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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • calidave2calidave2 Posts: 3
    I went to another dealer since they had the exact car I was looking for and after a looooot of BS they finally gave me 9% off MSRP plus another $1,000 off to match the other dealer. A fair price, but an unpleasant experience. I had a much better experience buying a Toyota.

    They did show me their internal website that showed a summer fleet certificate for $1,000 so i guess that part was true.

    One odd thing was I asked them to use my credit union for financing, they claimed they did it thru the CUDL system, but I do not see anything in the paperwork that shows that. They said the paperwork never does. Anyone have any experience with CUDL?

    In hindsight, I made a few mistakes.

    1) I assumed buying a Mercedes would not require a run thru the gauntlet of scams. e.g., I double checked the price on the loan and it was wrong!
    2) I did not start my counter offer low enough, so I had to battle the "split the difference" argument
    3) I should have insisted that they remove the chrome wheels immediately before I signed. (They said they would, but they didn't supposedly because their service department was too busy, so now I have to come back another day to get my stock wheels).
    4) I should have asked my credit union exactly what to expect when I used CUDL at the dealer
  • I just looked at ML350W2 in Houston at the Mercedes Dealer, MSRP base is $47,270 and with options is $56,605 + TTL. I liked the SUV how much should offer. What is realistic price that i will get it. Also I want to lease it so i dont have to pay sales tax. Any help is appreciated.

  • Sehkon

    I looked at ML350W2 at local dealer Base is $47,270 + Options and destination charges is $56,605. How much should I offer and what is realistic price that deal will go thru. I want to start negotiating process next week. Thanks.
  • 8021080210 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    FYI: Paid $53,370 plus $500 doc (plus Denver state/local taxes) out-the-door. Invoice was $55,279. I'm a regular citizen and didn't use any "programs" (e.g. True Car, USAA, VPP, COSTCO, CUDL, etc.) that I was aware of.
  • brightonwbrightonw Posts: 1
    Hi 80210,
    Which Denver area dealership did you go to for your ML? Thanks and congrats.

  • awl10awl10 Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Hi, all. First post here but used this forum extensively in researching whether to buy or lease a 2013 ML 350. Note that I bought this model at a 2nd dealer after I thought I was being jacked around with MF levels at the first dealer I looked at leasing from. See below and hope this helps.

    MSRP: $53,245 (added options of premium 1, trailer hitch, Keyless Go and Pre-wiring for rear entertainment)
    Sales price: $47,645
    Drive-out post-TTL: $50,924
    Location: Houston, TX

    Sales discount of $5600 was 10.5% off MSRP. Rather than do dealer finance (which I was told was in range of +/- 3%), I financed $44,900 of purchase price through Bank of America at 1.99% for 60 months (I have mid-700s credit score). Paid $6,024 down to get to $44,900 financed amount...monthly loan payment is $786.80. As a side note, to finance $45K or above would have increased my interest rate to 2.34%

    Had a bad experience at another dealer trying to lease an gave me $5500 discount off MSRP on any 2013 model, but jacked the finance charge up to .00216 even though I am top tier credit. They claimed that it was their dealership finance policy to charge a premium on top of the buy rate amount. So I went to a 2nd dealer who offered to beat the 1st dealer by giving additional $100 discount on top of the $5500, without any hassle. I probably could have gotten the price down a bit more since the car was on the 2nd dealer's lot for almost 2 months, but I'm happy with the deal as is.
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