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MB M Class Owners Maintenance and Repair



  • Has anyone else found that the navigation system in the 2006 ML performs poorly? Frequently my nav system sends me in the wrong direction or chooses a route that doesn't make sense. I have the latest (August 2005) DVD, which I think is less accurate than the 2004 DVD that came with the vehicle.
  • But there should be no jerkiness at all on a $50K new car. I am looking at the Lexus RX now; I think, like you hinted because of your last car, Lexus's quality and track record are better.
  • no engine failure as of yet, however by not being the orginal owner does this also apply to me
  • Everyone, MBUSA just bought back my 2006 M-Class too because of the same transmission issues. I give them credit for standing behind their product, and owning up to the problem. Good luck to you all, it is a beautiful vehicle, and if you got a good one, I am actually envious!
  • Can you post the link to download the software?
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Lexus is having their fare share of problems too. Just go and look at the "hesitation" problem with the transmissions(including the RX330). You will see there are many dissatified customers with Toyota's inability to fix this ongoing issue. While you are there, look at at all the problems with the RX400H, including Edmunds test vehicle that lost the power steering control unit with 3K on it.
    Take a look at the GX forum also. Jerky drivetrains are causing major grief with many owners. It seems to be an inherent driveshaft design flaw,(can I say that in the same sentence as LEXUS?).
  • yes, i did notice those issues with Lexus rx330 too. but having had bad experiences with the ML, i think lexus has a better quality record, and can't be any worse that my ML quality record!

    the 400h needs some more time on the market, just as the ML IMO.
  • I will have to contact the dealer and ask for the link. I will post it as soon as I get it. Am assuming it's an intranet site, but I will find out for you.
  • I've been reading these lists for a week now and I'm starting to think that my "find" may be not such a deal after all. 2001 ML 430 from private owner with 30,000 miles. A pampered 3rd vehicle for less than $20,000. Well taken care of and dealer serviced, but I haven't reviewed the records yet. Any tips or pointers to look for on this year and model? Thanks in advance.
  • So what is the story? Does anyone know for sure? Every 2006 SUV has it except for the M Class? Will they be able to retrofit? :confuse:
  • I have a '01 ml320, for the most part problem free. My only question is "is gas mileage as horrible for you as it is for me". I live in phila.,pa. I fill the tank about twice a week
  • I have a 2002 ML 320 with 29K miles and just like you for the most part trouble-free. I do get 18.1 MPG consistently all city driving....I must say I drive conservatively though. I don't step on the gas when the lights change just to blow people off and I try not to do anything over 60 in city driving.

    Hope this helps......Good Luck
  • uddriver -

    Have you taken the vehicle for a test drive? Do you like how it drives? The ML is a fully-boxed frame vehicle which is good, but then again you feel every bump on the drives like a truck.

    For an 01 model year truck, $20K is a great deal....if it has the NAVI already installed. Not to burst your bubble, but MB did recall the 01s for tranny and bad harmonic balancer issues I believe. If the current owner took the vehicle to the dealer in response to the recalls, then that's good so you don't have to fork a lot of dough to get it fixed since it's out of warranty - but the question remains: were the owners aware of the recalls?

    For the most part, the tranny has been known to suffer from jerkiness problems, wobbly engine issues and bad harmonic balancer (01 recalls). Having said that, I love my ML, it's a great vehicle and I love the ride and like I said sometimes it can be rough!

    Have the vehicle undergo a diagnostic check and for all you may come back a OK.

    Check with your MB dealer and enquire about the certified pre-owned warranty's a 2-year warranty after the 4-year/50K miles warranty runs out. The vehicle must pass the MB 120-point inspection in order to get the CPO warranty.

    Good Luck....
  • Just picked up 2006 ML 350 ...I did not get a cargo this standard? or an option? Thanks
  • I haven't driven the 430 yet, I expect it to be rougher than my Deville, but smoother than my old Dodge 3/4 ton Quad Cab. I appreciate your tips, I'll be checking the recall issues.

    As for the Navi system, seems to me that there is mixed responses to the system. I have a Pioneer Navi unit that I had planned on transferring to the Mercedes if possible. In my work, I need detailed directions, so I'll be checking that out for sure.

    Any idea of the cost of Mercedes used car warranty? Thanks again.
  • The Mercedes CPO program is actually free. It's a two year full warranty just like the 4yr/50K miles warranty....Check with the local MB dealer where you plan to service the vehicle.

    If you have to buy additional warranty check out square trade ( - a subsidiary of Ebay. I think a 5yr or 7yr with 100K miles is about $2935 with a $100 deductible. They also have 0% financing for 12months if you need to spread the warranty payments.
    Also check

    Good luck....
  • Warranty direct is $2,200 for 13 months and $3,600 for 37 months
  • smythsmyth Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2006 ML500 that the trans stopped working in the middle of an intersection with 800 miles on it! The trans or something is make a tapping sound that started at aboyt 400 miles. They (MB) replaced the valve body twice and the transmission once. They had it there in service for 49 days since we bought it. It also has a tendancy to jack rabbit accelerate from a stop.. Not a safe car at all. How did you get them to replace or refund quickly?
  • I would contact your selling dealership's client relations manager and tell them you have a new 2006 ML with major transmission issues, that the car is unsafe, that it has been out of service for 49 days, and you want out of the vehicle. Are you servicing at the selling dealership? If yes, that makes it easier.

