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Hyundai Santa Fe Owners: Meet the Members



  • My 2003 Santa Fe has the standard CD/cassette AM/FM radio. My question, if I upgrade to Hyundai best radio/CD/Cassette, are the speakers which came with the Santa Fe the right combination for the better radio?
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I agree on the toque vs. horsepower statment. The small increase in horsepower is overshadowed by the difference in low end torque on the 3.5.

    My salesman told me that the 3.5l engine has a cast iron block, leading me to belive that the 2.7l is an aluminum block with cast iron sleeves. If this is true, the 3.5l is much heavier than the 2.7l. I don't know if this translates into HP loss at the rear wheels, but I'm sure the extra weight would be the equivlant of carrying around an additional passanger all the time. Can anyone confirm this?
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    I don't know if the same speakers are used by both systems are not. From an engineering standpoint, it would not be cost effective to carry more speaker types in inventory than necessary, given that they are all the same size. It would make more sense to carry just the one size (wattage) speaker for the front and rear than not. I'd venture to say that the price difference between a 25 watt "normal" speaker and a 60 watt "premium" speaker would be less than five bucks a pair.
  • I am Larry from Atlanta, GA...moving to Columbus, OH soon and just got my 2003 SF 3.5L, 4wd and I am still amazed every time I get behind the wheel or look around at the quality of this vehicle!!!

    when I move I will certainly lose this vehicle to my Wife...who will then be smiling and happy she is rid of her Saturn - then I will buy either another SF or the 350

    health and happiness to all.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    I just bought my wife a 2003 Sanata Fe LX with the 2.7 V6, leather and no moonroof. After rebate, and some haggling, I got it for $22,119.
    So far, we're very happy with our decision and the vehicle.

    This is her second Hyundai, the first being a 2000 Elantra which she was tired of driving. It's a good commuter vehicle, but I hated driving it on long trips. Anyway, this is intended to make her daily drive more enjoyable and long trips more enjoyable when we're packing a lot of stuff.

    I bought a 2003 Tiburon GT in Feb. 2002 based on her trouble free experience with the Elantra. Now, after a year and a half, 50,000 miles on her car and 40K on mine and no problems with either car, we decided to test drive all the smaller and mid-size SUVs. I started out not caring for the front fender treatment on the Santa Fe, but the test drive, along with the warranty, high content level and our own satisfaction with Hyundai, convinced us to get this vehicle.

    The only concern I have right now, is gas mileage, I'm hoping to see 350-400 miles to a tank (since it's a 19 gal. one). That should be about 20 mpg and since her driving is mostly 50-60 mph on the highway, I think it's reasonable.
    I've seen where some have got this kind of mileage, while others are moaning about poor mileage. I'm crossing my fingers on this one!
  • soranosorano Posts: 2
    I bought a 2003 LX Santa Fe fully loaded AWD, Moonroof, etc for $25,400 including tax, title and everything. I think it was a fair price, does anyone have any comparisons. I live in New Jersey.
  • soranosorano Posts: 2
    Does anyone have or know of real off road experiences with the AWD LX Santa FE. It almost seems to nice to take off-road How does it hold up in a real offroad situation?
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    Everything I have read about the Santa Fe indicates that it is not built for serious off road use at all. As posted, it is too 'nice' of a vehicle to attempt trips off the beaten path.

    Someone on another Santa Fe site posted that they had taken theirs to the beach and not had any problems getting stuck. Another poster stated that this SF got stuck in some shallow mud because only the left front tire would even move, and it was spinning in place. The AWD function didn't seem to be working for him at all.
  • r0uganr0ugan Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 LX fully loaded with moon roof and 3.5 engine. My only complaints so far are the power outlets shutting off when you turn the key off, and the brightness of the light coming from the automatic heating system display. I currently have 400 miles on it and so far I love it. If anyone has any info on how they fixed either of the above problems I would be glad to hear from them.
  • Question: Are all 2003 Santa Fe AWD LX 3.5 equipted with a 17.2 gallon gas tank?
    Figuring gas milage during break in at 1,100
    miles is 15 miles to a gallon around town. Light foot with conservative driving with occasional hills. Two passengers with large dog for weight.
      Is this in the range that you have also for milage and driving conditions? Anyone know at what odometer reading that gas milage will be consistant or improve a bit?
  • You really have to give it a few tank fills to get a good average. Also, the answer depends upon how you are figuring your MPG. If you dividing the miles driven by the size of the tank, this would be a totally inaccurate way of measurement.

    Anyone wanting to help themselves should keep a log with their vehicle. Pencil in miles driven, gallons used, MPG, oil changes, problems/fixes, etc. The running MPG figures come in handy when you have one of those elusive problems that the dealer can't repeat in the shop but causes your MPG to dip way down. The log is proof that the vehicle does have a problem, perhaps something that the onboard computer can't see.

