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Mazda CX-5



  • nhbob2nhbob2 Posts: 1
    I bought the 2014 CX-5 yesterday. Today I tried to use the iPod to listen to an audiobook. A disaster. Shut the car off and restart it and the iPod starts on the first page of the book. Same with music. Then a few moments later the ipod froze completely. I still can not get it to play. I have reported the problem to Mazda. They indicate that it is a known problem but will supply no information on when or even if it will be fixed.

    This is totally unacceptable The problem is well known and is all over the Mazda forum. Edmunds should consider downgrading the excellent review if this is not fixed.
  • I listen to audio books in my 2014 CX-5. You have to pause the audio book from the bluetooth pause button. Then, it continues from where you stopped.
  • 2014 CX-5 Touring - Anyone else experiencing rattles from the dash board? Appears to come from the center console, and the passenger side A pillar. Kind of making the drive not to so fun.
  • We have put over 13000 miles on our cx5 since january. I was waxing with jax carnauba wax every week but in june switched to a synthetic wax in may or june and have since waxed it twice.

    The only problem we had with the paint was because the dealer screwed up the clear coat but they fixed that. No chips or scratches.
  • cwondercwonder Posts: 2
    In the words of Howard Dean...YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    First I would like to thank every single person who posted on this forum, if not for you, I would not have even thought about the Mazda's CX-5.

    I used to own a Dodge Caliber that my husband and I bought while stationed in Germany and at the time, I thought it was fabulous. I traded her in two days ago with 75K miles, a changed alternator (twice), brakes, serpentine belt , new tires and a few other issues she was having. I had it! I commute from Albuquerque to Colorado Springs once a month for my Reserve Duty and my Dodge was starting to scare the crap out of me.

    I did my research and compared all the crossovers, though Honda's CR-V got a better grade overall, the Mazda was certainly comparable and in the end, the gas mileage and quietness won me over.

    I test drove all three models and was pleased with all of them but the GT won my heart and soul. I have never bought a car that was loaded and had all the special gadgets so this was a real treat. My Dodge was so loud that you literally had to almost yell to hear one another on the highway, it's pick up was good but not great and always sounded like the engine was screaming in pain. She also wasn't very stable and turning corners or switching lanes quickly was frazzling. These were the things I paid attention to the most as I test drove. She's quiet, the stability is fantastic and I love her kick, no matter what speed, she lurches ahead just wonderfully in my opinion and I'm heavy on the gas pedal. One thing I deviated from was the AWD. I'm a Colorado girl and Albuquerque sometimes gets hit with a good snow but I found that my AWD Dodge was never "Needed". I'm plenty happy with the FWD. And from past experience, FWD does great in snow. I also love the room, my husband commented on it right away when he jumped int eh passenger side. He can completely stretch out with plenty of room in the back. And as a side note, my son, who is 9, absolutely loves it. (He's a car aficionado and was mad at me for not looking at American until he rode in it...ha!)

    Over all I love the comfort and I find that I love driving her around. I think Mazda has found a dedicated consumer. On another note, I was parked next to an Audi Q5 yesterday and I must say....don't see much of a difference...except price and durability. I'll take my mazda any day over the cost guzzling Audi.

    The gas mileage is a plus and anything is better than my caliber. If I was lucky I got 19 city and 22 highway so I'm very pleased. This weekend will be a good test as I'm traveling to Colorado again but my feeling is, I won't be disappointed! Love Love Love!

    ----Just a little background. I've owned a celica, escort, focus, mustang and the caliber. I'm a mechanic by trade so I do a lot of my own work when I have to, so I feel confident in saying that the CX-5 purrs like a kitten.

    back at ya. glad your happy.

    I gave our sport a hard cornering test and I also felt the suspension was fantastic. Far better than the others.

    My wife is getting better mileage than advertised. May have something to do with the all flat Florida roads. Who knows We love it just the same.
  • shan808shan808 Posts: 1

    Does anyone know if the front driver and passenger windows are tinted? My dealer said they weren't because it's illegal in California, but I swear they seem to have some kind of tint on them.. I'm wondering if it could be some kind of UV protection tint that gives it a 'barely noticeable' darkness to it.. ?

    I'm wondering because I DO want that kind of tint on my car and would get it done if it wasn't on there, but how am I supposed to tell if there is something on there to begin with? (a bit weary of just taking it into a tinting place and them telling me it's not on there when it is)
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    I bought mine in Oregon and can't speak for CA, but my Touring has a very light tint on the front windows
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    I think virtually every car sold has some tint..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    I think the tint is very dark compared to other Mazda's I've owned.
  • mjb1822mjb1822 Posts: 1
    I have a 2013 CX-5 and it rattles in the dash and the passenger side pillar. The 1st time I took it to the dealer they said they couldn't find and problems. The second time after talking to the service manager they found the service bulletin for the pillar and a shield under the the passenger compartment. I took it back a third time after I found that although the rattle sounded like it was coming from the center of the dash it was really caused by my sunglass rattling in the sunglass holder in the top center console. The holder doesn't have enough padding so the sunglasses will rattle. You may want to check this out because the dealer wouldn't do anything and when I called Mazda the customer service lady was very very rude and told me they wouldn't do anything and my warranty was running out in a a couple thousand miles anyway. Also the bluetooth does function properly and they told me that there wasn't any updates on the software and that it was the best they could do.

