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Mazda CX-5



  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    Your dealer should have waxed it before delivery.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    edited April 2013
    It's funny but some people who really are into "shining up" their cars will tell the dealer not to prep their new car, especially if they've done a factory order. They don't want some lazy tech to wash or wax their new car and put scratches or swirl marks in it with dirty towels, etc.

    Here's my favorite post on the subject (although I must admit it's fun to clay my cars once every year or so).

    Mr_Shiftright, "Teflon Paint Sealants Revisited" #7, 10 Jul 2003 10:33 am
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "We've cleared 5,000 miles in our long-term 2014 Mazda CX-5. The CX-5 has received a lot of positive commentary so far, and I suspect it will remain a popular and frequently used vehicle in our fleet for the remainder of its stay."

    2014 Mazda CX-5: 5,000 Miles So Far
  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    edited April 2013

    We are getting 30 plus and my wife drives a 50/50 mix though a good part of the city driving is rural with few stops because we live in the sticks. I was so impressed with our fuel efficiency that I did not believe the MPG meter on the car so I checked though 4 tank fill ups the old fashioned way. All 4 were over 30 mpg which compared to all other non hybrid suv cross overs is fantastic.

    I could not imagine what your problem could be. Have you tested the mpg at the pump or only by the on board computer. I hear some of them are off. We never use the cruise either. maybe there is a problem with that

    and for comparison sake we have a sport with automatic.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    edited April 2013
    You really have to do the math to get a accurate gas mileage figure.The onboard gas mileage computer is setup for the Grand tourings 19" tires so if you have the touring 17" tires like me, the mileage on the computer will be 2 MPG high.As far a gas mileage goes when I get on the interstates for my often 100 runs,I get around 27MPG mainly because of my lead foot and when I take the same trip on secondary roads up and over some mountains top speed 60-65MPH I get 29MPG,but it looks better when the computer says 31.8MPG.
    As for the nav.I've been having the same problem with the "Stopping voice control" so I'll try what you did.
  • I have a 2013 CX5. Bought it in December, and I like it, EXCEPT it absolutely doesn't have enough acceleration! I don't feel confident to pass on the highway, or sometimes to merge onto a highway with limited space - especially on an uphill ramp.

    It's the one single, but very large fly in the ointment on this car.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    I know what your saying had the same experience entering a interstate just after I took delivery last July.Since then I've got use to the unusual throttle response (It always wants to rush into top gear) and if that's not enough I usually drop the transmission into 3rd or 4Th gear when I want to pass someone in a hurry on a 2 lane road.That being said I'm never fully loaded usually 2 people and sometimes a 90 lb Lab.No doubt the 2.5 is more suitable for this vehicle but I can live with the 2.0.especially with the gas mileage running a solid 28-29MPG.From my experience with a 2.5 hatch you won't get anywhere near the mileage of a 2.0 CX-5.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    2.5 hatch does not have the new skyactiv engine. The 2.5 gets 38 mpg highway in the Mazda6 - way better than the old 2.5 in the smaller and lighter 3 hatch.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    The road test I've seen say the 2.5 skyactive is getting 21MPG ave. in the CX-5 which may be due in part to people using that extra torque more frequently which is what I would do and did with my hatch.
  • lisa122lisa122 Posts: 4
    When I first bought this car last June I started having problems right away. I actually posted to this forum about the engine surging on its own. It still does this and no one can figure out what the problem is, the service people actually think I am nuts. While this car is good on gas it is NOT a safe car to drive. These are just some of this issues I have had with this car: surges on its own, slows down on its own, do not even attempt to quickly get to highway speed because you will end up getting hit in the back, warning lights mysterious come on for no reason they go off when the car is turned back on, sitting in a parked position the RPM will rev with no gas pedal push, the anti locks brakes come on while driving on a normal non rain slicked road for no reason. I could go on an on but I am running out of room. I am seriously thinking about trading this car in after only 1 year - if you look on the websites for pre-owned Mazda's you will find there are many 2013 models available - I wonder why. For the safety of yourself and your passengers do not buy this car!!
  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    wow. sounds like a serious electrical/computer problem. thats the only way i could think all that is going on. you seem to have a ghost in the machine.