    FYI, my '03 Lx with 3.5L engine averages about 21 MPG. 17 city with the air on, 23 highway with the air off.
  • Recently, my old 2002 Huyandai Santa Fe was wrecked by a drunk driver. The insurance company had to total the cost of the vehicle. I had to buy a new 2004 Huyundai Santa Fe for myself. I was pleased with the handling of the road of my old one. I bought a brand new one and its riding ability is incredible. I'm very pleased with my purchase and the dealer made a great offer which was too good to refuse. I'm happy that I did choose the Santa Fe, my brother was right it's a wonderful car to drive.
  • Purchased a 2004 Santa Fe Lx with 3.5 v6 4wd.
    I really love the car. Fully loaded, had running boards and wood grain installed.
    Price was great (I think), paid 23,900 after $1,000
    rebate. (New york price)
    My only disappointment is the gas mileage.
    I have been getting about 11 mpg in local driving.
    Is this right or is their a problem?
  • I'm working with a dealer for an '04 3.5L AWD w/moonroof. With rebates, loyalty and him giving me 500 below invoice, I've got him down to just under 18,500. Do you think I should go ahead with it?
  • I think that's a hell of a deal. Does it include destination charge?
  • That does include the destination charge. I always get cold feet when buying a new vehicle. Wondering if I'm getting a good enough deal. I just don't want to get ripped off.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144

    I assume that's a GLS AWD 3.5?

    If so, that's almost too good to be true. It's a very, very good price. Is it a demo? Because, according to Edmunds, the invoice price on this configuration is $22,182 after the rebate (which appears to be $1250, not $1000, right now).

    I'd be worried, too. I'd be asking if the vehicle was damaged in transit or something.
  • triplec, that's a great price for the 3.5. so great that I want to know where you got it!
  • I'm trying to get the GLS 3.5 AWD from St. Joseph, MO. The dealer started me at the invoice price, then too 500 off that, then 1250 rebate, 1000 loyalty (2000 Elantra), and 2500 for my trade-in. So we are just under 18500. He's working on the interest rate now. I should hear something today. This vehicle is for the wife. She wants this SUV bad...w/moonroof. They will deliver it to my doorstep and free service (oil, etc.) for first 2 years and give us a car during that time.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Now I see the whole picture with the trade-in mentioned:)

    If you're happy with the trade-in value (are you??)then go for it. That would make your price before the trade-in $21,000.
  • I could probably get about 3000 if I sold it myself, but didn't have time to hassle with it. It's a 2000 with 93,000 miles on it. Does it look like I'm making out alright in this deal?
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    I think it's a very fair deal for you and the dealer. He makes a little and you save a lot.

    The trade in is a little low, but close enough with that mileage. Go for it!
  • vic1vic1 Posts: 1
    I would love to buy a 2000 santa fe with 93,000 miles at that price. Let me know if you decide to sell it your self.
  • triplectriplec Posts: 7
    vic1, sorry, that was a 2000 Elantra with 93,000 on it. And I traded it in on my 2004 Santa Fe. It's my wife's vehicle. We have had it for a week now and love it.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  • rscottrscott Posts: 2
    Hey I just purchased a 2004 santa fe front wheel drive 3.5 l engine and the rear cargo mat and the roof rack $22296.00 how is that price any comments??
  • triplectriplec Posts: 7
    Did you have any downpayment or a trade-in? I got the GLS 3.5 AWD w/moonroof & roof rack for just under $21,500. I had a trade-in of $2500, $1250 rebate and $1000 loyalty.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    It would be a lot easier to determine if you got a good deal if you include:

    1. The MSRP (manufacturer's sticker price less any additional dealer markup!). Please do yourself a favor and refuse to consider any ADM!

    2. Your model (GL,GLS,LX and FWD or 4WD and 2.7 or 3.5 liter)

    3. The options included

    Leave the trade-in out of it, as each person's situation is different and whether you got a good trade-in or not isn't relative.

    Always negotiate down to a price you're willing to pay BEFORE dealing with the trade-in value.
  • bigkahunaflbigkahunafl Posts: 128
    We have had our Santa Fe GLS 2.7 FWD now for nearly 2 months and really like the vehicle.

    Only problem we had was with a slight pull which after 2 visits to the dealership (and moving tires around) seems to be gone.

    Sales experience was poor and a whole different story from the GREAT service we have received at the dealership.

    My recommendation is to check out - I wish I would have gone that route.
  • jerkyjerky Posts: 2
    I'm close to purchasing (2) Sante Fe(s) and I would like to know if the Monsoon Audio System can play burned MP3 cd's?
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 11
    Have my new Santa Fe just 2 days, I noticed that the controls for the side view mirrors and power locks are not lit up when the headlights are on like all the other controls. Has anyone else noticed this?
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