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MB M Class Owners Maintenance and Repair



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Any problems with your mercedes? Was maintenence expensive? Hope you enjoy the beemer.
  • dabankdabank Posts: 1
    I tried starting my ML 320 Friday and everything was fine until my right hand hit the turn signal and high beam and the entire power died.

    There are no lights, no automatic door locks. Nothing.

    I took a "power tester" thing to see if power was coming from the battery and it was.

    I opened the fuse panel inside the engine and found the power cable coming from the battery and there was power coming into there but I don't know what else to check.

    Any ideas?

    I just replaced my battery about a month ago.
  • rahulgrahulg Posts: 28
    Hi Drew / Friends
    I recently bought a 2009 ML350 with P1. I am facing two problems. One is with COMAND navigation. It doesnt announce street names though manual says that it will. Right now, it just says turn left or right or straight without street names. Am I missing something as I cant believe that MB Navigation system is so preliminary?

    Second problem is with seat lumbar support. I dont have memory seats but my lumbar support gets activated and when I sit on the driver seat. Even if I reduce the lumbar support as it hurts my back, it will remain in the changed position till I drive. But if I switch off the car, and when I come back it gets back to its original position as soon as i sit in the driver seat. I can hear the motor sound to verify that lumbar support is working. This is very annoying to me as I have to adjust lumbar support back every time when I start the car. Is there any way to switch this feature off?
  • Yesterday while driving, my ML320 began to act like it was not getting gas at around 40 mph. The rpms went way up and the car slowed down. It does it most everytime the car is around 40 mph and sometimes also at 20 mph. I thought that it was a fuel problem but have seen no change since adding injector cleaner to the gas tank. Any ideas? Not sure if it is fuel-related or transmission but would like to have some idea before entering the dealership which rountinely sees us women coming. :sick:
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem. I changed the crankshaft sensor and it all went well for 3days but it happened again. The engine just died when im doing constant speed around 60km/h...I pulled over and start the engine, it start but rpm doesnt go up even though i step deeply on the gas..The car shake heavily, loss of power and it move very slowly and helplessly like it's going to die..but managed to travel 1-2KM to my house, lukily it was very near to my house. when i reached home, i step on the gas real hard a few times and it become normal again...I have changed original fuel filter, fuel pump, air filter, spark plugs (original MB) 2mths ago..Cant figure what's wrong. Have the car diagnosed few times, eveything is just fine, nothing's error. These hapened since 1mth ago since my battery died, i jump start it and get the battery changed. since then these all start to come out..Dont know it is is related..almost everytime the engine died and shake heavily happened at night time when all the lights and air con is on.. Dont know if this gotta to do with electrical or something else..

    SOMEBODY HELP ME.......... Can email me for solution o experiences

    [email protected]

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Can email me for solution o experiences...

    Let's keep the discussion here so everyone can benefit. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Hi,

    I have just returned from my regular mechanic garrage. They diagnosed the car again and still find no fault. But found out that one of my battery head very loose. They tightened it, and make a 30mins test drive and found the car loose power, but not dead, they switch on air con and lights n drive shake a bit and acceleration is very poor. drive it back to the garrage, they are giving me the last option. They recommend me to change the spark plug cables which total up 12 of them. According to their experienceds, poor sparks cable cant be detected in the diagnose..I thought i'd rather gamble for it n paid for the cables. everything seems fine for a 1hr drive to my house with heavy traffic..An I have just drive around to dinner with my family 1hr ago with all lights n aircon on. everything is fine. but due to my traumatoic experience. i dont want to be happy too soon. i will drive for a few days and update again..I am thinking of selling it away if this problem still happen again..but it is an inch away from perfection, cause ML320 is a strong and comfortable car..but who doesnt get frustrated with same problem on and on...Im thinking of going back to grand cherokee 4.7 V8, my previous car.much more torque n soft suspension and LESS trouble...

    Anyone have a solution please kindly inform me by posting in this forum or email me [email protected] thanks
  • All Proud owners of ML 320 Bluetech. If you can please share your vehicle maintenance experience.
    How often AdBlue needs to be refulled ? Cost of doing so ? and how often a regular maintenance is required such as oil changes etc and cost to do so. I am trying to understand how much will be a total maintenance cost for this vehicle for 5 - 7 yrs

  • take it back to dealer it will cost you nothing
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    With all due respect, if you are the least bit concerned about maintenance costs, pass on this vehicle. ;)
  • Bought a ML 350 2009 for my wife and started driving it this week. Had the window down and them i heard this clicking noice every time i pu the car into a gear. Every time i shift the car makes this clicking sound. took it the MB service department and they are telling me that it is normal.

    Can some one tell me what is going on?
  • Does anyone know where to attain a maintenance manual for the 2008 ML-320 CDI Diesel? No, they do not sell this on the DVD, and the 2007 DVD does not discuss the diesel engine M-class at all. I am looking for a basic reference for some common maintenance tasks. Thanks in advance!
  • Try ebay, Craigslist, if no luck - try a search in an English speaking country in Europe.
  • I have an 05 ML 350 and the driver side parking and tail light are both not working. I have replaced both bulbs with no sucsess. Has anyone had this problem before and did you find it to be a fuse?
  • I just had the fuel pump on my 2000 ml320 changed for the 3rd time in two years, But this is the first time I hear a whistling noise coming from the Gas tank area, its obvious its the new pump, the mechanic tells me thats normal? I have never heard the pump make a noise before? Any sugestions :confuse:
  • is this site still active?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Yes, but traffic can get a little light in places during the holidays.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Did you ever find out if your ML350 is capable of announcing street names? I have a 2010 ML350 and it doesn't announce street names.
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 307
    A friend of mine asked me to post about his 2002 ML320. A bulb is out on the console near the mirror. The dealer says he has to replace the whole $1400 unit. Is this true?
  • The cig, lis any one had theirs blew. I checked all the fuses , but I do not see any place on the fuse box for cig lighter. Could it be a relay. Also my outlets stopped working. HAS ANY ONE ELSE EXPERIENCED this problems. I enjoy this car never had any problems and I have 172 + miles. I keep it serviced. I did research and found out the only thing that goes wrong is the windows which I'm experiencing now. I know I have to change either or a combo of 2 things the motor or the switch. Has any one else had this problem Thanks

