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Mazda CX-5



  • I've read this complaint somewhere before but my touring model's mirror does not vibrate.Talk to the service manager and tell him about it,sometimes service bulletins come out to deal with manufacturing defects.
  • Laura,

    The mirror shaking is a known issue and I've read that Mazda is working on a fix. I also recommend going to the dealer.
  • Hi,
    Have you still got the slight shake in your Cx-5? I have had mine CX-5 for 2 months now, and I have also this problem, but not only in the steering, but in the whole car. I have checked both wheels and tires, but nothing is wrong there. It started with slight shaking in steering but after a while I noticed that it also started to shake from 97 - 112 km/h in the whole car. It’s hard to notice but it’s there. If one put a glass of water in the car, it can easily be seen. I will once more contact the dealer. :(. There are too many small issues to this car, that I almost dont like it anymore. Such as when you connect your Iphone to the AUX at the same time you have bluetooth connection on, it has some problems. And what is it with the electrical warming in the sidemirrors that only work when you heat your frontwindow etc etc...
  • Just an update in case anyone is having the same issue.....I was first told by the dealer that my side view mirror vibrating is basically the way it is and I am welcome to test drive a CX-5 on the lot to see its the same. Uh no thanks and not acceptable! Told him if he or his mechanic did not get a dizzy feel looking at the mirror then apparantly they didnt see it at its worse AND that I researched it and Mazda is aware of the problem. Well lo and behold after service contacted Mazda they did tell him they're working on a fix. Dont know what the fix will be or how long I'll have to wait. Would have been nice if they would have contacted Mazda first before basically asking me to accept it as is. Perhaps because I'm female and blonde they thought I'd cave??....nope!!! As far as the radio station it appears it may be a reception issue as all my other stations that are in HD do come in HD. Other than that I still LOVE my CX-5!!!
  • johnptjohnpt Posts: 7
    edited October 2012
    With smallest available U-Haul trailer (4x8 foot size), drove from Apple Valley MN to San Antonio TX. Set cruise control to legal speed limits (or occasionally less if winds etc. demanded it), and averaged 21.5 MPG. Not surprising that MPG would fall while towing, and I am quite satisfied with the result, compared to the 12-15 MPG I was getting with a Lexus RX 300 pulling a trailer between MN and TX previously. Now that the trailer has been returned to U-Haul, I am lookking forward to returning to the 28+ MPG that I was getting without a trailer.

