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2012 Chevrolet Equinox



  • becky58becky58 Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    After reading several messages I feel better about my situation. I purchased a 2012 Equinox AWD LT on Sept 2012. At approximately 14,000 miles it started up on its own at night and in the morning.. The lights would also turn on, on their own and then turn off after a few minutes. My dogs would wake me up and that is when I noticed what was happening. I took it in and they could not find anything wrong with it. Finally after the third time and weeks at a time at the dealership they told me they reprogramed the computer module and it seems to work. It has not started by itself again, but the light started to turn on again and I will be taking it to the dealership tomorrow. I will take suggestions given in comments to dealer and hope they listen to me. Today the service person as me if I had ever heard of the movie with a car named "Christine". Has anybody had this problem?
  • becky58becky58 Posts: 2
    Don't buy one and if you have join the frustrated with problems starting at 13000 and beyond.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi becky58,

    I hope everything goes well at the dealership tomorrow and apologize that you're having difficulties with your Equinox. If you would like for us to reach out to the dealer on your behalf and get a few more details of the situation we'd be more than happy to do so. If you need anything, we are available by email at [email protected] [attn Amber]. Please keep us posted on your visit to the dealer.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • wow Becky you got the smart car, did your tranny learn how you drive or did you not confuse the computer LOL even though it is not fun it is wrong all the way around good luck
  • Ok all of you GM Customer Care I never heard back from any of you. I was Head of Customer Service for NEC/Packard Bell Computers and if this was how we handled our Dissatified Customers by putting then in danger there would be no more NEC/Packard Bell. Next
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi bigkritter,

    I apologize if you haven't heard from anyone regarding your vehicle concerns. I see that you last spoke with Crystal back in May. She is now working in a different department, so I apologize that there has been no action on your case. If you would like for us to still look into the trouble you're having with your Chevy Equinox please email us. Please reference your forum name as well as include your VIN, mileage, and contact information.

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • No thanks because I have never spoke to a real person, just on computer. Which by the way there has been four of those. My is it not convent that now they have all gone to new departments. My next step is above all ya all. Just remimber s__t ro0lls downhill. But thank you for your concern
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Technology has taken over the "Customer Relations Department" of major companies. ------ In New Jersey, a customer cannot speak to a human being in the Utility Company if your area is suffering from a power outage. ----- The reason for this is that the corporations "THINK" that they are TOO IMPORTANT to speak to the customer base. ---- After all, they now have your money, so why should they take the time to speak with you! ---- This is a GREAT opportunity for a manufacturer to design a "customer service operation" to take all the GM customers to their name plate. ----- Keep up the good work GM! ---- You are alienating customers every day who have problem Equinox vehicles, and you are causing people like myself to re-consider purchasing another GM vehicle even though my vehicle is operating properly. ---- All the best to everyone on this great site! ----- Keep telling your stories about this poorly designed vehicle, and the poor quality customer service. ---- The word is getting out! ---- I would not want to be a sales person selling Chevrolet vehicles today! ------------ Dwayne
  • Hey Dwayne
    I am known to speak my mind so maybe if we have enough people doing the same it might get noticed. Did you notice there was no reply to the post about onstar? I would like to know how many others are getting bad good reports
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    You make an excellent point. ----- We are living in a world that is changing. Have you every had the opportunity to read the book 1984?

    The people who are advising GM about the Equinox issue are "not clear thinkers." ------ Fact: ---- The direct injection 2.4 engine in the Equinox has a poorly designed / manufactured fuel pump that destroys the timing chain assembly and the cylinders by leaking raw gasoline into the engine oil. ----- Fact: ---- The GM dealers are patching up the engine by only replacing the timing chain assembly and changing the oil. ----- Fact: ---- Due to cylinder wall and bearing damage, the engines have become oil burners.

    GM is trying to save warranty money by NOT repairing the engines properly based on the postings of this site.

    GM is "penny wise" and "dollar foolish!" ---- What they should do is turn a "negative" into a "positive." ----- Advertise the problem with the engine and also advertise the fact that GM is standing behind their product, and they are replacing the engines as needed with new fully dressed units. ----- This action will earn GM more new customers, and will earn them more money than trying to cut corners on warranty work.

    The consumer will have faith in GM! ---- People will trust GM and they will purchase both new and used GM vehicles.

    Best regards! ---------Dwayne
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 381
    I know I'll never by another GM product EVER again.

    The problem is whom can one trust? No one IMO.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:

    I just returned from my Chevrolet Dealer. I had the oil and filter changed on the 2010 Malibu. ----- I will be on the road next week, so I wanted to start out with a fresh oil and filter change. ------ While I was there, I had them check over the vehicle to be sure everything was 100%!

