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Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Accessories & Modifications



    Owner Notification Date: 9/11/2001
    Number of Units Potentially Affected: 31,000
    NHTSA Campaign Number: 01V282000
    Description of Recall Campaign:
    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles. 2001 model year Nissan Pathfinder
    vehicles manufactured from December 20, 2000, through June 8, 2001, and 2001
    model year Infiniti QX4 vehicles manufacturer from January 8 to June 8, 2001.
    Some of the brackets used to attach the two gas struts to the rear door (hatch)
    may not have been made to specification. At high ambient temperature, the
    increase in gas pressure in the strut(s) may cause one or both brackets to bend,
    resulting in the struts detaching from the bracket(s) when opening or closing
    the rear door.

    If both struts detach from the brackets, the door will rapidly fall down and
    possibly strike someone, possibly causing serious injury.

    Dealers will replace the brackets for the struts free of charge.
    Owner notification is expected to begin during September 2001. Owners who
    take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and
    do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Nissan at
    1-800-647-7261. Hawaiian residents should call 1-808-836-0888. Also contact
    the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at
    1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).
  • Hello,
    I just bought a set of "nissan" rainguards.from the local nissan dealership, but am not really sure that they fit. Do the rainguards for the 99.5 PF fit the 01 PF. The part number i have is "nissanVV3 092199". Also, did you need to remove any of the molding from the mirrors to make the front flange fit under the mirror cap?

  • I opted for the weathertech weatherflectors (aka climair and macneil) because they don't require sticking tape to the vehicle. They have a tapered flange that fits perfectly into the window slot and are extremely easy to install. The only problem I have had with them is they bind too much against the window as it's raised and activate a safety response of automatically lowering the window upon binding. This only happens occasionally and, I feel, will remedy itself as the seals break in. They only have a mild degree of tinting to them and cost about $80 for 4 and $45 for 2. In my opinion, this is a must-have accessory as manufacturers cut cost by eliminating the rain gutters traditionally put on all cars. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
  • Jeckles -

    For your purposes, forget any of those wimpy "brush" guards made in the US (unless it's a custom job). Not only will they seriously mess up your approach angle and impair your off-raod capabilities, but they will actually weaken your truck. If you ever hit anything, they will bend back and cause more damage to your front end than if you had never put one on to begin with. Plus, you should never trust any kind of protection device that you have to bolt together. Most (if not all) people who mount these do it pretty much for looks. Which is a legitimate reason, but not the reason you stated. You want protection, and these bars will NOT give you that.

    The only people making true front end protection devices are in Australia. The market there is for bars that can take animal impacts at high speed and not leave the vehicle (and passengers) stranded out in the middle of the Australian desert. These are actually complete replacement bumpers, so your plastic stuff goes bye-bye and is replaced by a solid steel front end, strong enough to mount a winch and take an impact from a 400 pound kangaroo at 50 mph! ARB makes their Sahara bar for the R50 Pathfinders. Costly (at around $1K plus mounting and painting if you desire), but well worth it. TJM is another good company, but they don't make a bar for the latest PFs. East Coast Bullbars also make an R50 bar, but they have very little sales presence in the US, so you may have to deal with them directly. Here are some links:


  • sabre66sabre66 Posts: 45
    Has anybody purchased one of those hitch mounted shelves/baskets that you can haul extra luggage on? I've seen some which will carry 500 lb and others that are rated at 300 lb. I was thinking about getting one, but not sure where to get the best model/deal. I'd also like one that folds up out of the way when there's no load. Anyone have any info on these?