    Of course, the CX-5 was not as Zoom-Zoom when hauling a trailer, but I never felt an unsafe drop in performance. Gotta love that SkyActive technology and excellent performance from the little 4 cylinder engine. Much to my own surprise, if Mazda offered a bigger 4 cylinder or a V6 engine, I would no longer be interested in it. I am so happy with the car as currently configured. My *ONLY* disappointment to date is with the navigation system. It does not work as well as the navigation provided by my Android smart phone.
  • I purchased a Mazda CX5 Grand Touring In August of 2012. Recently I was hearing a seat belt clattering sound in the back cabin. I took it in to service and they said the back seat was out of allignment. They claimed they fixed it but two days later it is making the same sound. All the seat belts are secure however I still hear this clattering when I go over bumps. Any ideas?
  • I had the same noise and you should take it to the dealer. In the CX-5 there is a horn in the back right quarter panel it is for the alarm system. I had the same noise and they told me that the horn had become loose. The fix it and no noise anymore. The sound should be coming from the right side of the vehicle rear seat cargo area. Sound like metal on metal noise.
  • Thank you. Any suggestions at this point is certainly appreciated. This noise is driving me crazy. I have a appointment on Tues. I will with no doubt mention about the horn. The sound is coming from the exact area you are talking about.
  • I've had my CX-5 for 5 months and since getting it, when attempting to get to highway speed, the engine sometimes revs but the car does not go faster - then I could just be coasting along and it revs and the car goes faster. 2 days ago I drove home from work with no issues, parked the car for 1 hour and went back out. I got a block away and the tire pressure light and the traction control light came on. The engine started to rev but the car would not go faster than 10 mph - I drove back around the block home and when stopping could feel vibrations in the breaks. I called Mazda service and they said to bring the car in, I did not feel safe to drive the car to them. The next morning started the car and drove it to Mazda with no problems. They checked the car and found nothing wrong, they checked the computer and found no errors which had occurred. I am not crazy and there is something wrong with the car but I would have to get it into Mazda while it is occurring for them to find the problem. Has anyone else had similar issues with their CX-5?
  • In my 7400 miles of ownership I have nothing comparable to report. So far nothing but zoomzoom
  • I've had my CX-5 for 5 months and have never heard it beep.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    Have a smart phone or a camera/camcorder handy in the car. Next time it happens, take a video of the dash so you can show the service dept.
  • mow1mow1 Posts: 3
    I had a similar problem last month. I've owned my CX-5 for 4 months. When I was driving on the highway, it felt and sounded like the car downshifted on its own and then I realized I had no use of the gas pedal. I was quickly slowing down while cars were buzzing by. All the warning lights were on (transmission, tire pressure, tire traction, oil). When I finally came to safe stop off of the highway I turned the engine off, and then turned it on again. The gas pedal was working again, but the warning lights were still on. I made it home five minutes later but didn't want to drive it to the dealer on the highway. They had the emergency roadside assistance pick it up that night. The technicians didn't know what was wrong. I read on another forum someone who had a similar problem, and that the techs updated the software in the car. When I told my tech about this, they discovered that my car required an update on one part of the software, and a few other errors were cleared out. The car is working fine ever since.
  • Thanks, I knew I wasn't crazy. Since the day I did take it for service and they couldn't find anything wrong, I have not felt the car do this anymore. Makes me think that they did do something but did not tell me about it. Hopefully it will not happen again.
    But I do want to let everyone knows how good the gas mileage is on this car. I live on the east coast (Staten Island) and after this hurricane gas is a rare find. I work in NJ and stopped the 1st week to fill up, I have not had to go back for gas again yet. I am hoping by the time I need it, the shortage will be over. You really do get great mileage, prior to this I had a CX-7 and was putting about $80 a week in gas, it is actually half with this car.
  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    Any vehicle we have had with auto climate control automatically puts the fan to high when you start a very hot vehicle, or high after a brief delay when starting a very cold vehicle. Our CX-5 doesn't seem to do this and we have to manually increase the fan speed to rapidly cool down/heat up the interior.
    Is this a common experience or is ours ill?
  • I've had mine for 8 months. Everything was fine until I took in for its first service. The next day the tire presure light and buzzard came on. I pushed the tire presure button for a few seconds and the light went off. a couple of days later it did it again, this happen about five times before it stayed off. Then a month later I had what you had happen going to work, I pulled over turned the car off waited a second and started it and every thing was fine. Then yesturday coming home from Disneyland, just going down the freeway, the anti skid light, AT light and engine light all came on and it was like it wasn't in gear. I pulled over and turned it off and on, but it did the same thing, I tried going but it was doing the same thing. It took four times before we could go, but the check engine light stayed on. I'm taking it to the dealership tomorrow and see if they find anything, but there looks like something wrong with the CX-5. I'm go to start a complaint with the NHTSA, this is a big safty issue.
  • mow1mow1 Posts: 3
    After my first oil service visit at 5,000 miles, the tire pressure light stayed on as well. It came on as I was leaving the dealership, so I turned around and took it right back. An hour later they said they felt it was fixed. They knew the tire pressure was fine from all their testings, but the light kept coming on after they reset it. They said the sensitivity of it must be set too high. It hasn't come back on since, but I do feel that the software and indicator lights are malfunctioning on the CX-5.
  • I had my TPMS light come on the day after I bought my CX-5. I reset it (a few times) on the trip back to the dealer but it stayed off so I didn't take it in. No more problems until I took it in for it's first service @ 7500 miles. Two miles away from the dealership the light came on again. It came back on every two miles (resetting it each time). I took it back to the dealership and they could not explain why it was happening but they fixed it. No more problem. I am curious about the next service.
  • Picked up CX-5 about a week ago, ~90 miles so far. When I drove the car into garage, left car and smell burning. Is this a new car normal burning smell? Anyone has similar experience?

    Also the wind shield wiper fluid reserve, by looking at the tube, it seems empty. Pour in more fluid, it seems filled up. However at the end of trip, it shows low and I have not used the fluid?

  • Can anyone comment on the comfort of the CX5 driver's seat during long trips? I'm a sales rep, put 45,000 miles on my '12 Subaru Legacy in one year and planning to sell when it turns 60. Considering the CX5, or biting the bullet and getting a Prius (purely for the MPGs). The seat on the Legacy are soreness or fatigue on a long trip. I test drove a CX5 and the seats felt firm and tipped down towards the floorboards which I don't like on first impression...but test driving and road tripping can produce different results.