    While waiting for the service, I walked into the showroom to look at the Impala, Malibu and Equinox. ------- IMPORTANT NOTE: ---- The 2014 Chevrolet Equinox is still using the 2.4 four cylinder engine, while the Chevrolet Malibu is using the new 2.5 four cylinder engine. ------- QUESTION: ---- Does this mean that the 2014 Equinox will have the same engine problems as the 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013? -------- I cannot believe that GM DID NOT install the NEW four cylinder in the Equinox! ---- As far as I can determine, the "top of the line Equinox" DOES NOT have two separate AC temperature controls for both the driver & passenger. ------ GM, what were you thinking? ----- Are you thinking?

    All the best! ----- Dwayne
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    'Does this mean that the 2014 Equinox will have the same engine problems as the 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013?'

    Dwayne, I believe there were 2 years when some of the 2.4's had the major troubles. 2010's and 2011's
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I hope you are correct! ------ Only time will tell! ---- I will be watching the "postings" on the 2012 and 2013 Vehicles! ------- Let's hope the GM finally learned how to manufactured a "fuel pump" that does not leak raw fuel into the engine oil! ------ All the best! ---- Dwayne
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All: (UPDATE!)

    Earlier this week I took my Malibu in for an oil and filter service, and I had the opportunity to look at the new Equinox, and I noticed that it still had the 2.4 four cylinder engine, rather than the new 2.5 four cylinder engine that is in the new Malibu. (I think that this is a BIG mistake on the part of GM!)

    Today I took my 2007 XLE V6 Camry into the dealer for an "general pre-winter check up," and an oil and filter service. ----- (Next week I will be "on-the-road!) ---- While I was waiting for the service, I had the opportunity to look at the new Rav4. It is a very nice vehicle, and it could go "head to head with the equinox." ----- While I was in the show room I also looked at the Avalon which has almost the same MSRP price at a loaded Impala, and a Camry which would be close to the top of the line Malibu in price. The Impala is a beautiful vehicle, but compared to the Avalon it does lack in seat comfort, and the Avalon will hold it's value better over time. ------ The seats in the Camry are as comfortable as the Malibu, and the "fit and finish" is about the same! ---- GM has some competition with the Rav4, so they had better get their "automotive warranty act together," and make things "right" for the equinox owners, because there are other options out there in the automotive market place! ---- Just sharing some information! ---- All the best! ------ Dwayne
  • rlp10rlp10 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    We bought our car brand new in July of 2012. It's the V6 model. Had it in the shop within a couple of weeks due to the noise in the steering column when you made a sharp turn. They replaced something in the steering column but to no avail, the noise came back. Took it back in a 2nd time and they replaced it again. By this time, the rear end was making a noise when going over a bump at a very slow speed. The service provider could not find anything wrong with the rear end, so this is something I just have to live with. I'm tempted to apply WD-40 to the struts back there.
    At 35,000 miles, my vehicle was slow to start, almost like a weak battery and had been noticing a flickering in the interior and exterior lighting with a rough idle, almost like it was about to go dead. Within 2 days, the vehicle would not start. Dead battery! Took it to a local chevy service dept and they replaced the battery free of charge. We thought this would fix the problems. Nope! The vehicle spits, sputters, and sounds like it's about to die at any moment. The lights are still flickering with a rough idle. Also, the Stabillitrack Service light comes on and stays on for quite some time and then goes off. I've had the service engine light come on several times too, so the vehicle is back in the shop today at 38,000 miles (exactly 4 weeks from having a new battery put in). I'm really hoping this is something they fix under the manufacturers warranty since we had it in there BEFORE it was up and they could not find a thing! Anyone else have these problems and what was the solution? I'm very disappointed in GM products! If I wasn't $10,000 upside down on the thing, I'd trade it off! Just worried that I will have 5 more years of service repairs.
  • well i really think the world is gettin to fast due to the fact my equinox tranny still has not learned how i drive or anything s
    else it is suppose to do now i went and got a clothes drier that learns how i like to dry my clothes. so chevy when are you going to fix this problem?
  • We also reported a problem with a noise in the front end, and took it back and they replaced the power steering pump. After a month, the noise is back again. Now what? Talking over the extended warranty, wondering if they are really worth the money?
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    The answer to your question is a BIG "YES," especially with these "high technology vehicles." ----- One major repair will pay back the cost of the warranty. ----- When I purchase a new or used vehicle from the dealer, I always put a "top of the line" manufacturer's extended warranty for the "maximum number of years," and the "maximum mileage" with zero deductible! ------ Most of the time, (over a period of 100,000 miles), I break even with the cost of the warranty. ----- On one vehicle, I was ahead by $3,000.00 + dollars. (2003 Honda Accord!) ---- When you look at the track record of the Chevrolet Equinox, I would purchase an extended warranty, and as soon as the extended warranty gets close to running out I would trade the vehicle! ---- Dwayne
  • We bought a new "10"nox , we love the car but odd things happen , like a sticky spot in the steering ( fixed first time in ),Trans. that wont shift out of park ( 3 times so far) and now I think the Excessive oil consumption . This is scaring me after reading all this here. I am starting to actually feel ASHAMED to tell anyone I am a G.M. retiree !! Too many Chief 's and not enough Indians . All the high level Management is concerned with is their BONUS ' s $$$$$ and forget Quality because that costs (Bonus) money !. It reminds the 80's all over again ! I 've only found 2 dealer service dept.'s that I trust out of 4 that I 've dealt with our 2 g.m. vehicles. I love my 08 Silverado 4 w.d. since new. As far as the "Extended Warr. issue G.M. did re-emburse the 100$ deductable for the trans prob.

