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  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    kblanko -

    Is your tranny a manual one or automatic? Transmission not wanting to shift out of 2nd or won't shift out of 2nd could be a combination of several issues. Can you get a diagnostic check from your local MB dealer or a private garage? Is your check engine light on?

    Most commonly and frustrating issues reported on this forum has been related to transmission jerkiness when you come to a stop light and start moving again when the lights change.

    BTW, the 98-01 models were recalled by MB for an out-of-sync harmonic balancer that could also adversely affect the transmission. Good luck.....and let us know how you fare!
  • Has anyone had problems their catalytic converter making excessive noise? We own a 2000 ML320 with approximately 55,000 miles on it. I believe there was a recall recently put in effect, however, when we took it to the dealer, the dealer (Silver Star Mercedes Benz In Thousand Oaks) did not have the part there. As time has gone on (it has been about a month since I first noticed a different sound in the exhaust) the noise has gotten worse and the car now sounds like it has had a bad aftermarket muffler job.
  • I had the same problem and the MB dealer in the US said that it is a bad battery problem. After changing the battery the situation was fixed. Try to replace the battery and see what happens. Good Luck
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    We haven't heard a strange noise from our 2000 ML320, but when it was in for some warranty work recently, the MB dealer took it upon themselves to just replace the cat. converter. I didn't even know about the recall.
  • Well, we have gotten some paperwork in the mail from Mercedes about the recall, though it is not posted on edmunds. We took the car into the dealer for service on Friday because it just was not driveable anymore with such loud exhaust. (It sounded like a NASCAR). All though they didn't have the part in yet, we were allowed to exchange our car, free of charge, for a loaner until the work is completed. The loaner is just fine for now because it's a nearly brand new (it has 1300 miles on it) 2006 Mercedes C230 with the new 2.5 liter V6. Sweet car, especially with the bright red exterior and black leather interior this car has.
  • gary0251gary0251 Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me with a the passenger mirror that the spring has come loose. I purchased a used housing and that spring is loose as well.... HELP PLEASE...........
  • jsi1307jsi1307 Posts: 1
    So, once again I am taking my 2003 ML350 in for service. I have had nothing but issues for the last two years. The car has lost power steering and I have had numerous, what I assume to be, transmission issues. The car continually shakes while at a stop and then fails to shift while accelerating. My favorite is when it fails to shift on the freeway! All but once, the dealership has claimed to find no issues witht he car. The last time it was in for service, I was informed it was missing an integral part of the engine software (which was apparantly installed). Nonetheless, the problems started up again. The dealership makes me feel like I'm crazy, but I know something is wrong with the car. Any insight on the transmission issues???? Thank you!
  • I'd go for the Bridgestone though they're pretty even with the Goodyears, but slightly better. The Coopers would be my last choice in those 3.
  • ran111ran111 Posts: 9
    I recently purchased the Bridgestone Dueler H/T Alenzas to replace the Dunlops which were OEM on my 2000 ML320. The Dunlops had 34,500 miles on them and were well worn. I purchased the Bridgestones from a Firestone dealer and with a 4-wheel alignment, lifetime balancing and rotation, got out the door for $780. The ride is now more car-like, quiet and smooth with improved cornering. Wet traction is better although I have not tested yet in snowy conditions. web site has user ratings and comparisons on tires for the ML. The Alenzas were rated #1. Check them out.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I have a friend who had to replace the lock cylinder on a ML320. He also got a new transponder key. The problem is that while the key works and will start the truck, he is-using the M-B directions-unable to program the key to lock/unlock or activate/deactivate the alarm. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • That's interesting. First of all, do you have the 17" or 16" wheels on your ML. Because we have the 16" wheels and they came from the factory which General tires not Dunlop like I've heard people say they've had on their car. also says that the oem equipment for the 2000 ML320 was Dunlop, not General. Maybe it has something to do with manufacturing date and a change in tire contracts.
  • ran111ran111 Posts: 9
    I have 16" wheels that came standard on the ML320. The 17" wheels were standard on the ML430 that year. I recall that both General and Dunlop provided OEM tires for the ML, at least in MY 2000. Back then, there were many discussions on this forum about the pros and cons of each brand of tire.
  • wmunson2wmunson2 Posts: 1
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome aboard, WM!

