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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • enzombenzomb Posts: 5
    Thanks Adiehl13! I decided not to go for the demo I had mentioned. I'm closing in on a deal. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • enzombenzomb Posts: 5
    Just closed in on a deal on an ML350 w/ P1 and heated steering wheel.

    MSRP: $53290
    Paid:$47500 +Tax+ Registration (with conquest)

    Great experience with the dealership (Mercedes Benz of Delray). They were very honest and efficient throughout the whole process. Highly recommended.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 338
    Sounds like a great deal. I have not had a great experience with the MB of Delray. I have dealt with MB of Palm Beach, but my recent attempts to obtain the ML350 from them were not successful. Did the dealer have a huge inventory on your visit? By the way good luck and enjoy your new ML.
  • Hello everyone. I'm ordering a 2013 ML63 this week and really have no idea what discounts I can expect. Is 10k out of the question? They make it sound like 1k is a nice discount because the dealers only get 1 or 2 ML63s per year and they don't have to discount them heavily. I've bought several cars before all with a hefty discount but I've never ordered an AMG car so I'm not sure where I should be on pricing.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 338
    Car man any loyalty cash available on ML350 2012. Have seen cash and great deals on E350 sedan and GL450. I already have an E350 and woild like to try the ML350. Best deal I had was not good once I saw the extra fees and bank fee added on to the discounted cap cost.
  • Looking for ml350 with a p1 option lane changer and xenon lights. in the north east. In ny The dealers do not want to deal. Does anyone know of dealerships that would sell for 47 in 2012 year. Color not material
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    Sovereign MB
    Brooklyn NY Fleet Manager
  • hi i am looking to buy ML350. 2 offers
    1) 2012 ml350 w p1 keyless go, lane tracking,heated steering wheel, runner board,trailer hitch for $51000 +TTL
    2)2013 ML350 Same as above and w collition asst, inside illuminating lighting that changes color for $53000+TTL

    both are new not demos
    both are gas not blue tech
    both are AWD or 4matic

    am i getting screwed or are they good prices

    thanks for any help

  • docsbddocsbd Posts: 5
    really? these are great prices compared to what i am getting. i am seeing about 500 below invoice and being told only 2013's are available. what dealers are you going to?
  • dinomandinoman Posts: 56
    Can you post the MSRP on both cars?
  • Sure i was using merc of north haven where i bought 2 e350s from. this time i price shopped at merc dealer in new london ct. they gave me the better pricing

    Here are the MSRP
    2011 MSRP is 56, 650
    2012 MSRP is 57500

    they gave a third choice for a 2011 new ML350 MSRP was 58,265 w/ P2 package and everything else for $51000 also but my wife hated the color combo. it was a palladium silver w black interior and another was steel gray w black interior. My wife hates black interior so I had to decline but if anyone else doesn't care then its a good deal i think.

    thanks again for the replies

  • docsbddocsbd Posts: 5
    Hi, are these 2012, 2013, or 2011? I have been told by a few dealers there are no 2012's available.
  • HI,
    What is the MSRP of 2013 ML350 pls.
  • dinomandinoman Posts: 56
    Can you please post the details of your lease deal?
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    Hi ,

    I bought 2013 ML 350 for 53k (MSRP is $61,055) and i m happy about it ,but i have question i paid $2240 for extended warranty(7yrs/75k) is it worth?...first he said its $2899 and signed the papers and thought i dont want and said i dont want to take then he said he will give it for $2240.. what you think is it still a good deal?
  • dinomandinoman Posts: 56
    Do you mind posting or sending me a message of how I can get the same deal.
    I havnt been able to get dealer to take more than 4k off msrp.
    I would be willing to travel to the same dealer.
  • If you travel over 12,500 miles per year the deal isn't good. At the end of your original factory warranty in 4years . That means you would be finished in six year @ 75,000 miles. You are paying almost $100per month for that extended warranty. Cancel it and keep the $2200+ for your first new brake job an anything that might comes up. :)
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    Hey leokadia1 Thanks for your suggestion..

    dinoman in New England(Especailly boston area) all the dealers are taking of 5% off of MSRP and giving conquest or fleet offer without proving anything i did not submit my Lexus registration or i did not prove that i work for x company..The first dealer gave almost $6k off without asking anything then i decided i can bargain more then i went to 5 dealers to get quote and then decided if i pay $53k for that car i would be happy but first they were not interested later they were after me saying $54,500 but i said no if you are interested to give for $53 i would take otherwise not interested later after 3 days they decided to give at that price...
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    How much usually people pay for extended warranty for 3 yrs?
  • rlc786rlc786 Posts: 2