  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 381

    Anyone had any luck with an add-on remote start kit on a 2012-13 LS? My main questions are where did you get one and has it worked as expected.

  • islandreamerislandreamer Posts: 5
    edited February 2014

    @sonnyh777 said:
    Does anyone have positive or negative input regarding the 2012 or 2011 equinox 6 cyl. SUV?

    We have a 2012 1LT w/ AWD and V-6 with the All Star Package which we bought back in Feb12. I had to get the V-6 because I know base on experience that a 4 cylinder on a 3,300 metal will be a struggle and I know the Nox is about 3900 lbs. 99% of my experience are positive. The only 1% negative I have is the inability for GM to provide the option of being able to add factory fog lamps as an option. Hence, had to install Philips LED DRLs. I've logged a close to 25,000 miles. I also have experienced the "Stabilitrak" warning light coming on maybe a total of 3 times and this all happened from a cold start. I just turn off the engine and restart it and it clears itself. The radio also had to be changed out once since it would not recognize my Ipod. Ok, so maybe 2% negative. Fortunately, I have not had the engine stalling and transmission problems a lot of Equinox owners are having. I do my own engine oil and filter changes and have used full syn after the 2 free oil changes from the dealer since 15,000 miles. I've always avoided cheap gas stations. I regularly use BP, Shell, Texaco or Costco gas and I don't work for any of these companies. Just my 2 cents.

  • vernon7vernon7 Posts: 1
    edited August 2014

    @impala0169 said:
    I just bought my nox a few weeks ago. Got a LT1 4 cyl and FWD. Now im wondering if I should have went with the 6 and AWD.

    The mileage is not to bad. Getting 27-28 on the highway at 68 mph. Did get 29 plus at 55mph. City is about 22-23. Takes getting use to not gunning the car on take off from a stop.

    Just the get up and go power is not what I felt on the test drive.I plan on a vacation into the mountains and thinking this is not going to make it up the hills.
    Anybody else drive thru the mountains with the 4 cyl?
    Anybody tow with this yet?How was it handling?

    Thinking about doing my own oil changes.I will see the cost difference before I decide on that.

    Love the ride and comfort.I heater is a bit noisy. But I can live with that.

    I will check back and add to this as I drive it more.

    I did 4500 hundred miles last hear mostly in the northwest. It would maintain the speed with the cruise control on up most steep grades, however would kick down to around 4000 rpm to 5000 rpm up the real long and steep grades. I finally took it out of cruise control and after a while could pretty well tell when it was going to kick down and would slightly let off of the throttle and could normally keep it from kicking down to the 4000 to 5000 rpm. range, however would loose some speed.
    Being from the panhandle of Texas we have a lot of wind and driving against the wind also affects it quite a bit. If I was buying another nox,, I would purchase one with a six cyl.
    I have been car shopping for the last couple of months and have done a lot of research on different models. My next purchase will be the Kia Sorento. Its 4 cly. performs much better than the nox and the six cyl really has zip.

  • I'm a fairly new Equinox owner. We leased a '15 back in December and liked it so much, that when we stopped in to look for something else, ended up buying a '12 at a great price.

    There's just a couple things that drives me crazy with the '12 (and I know I need to remember that the '15's toys are going to be a little more advanced) but I want the little outline on the backup camera, I want to be able to save an artist and alert me on the sirius/xm radio and I want to be able to stream my music on my phone through bluetooth. All of these are differences between my '12 and my wife's '15. If drives me crazy to have her more advanced than me. haha

    Also, my phone doesn't alert me to texts when it is connected through bluetooth. I'm betting this is just something I'm doing wrong.

    Help me fellow equinox owners!!
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