll get used to this difference.

    I will finalize the deal next Tuesday. In the meantime I have a Toyota rep that is trying to find me a 2002 Limited for just a 40$ more than the Pathfinder.

    Funny thing: At the Toyota dealer yesterday everybody agreed that the non-limited 2003 is not nice at all and that the plastic cladding is a very bad idea that is likely to hurt their sales.

    mjohnr99, does it bother you to buy the Pathfinder despite the fact that it will be remodeled next year ? It bothers me a bit but because of that I'm enjoying substantial savings and the 03 is likely to be the best year for the Pathfinder.

  • danpf1danpf1 Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 90
    It's looks like the same one I purchased from my Nissan Dealer Parts Dept. It is a perfect fit and looks great. It took me and my wife about an hour to install. It's very sturdy and strong, but light weight tubing that is wielded in all the right places. A really good match, if you ask me.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    world-traveler et. al.,

    - got the '03 SuperBlack 4WD LE and all is well. sounds like the runner debut is still suffering from the cheesy cladding . . . anyway, on my new ride, already replaced the factory racks with the Thule towers and load bars - very clean - Adventurer box perfectly mounts and is centered with roofline from side perspective. Front windows now tinted at 50% (factory rear are 20%, doing fronts 35% would have been closer, but wanted to keep VA legal - besides, the contast between 50% and 20% is better than former 100% and 20%). Definitely get the three-piece Black Armor cargo protector described at Post #33 - I did; came in 2-3 days. Fits perfectly, stays in place, things slide easily in the whole way with seet backs down, dog already puked up steak bones back there and simply hosed it down. Waitin' on Phil47 and that grille insert - other than the one he found, I had ZERO luck searching the 'net for alternatives. Phil47, I want one with around 3/16" holes - how small are they on the grille tech? So, almost done now with these misc. final touches: still need to decide on the draw-tite hitch (or some other?), front cargo mats, a decent brand of side window deflectors (front only; do not like looks of rear; tried Nissan part, but inferior quality and plastic was very rough and cheap), and someone in Canado needs to give me the number for that chrome tail pipe tip!?! ;> Then, I will be done. Almost . . . the Thules aways add a lot of wind noise, and because the Thule fairing will interfere with the sunroof given the bar spread I need, I will also have to find a sunroof deflector. [Nissan says there is not one available yet for the '03s (had plastic problems with '02s they said).] Sheesh, that's still a lot to go. FYI, decided against anything beyond these basics - I won't need grille/taillight guards and I'm leery of bug deflectors and such that require drilling, etc. Anyone with suggestions/brands on any of the above, feel free . . .
  • Talk about timing. I picked up my 03 LE Pewter yesterday. Pretty smooth ride....

    No accessories yet. I'm remodeling my home so goodies are in the form of paint, moldings, coffee tables etc these days!!!!!! Maybe next summer.

    I did not go for black, we own a black protege and that cars is very tough to clean, scratches shows a lot, etc. So I did not wanted two black cars..... But the superblack LE is very nice and mean looking. Congrats mjohnr99.

    On a monthly basis the 03 LE will cost me 175$ less that a 03 4Runner Limited. I have big plans for a Quad (Honda Foreman 450es). Two toys for the price of one !!!!!

    Only a few drawbacks so far:
    1)To some extent I preferred the 99 4Runner look in my driveway. It looked meaner, bigger.

    2)The driving position was higher. I felt more in a commanding position in the 4Runner.

    3)The Pathfinder engine sounds like a car engine.

    4)The Path does not seem as rugged. I don't think I will take it offroad as much. Maybe when I'll feel more comfortable with it I'll change my mind about its offraod abilities.

    Waiting for your comments mjohnr99

  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    congrats to you as well! - before you ruin the cheap carpet in the cargo area with dog hair, mud, top soil, etc., at least order that Black Armor from JCWhitney. It is like a coat of plastic/rubber for the whole cargo bin and things slide in and out so smoothly. I've already used it to slide in and out boxes, 40 pound bags, etc. - a great product so far. Other than maybe blocking those UV rays or protecting your radiator (why such a big hole? couple slightly bent fins already), the rest can wait. [unless you want to send me the phone # of whomever has that chrome tip up there in canada!] Overall, I'm pleased with the way things worked out. I know black always has its issues, but I love it - our other car is black too. :>

    I am kind of with you on those "disadvantages," especially the lower carlike stance, but here are some other considerations that told me the glass was really half full:

    - as you know, the HP on the 3rd Gen was not enough for me (hence my supercharger idea) so I would rather have the carlike sounding engine in the LE with its better HP - plus, the supercharger would have made its own "Interesting" sound . . .

    - yes, the 3rd Gen looks "meaner" in stance and lines, but I think when I look at this LE in SuperBlack and compare to the lower, rounder, 4th Gen two-tone deal I faced, this looks superior in my driveway all the way.