    Congrats Sudhs!! Great deal. Could please share details on your ml and what packages or add ons do you have ?? Name of sale rep ??? Thank you so much!!!
  • rlc786rlc786 Posts: 2

    Need Advice!!! I live close Dallas and I am looking to 2013 ml350 bluetec Msrp $51600 + $1290 lighting package + 790 obsidian black . What should I pay ? I keep seeing great deals on this forum and would like to get some advice please!!! Thanks
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    edited October 2012

    I bought
    Cinnabar red with
    p1 packging
    lane tracking
    Harmon Sound
    lighting package
    Trailer hitch
    keyless go

    Sales rep name is William smith...its in Westwood MA ...If you are seeing that dealer let me know they have some referral program only if you remember :) good luck
  • gqiugqiu Posts: 2
    i bought a ML350 yesterday in southern ca, and i would like to share some info for everyone here, and would like to get your comments as well:

    ML350, 4Matic in Southern ca
    MSRP: $57,565
    INVOICE(from dealer):54,298
    selling price: 51,128 +TTL

    I also bought a 7years/75,000M extended warranty for $2995.

    i would like to have your comments on:

    1. how is the buying price of my car?
    2. how is the price of the extended warranty?
    now i feel, i dont really need it, at least right now. can i cancel it now? please share some of your opinions and experiences.
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    edited October 2012
    hi gqiu,

    Buying price is good ..Even i bought the Extended warranty for the same price $2999 and later thought is it really worth it..then i decided not to take then i called the sales guy and said i dont want to take it( this is all before i took the car i m not sure they will cancel once you take the car) then he gave me for $2249 you can definitely bargain on it too which i dint know at first ...My thinking was that i m rolling this in finance so i m paying extra $20 -40 per month for 5 yrs but later if you want to take it(extended warranty) after 4yrs then you have to pay the full price +25% surcharge which would be more....and my sales guy said it covers more than manufacture warranty but again its totally upto you to decide...
  • gqiugqiu Posts: 2
    hi sudhs,

    thanks for your reply and comments.
    so finally you purchase that 7y/75000m extended warranty for $2249?
  • bacolodbacolod Posts: 24
    Hi Sudhs

    Congratulation to your new ML350.

    I am also in the market for 2013 ML350 with the same option more or less.
    What was your MSRP and Invioce price or your OTD minus your warranty.

  • kc822kc822 Posts: 3
    Hi Sudhs. What a fantastic deal you got! Just curious, you mentioned the 2013 ML350 optioned up as you described was MSRP for $61,055 (I am assuming excl dest charge). When I price it, the MSRP was $62,810. I guess that would make your deal for $53k even sweeter. So that's around an 8.5%'ish discount to MSRP, and over -$5k below Invoice. Is that correct? I'm definitely giving Westwood MB a call. Now how am I supposed to get you credit for a referral?
  • sudhssudhs Posts: 6
    Yes i got it for $2249...u dont need to get that from same dealer you can shop around if you have patience..good luck
  • Anyone in the Bay Area (California)? can you please share what you have? Thanks. :(
  • Thanks to all who posted about their buying experience and prices paid. It really helped me during the purchase of my ML350.

    here is a summary for ML350 purchase in southern cal:

    MB of Anaheim offered $4500 off MSRP with conquest. I almost stuck with that deal thinking it was pretty good.

    Did some online research and ended up at edmunds townhall.

    I saw people getting anywhere from 8-12% off MSRP in Socal.

    Sent out some emails to about 5 local dealerships via the edmunds service:
    1. Fletcher Jones: very aggressive guy on the phone, kept trying to get me to come in and wouldn't give me any quotes via phone. Very condescending tone also.

    2. Downtown Motors LA: Salesperson Markus offered 11% off MSRP but timing was off and ended up not going with him. But highly recommend.

    3. MB of long beach: Salesperson Dez offered 10.9% off MSRP via email. The car was missing a hitch so ended up not going with it. Recommend.

    4. House of imports: Salesperson David. Offered the biggest discount 12.15% off MSRP. He was very good with pricing and being up front with his offers. highly recommend.

    5.Ended back at MB of Anaheim and got 12.15% ($7164) off, since it was my local dealership and I could get free car washes. This was the only dealership I physically walked into. everything else was done via phone or email over a 2 week period. I even used phone and email to deal with MB of anaheim...less pressure then being in the dealership.

    Overall I was actually really impressed with the professionalism of all the dealerships listed above except for fletcher jones. All were very nice and surprisingly up front with pricing.

    Hope this helps...
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