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2013 and Earlier - Mazda CX-5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    It will be more than a month or two before they are "blown out" at invoice. GT's are extremely rare right now and dealers will not be receiving new inventory until late July.

    What dealer in Jersey did you go to?
  • I may be overly optimistic about a month or two. The dealer mentioned "the shortage" to me as well. That could be salesman speak for all i know. What i am getting at is the CX5 is great, but its new. I dont want to be the guy paying full pop becuase its brand new. I am hoping with the 2013 escape hitting lots and the continued agressive pricing of the CRV that the CX5 demand will cool. I can get a CRV EXL AWD for about $43 cheaper a month here. Problem is, wife dont want one lol. We'll continue to monitor inventory.
  • Got a GT AWD. Dealership only had one (in the color my wife wanted). I had done all the numbers based on my experience as a salesman and let them close me on a payment. All the hocus pocus they do with the trade in and fees etc it looks like we got ~$500 off + the Loyalty rebate.

    Wife is extatic. The ride home was great, this is a really good looking CUV. The interior of the GT feels more expensive than it is (wish the passenger seat was power).

    Good luck folks. From my research local NJ dealers had 1-3 GT's on the lot. The dealer we bought from got 3 in on Friday, sold two on saturday and ours last night. Dealer said, prior to that all had been sold prior to hitting the lot.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I just took home my CX-5 Touring AWD with moon/Bose & tech. Black Mica with black interior. It's really my wife's car, but I'm happy as well.

    Who did you buy from in Jersey? I'm located in CT.

    BTW, the shortage of GT's in not hocus pocus. There really are virtually none available. My store has none due in until late July and a few are already sold.

    Reason for the shortage is the 19" wheels. For whatever reason there was a supplier problem or Mazda underestimated the demand for the GT's. What Mazda did was change existing GT orders into Touring w/tech orders. There is an abundance of Touring w/ tech & moon/Bose on the way. Going forward, only 20% GT's can be ordered per allocation and 10% Sport. That leaves 70% Touring models as available inventory.
  • not even a week old. Dont even have tags on it yet!!!! Really bummed out about it.
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    edited June 2012
    Sales guy tell me it is going $2k over sticker so no thanks..

    The Rav 4 although old is the last year and you can get good bit below invoice. The price difference will be able to pay for the MPG difference for a long time.

    Do you think they won't sell me at sticker or less? They would rather not make a sale at all?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Man, sorry to hear that - really sucks.... :sick: Hoping it turns up and is OK. Not sure what I would do if that happened to me but if I ever caught the bastards..... :mad: :mad:

    Where are you located and where was the car when stolen?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Do you think they won't sell me at sticker or less? They would rather not make a sale at all?

    In their mind they are making less on you than they could on someone else so it does not make sense to sell to you. Not that I agree with ADM's, but a seller (dealer or private) can sell a car for whatever they want to.

    A car is worth what someone is willing to pay.
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    will try to offer $1k below sticker for a grand touring full loaded, if they don't do it that's fine.. It's not worth the markup seriously. You can take the same money and buy a top trim CRV or Rav4 or other same sized SUV!
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749 has them for $1000 to $1400 off sticker which is $4-500 under invoice.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159 has them for $1000 to $1400 off sticker which is $4-500 under invoice.

    Fitzgerald Mazda in Annapolis, MD only has 5 total CX-5's in stock, and no GT's. I viewed their inventory through my dealer system.

    Fitzgerald Mazda in Frederick, MD only has 4 total and not GT's either.

    With next to no inventory and hot demand, it is poor business to sell under invoice.

    Here is their disclaimer: "Mazda Owner Loyalty FitzMall Internet and Value Prices include $500 Mazda Owner Loyalty Cash. Offer expires July 02, 2012. Please see dealer for details" Plus a processing fee.
  • vivekasticvivekastic Posts: 9
    edited June 2012
    Same issue with me. I drove CX-5 and CRV.

    Yes heart is set on CX5 Touring FWD. But I am not stupid. :mad: I will buy CRV LX AWD for less than what CX-5 touring costs me. And I get almost same features in CRV LX plus I get the AWD. And it undoubtedly better power house than CX-5. Also checking for Nissan Rogue, getting 3k off MSRP. I think it would be money put to work better.

