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2013 Nissan Altima



  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I took mine on my first real road trip last week and I'm very happy overall. Good luck to you.
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    I have owned my 2.5 sl since June 2013 with no problems. The only thing that I feel is when the car is coasting around 35 to 45mph and I slowly accelerate, there's a vibration felt in the steering wheel and in the center console as if something is not tight in the engine. Also, at idle it feels a little rough.
    I want to know if anyone has experienced this same issue and what have they done to fix it. Otherwise the car is great.
    Thanks!! :)
  • I have a 3.5 2013 Altima, fully loaded. The my nav was doing exactly the same thing, then, on a long road trip the entire system radio and all, just blanked out, then came back on and locked the nav. It kept going on and off every ten minutes or so. I had already taken to the dealer, they confirmed issue and ordered an entire new unit.
    This took almost two months because the manufacturer, BOSCH, was backlogged on replacement units. It has since been replaced and so far so good.
  • Of course, no matter what blog you read on any vehicle, there will be good and bad reviews and every once in a while, someone gets a bad production vehicle.
    I for one have had a few issues with my 2013 3.5 Altima but overall, nothing specific to say it is not a good vehicle. My overall mpg is 25.4 and that is with a good mix of highway and city driving. The ride is smooth although it does take getting used to a CVT. If you like the feel of a car shifting, then you won't like the CVT. If you like power, then the 3.5 is the route to go.

    I did drive a 2.5 on a very long east coast trip and got 37 mpg on all highway driving! I felt though that the 2.5 is obviously not peppy enough and is a bit noisy on quick starts. The 3.5 is responsive and smoother. While Nissan has confirmed some issues with the CVT jerking slightly at a low speed, take it to the dealer under warranty and they will fix it.

    The seats are as advertised, there is nothing more comfortable for the driver and front passenger to enjoy on long trips! I have back issues and not one complaint on a five hour drive! The cabin is quiet and stylish. The only complaint is that the cup holders are too big for smaller coffee mugs and it causes a rattle at times. I had the radio and nav system replaced due to a manufacturer defect but cannot complain about the Bose sound quality. The only thing I wish the Altima had as a package option is a seat memory for multiple drivers and a power passenger seat.

    Thumbs up for me!
  • You obviously don't know too much about how the mileage is calculated. There are many factors taken into place on how the remaining miles changes on the computer. Obviously the first is speed, second is how much and how far you are using the accelerator, third is idle time and there are many more to factor. MPG stickers are based on a set speed at ALL times. I'm sure you are not driving the same speed all the time. I have had no issues with my mileage and I have driven both the 2.5 and own a 3.5! People who post mileage issues on any car need to recognize their driving habits. Don't blame the car!
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 126

    I have 21000 miles on a 2013 2.5. I now have the "vibration" during normal to slow acceleration. The vibrations are causing my instrument cluster area to have a vibrating plastic part. Dealer said they recognized the problem, but Nissan told them it was "normal." No one would buy the car if they experienced the "vibration." Will be back at dealership soon to revisit the issue.

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