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MB M Class Owners Maintenance and Repair



  • tuanltuanl Posts: 5
    I got the same problem with my ML320 year 2000. Took to dealer and they found a bad idle sensor and replaced it. It works OK since then...
    More than a year now.
  • tuanltuanl Posts: 5
    Try the idle sensor.
    My ML320 dies several times... took to dealer and they replaced
    the idle sensor. it works.
  • tuanltuanl Posts: 5
    Hi all,
    I have the ML 320 year 2000.
    I just found out that I could not lock the hatch back door
    with my remote control. I have to lock it manually by flipping
    the door switch in the back. However I can unlock all doors
    including the hatch back with the remote control.

    Anybody experiences same problem ? Have any idea ?

  • I have a 2001 ML and have the same problem. As I understand it, there is a plastic pin that locks the hatch when using the remote. Frequently, the pin breaks and won't lock the hatch. The pin isn't used to unlock the hatch so the remote works for that. The hatch cargo handle needs to be replaced. This is another of the common M problems.
  • D-pillar peeling is another M class common problem. My dealer wants $440 to replace both of them. The parts are less than $200 on the internet. However, I found the following "do it yourself" repair which I am going to try once the weather gets warmer.

    It is amazing how many common problems MB has had with the M class yet never offers to correct them or even discount the repair.
  • I have a 99 ML320 that has this ticking coming from the engine compartment when I press the accelerator. Could be engine? The sound does not seem to be present when I at sitting in park and rev the engine. Only when driving. It seems like its on the passenger side of the car under the hood. Any suggestions at to what it could be. Since I only hear it when im driving I cannot seem to locate it.
  • my320my320 Posts: 1
    does anyone know what is causing this popping sound under the car while driving?
    the sound is like a bubble wrap being popped
  • I have a 2005 ML500, air suspension. Since about 20,000 kilometres (12 months ago) the vehicle has developed road feedback (shudder) through the steering wheel on rough surfaces. Worse in "comfort" suspension mode. Makes it quite unpleasant to drive long distances, which is what I bought the truck for. Dealer makes the right noises, vehicle was with them for a fortnight, returned somewhat improved, but not fixed. I cannot believe this is as good as it gets for a Benz! Tried an air suspension Toyota Landcruiser on same roads with no problem. No problem also with my C class, but I appreciate it is not air suspension. Has anyone else experienced this problem or do I just swap it for a Toyota/Lexus?



  • tuanltuanl Posts: 5
    Thanks beerball,

    you answer makes me do further research on the "cargo handle assembly".....
    Indeed, the plastic pin is broken as you said
    I got the part from a local MB dealer ($166.00) and DIY last weekend.
    It does fix the problem.

    Below is the link of the same issue: -stuff-warning-dont-do-easy-change-thanks-raybenz.html

  • Hi All,

    I'm looking for suggestions on what to do. I bought a 2008 ML 350 September 5. 2 weeks later I start getting the "red" battery symbol on the screen and the dealer suggests I have not driven it enough. So things go on for a few more days and the battery light doesnt come on. On Halloween night my wife takes the kid to trick or treat and the car dies in the middle of the road. Dealer takes it in for 3 days does all tests and replaces battery on Nov 3rd. Today Dec 6th, same message and I anticipate the same turn of events happening. So drop the car of at the original dealer and waiting to hear from them. Any suggestions as to what is happening? I have lost faith and am scared of my family even venturing out long distances in the ML 350. I may be even looking to sell it off :mad: :( :cry: Thanks for any suggestions in advance!!
  • (I posted this in the GL area but am doing so here as well. I assume the MB-tex interior is the same in all of vehicles)

    My '08 GL with Macadamia MB-tex interior is experiencing severe discoloration on the seating surfaces. A friend who had the same interior on an '07 experienced the same problem, although I incorrectly assumed it was unique to his. Now another friend with an '08 model is having the same problem I am. In all cases, complaints to our dealers were met first with denial that there's any problem, then advice to use a dry cleaner strength solvent (which apparently is now difficult to obtain).

    My dealer told me the problem is blue jeans. The rubbery nature of the seating surface apparently picks up the dye in the jeans, darkening the material. It's only taken 3 weeks for mine to look awful. This isn't from new, unwashed jeans either. Just my and my wife's regular duds that have been through the wash plenty of times.

    I'm interested in hearing if any other owners are experiencing this problem. I think it should be considered a defect and a remedy should be provided at Mercedes' expense.
  • mb2006mb2006 Posts: 1
    I am the "proud" owner of a 2006 ml350. I have Michelin Latitude tires, which have been whining since about 12,000 miles. I have complained about this numerous times, each time getting a different answer. I now have 26,000 miles on this car, and I am being told that the tire has no useful life left. Michelin is not going to stand behind the tire. I have never had to replace tires this early on any other make of car. Can anyone tell me if this is normal wear for this tire on this make of vehicle?
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    What do you mean Michelin is not going to stand behind them? What is the warranty on the tire? I assume it is more than 26,000 miles. What are they saying? Sounds like a good small claims court case to me.
  • convert:
    In looking at the interior, I moved away from Mac (though I liked the color) and opted to do a different color scheme- silver w/ ash mb tex for this very reason. In the mac mb tex interiors I saw/test drove, I noticed the same thing- color rubbing off onto the seat. I did not see this in the ash (yet anyway), though I have a hunch that it may do the same thing. I would agree- this is an apolstry issue. I will inquire this weekend as well and see what they tell me.

