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2012 Honda Civic and Accord Battery Drain



  • I have a 2012 Honda Civic EX and whenever I turn the wheel hard left or right, turn my high beams on my radio shuts off for a moment. The other issue is when I try to start the car and nothing happens. I have to take the key out, put it back in and it turns over slowly. Anyone else have this issue. I am battery on battery #2 and this one seems to be fading fast.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 3,981
    Are they both Honda batteries? Maybe another battery brand is in order here to see if the same problem happens? Just a suggestion. I had a 2006 Civic and luckily, never had battery issues but had tire and a/c issues. Civic's have always been great vehicles and surprised this is happening to a few folks.

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  • Mike13Mike13 MonteryPosts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2012 Civic. In the past 4 years I've had the dead battery issue 4 times with two different batteries when leaving the car parked for few days. Just checked with my dealer and got the new cars have many computers and electronics running all the time. I'm gonna call corporate and see what is up. Good thing I keep a car jump starter battery in my trunk.
  • I've owned my 2012 Civic EX since 2011. I've gone through 3 batteries, in which my third was replaced 3 weeks ago. This fourth battery is already beginning to fail. Fed up with Honda's excuses, I let my good friend take a look at my vehicle (owns an independent shop in North Arlington, NJ and is a wiz with Honda). After hours of thorough inspection, he concluded fuse 29 (named "backup"), which links to the audio and navigation unit, is responsible for the battery drain. He conducted the test in front of me. The car was off and the key was placed on the car seat. He connected the testing equipment to the battery, with all fuses in place, and the testing equipment showed the battery was still being used, causing a drain. When he removed fuse 29, and conducted the test again, no battery drainage was detected. To further prove the problem, he took me from car to car in his shop, showing me how all other vehicles do not drain their batteries, with the same exact test. So essentially, its concluded the only way to salvage any battery in this vehicle, I need to remove fuse 29 every night I'm done with the vehicle for the evening. He printed the circuit diagram for me and traced the defect for me to show Honda.

    What infuriates me is I reached out to Honda corporate, and was first told there are no known battery issues - a flat out lie. The case manager then became very rude, when I offered to fax over the diagram my mechanic prepared for me. He became even more aggressively rude when I requested to have the problem fixed, due to manufacturing fault and negligence on behalf of Honda. I was therefore reminded my car is no longer under warranty. Furthermore, I had to shell out $200 to have my recent battery replaced, and Honda refused a refund, although I have proof of the defect. Corporate lastly advised me to go back to a dealership to have the problem looked at again, although I already have the proof. Of course, they don't want to lose millions to billions in worldwide recalls. So, their game is to keep the customer going in circles. A class-action lawsuit should be started. Anyone know any attorneys up for the challenge? Anyhow, I have 11 months left to pay the vehicle. I'm already looking elsewhere for a different vehicle brand. I'll NEVER buy another Honda again!!!
  • raider81raider81 Posts: 5
    Ok. I will be on battery number 5 now. The car wouldn't crank this morning and I had to have it jumped off. I have had this batter for about a year. All 4 batteries came from Honda. I have also cut the Economy button off, but it is still killing batteries. 
    This isn't right. 
  • My wife has a 2012 Honda civic lx nothing day the battery died and I had her at auto zone..come to find out if she turned the lights out the battery would die when she locked the doors didn't take now lights stay on 24/7 and the car does not die .how ever if the lights getc turned off the car dies with in half a hour .now one time I heard a clicking from a fuse I found it was a square fuse .don't know how to take it out don't know ifor it's the problem but when she turned on the lights the fuse stopped clicking.we have been dealing with this issue since 2012.we are not the riches folks around so we made due .2 battery's we have bought so far.but now it looks like the battery is giving out on us again .and I felt I'd post here to see if anyone can relate to my situation or can find if turging the lights on would help there situation .so please feel free to mail me if you have any input thank you have a great day 

  • jerisulljerisull Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    i' ve owned a 2012 honda civic since new been through 5 batteries bought one not even ayear ago now having trouble with this one. i to brought to someone who also found backup fuse being the problem, so we installed kill switch so Idid' nt have to remove the fuse. Have been told every excuse from the dealer I bought it from, as the ones posted. wish a lawyer would pick this up for a class action lawsuit beyond p. off Iwould'nt buy another honda if you payed me . [Email removed]
  • raider81raider81 Posts: 5
    I am now on battery #6 for my 2012 Honda Civic. All 6 batteries were Honda Batteries. They still won't admit that there is a problem. Fortunately, I have only had to pay for one battery so far, but it is annoying to have to put up with this. I do not listen to the radio with the car not running and I do not have anything extra added to the car. Other than the battery issue the car has run great. 
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