    I paid over $30,000 for the CX-5 and just recently I bought my son a Hyundai Elantra that I paid $17,000. The difference is there are no rattles and his bluetooth works just like his iPhone. I paid almost twice as much for a vehicle that sounds like they put it together in their garage. I wish I had bought a Hyundai.

    This the the 1st and the last Mazda I will ever buy!! Do not buy a Mazda they do not take care of their customers.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    As you can see from my user-name I've been pretty much a straight Honda guy for over 10 years. Loved my Hondas but I'm very happy (at least so far) with my wife's new 2014 CX-5 Touring edition. Ours also has the 9 speaker stereo and the tech. package upgrade.

    My question is this: With the "Smart Stop" technology device located at the top/center of the windshield behind the rear-view mirror, I am unable to put my EZ-Pass tag on the windshield in its usual place. I'd like to put it on the windshield, just below the "Smart Stop" box protrusion but am worried that doing so might interfere with that feature's operation. I DON'T want to glue it to the top of the dash above the screen b/c the dash is black, the EZ Pass tag is white, and it would mar an otherwise clean and simple dash design.

    Can I do this? If not - suggestions, alternatives locations? Where are all y'all puttin' YOUR EZ Pass tags? Oh, and I live in NY Metro, so a license plate tag would just be stolen before I finished tightening the screws on the plate.


  • Hi tommy...You are not alone! However my rattle was in the driver side dash. They took it apart the first time and fixed a "hold down clip" for airbag and repaired "dash brace". All was great then it started again. This time they did whatever with the pillar per the service bulletin. Again, all was great then it started a little. Man the frustration! That morning someone backed into my car....front corner of the passengers side. This was in April and ironically since I had the damage repaired its been fine...?? Fortunately I didn't have to go to Mazda as the dealer was good to me. They told me there was also another service bulletin regarding the rattling having to do with removing the windshield...they would need to put padding between dash and windshield. In almost a year that has been my biggest problem. I truly love this vehicle!!
  • Just a heads up for anyone looking at this model CUV its been great so far. The one issue that I've had so far is the inability to resume play while using the USB with a flash drive! 30 dollar MP3 Players have this ability but not this 600 dollar head unit. Come on Mazda! Anyhow, its a big deal to me. Also, more than one person has complained about this. Check out any mazda forum and you'll see the growing list. Another odd thing is the 2013 model didn't have this problem. So far, I've notified Mazda and my dealership but haven't heard back what the status of a fix is.
  • In researching CUV's, I've read many good things about the Mazda CX-5. There are a few negatives I think I can live with, but the one that has me concerned is the horrible paint job that these cars have been known to have. I've read some threads that state that the paint is chipping, peeling and blistering off of their new cars. Is this a common problem? What has been your experience?
  • mow1mow1 Posts: 3
    I haven't had any problem with the paint job. I've had my CX-5 since last July.
  • I've had my CX-5 for one year. Horrible paint job? No way...not on mine! The worst I have is a few tiny little chips which is pretty unavoidable in any vehicle when debris comes flying at the car. No major chipping and absolutely no peeling or blistering!!! LOVE this car!!!
  • My Wife has put over 17000 miles on our cx5 since the beginning of january. We have one tiny paint chip. I actually think it was there from the dealership. We wash and wax regularly. about every week for a wash so we would notice any defects.
    Out of curiosity I just read the first google search I found on bad car paint. it was a car forum and after reading 10 posts there were 10 different manufacturers mentioned to be the worst. MAzda was mentioned one time.

    so I have no idea what makes bad paint. I have heard thicker the better. I have read thick is prone to chipping so thin quality is better. I have read that the paint doesn't matter because its all the clear coat that protects the paint and even then soft clear coat scuffs easy but hard chips and then reveals the paint which in turn chips.

    So I have no idea and i'm not sure if any one else does either.
    except for this.
    if you own a car I bet some time it will get a tiny chip in it if you have it long enough.

    CX 5 still rocks in our book.
  • Thanks to all who replied on the paint.

    It's encouraging to know that many have had no problems at all. One last question -- is the clear coat the clear paint protective film that is offered by Mazda as an option? I think it's something like a 3M vinyl product? I'd hate to get the clear coat/film only to have it cause more problems such as scuffs, etc.
  • No;
    All cars have a clear coat over the paint. there is probably an upgraded paint package that would have an extra clrear coat or a different clear coat. we didn't get that but Ours does have a clear coat over the color coat. probably numerous ones of each.
    so even if you don't get any paint options you will get a clear coat.