  • I got about 21,000 miles on the Continentals that came with my 2006 ML500.
  • lawing1lawing1 Posts: 3
    Am considering buying a 2008 ML350.

    Have the 2006 ML350 7-speed transmission problems (jerkiness (surging and lunging) of the vehicle when driving slow or stopping been resolved by MB?
  • I think the problems are fixed. My early 2006 ML500 which was terrible to begin with in fine now. My friend just took delivery this morning of a 2008 ML550 and said it is very smooth.

    I would buy another!
  • Were you able to find the oil drain bolt? I can't find it either. I have a 2006 ML350.
  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    I bought mine used May 2005, with low miles on it. Several things have been
    repaired on it under the original warranty which expired in Jan. 08. I took the
    vehicle in a few weeks back for a brake job which I knew was upcoming
    since it now had just over 39,000 miles. So far, these were the new problems
    also "found" on it by the local MB dealer: Ball joints; pinion seals, transmission
    cooler line. That's about $ 1,500 worth of work.

    When I got the vehicle back, the invoice had typed on it: "Customer states fluid leaking under vehicle" and "Customer states noise while going over bumps." Funny thing is I never made either statement to service writer. When I asked the service manager about this "enhanced" language on the invoice he defended the service writer. The service manager also tried to claim that the problems were related to our bad winter and the effects of potholes on our local roads. I usually
    get a customer service phone call about the service experience that I have had with this MB dealer but not this time.

    Is this normal disintegration of a 4 and one-half years old vehicle with under
    40,000 miles on it? Is this normal behavior for a MB dealership?
  • pfentonpfenton Posts: 16
    My wife owns a 1998 ML 320 now more than ten years old and has never had to replace any ball joints, pinion seals, transmission cooler lines,etc. Just routine
    brake service, belt and oil changes and tuneups. A less than five year old MB SUV should not have these major problems. It doen't sound too kosher to me. Perhaps a different MB service provider is warranted.
  • HI...I am going through the same thing now and I bought my ML320 used from a dealer and only got one fully functioning key. They are telling me 8 keys, the max, have already been ordered and now I have to replace everything to get a key to work and start my car. They are quoting me 2500-4500 depending on if they have to replace the main computer also??? All for a chip in my key that wore out? Why in the heck can't they just replace the chip? I am flabbergasted and this just seems like price gauging. Does anyone know of a work around? I do not even care about having an electronic key, I just want to be able to start my car. I never ordered extra key and this was even a Starmarked vehicle. If anyone responds, please also copy to my email: [email protected], please.
  • phxmaxphxmax Posts: 6
    This is for anyone who may have a fuel guage issue. I own C230K and ML 320, both 2002 models. This happened to me in both of them. The problem goes like this. You fill up gas, topped off, and then you notice that shortly after filling up, the guage is showing about a 1/4 less than what should be. I asked my favorite shop (not an MB dealer, since we are out of warranty already) for this fix, he said it could cost up to $600 to get this fixed. I did not fix it right away since I was still getting accurate data on fuel consumption from the computer display, range, mpg, etc... Well, the problem took care of itself; and the guage operated normally after that. It took about 5 fill ups in the ML to get to normal, and about 12-15 fill ups on the C230K. If anyone has the same issue please post and share with all. Thanks.
  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    There was a recall for various Mercedes models in July 2008 pertaining to an
    incorrect SCN (software calibration number) which dealt with incorrect
    fuel gauge readings as well as several other issues. Neither of your model years were listed on that July 2008 recall from the summary that I saw. It may be worthwhile to ask your mechanic whether your models could be suffering from
    this also, although not covered for free under the July 2008 recall.
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    That happens in pale colored interiors. It's exactly why I ordered Black MB Tex instead of Macademia. Before we purchased ML, we had a Range Rover with the tan leather seats and they got really stained from our jeans, etc. Never again. I did use something on them from the Dollar Store if you can believe it. It was called "Awesome". They were real leather and they withstood it. Just dilute it and have extra water to wipe off excess when done scrubbing (I used a tooth brush) It didn't get it all but it got alot. I would recommend testing it on an inconspicuous area to be sure.
  • I have 98 ML320 with 219,000 miles. The truck has been great. Other than regular maintenance and normal wear and tear we haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I'd like to make sure it stays that way. Are there any replacements/service we should have done?

    We have some minor knocking which my mechanic tells me is not uncommon or unexpected on a vehicle of this age. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to get to AT LEAST 400K miles.

  • rososorososo Posts: 1
  • phxmaxphxmax Posts: 6
    Hello Rosco, I wonder if you saw my posting #661 of 664 Re: Fuel Guage Not Operating Normally - PhxMax [phxmax] by 04350 Jan 04, 2009 (2:11 pm)...

    The ML problem fixed itself after a few months; this is a little weird, but saved the few hundered $ my mechanics said it may cost. My ML has not had the issue again. My C Class has the same problem re-appearing just a few days ago, I am monitoring and no plan to fix; I will keep you posted. Phxmax.
  • slavekjslavekj Posts: 1
    I have ML320 that needs valve cover gasket replaced. Does anybody knows if I can do it myself. Dealership ask me to pay $500. Please help.
  • palmharborpalmharbor Posts: 26
    After 47 1/2 months and 46,998 miles, I said farewell to my 06 ML500 and traded it for an 09 BMW X5 diesel.
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