Opinions on Demo/Executive Cars?

soopra1soopra1 Member Posts: 2
I'm in the market for a new car and on many of the Bay Area BMW dealer websites, they advertise their older (2011) demo and executive cars. From what I've seen, many of these cars are loaded with options and have very low mileage (usually less than 15k). The prices range greatly by dealer but I've seen some that are $8-$10K off MSRP which has me starting to consider one of these vehicles over a brand new model.

Does anyone have any experience with demo's and executive models? Any tips on what I should look for when I'm test driving these models.


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    If you head over to our Smart Shopper section in these forums, you'll get more feedback from experienced car shoppers. I'd post this in our Buying Tips discussion over there.

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    I leased bmw 528i with 7000 miles on it in 2009 and got a good deal on it. As long as it is within warranty, it really does not matter to me. It turned to be a good car with no issues at all. It supposed to end at june 2012. I returned to bmw dealer on 3/7/2012 for a 328xi, 2011 model, I was waived last three payments of 528i and first two payments of 328i. I think it is good deal for me.
    Good luck with your new car search.
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