    so far we love ours except for where the dealer screwed the finish up (they fixed it but its not perfect). For us the car is comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage, (we are averaging 31) and gets lots of compliments.

    sorry about your problems but after 9k miles we still love it.
  • irizeririzer Posts: 6
    I totally agree with how annoying it is that streets are not labeled in 2-d. 3-d isn't much better. I take that back, it will randomly liable a street that is 3 blocks over and 2 blocks up that I have no intent on traveling on. I think is picks roads wi funny names, at least the tomtom has a sense of humor.

    Considering I often use a nav not to get to a destination, but to find a way back to the highway, it is really just being used as an active map. A map isn't that great without labeled streets.

    I did turn off auto zoom so I can at least keep it zoomed to a level I like although zoom level doesn't necessarily translate to street labels being shown. Ugh I hope they patch it. I'm almost ready to buy a garmin. Kinds of makes the nav purchase a waste

    I like my CX-5, but the electronics are so sub par, that if Mazda doesn't patch what they got and in the future, offer more competitive nav & entertainment, it will be my last Mazda
  • I just bought this little cross-over and I'm enjoying it very much. I love the handling, the looks, the practicality and the features it has. I have one complaint only. I thought I'd be getting much better gas mileage. I was expecting upper 20's into the 30's but I'm not. Now, granted I've only had the car for a month (it has around 1100 miles on it), I have a bit of a heavy foot and make shorter trips with this car but still I'm only averaging 22.7 mpg. I've done the "old fashioned" math which pretty much matches up to the onboard gauge. Any thoughts out there...???
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    Depends whether you have FWD or AWD.Motor trend just tested a 2014 CX-5 FWD and got 24MPG another publication tested a AWD and got 21MPG.
    I know these 2.5 engines are called Sky Active but they're based on the gas guzzling 2.5 I had in my 2010 Mazda 3 hatch which averaged 22MPG in real world driving.On the up side your driving a vehicle that weighs more and has more room than the Mazda 3,so your still ahead of the curve.
  • jeisensc1jeisensc1 Posts: 13
    I couldn't agree with you more. I bought my 2012 CX-5 GT w/ Tech Package in May of 2013, and brought it in for its first service within 2 days. I won't let anyone but the Mazda service technicians drive my CX-5 because I don't believe it's safe. Anecdotally, there are quite a few people having issues (Mazda has sold 58k CX-5s since launch, so it's not a huge sample size to work with). After almost 15,000 miles, the problems continue, and Mazda has not made a serious attempt to even diagnose them. The SkyActiv transmission is the biggest problem, but there are an infinite number of gremlins in the technology package also. I've been chronically my issues at:
  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    I checked my computer compared to between fill up testing and other than a few tenths they were both the same. I have done it a few more times since the last time I have posted and we are getting over 30mpg. almost 31. the computer says 31.?

    Maybe we just got lucky with ours but I do not see why a computer, in this day and age, would not have the capability to be calibrated to 2 different size tires and have a hard time believing that something simple like that would be let go.
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    My brother-in-laws dad bought this car and he regrets it everyday.
    First, when he drives on the highway the hood moves and bends with the wind
    Second, the windshield wiper spring slipped around and caused the wiper spring to score the windshield.
    Third, the TPMS malfunctioned and he lost all functions of the tire pressure monitors.
    Fourth, he hates the transmission and the strange shifts
    Fifth, after he adjusts the electric seat to where he wants it, it just gradually lowers itself while driving and he has to reset it to the proper position.

    Definitely not a car I would buy again. I turned mine in after one day because the dealer had a 3 day/100 mile return policy.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "If your personal priorities for a family hauler favor driving engagement, responsiveness and style, there are few better vehicles on the road than the Mazda CX-5. If you're everyone else, there was one better in this test."

