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Infiniti JX Lease Questions



  • billybug1billybug1 Posts: 13
    edited April 2013
    Thanks to ma91pmh for his deal points. Because of your hard work I was able to get a similar deal.

    JX35 AWD with Premium, Touring, Theater & Technology package, plus illuminated kick plates, tounneau Cover, and first service free.


    MSRP sticker of $57,100
    Negotiated price of $51,400
    Doc fee of $80
    Acquisition fee of $700
    TTL : $400+
    Gross Cap Cost $53,117

    39 month / 15k per year lease.
    $0 down
    $5,390 refundable security deposit (9xMSD)
    $537.99 monthly payment (Including tax)
    Residual 58% ($33,118.88)
    MF after MSD 0.00031 (0.74% APR)

  • ucfducfd Posts: 1
    Hello and good job on that deal. I am also trying to lease a JX. Two questions:

    1. The TTL is 68.00? The dealer I am working with cannot make sense of this.

    2. Was the tax included in the 557.00 or was the tax extra?

    Thank you in advance, UCFD
  • billybug1billybug1 Posts: 13
    I would suggest you take the deal points I wrote and have them work those #'s

    This deal was $-200 below the dealers holdback and I called 4 other dealers none of which could touch this deal.

    I had one dealer tell me it was impossible and that if that deal existed he would go lease 4 of them.

    Anyway, my lease pmt includes tax

    Good luck you will love the car
  • I have some flexibility in when I need the JX. With the new 2014 models coming out in a few months, will I get a better deal on a 2013 JX now or after the new models come out?

    By "better deal", I'm looking for lower cap cost from additional incentives and/or lower money factor.

    This is what I have been quoted so far on a 39 month FWD JX base model.
    total cap: $43.5k
    residual (59%): $25,225
    with 9 MSDs, MF = 0.00037
    Monthly payment = $477
  • Currently working on a deal for a JX with Prem, Driver Assist and Theater:
    NJ lease (7% tax rate)

    MSRP 53,895
    Sale price - $49,733
    Money factor - .00121
    Residual - 58%
    Payment - $ 613
    15k miles/39 months
    First payment plus incept fees = $2k out of pocket

    Not sure if I can do better...
  • The deal I'm currently working on with a dealer in So. Cal is probably as good as possible. But wanted to get thoughts and feedback.

    2013 JX w/ Premium Package and Driver Assist
    12K miles per year
    36 months
    $2,700 down
    $483 / month payment

    Went to the dealership yesterday and couldn't get to a deal but received an email revising their offer to the one listed above.