    Before calling, I would research your state lemon law. I am sure you are within its purview. Also speak to a lemom law attorney (who typically takes cases on a contingency basis) to determine the strength of your claim (which to me appears solid). Make sure they are ready to accept the case BUT do NOT retain them yet. I would use that in your self help by telling MB that you have spoken to counsel and that they are about to take your claim if you push the button, but you would like to resolve this amicably. Lemon lawyers usually file a civil claim, rather than use any arbitration proceedings, so MB will probably work with you since it does not want a public filing involving poor quality on one of their new swanky vehicles.

    Work the client relations manager professionally. That person is your liaison and can really help you. But in the end, if you feel you are going nowhere, I would not think twice about retaining counsel. No out of pocket expenses for you means they only take strong cases, so you lose absolutely nothing.

    Post your contact info if you want more help.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    This article may be helpful:

    Getting Some Lemon-Aid From Your Lemon Maker

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  • Greetings

    taking shot in the dark here. does anyone have the or know where to get the 2004/2005 disk #8 (mid-atlantic (PA), I beleive) for sale. I have been very unlucky on ebay

  • Greetings,

    New user and new owner of a 20001 ml 320 w/77,000 miles. Seems to have all the fixins.

    I have two questions is everyone elses gas milage as horrible as mine also I'm not sure if I have a navigation system. Large in dash flip down screen (only a cassette behind flip) 6 cd changer in rear wheel well, has navigations buttons on radio.

    When should i be chging the manual or service plan
    Please let me know b4 i purchase disk that i may not be able to use
  • yes, that is what i meant. make your contact email public on the profile page. sorry! :P
  • encinoomnia:
    I have a 98 ml320 suv. I never can get the fule guage to register full. The most I get is always 3/4 full. Don't get more than 300 miles on tank full?
  • gm1120gm1120 Posts: 22
    That's a good question! When we picked up ours, the salesperson said it was an option, but he couldn't find it in the options list for me to purchase. I kept nagging and so he managed to get one from an ML500 (on the sly) and he gave it to me.
  • i am pretty sure it comes standard. mine came with it.
  • Has anyone any knowledge of what (if any) play there should be on the lower ball joints? Although my dealer said they were worn, after replacing them they still show some signs of play - enough to knock over rough roads. The dealer says they are ok, but then he would!
    I've owned many vehicles and never come across 'designed in' play before so I think I'm being had over - any comments please?
  • This is my first time on this site. Hopefully, someone out there can help me. I have a 2004 ML500 with 18,000 miles and Mercedes-Benz Manhattan is stating that I must replace the brake pads and rotors for $1,300.00. It seems rather early in the life of the vehicle to be performing such an extensive repair. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • Replying to: moybenz (Nov 21, 2005 2:26 pm)

    If you have a blank space behind the motorized display, you don't have NAV. Another give away is no antenna up on the roof - you probably have a flat rubber hole filler. All of the radio units have NAV buttons. I'm not convinced that Nav is such a wonderful option; a map works just fine.. possibly better, and costs a whole lot less.

    Our 2000 ML320 gets 19 city/21-23 highway. Not bad for 4,500 lbs.

    The car will "tell you" when to change the oil by displaying one or two wrench icons when you're within a couple thousand miles of needing same. Read the manual - if you want to bring up that info sooner I'm sure that you can press twice or something like that on the odometer display knobs and it'll bring up the miles to next oil change, and which service you'll need, A or B.

    We go about 12,000 miles between changes. Always use only synthetic oil. I usually add about two quarts between oil changes due to consumption (normal for most European brand vehicles.) email me if you need me to look up the procedure to bring up the miles to service feature (see profile page).
  • I also have a ML 500, 2004, with 15,500 miles. I was just told the same thing by the dealer and the brakes of course are not covered by the warranty. I do not tow anything. The car is obviously too heavy for the braking system. In fact I began to have brake problems within two months of purchase. I do not know what you are going to do, but I am getting rid of mine. This is just an indication of problems to come. After this experience I never plan to buy another Mercedes. Their corporate office is no help, they could care less about the braking problem. Any reasonable person can see that a car that has rotor damage after only 15,500 miles has a design flaw. Good luck with your ML 500, you are going to need it. Even if you replace the brakes and rotors, it is obvious you are going to have to do this every one to two years. You have do decide if you want to live with this continued expense. As for me, I am going to trade this problem SUV for a reliable SUV ASAP before anything else goes wrong.
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