    I did just think of one thing about the cx5. we have the sport model with no bells or whistles. the only thing we are not crazy about is the interior. its decent looking and comfortable. we find it very comfortable in fact. But the material seems rather cheap and I'm not sure how it will hold up. I have not looked at it but the wife says she thinks a seam may be showing. she gets in and out of the car a lot so it gets extra wear but should not be showing signs of wear yet. so the sport's great but you might want to think about upgrading the interior package.
  • Based on my experience your concerns about the paint are well founded. I have had mine since March 2012 and there are so many little rock chips that I am amazed. No peeling or blistering yet. I understand there is a 3M process that can be put on to act as an invisible bra. Other than that it is a great car. 28.6 mpg average for 16,000 miles.
  • I've had mine since July 2013 and I've had no issues with the paint.I have the extra cost white.
  • If you do plan to purchase the "clear bra" option, I'd highly suggest looking at 3rd Party auto shops. Shop around to see who is offering the lowest price and ask to throw in like 2-3 year warranty on it (worth a try) but if you just want to get it done fast and money isn't an issue, than the dealer option is perfect haha.
  • I have been told the seats in the Cx5 do not heat , unless its 63/68 degrees outside. Is anyone else having this issue!!! This is why I wanted leather.
  • 2013 CX-5 Grand Touring, bought new on 12/31/12. Has about 7000 miles on it now. I live in suburban area, drive it mostly on the throughway, No gravel roads or construction zones. While detailing for the winter, on close inspection of bumper and hood found hundreds to thousands of small white divits in the clearcoat. This in spite of careful care and keeping waxed with good products, even installing the optional hood deflector. Took it to the dealer who said "not a defect" and directed me to take it up with Mazda Consumer Experience. Mazda opened a case file. Did not call back as promised. When I called them they said the "case was closed" because the dealer found no defect. This in spite of opening the case after the dealer sent me to MCE (customer service). Said I would need to open a new case and get it looked at by an authorized Mazda dealer, same as before, or other.
    What DOES constitute a defect, if not thousands of defects in the clearcoat of a car not yet 1 year old? Suggestions of how now to proceed?
  • bkobsobkobso Posts: 4
    We recently purchased a 2014 CX5 with the tech package/Bose audio. Supposedly the system has a feature that allows you to receive SMS messages on the NAVI screen. we have followed all directions available from Mazda, have no problems connecting my phone via Bluetooth to use the phone or play music through the sound system. However, the Bluetooth phone system is also supposed to be able to download your messages so it can read them to you. Every time I go through the Setup feature to Messages--> Download Messages I receive an error message "Message Download Failed. Please try again later."
    for those that want to see how is supposed to work here is a video
    BTW- the cellphone being used (HTC One X) is in the compatible list found on the Mazda website.
    any other experiencing this issue?
  • bkobsobkobso Posts: 4
    when we started looking at compact SUV's one of my main goals was to have decent handling, gas mileage and day to day tech comforts . This little SUV just begs to pushed around the corners, so much that I wish the GT version was available with Manual tranny.
    I recommend the HID lights if you will do a lot of night driving, they are really easy on the eyes.
    for its size is very roomy, excellent URBAN SUV. if you are looking for something more attuned for long range driving I would have to recommend the CX9.
  • Potential Mazda CX-5 shoppers: BEWARE! Mazda paint is the worst I have seen, and I have had Opel, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Jeep, GMC, and Saturn. Only 6500 miles on the car and the clear coat is as pockmarked as the face of the moon. Mazda Service manager response: "there's no defect; this is normal wear and tear. I can't do anything for you, I don't know you didn't drive it behind a semi or other truck. You can take it up with Mazda Customer Service if you want." It has been over a month, they closed the file (by accident?), advised me get a second dealer opinion which I did and they shot him down. My 178,000 mileage Jeep paint looks better. My husband's 220,000 mileage Yukon looks better. My Mazda is brand new but embarrassing but look at... and Mazda reiterates "there's no defect."
    DO NOT BUY MAZDA. We fall in love with cars before we buy them, then discover what they really are. You Will Get No Help From Mazda.
    Wish I'd bought that Subaru.
  • Its amazing how two people can have 2 different experiences with the same manufacturer. We have put 22,000 miles on our cx 5 and we have no paint issues at all except for a problem from a bad detailing which the dealer fixed for us.

    Our friend has had her mazda for 2 years and also has no paint issues.

    I could not imagine how a clear coat could have that many things hit it in order for it to look like the face of the moon in 6500 miles. it would have had to be there from the beginning as a factory defect. that is more likely.

    I would keep complaigning to mazda customer service.
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