    Am I missing something or should I take it and run?
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    I'll take a look for you now. In order to be sure, just let me know the actual MSRP (little options can swing the final price by well over a thousand bucks) and how much of your $2,700 is going towards tax and tags (I have no idea what So. Cal has for a tax rate on leases).
    Hopefully they are shooting straight and you can get your new JX35 soon, but it never hurts to check.
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    In short, your deal is good. A couple hundred dollars over invoice is completely fair in the current market. Although some places will do dead invoice, or even a buck or 2 under invoice, remember to watch out for B.S add ons like high "doc fees" or extra "prep fees" that suck that savings right up. I love the $200 sticker pin stripe lol My advice is this. Tell them the deal is fine (your rate and residual are spot on) however you would really appreciate it if they could include the Infiniti maint. package with valet pick up and delivery. Infiniti has basic plans that just cover your scheduled oil + filter changes, with tire rotations, for 3 years/45,000 miles (every 3,750 miles). Better dealers offer "perks" like this and the package only costs them a few hundred, yet saves you 3 times that over the course of your lease making it a win win. Good luck to you and enjoy your new JX35!
  • ch_car_shopperch_car_shopper Posts: 5
    edited April 2013
    Thanks cpyle77! We left the dealership without getting the details because their offers had been too high. We originally were looking at a FWD with the Premium package that was $500 below invoice, however my wife really wanted the driver assistance package. My salesperson is out today and tomorrow but I have asked for MSRP, Sale Price, MF and Residual. Before leaving he offered an AWD w/ Premium and Assist for $500 out the door all tax included with $2,495 down. About ten minutes after leaving he texted with the same car, AWD w/Premium and Assist for $483 all taxes included and $2,700 down for 39 months. The sales tax in LA County is 9% so I think its a good deal but until I see the requested numbers I'm concerned he's playing games with the numbers. Thanks for all help you can provide.
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    Glad I can help. I'm sorry you have to wait 2 days (don't you hate the reaction you get once they realize they have to earn an honest living with you lol) but it gives you time to prepare a deal that makes the most financial sense for you and your family. Always explore MSDs ( multiple security deposits) as a way to save money on interest you will be paying (take your money factor and multiply by 2400 to begin). Right now, your JX AWD money factor is .00121 with top tier credit (which they can help fight to get for you) and this can be bought down to .00031. The savings is over $2500 (im on my ipad sorry for not being exact) on a 39 month JX lease just for letting The bank hold on to your 9 security deposits which you get 100 percent of back at the end. So your payments drop close to $80 per month and you get all your money back. If you total it, you get it back, stolen, traded early, bought off lease, in every case you get the money back. Only if you turn in a damaged vehicle or go over mileage, then stiff them on the bill would that money ever be kept from coming back to you. The amount of each one is equal to your base payment (no use tax) rounded up to the next $50 (488 would be $500) and for every one you give them, you get a nice rate reduction of .00010, or in English just under a quarter point (.24) so using the max of 9, you save just over 2 % apr. In short, invest $4500 for 39 months, get a return of between $2500 to $3000 with essentially no risk. Ok enough of that. On to the price. Nice job with the $500 under. Doesn't leave them much room plus you need to be aware of any attempts to make it all back unethically. What is their dealers "doc" fee that is included in your taxes and tags? Some states keep it regulated low ( PA is just over $130) where next door NJ is up to $750. The fee is almost always "company policy" just simply add it back to your sale price to compare how far under invoice you really are with other offers. The residual is stone and the bank won't accept it if its wrong. This leaves you 2 areas to explore. Anything they can do for you to save you time and anything they can include that will save you money or increase its value. This can be a lot of fun since they can often times give you a dollars worth of value, at a much lower cost to them and in many cases its a win win. For example retail maintenance plan $895, costs them $450, saves you $1500 in service bills over the lease, vs $450 off the price, lousy $13 per month payment drop. Hope this helps, gotta run!
  • Thanks cpyle77! With a little persistence I was able to get a great deal on a 2013 JX w/ Premium, Driver Assist and illuminated kick plates. The total sale price was $45,425 on a $47,214 invoice with an MSRP of $51,100. I am a VPP "D" but they did much better than $500 below invoice. Did a lease at 60% residual and MF of .00121. Very pleased and appreciate your insight and wisdom!
  • I am also looking at the Premium+driver assist but not a lot of dealer in socal carries it. would you mind sharing which dealer this is?
  • It's also AWD and I got it from Glendale Infiniti. Talk to Sepan in Internet Sales.
  • sdap9sdap9 Posts: 4
    Got a quote for JX35 with Premium, theater, drivers assistance pack, roof rails and illuminated kick plates.

    MSRP - 54,040
    Negotiated - 49,020
    Residual - 58%
    MF - 0.00121
    Term - 39
    Mi - 15k/yr
    Down payment via trade - 4000
    Total - 528.11 incl tax @7%

    Please let me know if this is a good deal or i can do better.
  • jx5gajx5ga Posts: 9
    Folks - This is going to be my first lease but I have soaked up nuggets of invaluable info on this site. Here are my questions at this time :
    1 - For April the 2013 residual is approx 60%, I assume the residual value will only fall further when the May rates are published - hence making it just a little costlier to lease. Would this hypothesis generally hold for leasing - hence it is better to lease earlier in the model year than later?
    2 - How would I know if the dealer is using the buy rate for my MF - just ask ?
    3 - I am thinking of holding out until May (end) to lease - in the hopes of taking advantage of Memorial day sale events. Does this make sense or not matter?

