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Lincoln LS Recalls & TSB



  • I am having the throttle control replaced on mine tomorrow. I did get a code, but the transmission has been slipping also...check it out.
  • lsaaronlsaaron Posts: 1
    i see you have a 2000 ls im looking into buying one im just looking to get some feeback on the 2000 ls.So if you could give me info abou this car.
  • dcls6dcls6 Posts: 13
    I bought a 2001 V6 and have no regrets, I love it. Worked out a few bugs and provided a 36 mo free maintenance. Even better - 2003 model had several techanical improvements, per this forum.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Try Nokian WR's. Best all weather year around tread snow tires I've driven on, and they handle great in water, too, which many snow tires don't. has info. They have other makes if you want a pure snow tire
  • ploveplove Posts: 1
    check engine light came on, took car to dealership and check lead to e-vap leak, and broken roll over valve. No evidence of damage or scuffing on tank. 1,700 miles out of warranty, $2,300 repalcement, Ford won't help!

    Have NEVER owned a car that has needed a new gas tank!

    What could be the cause, if tank wasn't defective to begin with?

    Please HELP!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    If the servicing dealer is the dealer you bought the car from, you should ask for an After Warranty
    Adjustment - the dealer can do that at his discretion pretty much, and they usually will for a Lincoln customer....if you were one. If this isn't the selling dealer, that's probably why they're not fighting for you.
  • donbarondonbaron Posts: 13
    My 2000 LS 6cyl. is idling rough. Sounds like a cylinder is misfiring or perhaps we got a bad tank of gas? Other than ckecking the fuel filter and spark wires has anyone out there have trouble shot this symptom or am I needing to do some dealer diagnostic. Too bad the general public never caught on to this vehicle; it otherwise has been one of the best vehicles. Don
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230

    This is a "Misfire" from one of the cylinders due to a bad COP (coil-on-plug.) Is your check engine light on? A hook up to a OBDII computer would most likely tell you which cylinder is misfiring and a simple replacement of the COP would solve the problem. The COP's do not like moisture - at all. I've replaced 3 on my V6.

    The ones on the drivers side are a breeze to swap out. The ones on the passenger side require a little more work/patients.
  • lamarlamar Posts: 9
    Go to Autozone and they will hook up an OBDII to check your trouble codes for free.
  • donaldm1donaldm1 Posts: 19
    02 LS V8. On two recent occasions, after driving a short distance, the temp gauge when to hot, the very top and the warning chimed "check temp."

    After shutting down and checking for lost fluid (there wasn't any evident) restarted and everything back to normal. Will take it in on Monday, but wonder if anyone else has had this experience.
  • This has happened to me 2x in the last week or so. Drove probably 3 miles and check temp warning came on. Turned immediately off and back on and it was fine. Checked "status" and all was fine. Mine will chime with no message as well. She is a 2001 V8. In addition, I'm smelling occasionally a burning rubber or oil only when the heater or a/c is on. Seems more prevalent when I'm backing into my parking space or garage. She will go into the shop this week but curious to know what to expect. :confuse:
  • This has been hapening to me for the past week or so. I brought it to Autozone when the Check Engine light was on and the code was P1299. I have it at my mechanic now. Some other sites said this problem had to do with the Hydraulic Fan Motor. When I restart the car everything goes back to normal, however, I have no heat. With the temp turned up to 90 degrees, it still blows cold air. It sounds like some sort of temp sensor. I hope it's something simple like a sensor. Some people spoke about changing the Hydraulic fan motor for about $1100. Hope it's nothing like that! I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I speak to my mechanic.
  • My 2001 Lincoln LS temperature gauge went to Hot and a symbol lit up on the dash and the air conditioner was blowing out hot air. I was told to turn the heater on full blast anytime your your car runs hot and the temperature will drop down and that was true. The temperature actually dropped. When I stopped the vehicle the solution in the resorvoir was boiling as if someone was boiling crabs and I took it in to Ford and they could not find the problem, so I drove for a few weeks and the same thing happened again and I didn't take it in yet, because it went back to normal again.
  • Was curious as to what the remidy was for you problem. My 2000 LS v-8 is doing the very same thing. Also has some sort of problem with the climate control, or lack there of. Don't know if these are related. Thanks for response in advance.
  • i've experienced the same throughout this year with my 2001 LS V8. First time I took it in to the lincoln dealer (thank goodness for extended warranty) the thermostat was replaced. shortly afterwards, the engine idled roughly but intermittendly. I thought it was a tank of bad gas. But no, 2 coils needed to be changed. Now 8 months later, the same issue with the engine temp going hot after driving 5 minutes and water dissapearing out of the radiator resevoir. Took it back to the dealership in Oct and they said it only needed a radiator flush. Well, 4 weeks later same issue and the engine is idling rough again and hesitates before gears shift. Just dropped it off at the dealership tonight. And looking at the messages on this board reminded me of the air conditioning going blazing hot on the passenger side and cool on the drivers side. It did it for two weeks and then stopped.
  • I can tell you what my dealership found with post 78. The issue with the temp not regulating was low coolant levels. This makes since I have never checked the radiator, only the resevoir. I would have thought that making sure the resevoir was full(I have)would suffice. But the dealer says no, that's not the case. This also caused the overheat warning to come on. All they did was add coolant. If there is air any where in the system, which is not always detectable even when checking the radiator it will exhibit these symptoms. What they had to do was remove the cap and run the engine up to temp and then at high revs for some time to bleed the air out. Then slowly add coolant. Changing the stat seems like a guess on your dealers part but it's easy so most will do it anyway. As far a flush goes that may fix the problem but only because of the process. The rough idle was addressed in a TSB which is unrelated to the cliamate control issues. I also had that issue repaired. Good luck!
  • The dealership said that the resevoir for the radiator was cracked. I never saw any evidence of leakage, so we'll see. And I was right about the coils. Two more went out. I had the flush done by the dealer in October and still had the problem with the resevoir not holding the fluid. I may get it back tomorrow and will give an update.
  • Help. I have a a 2004 Lincoln LS V8. It has been in the shop 3 times for the heated and cooled driver's seat. They have replaced the modules on the seat and it still shuts off after 30 seconds. I have pick it up at the dealership and yesterday we drove 32 miles and it never shut off worked perfect. Turned the car off at mall got back in and started home it rum for 1 minute and then turned off and if you try to turn it back on it will not. You can cut the car off and re start and it will stay on for 30 seconds and do the same again. The cooled part works great but heat want. Any help or suggestions please. This is my 2nd lincoln We had a 2000 V8 and no problems and we have a 2005 V8.
  • I had the exact same problem with my '04, and my dealer fixed it right the first time. I'll pull the work order tomorrow, and let you know what they did. I've had the car 18 months, and this was a day one problem that's never returned. :)
  • Thanks, It is back in the shop this week. They are scheduled to pull both front seats out and the console.
  • kat18kat18 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Lincoln LS. We bought it brand new 19 months ago. Since that time we've had it in the shop for numerous complaints about the transmission, which they said is normal. Can feel every shift and at times when first starting out, it feels liks the transmission is going to drop out. Now it is in the garage because of the rear hub has gone bad and needs to be replaced, and the stirring column has a problem. So far the warranty has taken care of everything, but now we have over 25,000 miles on the car and the warranty will soon run out.