  • Sabre 66, check JC Whitney for Hitch Haul carriers (or Hitch Haul web site). They offer a variety of carriers plus a number of accessories. I bought similar from local retail offered by Steel Horse. The item works great, holds up to 500 pounds and no lifting to top of vehicle (and scratching paint). You can open rear door and even stand betwen cargo carrier and vehicle to load/unload rear compartment. Great for hauling dirty loads you don't want inside. One of the accessories is a fold up receiver bar (2" receiver only) that lets you fold up behind when not in use, I just take mine off, weighs about 40 pounds. Bob
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The hitch baskets have different rating because they are designed to work with either Class II (300 lb tongue weight) or Class III (500 lb tongue weight) hitches. Check the hitch on your truck to determine its weight rating. It's probably a Class III with a 2" receiver so you can get the 500 lb hitch basket.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I'm sure many of you are frustrated by the fact that the 12v sockets in the Pathfinder go dead when you remove the key. I mean, how does Nissan expect you to recharge that dead cell phone battery? Wait in the car?!
    Well, here's a tip on how to get at least ONE of outlets (the one on the back of the center console) to be always hot:
    Under the hood, find the relay box (probably over the driver's side wheel well) that contains the relay marked "Power Socket 1". If you remove the cover to the box, the corresponding relay should be colored BLUE.
    Carefully remove this relay by pulling up on it while depressing its locking clip (on side facing the engine) with a screwdriver.
    Gently use flathead screwdrivers around the relay cover perimeter to pry off the cover.
    Inside the relay, find some non-conductive material to wedge inside to force the relay to be closed at all times. (I used a folded sliver of paper cut off a business card.)
    Reinstall the relay, and a 12v socket is always hot!
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    on 01 or 02 pathfinders do they still use the flat 4 prong elect for trailers or did they go with the new 5 prong round connecters on many new suv's?
  • The trucks only come with the 4 wire connectors. You will have to by a 7 prong connector if you are gonna use electric brakes. If you are only going to use surge brakes, then the 4 prong is fine.

  • I want to replace the wimpy stock horn on my 01Pathfinder. Has anyone done this and if so what did you get, and where did you get it.

  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    I added a secondary horn, which works off the factory one, to my PF '01 SE, which makes it slightly louder and basically causes both horns to work at the same time. I got it thru my mechanic, who I think got it from a local NAPA dealer, who said it was the loudest avialable decibel without going to "air horns" which would require surface mount and remember you need room for the air horn compressor and to be able to get to it with your hands to change the air filter. Mechanic didn't think there would be enough room in front of the PF to properly mount it. Don't have the package available at this moment to tell you the brand name; maybe you could go to a NAPA store ?

    As an aside, one problem I thought of is local ordinances on noise limits; since I didn't have the time to check into it on a local or state level (NJ), I had my mechanic install a dashboard toggle switch so that I can have the choice of using "both" or just the original factory installed horn; this way, when I go for state inspection, I make sure to remember to set the horn to only use the factory installed one !

    As to an air horn, I'm sure many places around the net sell them; one place, www. has a Hella, dual tone air horn, their model# HEL85105.
  • Does anyone know if the 2001 LE comes prewired for the entertainment system? I just bought a DVD player with a 6.4 in display designed for overhead mounting. I'm hoping that the wires are already there. Thanks.
  • 2 questions on the Nav CD's:

    1. Is it possible to use a PC and make a backup of my nav CD, protecting my original?

    2. Are any owners interested in trading nav disks or backups, to get complete USA map coverage? It bothers me that I will have to pay to get additional map coverage.

  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    "2. Are any owners interested in trading nav disks or backups, to get complete USA map coverage? It bothers me that I will have to pay to get additional map coverage."

    Uh, that would be software piracy. I'm no lawyer ;-), but I'm pretty sure that's illegal. With your great new software laws in the US (DCMA or whatever it's called) it would not be very smart, especially after publishing your intensions on a public list.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Yeah I think it would be illegal. But if your willing to take the risks try using morpheus, you can get just about anything.
  • Has anyone on this board opted to buy themselves an entertainment system. I've done some shopping around and can find DVD's for about $300 and TV LCD Monitors for $500. Still a little steep, looks like about $1000 for an entire system. Any advice or comments?
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Why not buy a notebook with a dvd-rom and a good monitor?
    You can find them for as little as $1100 and it will serve more than one use. Not to mention the screen size will be several inches larger than any flip out.