    Is there a way to get 700$ off the 24690? Just feeling bad I wont buy CX-5 because of this, so want to know if there is a way. N California looks too hot to get me more than couple hundreds off. How does buying from out of state work?
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    I am fairly sure you can do it..
    I tested them they were ready to deal sticker price, I think
    What the heck is a big deal about $700 off $25k. Not a lot.
    Don't be foolish and overpaid. It's not worth it. Insist they took off the inflated $95 wheel locks. It's only $55 on the website.
  • booyah30booyah30 Posts: 1
    Got the CX5 GT AWD with tech package, rear bumper guard and wheel locks for invoice at $29,578 with S-plan pricing. E-plan pricing is about another $1300-1400 below the S-plan. Got an additional $500 off since I am a Mazda owner. :D

    Three Seattle area dealers were willing to take the S-plan, although all of them stated in the beginning that they would sell the car to me at $32,578 at a substantial mark-up over the MSRP of $30,500 gradually making their way to S-plan pricing.

    Total price paid with taxes = $29,078 + $595 (lease initiation fee) + $2022 (tax, tag, title and doc fees)

    Leased the vehicle with $1K down for a 36 month term/12K miles for $464/month. Money factor = 0.00123 and residual value = 53%

    Overall, decent car buying experience. Took me a day to research, call and negotiate with an initial set of 7 area dealerships. Shout out to Tim Hack at Lee Johnson Mazda for getting me in and out of the dealership in 2 hours; super easy going guy and no pressure tactics.

    Only downsides were that I should have asked for a residual value of 55% as reported on this forum and the car had ~400 miles on it. :mad: However, the vehicle had the exact options I was looking for and I needed a car rightaway.

    Advice to folks buying in the area would be to do their homework before walking into the dealership since I can imagine dealers pulling a fast one if you dont have all your numbers down.

    I am on the market for another car, trying to decide between another CX5 or something else... Will wait a few weeks before getting the next vehicle.

    Open to suggestions and feedback from the pros on how I did on this car and pointers for the next one. Thanks!
  • sentientsentient Posts: 4
    Hey Car man,

    I'm wondering if you can help me out with what the residual and MF look like for a CX-5 GT FWD w/tech. I'm in the Houston area.

    Btw, has anyone else noticed that the MSRP jumped 200 bucks (at least on the GT FWDs) on Mazda's website? Edmunds as well as their existing inventory still reflect the old price, but the new cars being added seem to all have the bump in MSRP.
  • maryb4maryb4 Posts: 4
    I am a salesperson at a mazda dealership. The cx-5 is in short supply--that's not salesman talk,,,it's a fact. My dealership does not mark up from msrp but we are asking for msrp on them right now. I wouldn't wait to see if the price drops, because mazda is marking up the car as we speak. It's a great car and beats the pants off the CRV which is outdated and ugly as sin.
    Mazda kept the markup from Invoice only about $600 to pass the lower pricing to the customers. The dealer does not have any incentives when they sell a car so selling the car at or below invoice would just be stupid. Yes, we will wait until a customer sees the benefits of the mazda cx-5 and buys the car for more than invoice to sell one.
  • maryb4maryb4 Posts: 4
    I would not wait to buy a grand touring. They are in short supply and will be for a very long time. Plus, mazda is marking up the cars as we speak. Paying MSRP for the car is a deal because most dealers are marking up from MSRP. The cx-5 will not be "blown out at invoice" for a very long time.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    "It's a great car and beats the pants off the CRV which is outdated and ugly as sin".

    Spoken like a loyal Mazda sales person! Re: your comment vs the new CR-V, you are aware that CR rates the CR-V higher in a head to head comparison and I suspect its sales volume will far exceed the CX-5s!.... ;) A shame that Mazda can't keep up with the demand. I'd consider the CX-5 (if I could actually find one... :mad: ) but will never pay sticker when there are so many other good choices out there (CR-V, RAV-4, Mitsu Outlander, Nissan Rogue, Chevy Equinox, Kia Sorento, Subie Forester, etc).
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    A shame that Mazda can't keep up with the demand. I'd consider the CX-5 (if I could actually find one..