    Also, the dealer I went to did not have any "Sport" models on the lot - they said the cloth in the seats is severely inferior to the "premium cloth" found in the Touring. Is that just dealer-speak for "spend more money"?
  • I have a Touring and have taken a couple of trips with over 400 mile days. The seats are fine and between the power seat and the tilt/telescope wheel you should be able to get and stay comfy.
  • Drove my Touring model from Minneapolis/St. Paul area to San Antonio and the seat felt quite comfortable to me... YMMV :D
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,281
    I have found that to be normal on new cars, personally. And heck, some used cars, too, when the dealer sprays everything under the hood with some chemical to make it look shiny.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I am in the market for a new car and want something with good gas mileage, nice appearance, comfort and of course good acceleration. I currently have a 01 Mazda Tribute. Its a V6, drives nice but is noisy and not so smooth. Just wondering how the drivability compares. Is the CX5 peppy or gutless? I thought that perhaps with such great gas mileage it may be a bit wimpy. I am still young enought to want to pass other vehicles on the road. (o;
    ANy thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks,
  • I've had mine for 5 months and 5,000 miles.It's a touring AWD and I drive it up and down the mountains of Pennsylvania.It's comfortable and handles like a Mazda 3 with a higher center of gravity.The ride is well controlled and smooth.The engine is the only part of the vehicle that gets criticized but I find it has enough power once you get use to the throttle response,which is to say just stomp it down and let it shift into 4TH gear.5TH and 6TH are nothing but overdrive gears and won't allow enough torque to get to the wheels especially climbing mountains.I've owned 2 Mazda 3's in the past and I'm pretty good with the auto shift so sometimes I just drop it directly into 4TH until I crest the mountains.If you don't stomp it the transmission will keep trying to up shift into a higher gear which I guess is due to the programming.
    The upside to the engine/transmission is a solid 28MPG city/highway average.
    Bottom line is I'd buy it again but if you want more power wait until the 2.5 engine becomes available but don't expect the same gas mileage.
  • I bought the touring model in Oct. and noticed the vibrating mirrors as well as the whole car vibrating the following day, particularly over 40 mph. I experienced the same dizzy feeling and really felt disoriented. I brought it back to the dealer and they had someone drive it who then agreed with me. They called corporate to find out they are aware of the issue and would be sending parts. I waited about two weeks for the parts to arrive and left it for nearly a week due to Sandy. I went to pick up the car only to find out the fix does not work and that they are currently working on another one. I was told 4-6 weeks they should have it in and that a TSB would be issued. I write two letters to Mazda Corp. and received two phonecalls both stating they are aware of the issue, I must have received a defective car off the line and that there was nothing they could do. I asked for a point of escalation and to my astonishment both responded with they are it and I should speak with the dealer about this. What gets me is Mazda advertises this car as safe. The two useless customer service reps also said my car is not inoperable therefore there was nothing they can do and also mentioned the fix would be in 6 weeks. So, the dealership told me a month ago it would be 4-6 weeks and now Mazda corp is telling me a further 6 weeks. The only reason I drive this car is because i have no other mode of transportation. Mazda doesn't acknowledge this car is not safe to drive. Oh, before i forget the heating is horrible in this car!!!! This car does not fill me with confidence! I am going to fight to return it or get a brand new vehicle. Mazda will be hearing from lawyers soon. I have tried to be patient and waited long enough. I have 9 month old and now expecting. If you are looking to buy this car for safety, look elsewhere. Mazda does not respond to negatives and does not deal with customer complaints at all. I would never buy Mazda again!!!
  • I am very happy that I am not having the same problems with my AWD Touring model. I bought it last March and am approaching 9000 miles with only one tiny problem. My TPMS light has come on twice in error. It seems I got lucky and you got a lemon.
  • Hello. I have had my 2013 cx-5 for one month less than 1000 miles and its been in for service twice already for the thermostat freezing shut. Has anyone had or heard of this issue? I have had the car back one day and am waiting to see if the new thermostat last.longer than two days. Other than that I love the car.
  • bec5bec5 Posts: 1
    I live in Texas so only recently had the heater on for the first time. There seems to be no air flow from the floor even when on that setting. It sounds like eerything is blocked and a little heat leaks out through the dash vents. I really don't like hot air blowing in my face, so am wondering if others have the same thing, or do I have a blocked vent? The AC works fine, but I never set it to blow on my feet!
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