  • rthayerrthayer Posts: 10
    Curb accident bent the front rim of my
    1999.5 Pathfinder and I am having some
    trouble finding a replacement 16" alloy
    wheel (not the kind the spare comes on)
    Nissan quotes: $445 ! Way over my budget.
    Local junkyards have turned up nothing.
    Anyone have a net source for this item?
  • duperduper Posts: 127
    Try contact or . Autogator specializes in Nissan used parts and is a junkyard in general.

    Good luck


  • I bought the SE roofrack, so I have no need for LE rack and wind deflector. They were on the pathy for less than a week. Make me an offer.

  • kkfitzkkfitz Posts: 4
    I have an '02 LE I purchased in Canada last month (thanks Jon Lofquist), and need to add a hitch for pulling a motorcycle trailer. I like the idea of the Nissan hitch with the little step pad but I'd like some user input from the trenches.

    I'm not very tall (5 foot 4), and thought that the step pad might be helpful in reaching the roof rack area, but sometimes great theories don't quite work as well in practice. Do those of you with the Nissan hitch ever utilize the step area? Is it actually useful, or is it more of an annoyance than its worth?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have learned so much from this arena!
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    You'll find that nearly every hitch available for the Pathfinder has some kind of 'step'.

    The step is very useful for climbing up and accessing the roof. It's sturdier than the bumper, for sure.

    The only thing you have to watch out for is that it sticks out pretty far from the bumper, so you'll have to watch your knees/shins when you're loading stuff in the rear.
  • kkfitzkkfitz Posts: 4
    Thanks for the feedback, xplorx4. Looks like I'll be saving money and making the smarter purchase at the same time by avoiding the Nissan hitch. Another win-win situation!
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    Nissan's custom pet barrier is $140, universal pet barriers range from $40-70. Is the Nissan part worth the extra $$?
  • cretecrete Posts: 105
    I just bought a New '02 Path LE with the factory installed roofrack but I really like the roofrack on the SE truck better. I was wondering if you could tell me a few things about your roofrack swap out.
    -- How much did the SE version cost? -- Did you install it yourself? -- Is it the same as the one on the SE's from the factory or is it a little different? -- Do you notice any more/less wind noise?

    I would really like to do the same as you and install the SE version on my new LE. I also like the titanium tinted step rails of the SE, did you do those also?

  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    P-Finder Owners,
    I could use some help with the Nav Sys on my 2001 Le 4x4. I have read the book on the nav sys over and over but.... what are the Black dot's in the road mean? or symbols that look like this mean _._ ? also what are the differant colors on roads and land mean? Any help would be a bonus!
  • petefinderpetefinder Posts: 2
    Path owners...

    I've read some have keyless entry that allow you to open your windows and etc. Where can I find this? Nissan headquarters know nothing about it. Also, the SE roof racks... which one are you all talking about?

    Does anybody know how much or if it's even possible to have the 2002 version DVD installed into the 2001???

    Thanks a bunch
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    Ihave the DVD sys in my 2001 is there a differance for the DVD player for 2002? As far as the Remote open of windows i know that is avail in the Altima.
  • cretecrete Posts: 105
    I'm here in the bay area and I have a keyless remote for my '02 LE pathfinder which will open (roll down) the driver and passenger side windows using the keyless remote button. I forget which button it is, I haven't used it that often, but I know it states this in the manual. I think you hold down the unlock button for a few seconds longer after the doors unlock. I don't know if this is also on the '01 models.

    On the new SE's for '02 thay have a new style roofrack- Titanium-Tinted tubular desgin. They really look sharp. I was hoping something swaped out the roofrack on the LE's for the SE's so I could see the cost for replacing mine.
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