    I am a type 'D' VPP buyer and the dealer has agreed on invoice less $1250. Has anyone heard / received better pricing in GA / Atlanta area?

    Thanks guys..
  • xxxedysxxxedys Posts: 3
    I have VPP D plan and I got the following quote from the dealer on a 39 months lease.
    Base model with bumper protector and illuminated kick plates.

    MSRP: $42,755
    Offered Price: $39,864 (invoice price)
    Acquistion Fee: $700
    Residual: $25,225
    Depreciation: $11,630
    Rent: $3,607

    The dealer said that with VPP D plan the best they can give me is the invoice price.
    Is this a good deal? Has anyone been able to get the lease below the invoice price with VPP D plan? Thanks.
  • Xxxedys, check the VPP site online. I believe it's $500 below invoice for D but I was able to do about $1,500 below in Southern California.
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    Lease programs are adjusted as the year goes on, however the payments are kept the same or close to the same, using a couple standard tricks of the trade. The most common thing to do as the residual drops, is to lower the money factor accordingly. If the money factor is too low to change, some sort of lease cash is introduced to offset further decreases in residual, or just to improve the deal.

    With Infiniti, the Spring "Limited Engagement Event" runs during April and May, meaning I doubt May will bring any substantial savings. The good news is, it won't get any worse either.

    Availability may be a concern soon, since the model year is winding down and the 2014's will no doubt be higher to reset the trend all over again.

    Hope that helps!
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    Congratulations! Happy to hear things worked out for you. Maybe one day buying a new car will be as simple and straight forward as the other purchases we make in life...Until then, the more people that are educated and openly share this type of info the better. Glad I could help!
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    The "D" plan program states dead invoice as the sale price for all eligible models, then you get to subtract any incentive money from that (depends on the program and model). The reason some dealers will go below this, has to do with the $1,500 kick back ($1,250 for the G37 and EX classes) from Infiniti for doing an employee deal in the first place. Otherwise some dealers would complain that they can't afford to sell that cheap and not participate at all. The funny thing however, is some dealers look at this like added incentive money to help them make a more aggressive offer. All depends on how hot the product is, or basic supply and demand. "A" plan is reserved for actual employees of Infiniti and Nissan and the sale price is a set $1,250 under invoice, with dealers getting $1,750 back across the board. Glad your local dealer "hooked you up" ;)
  • jx5gajx5ga Posts: 9
    Billybug1 - I am thinking of leveraging a couple of MSDs to lower the payment as well. I have a few questions though :

    - I see you paid 599x9 for your MSD. How does the dealership arrive at the $599 (or $5390) sec dep amount?
    - I assume, all amounts put towards MSD are refundable at the time of return or is treated as equity in case of lease buy-out.
    - Did you prefer to use MSD instead of $0 down or was your deal structured as $0 down sign'n'drive?

  • jx5gajx5ga Posts: 9
    Is there a way for the buyer / lessee to find out what is the best available MF being offered by Infiniti - say for excellent credit? That'll be super helpful in determining how competitive the dealer's offer is.
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    It's a very simple formula. MSD's are just calculated using the base payment (before use tax, like in PA, New York, or Delaware for example) then rounded up to the nearest $50. In a state with no use tax, (where tax is paid in 1 lump sum instead of monthly) $499 would be rounded up to $500, $501 would also be rounded up to $550 and so on. The customer stating $599 x 9 would be rounded to $600, then multiply by 9 ($5,400 total). You can use anywhere between 2 and 9 MSD's and each one should lower your payment $8-$9 per month at this price point. It's completely safe and you are refunded 100% of the money regardless of your choice to purchase or return the vehicle.

