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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT



  • debf1debf1 Posts: 2
    Not sure if this thread is still live and can't figure where else to post this question. After much deliberation between Mazda 3 and Suburu Impreza went with the GT Elantra manual. Somehow during my test drives I didn't notice the blind spot in the front from the wide A pillars. In cross walks, worry I am going to take someone out! Any advice? Will I get used to this? Any remedies??

    Still getting used to having to downshift on the freeway when I hit an incline, but otherwise super fun to drive. I had an old Honda Civic, so felt like I could like without the Zoom Zoom of the Mazda and didn't really need AWD. Was set on another Hatchback and didn't like the Fit.

    Would love some assurance from other GT owners that I will not regret my decision.
  • Hey! I work for a Hyundai dealer and just leased one myself about 2 months ago.

    That A-Pillar is a little bit of a pain - but after a few tries of readjusting my seat and "learning" where the spots are, i've made an easy transition... And this transition comes from driving a mid-size SUV so it was definitely different.

    Practice makes perfect :)
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