    I'm frustrated and concerned. Is this normal for the Lincoln LS' or did we get a lemon? What's a person to do?

  • I purchased a 2000 LS certified used in 2003. It has been the worst car I have ever owned. I have had 4-5 misfire problems. The first 3 were under the cert. warranty. the last, this week was not. It cost me $ 800.00. oil leak in the cylinder and all. The first was the second day I owned the car. After one month I begged the dealer to work out a deal with me. I even offered to buy a new 2004 with the refund. He did not want the car back. John Scanlon Dealer, Fort Myers, Fl. never again. I had rear wheel bearing replaces, so much has gone wrong it is hard to list. This car as cost me so much money. Heck the driver door handle broke ($110.00 part and labor). That was hard to swallow. I am not new to Ford. I had owned three going back to my first car ever the Grand Torino (1974). That was a car. in 1984, purchased by first non Ford car. A Camry, again a great car. I usally baby my cars for at least 200,000 miles. this one will not last 100,000 miles. The
  • ebenthamebentham Posts: 1
    I just bought my 04 yesterday and having them look at the tranny because it was 'jumping' when it would shift through the gears. Also it would hesitate on accelerating when pressing the gas. My question is.., will all this work be covered under my Extra Care ESP? Also, what if the problem is there when I pick it up on Tuesday. DO I have to take it? One of the items I had them write down was checking the transmission. Hope Im posting in the right place.. Thanks ebbentham AT yahoo DOT com
  • notnutznotnutz Posts: 2
    My right rear tail light went out-I changed the bulbs and there is no power at the socket-the dash light indicates bulb out-anyone with any similar problems
  • jerseyguy1jerseyguy1 Posts: 54
    my wife has the 6 cylinder '04 LS. It too had been suffering from harsh shifting. Dealer "reprogrammed" the tranny and it is much better. Not perfect, but much better.

    Her 6cyl LS came with the 16" Continental tires. Extremely noisy. Anyone have the same issue? Drove an '06 V-8 LS and found it to be a much quieter car overall. Service Manager has been more than willing to go for a drive with me and to tell me if the car is exceptionally noisy. Just have not yet had a chance to do so.

    Am aware of a TSB on cupping and feathering on the 16" Continental tires.

    Thanks for any help
  • akirkmanakirkman Posts: 6
    i know this posting is a little old, but i was wondering what you found out about your car. i have a 00 LS v-8 and it does the same thing i have replaced spark plugs and coil packs ( over $900) and it still messes up. My mechanic says it is manufacture fault. please let me know.
  • jkarsh99jkarsh99 Posts: 3
    I know this was mentioned early but I have a 2000 LS V8 that I love where the Drivers side rear window stopped operating and the dealer replacer the regulator and the motor. Is there a TSB on this that someone can point me to? I tried to get there from the link mentioned in an earlier posting and that part of the site appears to not be operating.

    By the way if anyone has difficulty in the winter in this car throw on a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires. Costly but they change the whole way the vehicle drives and handles. I swear by them.
  • ladymacladymac Posts: 2
    This is a new car & I'm still within the 30 day return policy. When I accelerate (hard) to merge into traffic, there is a pause/flat spot between gears. This is frightening when staying with traffic. It's at the dealer again. They can't find anything using the computer. I don't want to live with this kind of problem for the next 3 years. Would it be to my advantage to hold them to the return policy and take my old car back? Any help would be appreciated.......Thank you.
  • akirkmanakirkman Posts: 6
    if you can get rid of it now DO!!! mine is a 00 LS V8 and i have the same problem, when it does that it almost feels like the transmission is failing or the engine is misfiring, but i had all spark plugs replaced ($250) the coil packs(they do not have the reg spark plug wires($500) and it still does the same thing I have had it to a transmission shop, to a dealership and no one can fins out what causes it but i hear that all of the LS's do it they are just badly manufactured cars.
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