    -yes, I don't think it will be as rugged; rougher in the rear axle/suspension, drum brakes in rear, steering is not as fluid, etc. but you get what you pay for and that to me is a "benefit" in an opportunity costs sort of way. . . as I will deal with these all, very minor in the big picture of all the problems with other brands in the SUV world, plus given the money I can now put elsewhere. For example, look at the Nissan carpet and floor mats - very cheap compared to 3rd/4th Gen . . . but, heh, that is a plus for me as I would put in Huskys in either and would rather have the $$ at this point. Headliner is more cardboard-like, but why pay for something when it will serve its purpose just fine. Overall, I like the interior LE better than the cloth 3rd Gen I would have had: wife likes heated and memory seats, etc. Basically, Nissan has figured out where to cut costs without sacrificing overall reliability/performance; that has always been how I viewed their products. It was always my back up plan for this reason. Check out the current Consumer Reports Used cars guide on the shelves - I was very pleased to see my view confirmed . . . very few, if any, major differences between the important aspects of the Nissan and Toyota product over the yers, other than depreciation. I was pleased to see how reliable the Pathfinder has been in the current design - definitely, worth a read! Confirms a good purchase. [By the way, cars are not investments: take the $$ you save and invest up front and you will be better off 10 years later than with a higher resale 3rd Gen but no compounded investment returns.]

    Yes, it's not the 4th gen I always dreamed would come out, but that truck was a fiction and we only got a sad disappointment for the price and look of the 4th Gen. So, if someone said you only have 31K to shop with, what would you buy? Yes, a Corvette or H2 would be the fun, dream car still, but for the realistic 31K figure, the best choice (and dream car for that price) is no doubt a fully loaded top-of-the-line LE.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I can't say exactly how big the holes are on the grille-tech, but they don't look bigger than 3/16" from the photos. I'll know soon enough when this thing gets to my door (any day now I hope).

    As for the chrome tip, I'm sure I posted the Nissan Part# in one of my posts this Spring when I purchased it. Do a search of the main forum (under my ID?) and you'll probably find it.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    - see post #281; but no way to get that tip down here in states. Do you have a # of dealer who has it up there? THX.

    Curious: what hitch do you reccomend? Hidden Hitch or Draw-Tite? Which is easier to install yourself? [From posts on board, sounds like it might be Draw-Tite - but it does not have the step.]
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Stadium Nissan (which is where I picked it up):


    Hyatt Infiniti (ask for the chrome tip off the Platinum Edition QX4)


    As for the hitches, you're asking the wrong guy...sorry.

    Good Luck.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Anyone on this board have a preference between the draw-tite versus hidden-hitch class III tube hitches? The former seems better rated but the latter has a step similar to the factory Nissan hitch. If the step is only useful for waxing the roof, couldn't you just similarly (and carefully) stand on the draw-tite's no-step receiver almost as easily? There's a hitch by Putnam that seems to have the best of both worlds, but I am not familar with that Brand. Any owners of Putnams?
  • Just bought used 01'XE and am looking for after market running boards (not step rails)for it. Nissan sells running boards as are available on 02'SE but they are priced as parts for $525.00 each. (Ouch)! Have not been able to locate any after market running boards in the usual catalogs or web sites. After reading this message board for awhile, I have installed factory fog lights, rear window deflector, 17" wheels off 02'Xterra that match the titanium front grill (cool look), and Thule roof rack. Just want the running boards to keep mud from splashing up on the quarter panels. Any help or advice from readers would be much appreciated.
  • GroveGrove Posts: 9
    Did anyone get a remote starter ? What brand would you say is the best. Had a problem with the remote starter in my mothers car and hopefully I will not run into any if I elect to get one for my 02 Pathy.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Again, thanks for the numbers on the Chrome Tip! Looks like it is only manufactured for Canadian Pathfinders per info on that Part # from your Stadium Nissan dealer up there. I measured my 2003 LE's tailpipe diameter to make sure that it will fit - it measures ~60 mm across. Stadium Nissan describes the tip as a "Canadian 88 mm tip." You don't happen to know whether the US and Canadian Pathfinders have identical exhaust pipes - I imagine they should. Or, maybe you can remember if your tailpipe measured ~60 mm across before putting the tip on??? :>> I know this is a lot to ask, but before I go through the hassle of paying and shipping it down here, thought I'd ask. I bet the 88 mm measurement accounts for the additional diameter that results when you add the chrome sleeve to the existing 60 mm pipe, but not sure. This should all help a lot of new US purchasers find out where and how to get a finisher that looks as nice as yours. I wouldn't mind as much if the pipe were bent out the side like previous gen Pathfinders;but when it comes straight out the back bumper, I don't like the appearance unless you add the chrome. THX!!!!
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I suspect they're the same. The chrome tip is DEFINITELY larger than the stock tip because it actually bolts on around 6" back, where you'll notice the exhaust tip widens considerably(probably to the 88mm you describe), and there is still at least a 1/4" clearance when you tighten down the bolts. The extra width of the chrome tip allows them to roll the edge in (3/8"+) to meet the existing tip and make it look more substantial from the tail view without restricting the diameter (you can see that in one of the pics I posted).

