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rear facing baby carseat in 2012 Impreza

misty13misty13 Member Posts: 8
Can anyone tell me if there is ample room for the infant rear facing carseat?


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    iliketoshiftiliketoshift Member Posts: 24
    There's definitely room - but that depends on how tall the front seat passenger is.

    I will try to do a brief test this weekend with a Britax roundabout. My kids are forward facing, but I'll just set it in, in the rear facing position and see what it's like.

    The rear seats are pretty big - but the trunk/hatch is really small. I can't imagine a double stroller fitting.
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    iliketoshiftiliketoshift Member Posts: 24
    So I'm 5'5". I sit pretty well extended. I placed the Marathon in the back seat, behind me, rear-facing. There was about 1 1/2" between the car seat and the back of the front seat. That's pretty good considering it's a compact car.

    The whole family rode in the car for the first time today - the two kids are in forward facing car seats and both my wife and I were able to adjust our front seats to what's comfortable for both of us without interfering with them.
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    malachai1malachai1 Member Posts: 40
    DO you find the impreza being a good family car for two kida ages 7 and 2?
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    iliketoshiftiliketoshift Member Posts: 24
    My kids are 3 and almost 6. There's plenty of room in the back for them & my wife wasn't cramped in the front passenger seat. We went grocery shopping on Sunday and had no problems fitting all the bags in the trunk. So for every day driving it should be fine. If your family is closer to 6' it might seem cramped tho.

    However, this car won't cut it for vacation. I recall in December we flew to Florida. For the four us, we had 3 suitcases, 1 duffle, and a double stroller (last time we needed it!!) - and carry ons. These items just fit in our Forester's trunk, but they would not all fit in the Impreza. I think the Impreza is fine to go away for a weekend, but no longer than that. Oh, and I have the wagon - on the sedan I saw in the showroom, the trunk was very small too.

    Still, IMHO you really can't get a safer small car, and the AWD on the snow/rain makes it unbeatable.
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