    I do hope other members can provide the feedback you request.

    I'd like to recommend that you turn off your CAPS LOCK as people tend to pass over messages typed in ALL CAPS.

    tidester, host
  • kkjmkkjm Posts: 4
    My 06 ML has clocked 11000 miles. During the recent winter, 2 squeaks coming from the front - left and right - each time when the vehicle is turning about 120 degrees slowly. Went to dealer a couple of times, could not replicate the problem because i) dealer is about 15 miles away 2) it squeaks a few times and goes off. But there was one time the temp was 20 degree and the squeak on the right stays. Brought back and the dealer heard it - and replace the right axle. The left squeak remains as this is not as serious as the right - and the dealer says 'PROOF IT'. I'm determined to bring it back to proof that I'm not making this up.

    Also the back absorber (both sides) making 'thud' sound going thru a hump at about 5mph and also driving thru eneven roads. Brought back to dealer a couple of times and again they say 'PROOF IT'. Again,, after driving about 12 miles on the highway at 70+MPH, whatever noise there is goes away, end up looks like I'm making this up. Of late, I realised that this happens when it is raining, and it is damp. I'm now on the lookout and will bring this back to the dealer again to 'PROOF IT' and make my point.

    Very dissapointed with MB response to the issue. Why would they think I spend time making this up? Each time I hear this 'thud' noise, my blood pressure goes up and wondering why I have made the decision to go with MB instead of Lexus. This 'thud' noise from the rear is especially embarassing when I've friends - they starts to laugh at MB quality and I felt like a fool as the owner.
  • pfentonpfenton Posts: 16
    My wife's 98' ML 320 is scheduled for an appointment next
    week to have the crankshaft pulley balancer swapped out.
    The open recall is still in effect for the 98 and 99 year
    models with the defective part # 00-000. The recall will
    be totally free according to the Ray Catena dealership in
    New Jersey. Be proactive and check out the recall ASAP.
  • pfentonpfenton Posts: 16
    The Ray Catena Motor Car Corporation (Edison, NJ) did honor
    the open recalls and replaced the harmonic balancer and did
    check the steering hydraulic power assist hose, piping and
    connection clamp which were fine. No charge for either the parts or labor. I am a satisfied owner of two MB vehicles.
  • franzjfranzj Posts: 1
    I have experienced the same "THUD" noise coming from the rear of my ML350. I also realized that it occurs on damp or rainy days. Clearly a problem with the rear absorbers or suspension. Brought it to my local dealer and they heard the noise on a rainy day. Brought it back the next week to be repaired(on a dry day) and they said that they could not hear the noise so they could not fix it. By the way, my 5 year old daughter asks me all the time "What is that loud thumping noise?". Maybe Mercedes should hire her? Actually, it seems they would prefer NOT to hear the noise. What happened to Mercedes? Sad day when you can get better service at your local Hyundai dealer!
  • rocky1facrocky1fac Posts: 3
    I have a ML320 1999, it has a noise in the engine like a tick or knock. Sounds like a valve cam hit. Not there on start up but when the warm up occurs. Worst at low rpm when stopped but in drive. If I push selector up to Neutral position the rpms go up and the tick goes away. Sound goes away when driving. Took it to a mechanic who figures it is a wrist pin snce the sound is midway up the engine. Any ideas?
  • rocky1facrocky1fac Posts: 3
    I have a 99 ML320, it has a tick or knock in the engine. Not present during start up or for the first 15 mins. After warm up it starts mainly at ideal with car stopped and in drive at low RPM load knock. When I shift into Neutral when still at stop sound goes away as rpms pick up. No sound at full drive. I took it to a mechanic and he said it sounded like it was coming from the middle of the engine and suggested wrist pin. Sounds like a valve tick to me, any ideas...oh please not a rod failure. I just bought it and the dealer said the noise was with the car since new and they have never been able to figure it out. It was a MB dealer.
  • rocky1facrocky1fac Posts: 3
    Im repeating myself first time on site. :blush:
  • hgpmhgpm Posts: 3
    My ML 350 has 9500 miles and the Continental tries have no tread left.
    Has anybody had simular problems?
    Continental does not consider "premature wear" a manufacutures defect. My old ML320 i did get 45000 miles on the tire with tread left.image
  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
    Hello, can sommeone tell me where is the Drainage tray for the mercedes benz ml500 located at. whenever it rain my suv get wet inside. Some one told me that ML500 2002 has a drainage tray. Can some one please help me on this.
  • sbarb1sbarb1 Posts: 1

