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Fixing tire - pressure sensor issue ?

zayde72zayde72 Member Posts: 1
My (almost new - under 2000 mi) 2011 Corolla has a slow leak. My regular tire fixer charges almost nothing to diagnose and fix punctures, but if removing and replacing the tire involves the pressure sensor, he probably couldn't handle that.

Damage to the tire is probably not covered by warranty, so it might be comparatively costly to go to an authorized service place.

What problems could I be getting into by letting him try to fix the tire ? Any warranty risks, for example ?


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    terceltomterceltom Member Posts: 1,024
    I would go back to the dealer. With only 2000 miles on the car they should plug the hole as a complimentary favor. BTW, most holes can be plugged without tire removal, it takes 5 minutes.
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    aaronjohnaaronjohn Member Posts: 6
    Just bring it to a good tire shop that can examine and it let them determine the extent of the damage of your tire.
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