    2012 Honda CR-V vs. 2013 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2014 Mazda CX-5 Comparison Test

  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    I'll go with the Motor Trend comparison,CX-5 wins against the CRV,RAV,Escape and Forester.
  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    I agree. We drove the equivalents of the cx5 in honda,ford,nissan,hyundai,and toyota. Over all we liked the mazda best.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    What was it mostly - the driving experience? Zoom zoom?
  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    Zoom Zoom. your too cute for words.
    Quality was on the top of the list but all of the cars in our price range seemed to be of equal quality from what I read on line so I left it out of the mix and this is how we decided.
    1: Looks
    My wife drives it most and her top criteria were looks and fuel millage. She like the particular red the mazdas came in and liked the shaper of the cx5. Even though they all look very similar she is quite particular and the cx 5 and the nissan were her definite favorite in looks.
    But I think that is rather unimportant.
    2: milage
    The fuel mileage surpassed the other by a good margin and for a car that would see 30k miles milage was important. The rated milage was good but we are actually getting better. I have checked it many times.
    3: comfort. We both agreed that the seats were very comfortable and more comfortable than the other cars mentioned. And this is the very first car in 20 years that after a day with 100+ miles of driving my wife was not complaining of a soar back.
    4: Handling. I do a rigorous test drive. So much so i warn the salesman before we go. One drive for me and the wife and a second with just me. I make my wife nervous when testing a car. A vacant parking lot (We have a dealership area with a few vacant lots to choose from) which is turned into an imaginary race track makes for good testing. The cx5 didn't float and shift its weight and gripped very well. In fact. for a cross over at its height I could not expect it to be any better. The braking was excellent also. I didn't get out and measure each car and even though they all stopped in the close to the same distances at 30mph If I had to bet I would have bet on the cx5.
    5: General ride. I would say most people would like the ford or nissan on the highway a little better than the mazda but not by much. The cx5 may be a little noisier. It was not as important as the previous 4 items but was well within an acceptable range
    6: other
    I'm not into extras like warmed seats or nav screens or an alarm that tells me when I'm gonna hit a curb or something so I didn't compare any of those things. The engine is a little small but the one option I like in the sport is the manual shift option which makes the care move when you want it too. still no sports car but with the rpms in the upper range it gets going well enough. As much as its driven I'll trade the speed for 30mpg any day.

    I think thats plenty to know about a car. so far after 13700 miles we have had no problems and our average MPG is around 31. the computer said 31.7 the last time I was driving. I tested it at something in the high 30.? mpg just a couple of weeks ago.

    Love the car. At its price range we could not be happier.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Good review - in fact, you should write that up as a consumer review.
  • boutselisboutselis Posts: 19
    It wouldn't fit.

    And I forgot to mention the superior turning radius. If your in an angled parking lot and going the wrong way. with the cx5 you do not need to make a 3 point turn to park correctly. Easy U turn in a 2 lane road.

    its a great vehicle
  • I am also very disappointed in the paint job. I have scratches all over the car. I have waxed it 3 times in 5 months. The clear coat is terrible and mazda should do something for the customers. I had an 11 year old tahoe that didn't have all these scratches on it!!! Very disappointed in the appearance after 5 months what will it look like in a couple of years!!!! :mad:
  • The arm rests in the Mazda CX 5 lack comfort and function. They are so low and too small that a pillow is needed on long trips. Poor design
  • I completely agree...I love this car but it must have the softest coat ever. The car scratches way too easily.
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    I have had mine since 3/12 and it has more scratches and rock chips than any new car I have ever owned. Bad job Mazda! :lemon:
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    When I was researching my choice of cars and I found mazda has one of the thinnest paint on the market. This is based on paint thickness meter that some people have.
  • kenmarckenmarc Posts: 16
    Wow - I can tell you that the paint on our 2008 CX9 is very durable. 60k miles and very few rock chips on the hood (Colorado) and no scratches.
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