    Us dealers have come to learn is was not that they could not keep up with demand but actually demand was underestimated. Mazda recently announced an increased production of CX-5's as well as doubling the production of SKYACTIV engines and transmissions.

    Since these cars are built in Japan, it will take 3 to 4 months before the supply v demand balances out.
  • I have been into the market very recently. Drove crv, rav4,cx5,rogue. I refuse to believe that cx5 white washes crv. Though I didn't buy the crv, I don't think cx5 was worth 24.6k before ttl. If I had only these 2 options, I would go for crv ex FWD instead of cx5 touring. Crv offers too many features for that price and cx5 feels powerless on the ramp IMO.

    And MSRP is BS. At lease in North California I could at least take out 500 off 24.6k. Don't forget to haggle more in case of add ons.
  • It's unclear on most descriptions. Looks like some dealers list it as auto on/off headlights and others say delay-off headlights.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Local dealer has offered a "base" (no options) Touring CX-5 at invoice. Sounds pretty good to me - will check out tomorrow. Don't need all the fancy "techie" stuff, moon roof, etc. Had already told them I would not buy at MSRP......
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    No,you have to buy the tech package to get auto on and off headlights but you also get HID with adaptive control.
  • danangmedanangme Posts: 24
    Picked up a Touring AWD with moon roof/Bose and Tech Package,crystal white paint,mats,cargo cover and locks MSRP $28,800.
    The dealer who I bought 2 other Mazda's from told me if I gave him a deposit of $200.00 I could have the next CX-5 that came in,he had nothing on the lot and the last one he had got sold as it rolled of the car carrier.
    They gave me a $830.00 discount along with the $500.00 loyalty bonus which is better than most who advertise they will discount it 999.00 but when you read the fine print that includes the loyalty bonus.
    Watch the dealers who add on a processing fee over and above the tags/Title/Registration,I've seen some who charge an additional $400.00 but that was in New Jersey so maybe they all do it there.
    I talked to one dealer in Langhorn PA. Reedman Toll who claimed they would sell me one with a $1200.00 discount but even if true and even if they didn't have some hidden fee's it wasn't worth my time and effort to drive 100 miles to find out.
    A GT came in along with my Touring but the 19" low profile tires are a deal breaker for me.Expect to pay $300.00/ea when you replace them and the road conditions in N.E. PA make them impractical.
    After 1000 miles in the CX-5 I can say it's all that I expected.Tight stiff chassis,handles great with very little body lean,very comfortable inside and quite and while the engine is short on torque a heavy foot solves that problem when needed.
  • cpnccpnc Posts: 1
    Hi! I'm looking to buy a cx5 in the rtp area.. Which dealer did you go with and any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! Also, how do you like the car? thank you so much for your help! - cp
  • maryb4maryb4 Posts: 4
    Balise mazda in west springfield ma has a great selection of cx5's if it is on their lot you will get lost of rge $600 mark up.
  • kardutkardut Posts: 1
    Just put a deposit on a GT AWD with tech package, $200 off MSRP plus $500 military rebate ($29715 before TTL). Car had just arrived at port when I went to test drive, so hopefully will be in in a week or 2. Only a couple of other similar models within a 60 mile range of NoVa, and all the others had already had dealer add-ons installed. Great buying experience so far, no pressure, pleasant sales staff, at Browns Chantilly Mazda. Just noticed, BTW, that MSRP has already gone up $300, according to Mazda website, since we put our deposit down on Thursday...
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    dealer offer $1300 below the invoice for touring?
  • boodrowboodrow Posts: 15
    I picked up CX-5 Touring with nav and moonroof in Portland, OR for $1000 under sticker with $500 loyalty rebate. The car is hard to find with the right options and harder to get a decent deal. Boise had the best price but Portland had the right car at a decent price. I just completed a 3000 mile trip and got about 32.5 mpg at speeds around 65-70. ;)
  • Through Costco membership program, dealer knocked off several hundreds from MSRP right away, after 5 minutes negotiation, another $300 off.

    Total $25217 (should be invoice) + dealer fees and taxes. Walked out the door a little less than $28k with a full tank of gas. The dealer I bought the car from is amazingly easy to work with, nice guys. BTW I am in Seattle area.
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