    I have owned a 2006 ML350 since last July. I have 9,000 plus miles on my car, have no tread left on my front tires (continental's). I took back to the dealer and they said it was because my tire pressure was low (2pounds), so it wasn't covered under the tire warranty. I have also had the transmission problems that everyone is talking about, took back to the dealer they told me Mercedes is aware of the problem, but since they couldn't mimick the problem in the shop the problem wasn't fixed. I am getting ready to trade my new car in for a new Discovery LR3. Am very unhappy with the service that Mercedes has provided!! Do not buy this car!!! By the way if any of you live in the SO CA area and are thinking about buying a Mercedes from Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach, beware of the terrible customer service!! I had three neighbors in my neighborhood that were seriously thinking about the ML350, & I talked them out of it!!! YEAH!!!!
  • eatanianeatanian Posts: 2
    Dude, why didn't you watch your tire pressure?
  • hgpmhgpm Posts: 3
    This hgpm again.
    My tire pressure was check and check. it was within the specified limit.
    I have since found out from Continental that left a voice mail on my answering machine as follows:
    Mercedes know that this tire wear out premature, they use it for comfort it is not the best trie for an suv"
    Now i am talking to my lawyer!!!!
  • hollabackhollaback Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2001 ML 430 last week (EPA MPG is 16 city/20 Hwy). When driving in the city, I seem to average 9 - 10 mpg while driving conservatively. Highway is much better (around 18 - 20). When I accelerate during city driving, the computer display consistently says 6-8 mpg.

    Is 9 MPG normal for city driving or would you think that there is a problem that I can get corrected? What things should I look at?? Thanks

  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    hollaback -

    9-10 mpg is seriously inadequate. I have a 2002 ML 320. I get about 18/19 mpg all in city driving (and about 22mpg on the freeway) using air condition/heater and or radio or CD most of the time.

    There maybe a few things you can do....

    1. Make sure your air/fuel filter is clean or not too old - try K&N filters, they may help.

    2. Am not sure about this one, but you can try that tornado thingy - I've seen it advertized elsewhere and on the speed channel and they claim to improve your gas mileage by 1-2 mpg.

    3. Check your tire pressure - if it's too low, the co-efficient of drag will almost always get you and kill your mpg numbers.

    These are some of the things that come to mind that you can try, but reserch to make sure they are actually what you need in order to improve your gas mileage.

    Hope this helps....good luck and let us know how you fare!
  • My girl friend has a 2004 ML500. She has about 60,000 miles. She has put on 2 or 3 sets of brakes and is ready for her third set of tires, what gives here???? After reading several of the postings, I see not to go to the dealer and have these things done.
    Another eat the back seat belt, the dealer says it will cost $1000 to replace, where can I get it cheaper and how hard is it to fix....also, are there any manuals out there to tell me how to mantain the SUV???
  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
    Can someone please tell me why My ML500, 2002 is acting out! Whenever I start the car and tried to put it in Drive(d) it wouldnt allowed me, for some reason it lock in Park(P). And my ESP and ETA lights are coming on...
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