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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 145b145b Posts: 1
    How much did you actully pay for the 2012 ML 350?
  • Just bought a 2012 ML350, msrp 53,530, bought at 46,500 (applied 3000 fleet employee program incentive). Used Mercedes finance, for Nov. mercedes has 1500 finance credit supposed to applied to first two payment. Need to wait till my first bill to confirm whether it's true.

    Dealer has another car with beige inside color, but they want 1000 more for that car, finally decided to save the 1000 and live with the black inside.

    There is 2000 conquest incentive if you're eligible.
  • 3368033680 Posts: 1
    Can someone give their final cost. How much could you go below MSRP
  • I am looking to get a ML350 bluetech with option package 1 . What is a good price to pay for this. given most dealers say they dont have many bluetec models in their inventory.
  • Bought 7y/75k mercedes extended warranty for 2899 when I bought the ml350. Is this a good price? Dealer said the price for mercedes warranty is not negotiable, is that true? Thanks.
  • Has anyone had luck in finding an after market trailer light adapter for the MB OEM installed towing package? In specific a 7 to 4 pin adapter (7-4)
    I've gone to countless U-hauls, and auto parts stores, but been unble to find a working trailer adapter for the lights. Called many MB dealers, no one sells any adapters. Seems lame that MB installs the towing package but does not provide, make or even supplies an after market adapter (whether it be a 7-5 or 7-4). I've tried adapters with no center/ground pin (no lights on trailer), and also with center/ground pin (only flashing lights, no turning or brake lights). Trailers are regular U-haul trailers. It's not the trailers, gone to over 6 U-hauls and tried over 7 adapters on over 20 trailers. So, it's not the trailers, nor the adapters. Adapters work great on rented pick-up. :mad:
    Taken the ML 350 to two MB service stations, to check on the OEM lighting set up, they both say it's working properly (7-pin), but don't know which adapter would work. They offered to have their mechanics REWIRE an after market adapter, to work with the OEM towing package; of course for a 3-4 hour charge!
    Right there, something tells me that they know that the MLs have a problem with the OEM towing package.
    Any help on where to get a 7-4 adapter that works with the 2011 ML 350 is highly appreciated. In hindsight, should have not traded my Range Rover for this car. I do at least one towing every other month, and I'm S**t out of luck. Tired of renting pick-ups to do the trailering, when the ML 350 with OEM installed towing package should do.

  • zwy ok, I'm curious about the $1500 finance credit. Is that a credit you get if you don't use the Mercedes 1.9% financing deal, or is it a credit that you get in addition to the 1.9% ?

    The reason I ask is some manufacturers offer either the low cost financing or a cash credit back.
  • A credit you get in addition to the 1.9%.
  • Thanks for the prompt response. It doesn't seem like Mercedes advertises the $1500, so I am guessing the dealers sometimes suck up the $1500 for themselves if the buyer doesn't know to ask for it.
  • viawviaw Posts: 34
    so you got 7-8k off MSRP. is that total with the conquest or without?
  • temiztemiz Posts: 11
    Hi CarMan,

    What is the residual and lease rate for 2012 ML Bluetec with Prem 1 and 2 package which has about 61400 usd. for 30 or 33 months 12000 miles a year?

    And also do they have any incentives for December or Christmas. I am planning to get one next week, the one that i ordered. Should I wait till the end of the year?

    What is the best amount to to negotiate for this car 54K maybe?

  • I'd like to order a 2012 ML350 BlueTEC with the Lighting and Dynamic Handling Packages, but the dealer informed me that choosing those options will delay delivery until April of 2012. Has anyone else on here been provided the same information by a dealership and can you verify its accuracy? Thanks.
  • I pick up my 2012 ML350 Bluetec on December 1. 289 wood / Leather Steering Wheel, S01 Package and 993 lane Tracking Package .
    650 Artic White N/C, 101 Black MB-Tex N/C and 734 Eucalyptus Wood Trim N/C.

    MSRP $56,005.00 Paid $50,000.00 + State Taxes

    Sovereign Motors Cars LTD
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Hey Doug,

    Did you ever find a solution to this - I am infuriated with the same issue!!!


  • J.

    Nothing yet. I found an adapter for Porsche and VW but it's sold out. No supplies until Jan. 2012. Although I don't know if this adapter would fix the 2011 ML problems.
  • Just bought a 2012 ML350 bluetec in NOVA, MSRP 55700, paid $48000 +TTL of nearly $2000. Arctic white, 50 miles on it. S01 package, heated wheel, pre-wire for RES, running board.

    Then, just realized that no so many dieseal stations around.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,177
    Fortunately.... with a diesel, you won't have to fill up, nearly as often... :)


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  • You have Nav, set it to locale diesel stations. :)
  • Did you get extended warranty? I got a 2012 ML350 in Texas and the dealer sold me 7/75000 warranty for $3600, Tyre and Wheel Plus for $1295 and Paint Less dent Removal for $599. I am wondering if I really need all these. What would be the reasonable price for an extended warranty.
  • I got a 2012 ML350 in Texas and the dealer sold me 7Yr/75000 extended warranty for $3600, Tyre and Wheel Plus for $1295 and Paint Less dent Removal for $599. What would be the reasonable price for an extended warranty. Can I buy an extended warranty from other sources, if so any suggestions.
  • No, I didn't. They offer 10/100000 warranty for about $4900, so I reclined. I feel the basic warranty of 4/50000 is quite ok.
  • Could you let me know which dealer in NOVa you bought the car from? Thanks
  • Sure, I bought it from Tyson Corner MB. On the same day, at least three ML350 were sold. I foung other two with silver exteriors, but sold to someone else quickly. Good luck with your shopping.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Congratulations on Your new car purchase.
    Can You please tell us which dealership You bought Your car from?
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    You've already answered it.
  • Sovereign Mercedes- Benz
    1800 Shore Parkway
    Brooklyn, NY 11214
  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    I am in the market for a new car- ML 350 vs BMW X5. I am a bit confused about which to go for, can somebody give me an honest advice. For me the priority is a luxury SUV with a smooth drive that will keep me from too frequent visits to the car dealers for repair. I am lso relocating to Minnesota so lots of snow
  • no doubt about ride, smooth feel on steering wheel, quiet and comfortable sitting and better performance with ML 350 compare to X5. I drove both back to back for comparison. you should try it and decide since many of these things in luxary SUV is similar and there are subtle differences with lot of subjectivity.
  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    Thank you ujjavalp
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