    Regardless, I'll measure the OD of the stock tip and the chrome tip to confirm this.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Thanks Phil! Really appreciate you veterans sharing with the new purchasers. In addition to the grille-tech insert that I ordered, you look to be on the money here on the exhaust tip as well and I have no doubt that the chrome finisher should fit a US '03. Amazing to think I'm shopping in Canada for this - but is easier than all the aftermarket brands out there which may or may not fit right / look right (i.e., too many to deal with). I'll order tomorrow once I hear back from you.

    Thought I'd pass my recent E-mail exchange along to maybe assist those understanding earlier posts dealing with Husky liners/mats and whether they keep the crud & mud off the fake dead-pedal region. Apparently, the mats (which I think some may have) do not cover dead-pedal, whereas the liners do cover (but you noted that that region of the liner gets all scuffed up).

    Hope this helps others - I think I'll grab the liners; the photos that Husky sent look great.

    Husky E-mail exchange:

    I question as to whether or not the persons providing you with information
    do have Husky Floor Liners. Maybe they are speaking about our Husky Floor
    Mats instead. The Pathfinder has remained unchanged (floor pan wise) since
    its last major revamping in 1996. The console between the front seats did
    change in length a couple of years ago, but not the floor pans. I have
    attached a photo of our driver's side liner below (#3511x) which shows the
    fit, as well as a photo of the passenger side liner. The driver's side does
    cover the carpeted area (dead pedal area) as do all of our liners except in
    odd applications where the dead pedal is extremely large and not carpeted.
    Namely the Corvette and the old body style Toyota Rav4.

    Hope that I have provided you the information you are looking for. If not,
    please e-mail me back or call me at 800-344-8579 ext. 113.


    Steve Bower
    Winfield Consumer Products/Husky Liners

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 9:40 AM
    Subject: Question on Husky Liners for 2003 4WD Nissan Pathfinder LE

    Can you confirm that the driver's seat side floor liner does NOT cover the
    Nissan Pathfinder's fake "dead pedal" region of the floor carpeting (i.e.,
    upper left portion of foot well where your left foot rests while driving).
    People who have bought Husky Liners for their '01 and '02 Pathfinders claim
    that the liner does not cover this area and thus exposes this portion of the
    carpeting to mud. This is only a minor issue, but wanted to confirm with
    the source that this was in fact true before I ordered liners for my new '03
    Pathfinder. [You probably can confirm by just looking at your liners for
    that vehicle and whether there is a cut-out or not in that upper left region
    for the Nissan fake dead-pedal.]

    Appreciate your help! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Hey, another exchange that may help clarify earlier posts on board: From Husky (as well as the photos they sent), it appears that the rear seat liners do NOT block the heater vents under the front seats. Good News! I will order as well.

    E-mail Exchange (he's off on the HP thing though):

    The '03 models are getting more horsepower, but the floor pans are not
    changing. We have not yet viewed the 2003 model Pathfinder, but the
    dealership in Wichita has had one and says the only changes are cosmetic and
    drive train related. The part numbers you would need are #3611x--front
    liners/#6611x--second seat liners and #2511x--cargo liners. I have attached
    photos of the liners below in the second seat area. As you can see we have a
    shorter wall in the front near the underseat registers and the liners do not
    block the air flow. Don't get me wrong, the mats are a nice product, but not
    as custom fitted as the liners. If you decide on the mats, the part number
    is #5202 for the second seat area.


    Steve Bower
    Winfield Consumer Products/Husky Liners

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 10:52 AM
    Subject: RE: Question on Husky Liners for 2003 4WD Nissan Pathfinder LE

    terrific! great customer service you guys, and quick! nice photos!

    yes, I bet you are right - they probably got the mats and not the liners .
    . . I couldn't imagine you not lining that fake dead pedal area as mud would
    get encrusted everywhere. So I definitely am going to order today for the
    front (not sure on liners for the rear, I heard it blocks the pathfinder's
    rear heater vents below the front seats - maybe the Husky mats would be
    better in the rear???)
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I've had the Husky Liners for 2 years now for my 2001 LE, and they are great. I can confirm that they cover the "dead pedal" area, are a great fit and don't block the rear seat heater vents.

    However, they do have a few "shortcomings". First, they are a fairly hard plastic so they can take some time to fit into place if they are cold. Also, the rear liners include that bridge piece over the transmission hump which never seems to sit quite flat, and also makes opening the rear seat cupholder very tricky (I think I'm going to cut that piece off). Finally, although they don't block the rear seat heater vents, the high lip certainly impedes the airflow.

    All that being said, I still think they are the best product (of their type) on the market and would buy them again.
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