    I've said this before, but the program is so good I can't believe they even offer it. What I would love to figure out, is what exactly IFS get's out of it and how can their ROI justify this type of incentive program. Regardless, until they change it, I am definitely a fan.
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    Sometimes they are posted on various sites, but for most Infiniti dealers, they can fax or email you a copy of posted Tier 1 and 0 money factors.

    For the JX35 AWD in the month of April, the mony factors are:

    .00097-24 months. (66%)
    .00104-36 months. (58%)
    .00121-39 months. (58%)

    All are standard 15,000 mile per year residuals, with 2% being added for 12K, 3% for 10k.

    Hope that helps.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Welcome jx5ga. Since you are new to leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles on the subject that are available here at 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    While Infiniti's current lease program is only scheduled to run through the end of the month and vehicles' residual values do generally fall as the model year progresses (great observation BTW) that does not necessarily mean that the JX will become more expensive to lease in May. Manufacturers usually have a target payment that they are trying to hit with a particular vehicle. If the residual values fall making it more expensive, they can always lower the money factor enough to maintain the same monthly payment. While it's difficult to predict what automakers will do with their future programs, I suspect that is what would happen if the JX's residual values fell next month.

    $1,250 under invoice is an excellent selling price for this truck, but I'm sure that you suspected that given the fact that you are going through the VPP plan.

    Ask the dealer if they are using the buy rate that you have seen here to calculate your payment.

    I personally don't think that there's any harm in waiting until May to lease, but again it's difficult to predict what automakers will do with their future programs.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • shells2shells2 Posts: 2
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me which payment the MSD is calculated off of. I was under the assumption it is off of the monthly payment due but my dealer is telling me it is based on the monthly payment that would have been due prior to the MSD discount on the interest rate. Any insight appreciated
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Security Deposit is based on the monthly payment, prior to applying the reduction in money factor, rounded up to the next $50.

    The good news is, at least you still get the extra money back at the end!
  • hash2hash2 Posts: 27
    Think it is after applying the MSD discount.

    My JX payment before and after MSD (including taxes) were 450.12 & 524.xx. I was asked to pay 500*9 not 550*9. I got the car last month.

    Had similar scenario with BMW i got last year.

    Read the 1st post in the link below. It is for BMW but infiniti uses same formula except that you can do 9 and each MSD gets you slightly bigger discount on each MSD - 0.0001 vs 0.00007.

    I screwed up a bit when i did my JX deal as I could have paid 10 bucks towards cap cost reduction to bring my monthly payment to just below 450 from 450.12 and would have had a 450*9 payment instead of 500*9. I thought about it but the dealer bs'ed to me (he said MSD is fixed at 500 for JX) which i didnt believe but didnt care too much.
  • cecegceceg Posts: 1
    I qualify for VPP pricing through my employer. Dealer is quoting the following:

    MSRP: $51,790 ( FWD, premium, theatre & deluxe with roof rails)
    Invoice: $48,693
    Incentives: $1,500
    Price before TTL: $47,193

    This would be my 1st VPP purchase, does this seem like a good deal? Would I be able to negotiate more? Or negotiate all weather mats, etc? Also, am I leaving anything on the table by using the VPP and not negotiating myself?

    Thanks for all your feedback!
  • cpyle77cpyle77 Posts: 22
    The only way that could be possible with Infiniti is if you live in a state that charges "use tax" on the monthly payment (like in NY or PA), as opposed to the previous question from a NJ buyer, which does not tax leases this way. Plus I have a copy of the program in front of me, so I am cheating here ;). It says in order to calculate the amount of each Security deposit, use the base payment (before any state use tax) then round up to the next $50 increment. Not after the rate reduction. To his point, he could have put down $10 bucks and $450 less would have been needed. Look on the bright side, the money isn't lost and you will get a bigger chunk back at the end!
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