  • lmg228lmg228 Posts: 1
    I JUST bought this ml 6 days ago, it only has 46k on it and it has twice now not started. It will start for about 1 second and stall out. I then get a "start error" msg on the odometer about 10 seconds after. I only have 1 key to the vehicle. I had it towed this evening to the dealership. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem. Does it sound like a bad key, a bad key sensor or something else?
  • My daughter spilled some water in the back seat and within minutes the wipers went off (couldn't turn it off), the windows rolled down by themselves, and various warning signs came up on the dashboard (i.e. brake fuilds malfunction). And then, smoke started to rise from the passenger side seat. This all happened while driving. We are thankful nothing serious happened, but this is some serious event. There is an electrical system underneath the passenger side seat that controls the electrical system and then burned out. It cost an arm and a leg to fix it but MB won't take responsibility for it. The new 2012 ML has a better design that covers the electrical panel but the older models don't. I think this is a serious defect and MB should take some responsibilty. I would love to hear others for feedback or any similar experiences. Thanks.
  • jmenzjmenz Posts: 1
    I have a ML350 and my seat just started on fire. I went into the dealer and they said it would not be covered. have you heard of any other seat fires?
  • I had the same problem and they change a computer censor I do not know the name but the benz mechanic diagnose it right away and no problem since then (4 months ago).
  • ak96ak96 Posts: 1
    I have a ML350 Bluetec, purchased May 2012. The Check Engine Light came on Aug 7. It was taken to the dealer Aug 8. They replaced a valve in the emission system. The Light stayed on. It has now been with the dealer 3 weeks. In the interim they replaced an engine "computer" (by that I will presume some electronics and a microprocessor ). The light still comes on, within a few minutes of being driven.

    What is my recourse? Is there some office I can call at MBUSA (or somewhere else). Is this a lemon or is there something known going on.
  • I purchased my 2012 ML350 Bluetec back in November 2011. After 2 weeks, the first problem I had was car was pulling to the right at highway speed. After left it with the dealer for about a week, they finally realized that it was bad tire which took them a few more days to get replacement. Next, I was having problem with car loosing power when driving over a long distance or for a few hours. There is no error message on the dashboard nor that the dealer can replicate. Anyway, I start documenting them on video using my phone. They finally acknowledge but still no solution for it. Along with the car loosing power, I was getting error with PRE-SAFE Inoperative error and Ad-Blue low level warning after roughly 3000 miles. Dealer was able to rectify problem with PRE-SAFE error and Ad-Blue, but they can never fix the problem with car loosing power. After roughly 5000 miles, I have to bring the car back in again for loosing power, but this time it comes with squeaking noise in the interior as if something is loose. It took dealer a week to finally fix the problem with squeaking noise and broke the front windshield in the process which they replaced. Anyway, problem with loosing power on long trip becomes more severe as the summer in progress. I will get stranded and having to shut the car down for 30 - 45 minutes to let it reset before continue driving. I was stranded on Grapevine while driving back from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The car could not pull itself up the hill, and freeway 5 was under construction without much service lane that I can pull out. I got lucky that I hit decline and got to pull out before big rig slam into my back. It will sporadically loose power on surface street too which almost landed me into a head on collision while trying to make left turn across on coming traffic because it will not move forward. I took it back into the dealer again, and they could not replicate and cannot fix the problem. Plus, they ding my car this time. I am glad that I was thorough before driving it off the service department. They agree to fix the ding for me because it was their fault. Anyway, I have reported all these problems to Mercedes USA with all the pictures and videos that I documented, but they did not review it and did not take it seriously. Currently, my car has roughly 7800 miles, and I might have to work with an attorney to get their attention.
  • fcubefcube Posts: 11
    Anyone figured out how to keep wipers from chattering? My 2012 ML 350 has had this problem since new. Dealer said that is just how they are, but did replace blades without improvement. The lower portion of the driver's blade carrier seems insufficiently sturdy to prevent chattering. Very annoying, especially on a $60k car. Otherwise nice vehicle.
  • My 2012 ML 350 came with one cd track and I need to know how to download to my 10GB for additional cd's? We listen to cd's while traveling and it is very difficult changing one at a time.
  • malikjb2malikjb2 Posts: 1
    I took my 2012 ml 350 for its first service (A) last week. The dealer told me that the tires need not be rotated or balanced for 20000 miles. The car has Dunlop tires. I could not find anything in the manual. Could please somebody verify it.
  • Thanks for posting your experience. I just had the same thing happen. We spilled water in the rear foot area of our 2007 ML 350 and within minutes we heard a beep and rear windows rolled down by themselves and would not roll up message said brake wear, then 2 blocks later the engine stalled and got message of check brake fluid level and electrical smoke in the car. Luckily I was able to get off the highway safely. Had to be towed to repair. Mechanic is still looking at it, but so far has found completely burned window motor.
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